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Whoever first said that must have had former Swansea footballer Lee Trundle in mind, because he proved his class at the weekend.

The former Swansea player still works as a youth team coach and ambassador for the Welsh side, but these days he plays his football with Welsh Football League Division Two side Llanelli Town AFC.

ump to 2 minutes for the second goal and 3m20 for the third
Trundle was a Soccer AM favourite during his days in the higher leagues and, judging by this clip, he still knows how to turn
Incredible combo by Na`Vi vs Mouz @ The International 3
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много интересных аудио и видео о Боге и о будующих временах
Просто нет слов, чтобы описать эмоции, оставляемые после просмотра этого фильма. Ну очень сильная драма!!!
Самое главное, что после просмотра этого фильма остается грустное, НО ОЧЕНЬ-ОЧЕНЬ СВЕТЛОЕ ЧУВСТВО. И какой-то необъяснимый мир в душе...
Фильм рассказывает о русской деревне во время Великой Отечественной войны. Его герои — это женщины, ожидающие своих мужей, священник, приютивший брошенную девочку
Well this is what i have so far for the face. Kinda like how it turned out. Been tweaking the face allot. It really look different from how it started out/ Enjoy watching

Amazing Taiwanese girl plays the violin, piano, and the guzheng at the same time!

NOTE: This is not my video, I saw this here: and was simply amazed. I am reposting it with an English title/referencing for ease of access in the future as I had trouble finding the original link again when I wanted to rewatch it!

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OST Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows

Goiás x ABC Pela 30ª Rodada do Brasileiro Serie B 2012
Criciúma 1 x 1 Guarani Pela 30ª Rodada do Brasileiro Serie B 2012
América-MG x Joinville Pela 30ª Rodada do Brasileiro Serie B 2012
Ceará x Boa Esporte Pela 30ª Rodada do Brasileiro Serie B 2012
Paraná x Avaí Pela 14ª Rodada do Brasileiro Serie B 2012
São Caetano x Vitória Pela 14ª Rodada do Brasileiro Serie B 2012
Guaratinguetá x Atlético-PR Pela 14ª Rodada do Brasileiro Serie B 2012
Приятного просмотра :3

Commentary by BreakyCPK

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SUPERCollection. Сборник-1.
Очень красивая музыка.Любимая мелодия/
Хит+ хит. СУПЕР!!! Мураш...
Very Very Powerful Shiv Mantra for Meditation - Karpur Gauram Karunavataaram. It is an ancient Sanskrit śloka and a popular aarti in Shaivism. Get ...

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This video was filmed about 4 months ago before we had surgery! #PES2016

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3 incredible ideas How to Make RC Toys
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