I Phone
“Samsung has waterproof phones. This rock I've been living under is quite nice. #samsung #mythbusters #part2”
“"BUTTERFLY MUSCLE UP" DRILL I've had this in my phone for months. I haven't posted it because I think the b-fly muscle up is one of the easiest ways to…”
“Well... Hello there :3 ~ I'm Kat (@grixvers) and so you know a little about me, um.. Yeah I'm a trash phone editor and people lie to me saying they're…”
“The Truck I rarely drive but Love!! It's a great marketing tool and sick as Fuck but it's hard to eat and drive and talk on the phone all at the same…”
“This is what happens when I accidentally leave my phone with my driver, Steve lol #blindspot #bff 😂 #payback hahahahahhaa @stevie_pantalones”
“I was talking on the phone when Spider-Man tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted a photo with Batman. And I said, only if we can dance. Before I…”
“Everyday until next Tuesdays season 3 premier, I'll post a behind the scenes video or picture. Just found this video on my phone. I don't remember why…”
“Sorry this video is bad and I used the audio before but I am out at the moment and my phone won't let me download and videos or music so I had to make it…”
“Backstage #WangoTango w/ @lauramarano! She has a flip phone! LOVE HER! WATCH! (I'm on the right)”
“Just discovered this on my phone. All I have from the gig! 🎶
#JamesBay ❤️”
“I'm on my old phone rn just for fun so here's a video from when I saw FOB:)-lorA”
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[club57876954|Vine] - шестисекундные видео, которые перевернули интернет!
Дети придурк и!
Отложите телефон хотя бы на час и осмотритесь. Мимо вас проходит жизнь. Американская актриса Шарлин де Гузман выложила в сеть собственную короткометражку о том, как телефоны поглотили нас.
Отложите телефон хотя бы на час и осмотритесь. Вокруг вас происходит жизнь

Больше интересного в Психология:
«Идея видео пришла мне в голову, когда я была на концерте любимого диджея. Люди, стоявшие передо мной, держали телефоны над головой ВСЕ время — снимали видео, фото, постили их на фейсбук и в инстаграм, писали твиты о том, что концерт очень клевый. Я видела все, потому что это происходило прямо перед моим лицом.

Меня всегда это раздражало. И довольно давно я открыла радость момента — слушать людей, смотреть на лица, видеть детали, цвет вещей, ощущать запахи, пробовать еду. Но все — включая меня — всегда тар
Американская актриса Шарлин де Гузман сняла короктометражку о том, как мы поглощены современными технологиями. Попробуйте хотя бы один час в день проводить без телефона и компьютера.
Мир прекрасен. Не забывайте об этом.
Интересная короткометражка, заставляющая задуматься о современных реалиях, в которых мы забываем простое человеческое общение

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I broke my damn phone
On the plus side I found this gem on my old one
I'm addicted to my phone #happyaccidents ... Virgin Mobile USA and Pinot - Filmed by Mac Bilski
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Сочи . Морской порт. 16.07.15 20 00 "Там глубокая щель" Пьяная девушка показывает сиськи , выкидывает I phone 6 + 64 gb в море , потом ныряет за ним , не боясь разбиться о волнорезы. смотреть все три видео
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Ахаа)) взлетная полоса Яровое-Славгород 260 )))))люто!!
by Slava Kuteev
Will.i.am Ft Leah McFall - Just can't get enough Phones 4U Arena, Manchester

Credited by: @KingBach

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AMY GOODMAN: So, governments tell us, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." Why should you be concerned about government surveillance, Bruce?

BRUCE SCHNEIER: Well, I mean, that's ridiculous on the face of it. Those same government officials who say that don't tell you all of their secrets, give you copies of all of their emails and correspondence. Privacy is not about something to hide. Privacy isn't something that you only have if you're a criminal. Privacy is about individual autonomy.
хотел бы я себе такую вещицу...)
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Я молодой ди-джей даю возможность начинающим увидеть пару уроков мастерства!
Igels live club Yukando parkour freerun

Global Request Show : A Song For You - Season 3
- Premiere on KBS World : 2014.07.18
- Telecasting Time: Fri 17:40 (Seoul, UTC+9) | Re-run: Sat 01:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)

- Host: Kang In of Super Junior, Amber of f(x), Yook Sungjae of BTOB
- Cast: EP.3 - f(x), EP.2 - GOT7, EP.1 - Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik of BTOB, Jung Joon Young
- 'A Song For You' is a music request show starring your favorite Korean star! Just upload your story and song request via our Facebook page and different K-Pop sta
Arranged by myself.
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The Joker escapes the police station.

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2014.7.14 3rdアルバムリリース記念
T.I. can speak to almost any topic. Here he tackles the cultural importance of "The Cosby Show," the professional and social implications of the Eagles dropping DeSean Jackson, and accidentally blasting out Don Cheadles phone number online.
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** I did not break my phone in this video, (not that it would matter anyways) as it was already broken. I played the game on my iPhone 5 and threw m
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First single and video from the Reef x Emynd album "The Fast Way" dropping March 9th... for FREE! Video directed by @Skrewtape84 - www.soundcloud.com/emynd
Kim Sohyun and Kang Minhyuk was a phone call
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“I Live Alone” is a documentary-style reality shows that follows the members of celebrities who are single and live alone. Enjoy highlight clips from each series as these singles go through their daily lives.

Memebers: Jeon Hyun Moo, Gang-Nam, Lee Tae-Gon, Kim Dong-Wan, Yook Joong Hwan, Kim G
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Imagine all the things you can do…off of your phone. Parents be warned.

TEDxTeen opening music by BlackDoe

Ann Makosinski is an 18 year-old student, innovator and entrepreneur. Her first toy was a box of transistors. From there, her interest in science and creating arose. One of her friends in the Philippines got a failing grade because she didn't have any electricity or light to study with at night. As a potential solution, Ann invented a flashlight that ran off the heat of the human hand - the Hollow
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Joker Interrogation Scene - "I just want my phone call." from The Dark Knight. Content owned by Warner Bros.
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Of course this is not me. The telephone house letter is japanese. I used a standard letter. So, don't confused and this is not me. I found this at ...


Art by Kazami Suzuki yohuka.tumblr.com/
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#DIY #handmade #doityourself #диайвай #сделайсам #хэндмэйд

Смотрите еще: DIY Чехол Зверополис (Джуди Хопс) своими руками. Phone case Zootopia (Judy Hopps) https://youtu.be/ME2qx7QNEs4
DIY Чехлы для телефона своими руками. Phone case Minion l Миньон, Корпорация монстров https://youtu.be/kl4c46ZdePk

0:00 DIY Чехлы Angry Birds своими руками. Phone case Angry birds handmade.
0:23 DIY Как сделать чехол angry birds своими руками из фетра. Желтая (Чак) angry birds своими руками.
L'I Phone ne reconnait pas la palestine
Watford FC captain Troy Deeney receives phone call from Sir Elton John after promotion to Premier League. Subscribe for more YouTube videos here: bit.ly/1jaYzL9
This is a preview of the live version of track 8 "I Phoned Govinda" on Krishna Das's April 2014 album release "Kirtan Wallah". This live kirtan was filmed on New York City in October 2013. The studio-recorded album will be available on CD and digital download through http://www.krishnadas.com, iTunes, amazon.com and many other outlets.
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i had fun filming this video! will be trying to post more haha ill see you soon guys thanks!!!
My name is Nick from a small island at Greece called Ikaria.
I have a wordpress site www.evdilos.gr and i would like to feed this with a live camera but because we are very poor to buy cameras or livestreaming hosting etc etc
Is good idea to turn a old iphone or android device to ip camera and then link this with some plugin to the site?

-Nicos V.
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Once again, burn your phones you scumbags.
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i babe n'existe pas, du moins, pour l'instant