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Vine by fcking jerrie
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“OH MY GOD SHE LOOKS SO GORGEOUS HOLY SHIT #killemwithkindness #selenagomez #beautiful #foryou #love #cute #amazing #goodforyou #revival #revivaltour…”
“This was requested by the lovely, @maya_kharaa 🌹 and I'm so happy she did 😙 #1of4 Larry paired up with Regi for a #finals #battle earlier this month in…”
“Preach Ashley! I love her so much. asdfghjkl. She inspired me to work out, I go 3 times a week or more. ☺️❤️ #ashleytisdale #snapchat #fitness”
“@meganbowditch dancing is amazing, she is such a lovely girl know wonder she has lovely dancing, I love her so much and can't wait until I meet her at the…”
“(From Kristy Sowin's Snapchat) Nina being her crazy goofy self last night!! I'm so in love with her, she is so hilarious!!!😍😍😍{#ninadobrev #neens…”
“She was telling me how much she loved me, so i had to ask 💍💍 and she said yes ^_^”
“- Enjoy this simple Malia edit while I go work on a better one 😅 - Qotd: Do you like malia? • she's so badass I love her 😍 - #teenwolf #teenwolfedits…”
“And so it begins!!! I love this little entertainer. She's a lover of all things music. No idea where she gets it from!! #daddystwin #lovemybabygirl”
“*Before anyone calls her vain, this was after she introduces her makeup artsit* "pretty" incredibly so, my love #vanessahudgens #greaselive #rizzo…”
“I love my daughter so much my baby girl sent me this ! She said "Daddy I bet u can't dab harder than me" 😂😂 her support means the world !!…”
“She was so embarrassed😂 Cara it's fine if you hear 'mother' instead of 'brother'😛
Love youuu guyssss 💓💓💓
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“my baby in crackanory!! || gold she was so good in this, i loved it and make sure to look out for cath in very british things at christmas on Thursday,…”
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“I love having my mom over...💕💅🏽💅🏽🦄🦄 she's so jumpy”
“If I were her I don't understand why she wouldn't I mean she is literally perfect oh and that's my vine username so 😋🎉🎉 #jenniferlawrence…”
“This is why adopting is so much better then buying @PetaIndia my little lilu came from a shelter &she is so loving!”
“I love my besty @alysha_y she jus gets me 😂 Earlier at the game I thought we were taking a selfie! "'re jus gonna stare?" 😂👭👭”
“Video of @cansudere 💖 for InStyle Magazine #CansuDere 💕💕💕💕💕 she is so sweet love her so much ❤”
“Guys look at this 😍 If Selena had a daughter she would look like this 😱 She really looks like Selena, She's so cute 💖Love you bae 😚@selenagomez…”
“#BurcuÖzberkVideos 🎥🎬 Omg how down to earth she is! So modest i love her now even more 💟 #Burcuist #Özberkist يعني امركم عجيب بتدخلوا صفحة فانز بورجو عشان…”
“She knows she is cute as fuck! Fuck ! How can you be so in love so soon! ❤️❤️❤️ my heart aches! Like when your stomach hurts from laughing so hard because…”
“#zaza she's small but mighty!! So lucky to have her!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (loved lessoning w u @zoeypacyna !!)”
Video by deadmau5 • Instagram

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“Bonnie. My Dads dog. I love her and she loves #adele. I wanna take her home so bad 😍😍😍 #marburg #family #trust”
“I just saw the most beautiful girl once again. She's so adorable and so gorgeous it's insane. I love her so much. Her smile warms my heart”
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“@svnnynight: SO..SONE...I..I love you..TT TT TT TT TT TT (This is what she said in the video as well)”
“@selenagomez showing so much love at the airport 😍💙 she's so amazing and perfect ( Video Is Up Link Is On My Bio ) #GoodForYouVMA”
“One of our cutest little mixers Kyla boogieing down to #BlackMagic @jolly_goodfella we love her so much! She's hilarious 😂😂😍”
“They singed together and 💖💖 she's so so powerful when she performs and I just love her so much (btw not me singing in the back 😂✨) - AND ANDY LOOKED AT…”
“I LOVE HOW SHE DANCES SHES SO CUTE:D! @hilaryduff #hilaryduff #NightLikeThis #ilovehilaryduff #teamduff #breatheinbreatheout”
“I'm so in LOVE♡
I love how she didn't say the N word🙌
Follow my backup: @kennyanddkylizzle
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“She gets so much hate but I absolutely love her!! 😝 #trishapaytas #trishiesfishies @trishapaytas”
“@JosephPAlbanese: Eating dinner and then Paul Rudd and Selena Fomez started making pizza.
She's so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😭☺️☺️😁😁💟”
“Loves her #sonnyangles from @moppitandmore so much she throws them away, takes off their heads then puts them back in her LV Mbd has started talking…”
“This is so funny... You can see the second she realises the camera is facing her 😂😂😂 she loves a camera! (I'll take down soon.. But it's pretty cute)”
“Have you ever seen anything so funny..... Love how she just throws it off her high chair when she is done 😂😂😂😂”
“@tayd_dance the most awesome girl 😍🌺👏 she is so sweet and such a hardworking person !! Love seeing her dancing she inspire me soooo much 😘 love ya…” - группа, где собранны лучшие вайны с Джастином Бибером.

#JustinBieber #Bizzle #ДжастинБибер #Kidrauhl #MyIdol #SirBizzle #Belieber, #vine #JustinBieberEdits #belieber #believetour #justinbieber
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Молодые супруги Эдди и Морин безумно влюблены друг в друга. Но когда пьяный сосед начинает приставать к Морин, несдержанный, к тому же, вечно под кайфом, Эдди бросается на него, после чего попадает в тюрьму на десять лет. Возвратившись, он обнаруживает, что Морин вышла замуж за положительного Джоуи, который любит ее не меньше, чем он сам. Морин разрывается между прошлым и настоящим, между двумя мужчинами, которые ей дороги...
'' She's so lovely , she's so lovely , she's s lovely , she's so loooooovely.~ " ♥

woooop this song is so catchy , omfg :D And it always reminds me of Aaron Johnson :p
Actually this video is for my Abff Deni . *-* I love her so much , seriously.
I hope y'all enjoy watching. ♥

so , nothing left to say . but hey , head up , your beautiful and worthy. love y'all-♥

⇨ Coloring by me . tutorial :
⇨ fandom.Nina Dobrev
⇨song. Scouting f
►HD + Earphones

Hi everyone!! :D
I hope you like this little preview to celebrate Krisen's birthday, which unfortunately could not finish in time, but I promise that as soon as I finish it I'll upload :)

Love you all,


Hola a todos! : D
Espero que les guste este pequeño adelanto del vídeo dedicado para cumple de Kristen, el cual desgraciadamente no pude acabar a tiempo, pero prometo que apenas lo termine lo subire a youtube :)

Los amo a todos,
Cris :)

A video dedicated to the lovely Katie McGrath. A collection of clips from her different interviews (NOT JUST PICTURES). Because she's so lovely :)
This is a cover I did for fun. The original song is written and performed by Anthony Green. It is from the album "Avalon". This song is a great example of "less is more". The simplicity of it speaks volumes. Hope you enjoy.
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HD is Emmazing.

JF: You're making headlines, more headlines recently, I read this that you're the most dangerous person on the internet.

EW: Well, my brother was like 'Yeah, you're about as dangerous as like a fluffy bunny rabbit.

she's so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
so here's a new video with Emma's latest interviews.
her sexy dance just killed me.
and her "pleeease" is the cutest thing i've ever heard.
enjoy it :)
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2010 올댓스케이트 LA (2010 All That Skate LA Ice Show)

Official Website:
Official YT Channel:

Cast :
김연아 (Yuna KIM, 2010 Olympic Champion), 미쉘 콴(Michelle Kwan), 스테판 랑비엘(Stephane Lambiel), 쉔 슈&자오 홍보(Shen Xue & Zhao Hongbo), , 테사 버츄 & 스캇 모이어(Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir), 패트릭 챈(Patrick Chan)

Alex Kingston Tribute, tell me what you think xxxx
Please watch in HD if possible. Either YouTube has mucked up the quality or my internet is failing I don't know but if you can watch in HD that would be great! :D

Happy Birthday Ele! :D

Happy birthday hun! I hope you have the most amazing day ever, you deserve that. You are so amazing and lovely and just such a crazy talented vidder, I hope you know how much I adore you and your epic editin
Hace unas semanas acabe de ver Dream High 1 & esta chica me encanto al igual que su pareja ^ ^ & la canción creo que va con ella!! :).. Pronto haré un Mv de los dos!! :) Gracias por ver el vídeo!
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She's So Lovely Trailer Trailer -- When she first saw teammates Karo Parisyan and Manny Gamburyan putting in training for mixed martial arts, Ronda Rousey wasn't too familiar with what the sport was all about. But when she saw a highlight reel of Fedor Emelianenko, Rousey's mind was blown. Since then, the UFC women's bantamweight champ has had a playful crush on "The Last Emperor," and says she's she'll always be not-so-secretly in love with Fedor. Check out the footage above.

All footage shot, edi

.:: Watch in HD!! ::.

She, my definition of LOVELY is celebrating her 3rd birthday already! ♥
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my loveliest girl, stay as perfect as you are:*

This video has been a big project and it took months to film it and days to finish it in Premiere Pro again this time. And I'm still not perfectly happy with it but guess I don't have much more time. Time flies:)

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Франция, США 1997
«The story of one outrageous woman. Caught between two men. Both of them certain of one thing...»
режиссер: Ник Кассаветис
сценарий: Джон Кассаветис
продюсер: Рене Клейтман, Бернард Буи, Жерар Депардье, ...
оператор: Тьерри Арбога
композитор: Джозеф Витарелли
в Шон Пенн, Джеймс Гандольфини, Робин Райт, Гарри Дин Стэнтон, Джон Траволта, Сьюзен Трейлор, Деби Мейзар, Бобби Купер, Джон Маршалл Джонс, Хлоя Уэбб, Джеймс Соравилла, Джэми Бозиан, Пол Йоханссон, Жустина Мачадо, Тито Ларрива, Тони Марсико, Илья Бродский, Берт Янг, Нилл Бэрри, Клэйтон Ланди...
Молодые супруги Эдди и Морин безумно влюблены друг в друга. Но когда пьяный сосед начинает приставать к Морин, несдержанный, к тому же, вечно под кайфом, Эдди бросается на него, после чего попадает в тюрьму на десять лет. Возвратившись, он обнаруживает, что Морин вышла замуж за положительного Джоуи, который любит ее не меньше, чем он сам. Морин разрывается между прошлым и настоящим, между двумя мужчинами, которые ей дороги…
Language: English

Taglines: The story of one outrageous woman. Caught between two men. Both of them certain of one thing...

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country: France, USA

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Writer: John Cassavetes

Cast: Sean Penn, James Gandolfini, Robin Wright, John Travolta, Susan Traylor, Harry Dean Stanton, Debi Mazar, Bobby Cooper, John Marshall Jones, Chloe Webb, James Soravilla, Jamie Bozian, Paul Johansson, Justina Machado, Tito Larriva

Storyline: Maureen is pregnant and her husband Eddie is missing. Nervous, Maureen shares a couple of drinks with neighbor Kiefer, who tries to rape her and then beats her. When Eddie returns and finds his wife bruised, he goes ballistic, shoots a paramedic and is put in a psychiatric institution. Ten years later, Eddie is released and finds that Maureen has divorced him and is remarried with three children, one of whom is his little girl Jeanie. Eddie goes to reclaim his wife.
scouting for girls - she's so lovely lyrics ~ enjoy..x
Just a new tribute I did of the amazing actress Meryl Streep. I hope you'll like it. Enjoy!

Since I did arrow female lead, why not also do flash's? After all she is also a cinnamon roll. I love Candice Patton so she's so cute and sweet and I love love love her!

dedicated to a tiny lesbian named laurry :)

youtube status: hiatus
fandom: dc cast
actress: candice patton
coloring: mine
song: in the title
Watch in HD!!

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#Queen l #MamaRegal l #LanaParrilla l #ЛанаПаррия

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Loved doing a cameo in @nia_sioux5 new music video #slay She is so talented and deserves the best special thanks to @itsjojosiwa @mikeyminden @erinyvonne1 @_kenyaseeme_ @prestonmakeup @dancemomholly @zcrystalball @dancemoms #dancerslife #dancemoms - See more at:
The First Page created by original fans who love so much John Travolta and his family. Welcome to us.
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by molo†ov bm dik ★ – space ★ (trackname)
I'm very proud of this one! It's a Sheldon and Amy video, but it's also a tribute just to Amy Farrah Fowler. I love her character, and she needs more fandom love and appreciation. Did this all within a day and it was such a pain to render.
Show: The Big Bang Theory
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Ich habe eine HANIKA 54 PC von einem meiner Schüler hier, klingt sehr schön.
Das Stück ist ein einfaches Picking, durchaus für Anfänger (nicht verwechseln mit Einsteiger!) geeignet, ihr findet es in Folk Picking Vol. 1

download TAB
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ANIME ஜ۩۞۩ஜ YURI˜”*°☯ ۩۞۩☯°*”˜SEDZE-AH ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
Krystal Jung|F(X)
Hello pretties. I love dem. Do you love dem? Obviously they like them Sarah, they're watching this video aren't they? Well, maybe they are just curious or they came to this by accident or they are subbed to you. The latter is unlikely but the former ones are possible, in which case they should move their buns and watch it cause it's sooo geewd! Aww don't be down on yourself, you have subscribers and you are a beautiful person and yes that is true, they shewd. Aww thank-you Sarah. No problem Sarah.


Spoilers Ep 1 + 2 , OMG this drama is A-m-a-zing , i laughed so hard !! never thought that Gong shil/Gong Hyojin will have good chemistry with future male costars after so ji sub :D
Drama: it's alright,it's love/It's Ok, This is Love ( New 2014)
Romanization: Gwaenchana, Sarangiya/Hangul: 괜찮아, 사랑이야
Fandom:Kong Hyo Jin and Zo In Sung /Ji Hae Soo and Jang Jae Yeol
song: 5 Seconds Of Summer - She Looks So Perfect
►Please watch in 720p [HD]
Plot:Jang Jae-Yeol is a mystery writer and radio DJ. He suffers from a

This ones really fun and upbeat - a little bechloe story, I hope you enjoy it! :3
A short tribute to the brilliant, funny, genius biochemist that is Jemma Simmons. Because she really is lovely.


Clips from Marvel's Agents of Sheild and the song is 'She's so lovely' by Scouting for girls
Jennifer Lopez 2016 she is so sexy and I don't have any words to say only we love you Jennifer Lopez
You start out old and then you get young.
i had some problems with my laptop so it hasnt gone aswell as planned but ohwell its still ok lol

it's so much better :)

i love that woman ! Marilyn is a goddess :)
the movies i used are "some like it hot" , "gentlemen prefer blondes" and " the seven year itch"
my favorite movies !

enjoy !

Happy 2nd Birthday, my big girl!
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Filmed with Canon EOS 700D/750D
& Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS STM
& Canon EF 50mm 1.8 STM
Song. She`s so lovely, Scouting For Girls

▶ Хочешь живого секса? Найди себе девушку для секса, и не только здесь - ✔
Effy from Skins. All Clips are from S03E01 to S03E05. Music "She's So Lovely" by Scouting for Girls.
"She's So Lovely" from the 10.16.15 Beach House album, Thank Your Lucky Stars
Sub Pop Mega Mart
Amazon http://amzn.c...

Shetland Sheepdog Zelda and Dachsundmix Toby!
Happy Birthday, Jenni! :)

Music: She´s so lovely - Scouting on Girls
→ It's been awhile since I last uploaded a kdrama related video so I figured it was about time, haha :) I decided to stick with one drama this time, (instead of doing multifandom), because it seemed like most people wanted me to do that, so here you go! I picked "Playful Kiss" because its one of my all time favorite drama's, it never fails to make me smile & laugh.

→ "She's So Lovely" is one of my all time favorite songs, its so cheerfu

I jumped on the band wagon and made a video of Gillian Anderson's's not my fault that she's so funny! I actually thought of making this vid after I was watching a video of my friend Taylor and I doing a school was then that I realised just how much she sounds like Gillian when she laughed...and the rest is history :P The song used is 'She's so Lovely' by Scouting for Girls.
Dedicated to Tay Tay :)

The new album "Beautiful Things" is available now on iTunes:

From the album AVALON - Available now:

Get AVALON Remixed by Colin Frangicetto here:

To get more music by Anthony Green, go here
Hey guys! The collab is finally finished! Thank you so much to all of you :) Everyone did a great job :D I really loved the final result and I'm so thrilled because of that. Cause I was a bit nervous, I have to confess. It was the first collab that I ever hosted and I didn't want make any mistakes. But in the end it turned out GREAT!

Don't forget to subscribe all this amazing people that were part of this collab ;)

✦ Part 1: TheWonderBinnie

watch in HD and small screen:)
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This is our first cover of Isn't she Lovely by the great "Stevie wonder", and Love never Felt so good By the king "Michael Jackson"...
First Single Flexzenight:
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