60 years
53.7k Likes, 312 Comments - Foodgōd🍴Jonathan (@foodgod) on Instagram: “Happy birthday @kourtneykardash 🎂 (every year I say she’s going to kill me f...
Thank You India, 2018 to mark the 60th year since of His Holiness the Dalai Lama arrived in India
20.3k Likes, 356 Comments - ✌🏻Maesi Caes🌽IA🛬LA🌴DanceMomsS7 (@maesicaesofficial) on Instagram: “REPOST from a year ago today 🔄 Absolutely L💖VE this ...
tonight on @carpoolkaraoke @applemusic !!! @macfarlaneseth and I serve you some show tunes 🍴🌱 we shot this almost a year ago so this is very exciting. hope you enjoy!
p.s. s/o to audrey II in the back
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Thank You India | Tibetan Function to Mark 60 Years | in Exile of The Dalai Lama
ETV Telangana
In 60 seconds we will take a brief look at the career of American sexual actress Zoe Saldana reflecting on the life of this venerable star.
CrossFit - (http://crossfit.com)

The CrossFit Games® - The Sport of Fitness™
The Fittest On Earth™
Hamster beauty has changed a lot over the past 100 years. Well, not really, but it's always fun to watch a hamster's cheeks puff up with each carro...

Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
► Abs40 : https://goo.gl/CQ8Ffq
Do You Want To Transform your body From Fat/Skinny to Muscular Body and you are over 40 and 50 years old ? and d...
Steve Maxwell (60 Years Old) Training With Barstarzz
"Stephen Maxwell, better known as Steve Maxwell (December 3, 1952 - ), is an American fitness...
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2nd edition of 60 seconds Left !
Let the movies make the final countdown for us :) to be played at 23:58:50
Happy New Year 2018 everyone !

Here's ...


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В декабре 2017 года на суд публики представлена первая летающая монета Samoa FIRST FLOATING COIN IN HISTORY 50 YEARS OF MARS MISSIONS 1964-2014!

Тема покорения Марса.
Вес 60 г.
Но не серебро и не золото(
Цена.... 949 долларов США!!! WTF?!
In 60 seconds we will take a brief look at the career of American film actress Jennifer Connelly reflecting on the life of this venerable star. Chr...
В одной из канадских средних школ работает просто невероятная 60-летняя учительница танцев. Посмотрите, какой танец она подготовила с учениками в честь своего предстоящего выхода на пенсию. Вы будете удивлены!

Подробнее тут: https://vk.com/compedu_videouroki?w=wall-62338492_9486
Возраст танцам не помеха))
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
I'm 17 years old

My 2 months body transformation

I have not uploaded video for too long , sorry.

Yasmina Rossi: Secret behind beauty of 60 years old model.
The grandmother with a better body than women HALF her age: Fashion model, 59, still lan...

Stars wie Conchita Wurst oder Opus freuen sich bereits auf die Jubiläumsfeier am 21. Juni zum 60er der Wiener Stadthalle
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
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Bodybuilding over 60 years !
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indianbodybuilderszone
Instagram: http://instagram.com/indianbodybuilderszone
In a parody of Cut Video's 100 Years of Beauty series [http://on.mash.to/1Ldw4JJ], watch as our fabulous model, Chili, sports some of the most famo...

Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
After finishing his prep for Aquaman, Dolph Lundgren is now in training for Creed 2 at 60 years old.

Music: Vicetone - Hope (Instrumental) by Prox...

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Beetroot can eliminate the fat in the liver and prevent blockage of the colon, as well as restore the eyesight.
People mainly use it to treat anem...
ровно 60 лет назад , в далёком 1957 г. СССР выпустила в открытый космос 1 искуственны ...
A face morph i made of Madonna, i hope you like it! :)
Don't copy please!
We strived to be a world-class leader. Our people and our skills became our main advantage. We continued to grow and helped our customers grow too....
LEGO Master Builders at the company’s Americas HQ in Enfield, Connecticut constructed this 1,200-pound, 10-feet-tall version of what is lovingly ...
Daniel Day Lewis Through the Years ,Daniel Day Lewis Transformation From 2 To 60 Years Old

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"There were about 30 couples in one room," 60-year-old divorcee Gina Milano said of one of her few experiences in a swingers club. "I was with my hubby, and one guy next to us started rubbing my pussy and he gave me a big orgasm. I was so loud that once everyone heard me cumming, which everybody did, all 30 couples came at the same time. It was fucking hot. That was one of the hottest times ever. It was great. To get 30 couples to cum at the same time is amazing. And nobody expected it. That was the beauty of it." Here, this super-hot, big-titted babe from Italy is going to make thousands of guys cum at the same time by sucking and fucking a 26-year-old's cock and having him cum in her mouth. Gina's wearing a red top that shows lots of cleavage and short shorts that display her tight ass and long legs.
台灣合興糕團店是一家歷史老店,當年連宋美齡都愛吃他家點心,但從10年前,店裡的生意越來越差。任佳倫是糕團店第3代繼承人,她和先生研發了20多種新口味,設計了很多精緻的新造型,把老店從菜市場開到年輕人聚集的地方……破敗的老店逐漸成了洋氣的網紅店。#傳承 #美食

Hoshing is a his...
After Switzerland, who won the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, refused to host the contest again, Frankfurt in Germany got the opportun...
In a tiny theatre in Paris, the same play has been performed every single night (except Sundays!) since 1957. “The Bald Soprano” holds the curr...
In a parody of Cut Video's "100 Years of Beauty" series, our stunning model, Wally the Welsh Corgi, demonstrates how beauty trends have changed for...

In 60 seconds we will take a brief look at the career of Australian actress Margot Robbie reflecting on the life of this venerable star. Chroniclin...
Re-live ten of the best Bianconeri strikes vs Napoli ahead of Sunday's match at Allianz Stadium.

Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the mo...
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02.Двоє проти всіх
08.Чуєш, Н ...
JOIN THE FIST BUMP FAMILY: http://FistBumpFamily.com
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These Life Hacks are over 60 years old but still work great today! We've picked out our favorite 16 Life hacks from 1957! These tips and tricks kic...
Dolph Ludgren Evolution - Dolph Lundgren From 20 To 60 Years Old [HD]
"COATS! Max Mara, 60 years of Italian Fashion" is an exciting trip across the history of Italian Fashion and through Max Mara iconic garment, the c...

Baby 3 year player phone and sing hip-hop, កូនក្មេងរាំងតាមបទ, រាំអញ្ចេក នឹង ចសក់ ...
Alex heads out to a local junkyard full of classic cars, see if you spot anything cool! no hidden Ferrrari's but a fun trip though a junkyard!
All ...
Если вы хотите видеть больше переводов, то поддержите админов материально: vk.com/adele_fan?w=app5727453_-91606569 и напишите в комментариях желаемое видео. Ваша помощь - стимул переводить дальше. 💓
A revealing montage of six decade's worth of negative campaign ads, compiled from a retrospective at Museum of the Moving Image.  (Sept 2012)
Dolph Ludgren Evolution - Dolph Lundgren From 20 To 60 Years Old [HD]

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Here is Dolph Ludgren Evol...
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Федерация пауэрлифтинга Санкт-Петербурга

Super-Cup of Titans

Оформление виз весь Шенген, США, Англия, Канада и др. http://vk.com/vgservice
7-year-old Dana Fischer is a competitive Magic: The Gathering player at the pro level, who takes on adult players at the world’s largest competit...
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Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
That simple little beep, beep, beep was the sound that started the Space Race. It's been 60 years since they have first heard on October 4, 1957, t...

С небольшой коллекцией грузинских блюд...

Since 1954, Sayerlack has been providing the most innovative and highest quality finishes for wood. Committed to research, developing new technolog...
The Atlas rocket launched for the first time on June 11, 1957. From the world's first communications satellite to John Glenn's orbital mission to e...

Красивая песня на японском языке . 60 е годы A beautiful song in Japanese . 60 years
Thanks for watching! If you liked this video you can listen more Piano Orchestral Covers in my channel ➤ https://goo.gl/WKhdD0
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I Am 60 Years Old And This Plant Improved My Vision, Removed Fat From My Liver And Completely

Due to aging, the functions of the body organs dete...
🌐 K I D N Y
My first round from this year
Enjoy my universe 🌊
🎥 @fcdkrump
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@Оригинал: instagram.com/p/BVbMHDJF3qz
Video Is made on the father's anniversary for 60 years.
((action (the father, mother, friends, etc.) - service in army-work-family...) photos 50-60-70-h. years)
The one and only Sir Stirling Moss reflects on one of the greatest performances in motorsport history - a victory drive at the 1955 Mille Miglia!

At http://www.hooplaha.com

Neal Unger is a 60-year-old skateboarder who inspires kids to keep reaching their dreams and taking risks! Through his...

This is a short video that captures 60 years of Porsche beliefs and how the newest addition to the family, the Panamera continues these beliefs. A...
60-year-old woman remarried and only later discovered that her new husband was a tycoon! The fairy tale Cinderella has always been the envy and adm...
Check out this review of the first U.S. 24 Hour MRE ever produced, the RCI (Ration, Combat, Individual). This video has a nice blend of fully edibl...

📋 Ежедневные видео тренировки по фитнесу в нашей группе vk.com/fitnesslifeg
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60 years ago Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar joined forces and the world of design has never been the same. Their company Chermayeff & Geismar & Ha...
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Recorded live at Elton John's 60th birthday concert at the Madison Square Garden, New York City (2007).

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00zsqsr David Attenborough reviews our changing relationship with the planet in the last 60 years.
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This Korean girl has cycled more than 60,000 km in the last 5 years without going back home. Through North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, ...
Fiat 500 признан произведением искусства.
Нью-Йоркский музей современного искусства включил в свою экспозицию Fiat 500 F, выпускавшийся с 1965 по 1972 годы.

Один из самых массовых и популярных итальянских автомобилей удостоился такой чести к своему 60-летнему юбилею. Ровно 60 лет назад в Турине был впервые представлен Fiat 500, ставший впоследствии культовым автомобилем не только в Италии, но и в Европе. И вот теперь бежевый Fiat 500 F в отличном состоянии, сохранивший аутентичную мягкую крышу, шины, внутреннюю отделку и стальные колпаки на колесах, стал экспонатом Музея современного искусства.

#Fiat #Fiat500 #Фиат #итальянец #Фиат500 #авто #автомобиль #машина #автоновости
Автоспорт & Мотоспорт
Автоспорт & Мотоспорт
Автоспорт & Мотоспорт
Лучшее сообщество о английском футболе — vk.com/barclaysfootball
Всех с новым годом!!!)))
Но он пока что ещё не наступил по сути :D

A 60-year journey is coming to an end for a West Bend woman and her '57 Chevy. Grace Braeger bought the car, she calls "57 LADY", in 1957. After si...
"How old can I get and still act young?" Neal Unger, 60 year old proves that you can never be too old to have fun on a skateboard. This is so damn ...

What was your favorite year?😂👇
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Watch the full ceremony from the Giants' home opener as the team honors and looks back at its 60-year history in the Bay Area

About Major League B...
Sir Elton John performing "Sixty Years On" on his 60th birthday, live at Madison Square Garden in New York, 2007.
Helping you master your bodyweight since 2009
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Very fit 60 year old, does 70...
རྡ་རམ་ས་ལའི་ཁུལ་གྱི་བོད་མི་རྒན་གྲས་ཁག་གཅིག་དང་ལྷན་མི་ལོ་ ༦༠ རིང་གི་བཙན་བྱོལ་མི་ཚེ་སྐོར་གླེང་མོལ།
Rebuilding Lives in Exile: 60 years
As the Tibetan exiles mark the beginning of the 60th year of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s arrival in India, we caught up with some of the oldest residents of Dharamsala who followed His Holiness into India and reconstructed their lives from scratches.
Voice of Tibet
1921 T Starts for the first time. The gas tank I had sitting in the floor was not working well until I put my right foot under it.

Sixty years ago the Dalai Lama fled Tibet, seeking refuge in the Indian town of Dharamshala after the Chinese took control of his country. Tibetan exiles want to commemorate the event, but India is under pressure from China to keep the tone muted.
For more on this story, go to: http://p.dw.com/p/2tmEF
DW English
Kylie reflects on the hit that made her the pop princess she is today and all of the musicians who have inspired her along the way.
A historic date 31 March 1959 when his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama came to exile to India.
and followed by 80,000 people.
Today 31st march 2018 marks 60 years in India.
Thank you India!!!
This segment of WION brings to you latest updates. Tibet's 'Thank You India' event. Tibetan government-in-exile to hold event in Dhara. Watch this ...
RT took some of the veteran airmen to look at the planes they used to pilot decades ago. You are about to see their emotions.

RT LIVE http://rt.co...
Un homenaje a Yanni reproduciendo grandes momentos de su vida, escuchando sus temas To Take... To Hold y Enchantment

Yuen Biao, transformation, young, before and after, Bolo Yeung, jackie chan, Bruce Lee, Ip Man, Jet Li, 2018, 60 years old, evolution, as a child, ...
Dolph Lundgren (born Hans Lundgren; 3.11.1957) Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor, known for his work in films like The Expendables and Rocky 4. He ...

Сюжет про коллекционера моделей с 60-летним стажем. Жаль, что на английском.
Basically all classic years of Gibson Les Paul are compared! 3 Original Bursts Vs 3 Original Goldtops Vs 2 Original Customs Vs 2 1960s Vs 3 1970s V...
James never saw 22 and Sirius and Remus never made it out of their 30's...just saying
Сюжет про коллекционера моделей с 60-летним стажем. Жаль, что на английском.
Сюжет про коллекционера моделей с 60-летним стажем. Жаль, что на английском.
Elvis Presley - Hound Dog. Edit.

This is a real world premiere. For the first time worldwide three generations of Bill Haley's Comets...

60 year old man showing his moves. Doing stunts as well as break dance.

60 Years Old Man Dancing - New Funny Video 2018
60 Years Old Man Dancing -...
Աննա Թովմասյանի հեղինակային ֆիլմը նվիրված Մոնթե Մելքոնյանի ծննդյան 60 ամյակին:
Նոր ֆիլմ նոր մեկնաբանություններով...
Maserati is continuing its year-long centennial celebrations at the Goodwood Revival on 12th – 14th September. As well as marking 100 years at th...

Jaap de Zwaan, Emeritus Professor of the Law of the European Union, Erasmus University Rotterdam, about the past present and future of the European Union.
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve Dianne Lennon & Steve Smith 1965 Lawrence Welk Show 1965
Let’s Start the New Year Right The McGuire Sisters 195...
Enjoy 365 days of Juventus in just 60 seconds! Here's to the next 365 days! #ForzaJuve!

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Highlights of The Queen 60 years of Trooping the Colour
War Robots Lunar New Year Event 2018 [08 february – 26 february]

1 prize (2%): Magnum: 3750 WP
2 prize (4%): Leo: 1.7M AG paint Koi: 500 AU
3 prize (6%): Storm: 2000 COMP
4 prize (11%): Aphid: 750 AU
5 prize (16%): Trebushet: 7500 WP
6 prize (22%): Carnage: 13K WP paint Cobra: 750 AU
7 prize (31%): Gust: 2000 COMP
8 prize (41%): Trident: 7500 WP
9 prize (51%): Raijin: 15K WP paint Blue Mitsudomoe: 750 AU
10 prize (65%): Orkan: 1200 AU
11 prize (80%): Redeemer: 2000 COMP
12 prize (100%): Haechi: 10000 COMP paint Standart
Видео Игоря Федорова
American Airlines flight attendant Bette Nash is 80 years old and has been in the industry for nearly six decades

Transformation and Lifestyle Dolph Lundgren.Then and Now movie best #transformation and best movie moments: fight highlights, young pics, training,...
60th Anniversy by Austrian Airlines with Conchita on the Wiener Rathausplatz, Eistraum on 17.02.2018
КИНОХРОНИКА. Новосибирская студия кинохроники.1952 г. Новости дня / хроника наших дней. киножурнал. Студия ЦСДФ (РЦСДФ)
A legend is reborn. Of the 100 production D-types originally planned for production in 1955, only 75 were completed. This means there are 25 D-type...
The copper base of the object was inscribed with hieroglyphs, similar to the wreckage of the UFO that ‘crashed’ at Roswell, New Mexico in June 1947...
THE missing wreckage of “Britain’s Roswell” has been discovered stored in a cigarette tin and kept in a storage room in a London museum.The remnant...
The bizarre metal object was famously found by three blokes on Silpho Moor near Scarborough in November 1957.

It has often been compared to the mo...
Britain’s Men in Black were apparently so concerned by its appearance in Yorkshire in the 1950s they sent it to London to be studied secretly by ex...
Canadian high school dance teacher Shirley Clements, performs with her students at hip-hop competition! Age is nothing but a number. Watch as thi...