This woman
680k Likes, 3,995 Comments - camila mendes (@camimendes) on Instagram: “feliz dia das mães 💝 this woman knows how to enjoy life more than anybody i...
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A lady who works for me could pass for her twin but she wears her hair shorter.
80 Likes, 9 Comments - Daenerys + Jon (@stargaryen17) on Instagram: “@emilia_clarke just killing it again. I love this woman 💕 Her talent is just o...
This is a woman... LP @coub
9,476 Likes, 62 Comments - Miriam McDonald (@miriamkatherine26) on Instagram: “The biggest thank you to the amazing wonder woman that is @karenaeva...
by Evgentuz 82

412 Likes, 11 Comments - Christina Moses (@christinasmoses) on Instagram: “This woman right here tho. Happy birthday @julieplec 🎉 mí hermana esposa 💕”
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my favs ❤

dramа: w - two worlds & strong woman do bong s...
1,542 Likes, 71 Comments - Jenilla (@xjenillax) on Instagram: “James Buchanan Art and his woman😏 - Music: Boney M. - Rasputin (thanks to a stranger...
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И был день первый. #новосибирск
Посетил Филипп Магре #жизньполнаяжизни #вино #люблюсвоюработу alianta_group_official bernardmagrez #wine #aliantagroup
643 Likes, 3 Comments - Harry Connick Jr (@harryconnickjr) on Instagram: “Harry makes up an on-the-spot theme song about this woman’s very unusual ...
806 Likes, 9 Comments - Harry Connick Jr (@harryconnickjr) on Instagram: “ICYMI: This woman is on crutches and can't make it to the club, so Harry ...
98 Likes, 2 Comments - HARRY TV (@harrytvshow) on Instagram: “She came to the show for advice on baby names, but she left with much more when Harry...
108 Likes, 1 Comments - @97stinita on Instagram: “her voice my song and fave woman existing THIS VIDEO SAVED MY LIFE LIKE??”
2 Likes, 1 Comments - Billy Ramey (@billyramey) on Instagram: “My #WCW the legendary Miss @BritneySpears. This is the woman I’ve looked up to and a...
617 Likes, 11 Comments - Harry Connick Jr (@harryconnickjr) on Instagram: “ICYMI: After spending the last year kicking cancer's butt, this woman is...
597 Likes, 10 Comments - Harry Connick Jr (@harryconnickjr) on Instagram: “After spending the last year kicking cancer's butt, this woman is about ...
277 Likes, 5 Comments - Harry Connick Jr (@harryconnickjr) on Instagram: “This woman's story of surviving cancer holds a special place in Harry's h...
Фантастично! Ещё одной сбывшейся мечтой больше! b2band спасибо огромное за все ваше творчество и энергию которую вы даёте!!!
И снова в любимом elliniko.bylazaros
Не перестают удивлять
РЕЦИНА - вино в которое буду теперь влюблена всю жизнь.
Ну и дорадо в соли. Просто и вкусно)))
#жизньполнаяжизни #безфильтров #рецина
Сандра: обожаю это! (когда я сняла футболку и бросила ей)
Вы знаете, я говорила вчера об этом и повторюсь, вы в России, можете гордиться самыми красивыми женщинами во всем чертовом мире! Да, это так. Им не нужен ботекс или какой-то там силикон. Вы всегда остаетесь красивыми. И, должна признаться, я всегда вдохновляюсь и заряжаюсь энергией от таких вот красивых девушек. Особенно, когда они раздеты.😅😂 Так что, следующая песня звучит в вашу честь, девчонки.)
Торжественно клянусь, что замышляла лишь шалость, а история Ли Фена и Ма Тянь Юя вышла фоном и сама по себе.

Предупреждения: сомнительный юмор и ...

Glennis showcases her incredible talent by singing "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush.
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"Thought of You" animation is by Ryan Woodward (you can check out his original on youtube).
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Chiokva "A$AP Eva" Sam has been blinging out hip-hop stars since 1989. Celebrities from Cee Lo Greene to RiceGum have worn Eva's custom jewelry.

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This is a supposed recording of a Soviet space flight in 1961. In it, a Russian woman can be heard complaining about the increasing temperature ins...

Harnaam Kaur describes accepting her facial hair after it very nearly drove her to suicide.

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Becky grew up as a troubled child; being expelled from school and caught shoplifting, all she may have wanted was the attention of her parents. Sta...
... тыкс. Эта песня изначально звучала так... Уже потом добавили женщину, английский и произношение..)
Heads, you're released and tails you go to jail - those were the odds Sarah Webb faced in a traffic stop in April. But she didn't know about the po...
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Macca & Loz Contreras - Woman Like This
(Fokuz Recordings - FOKUZ18024 - 19 November 2018)


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Does she think it's a Stanley steamer?
sorry for the messed up ending I just didn't know how to end this video :/
also anybody know if they are going to air Bridal Mask this week ? cuz I...
Sugar Moon learned to embrace her curves through pinup.

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I received an email from a woman named Darcy, telling me she had written a song about her best friend. I eagerly read the lyrics of the song and wa...
Hi everyone,
I finally managed to make a video with some Ghouli moments... when Mulder arrives in that morgue and sees Scully devastated talking ...
Buddy Guy and John Mayer perform "What Kind of Woman Is This?" live at Farm Aid 2005 at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park, Illinoi...
Maxwell's This Woman's Work, performed by SHINee's Kim Jonghyun @ SHINee World SIngapore.

Ah he sang the entire song in falsetto. It isn't the s...
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Kanye the Shelter Dog Cries Every Time He's Touched | Kanye the shelter puppy couldn't stop crying out in pain when anyone came near him because h...
노래, 연기 다 되는 여심 스틸러! 누구냐 넌!
′This Woman′s Work(원곡:Maxwell)′

러브콜라보 반전뮤직쇼 ‘더 콜(The Call)’
매주 금요일 저녁 8시 10분 Mnet / tvN
더 콜(The Call) 최신 클립 다시보기 : htt...
A young woman -- played by actress Nora Zehetner -- constantly hears a movie score in her head, making her ordinary life seem cinematic and beautiful. But it also keeps her from connecting with other people as she drifts in and out of her own world. No one else can compete with the soundtrack in her mind. Beautifully shot with earnest, charming performances, this unique drama blends music video with storytelling, and features an evocative score by Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, who has collaborated with director Adam Neufstadter before. The result is a tender, lovely, bittersweet parable about how the noise in our minds -- as compelling as it is -- often gets in the way of being truly present in our life. But connecting with others through vulnerability and openness makes anything possible.
러브콜 스테이지에서 부른
′This Woman′s Work(원곡:Maxwell)′ 풀버전 공개!

러브콜라보 반전뮤직쇼 ‘더 콜(The Call)’
매주 금요일 저녁 8시 10분 Mnet / tvN
더 콜(The Call) 최신 클립 다시보기 : http:...
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Official music video for the single "This Woman's Work" written and produced by British singer Kate Bush.

"This Woman's Work" was released as ...
Anna Sahlene performing "This Woman" at the Swedish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.
Unreleased (yet very official) 8th Wonder of a remix, building into a massive prog synth-edral. A small miracle.
Alison Sipes has been pole dancing for 13 years, and continues to do so through every stage of her pregnancy. Even as a pole dancing veteran, Sipes...

He wowed his customers at the Dollar General, but can he wow the coaches?
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This woman's story is mind blowing. It made my cry when I first heard it.

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This Wonderful Woman That You Are (Song for Shania)—a facebook comments song for those who LOVE & ADORE SHANIA T. ONLY, xoxo only if she allows it!...

Kate Bush performing This woman's work in a French tv show
replaced audio for album version. Audio in video was too bad.
Today we meet my long lost grandma.
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Страна: США
Жанр: драма
Год выпуска: 1952
Продолжительность: 01:37:11
Перевод: Одноголосый закадровый
Режиссер: Феликс Э. Файст / Felix E. Feist
Композитор: Дэвид Баттолф / David Buttolph

В ролях:
Джоан Кроуфорд / Joan Crawford ... Elizabeth «Beth» Austin
Дэннис Морган / Dennis Morgan ... Dr. Ben Halleck
Дэвид Брайан / David Brian ... Matt Jackson
Ричард Уэбб / Richard Webb ... James A. Franklin
Мари Алдон / Mari Aldon ... Ann Jackson
Филип Кэри / Philip Carey ... Will Jackson
Йен МакДональд / Ian MacDonald ... Joe Grossland, Private Eye
Кэтерин Уоррен / Katherine Warren ... Mrs. Millican, Dr. Halleck's Nurse

Описание: Суровая женщина Бет Остин, возглавляющая криминальный синдикат, узнаёт, что в течение недели полностью потеряет зрение. За помощью она обращается к хирургу Бену Хеллеку, который, возможно, может спасти её от слепоты. Попутно он также заставляет её полностью переменить свой образ жизни.

UPDATED update video: UPDATE VIDEO: Hanes Takes Formerly Homeless Woman Shopping for Her New Apartment.

UPDATE: New ...
Ultra-endurance bicycle racer Lael Wilcox puts more miles on her bike every year than most people do on their cars. Here's how she trains for and r...
[Watch in HD please!] SPOILERS EP 18 !

Hey everyone !

So, this is my MV 5 with Bridal Mask (already? XD) and maybe my faster to make ! I don't kn...
Unbelievable UFO Footage Captured On Camera !! UFO Compilation

As Her Sister Insists She Also Encountered A Low-flying 'ship' Over A Year Ago. an...
Melody Yang and her family hold numerous world records for their bubbles. She shows us how she makes some of the fun creations from their stage per...

I know I'm a little late jumping on the band wagon, but sadly in England I've never heard of this movi...
My reaction to This Is America: Woman's Edit.
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This woman's work
(Written by Kate Bush)

Pray God you can cope.
I stand outside this woman's work,
This woman's world.
Ooh, it's hard o...

Ultimamente estoy haciendo videos pequeñitos :'v, pero es debido a mis ocupaciones diarias
Este es otr videito solicitado :3
Saludos, abrazos y ben...
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This is Brendan's second shot at stardom...will The X Factor Judges give him a chance?

Intersex activist Tatenda Ngwaru shares her story of living in the margins as a black intersex woman seeking asylum in the United States.
Woman so perfect.This is Queen
For those who are looking for a serious relationship, I invite you to watch this video !!
JeRonelle McGhee performs "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell.

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Invoke the "Jhansi Ki Rani" Within ! A Tribute to Rani Lakshmi Bai from Aziza Degwekar & the Stepz Studios Advanced Belly Batch at our Annual Show ...
Would you like to train with these women? and have you pedaled for them !!
Видеоролик на YouTube с выступлением 47-летней Сьюзан Бойл (Susan Boyle) рвет все мыслимые рекорды. Он взлетел в топовые рейтинги как ракета. Доселе никому неизвестная жительница Блэкберна, Шотландия стала всемирной знаменитостью.

Бойл пришла на программу «Britain's Got Talent» и выделялась среди прочих разве что неказистой внешностью и деревенским акцентом. На сцене первые слова барышни сначала тоже не произвели впечатления.

Женщина умолчала о том, что у нее была родовая травма, она плохо училась в школе и не вышла внешностью.

- Как вас зовут, дорогая?
- Меня зовут Сьюзен Бойл...
Саймон перебивает ее, чтобы недолго затягивать эту клоунаду, которой он уже почти уверенно ожидает.
- Окей, Сьюзен, и откуда вы?
- Я из Блэкберна, Вест Лотиан.
- И большой это город?
- Это вроде, ну, скопления, эээ, деревень!
- И сколько же вам лет, Сьюзен?
- Мне сорок семь! - подбоченясь и покрутив плоским тазом, заставив публику свистеть и улюлюкать, - и это только один из моих талантов!
- Ну ладно, и о чем же мы мечтаем?
- Я х
Buddy Guy ~ What Kind Of Woman Is This
The gates of Heaven must be open
I think I saw an angel just walk by
Hey, the gates of heaven must ...
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Сергей Любавин-Эта женщина
Sergey Lubavin - This Woman

Концерт в г. Санкт-Петербург, БКЗ "Октябрьский", 8.12.2011г.

Творчество Сергея Любавина о...
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Phillip and Rochelle are joined by Sharon Spink who sparked a debate after admitting to breastfeeding...
Сергей Любавин-Эта женщина
Sergey Lubavin-This Woman
ГЦКЗ "Россия" в Лужниках, сентябрь 2008

Творчество Сергея Любавина определяет лирический лейт...
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Call her mellow yellow. Los Angeles resident Ella London is obsessed with the color yellow. “Anything I can make yellow in my life, I will make yel...
Original video:

Jordan B. Peterson's videos:
This is black racist behavior and abuse that Asian Americans have to face every day in America. Black woman walks into a Brooklyn nail salon and begs workers to do her nails. When they don't answer her beck and call she goes on a tirade. In my...
Christine Pattillo has struggled her entire life with the personalities of other people living inside her head. There have been a total of 11 over ...
Stella Ralfini, popular on social media for sharing her natural homemade beauty recipes (and looks 20 years younger than her age) proves that age m...
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Diane Latiker thinks a 12-year-old kid should be worried about his grades—not about getting shot on his walk home from school. What’s mundane in ot...
Goat । A Woman goat's service This season. The video is shown in A woman is feeding her goats.
'This Woman's Work' is a heart-rending take on childbirth from a father's point of view. Kate originally wrote it for the 1988 John Hughes film 'Sh...

Full concert at
Kate Bush is one of the most important, now living, visionaries and artists in rock music.
With her unique...

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#My600lbLife | Wednesdays at 8/7c
Jennifer discusses some of the traumatic events from her early childhood that led her to turn to food for comfort...
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Broadcast on 26/01/2017
Journalist Shona Sibary doesn’t own a scrap of makeup and feels that women sh...
Uncensored version here: Milo Moiré’s performance series “Ceci n’est pas une femme n...
Maxwell's official music video for 'This Woman's Work'. Click to listen to Maxwell on Spotify:

As Featured on ...