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2016 г. ‧ Комедия ‧ 1 ч 38 мин
премьера (мир) 12 февраля 2016
премьера (РФ) 3 ноября 2016

«Война против всех» — комедийный детектив 2016 года режиссера Джона Майкла Макдонаха. Главные роли исполнили Александр Скарсгард, Майкл Пенья, Тео Джеймс. Съемки начались 12 апреля 2015 в Альбукерке Нью-Мехико.
Премьера: 12 февраля 2016 г.
Режиссер: Джон Майкл Макдонах
Редактор: Крис Джилл
Сценарий: Джон Майкл Макдонах
Композитор: Бэлф, Лорн
2016 ‧ Комедия ‧ 1h 38m

Пара нечистых на руку американских полицейских, шантажирующих, запугивающих и подставляющих всех, кто встает у них на пути, встречают не менее опасного и решительного соперника

Премьера в мире: 30.09.2016
Премьера в России: 06.10.2016
Первый выпуск: февраль 2016
Режиссер: Джон Майкл МакДонах
Сценарий: Джон Майкл МакДонах
Распространено: Saban Capital Group
Композитор: Лорн Балфе
Видео предоставлено сообществом vk.com/SelenaMarieSource.
Hej! It was like -10 and my phone broke down so we had to find sanctuary in a local Tim Horton's halfway through this. Also we're so close to 50k s...

If you have an upstairs neighbor, you understand. If you don’t, you’re either a part of the few lucky ones or you ARE one. Noisy neighbors are ...
画質:1080p 60fps
Music:ONE OK ROCK [We a...

2 Centuries of U.S. Immigration

From 1920 to 2013, 79 million people obtained lawful permanent resident status in the United States. This map visu...
Путін хуйло (рус. Путин хуйло, также Путин куйло, Путин хэллоу, Путин хелло, Путин ...
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Nickelback's latest album, The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1 is available now on Roadrunner Records.

- CD: http://smarturl.it/NickelbBestOfCD
- iTu...
Thanks for watching! Episode 3 of 100 Movies Everyone Should Watch!

American Beauty. Mendes. DreamWorks Pictu...
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Ben-Hur. Wyler. Loew's, Inc., 1959.
Shadows. Cassavetes. British Lion, 1959.
12 Angry Men...
Human Beatbox Neil blurs the line between human and robot in a performance that will make your jaw drop.

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The Rock Reel präsentiert dir das offizielle Video zu IF EVERYONE CARED !

Hier könnt ihr den Song kaufen/streamen:
► http://wmg.click/Nickelba...
"Everyone's Talking" is available now - http://smarturl.it/EveryonesTalking

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The Flash & Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Hawkman vs. Vandal Savage -Full Fight Scene #1

A clip from Arrow Season 4, Episode 8 - "Legends Of Yesterday"....
Draw faster with a little help from artists and machine learning in this new drawing tool. Go to https://www.autodraw.com to start creating.

Spoiler Alert.

I love this game so much!

All scenes from Mass Effect Andromeda by: Bioware.
Music: If Everyone Cared by: Nickelback.
All scenes r...
Kylie send her best wishes to everyone at Pride in London 2014.

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Taken from Made In Heaven, 1995.

Heaven For Everyone (promo video, 199...

Oberhausen I was so happy to see you again today! Two amazing days, thank you so much. Thank you to everyone who travelled far and wide to come and sing and dance with me. I love you! Danke!!! Now, PARIS! We're coming! Gracias Oberhausen por abrirme las puertas de sus casas, los amo! Increíble Segundo show!!! 🇩🇪❤ Paris allá voy!!!! #GotMeStartedTOUR
325 Likes, 2 Comments - Everyone Is Dead (@akunime_) on Instagram: “Well, I thought Yuno would have been a great character, I was wrong, sorry no...
Joe Wilkinson, David Mitchell, Roisin Conaty, Jon Richardson, Tom Allen, Rachel Riley and Susie Dent completely lose it after Jimmy Carr's joke abo...
A cinematic loveletter dedicated to Franconia and to life.
Last summer I went on a filmic journey in my homeland.
I met new people and old friends, went to places I had never been before
and came back with a new way of seeing things.
Ryan Taubert - Everyone
Tony Anderson - Eyes wide open
#inspiration #вдохновение
nickelback-if everyone cared lyrics- album; album is fight for all the right reasons
Album: Vamp Babes (2002)
extraits du film "Sedmikrásky" (1966) de Věra Chytilová


http://tinyurl.com/n9p6qe ---
Official video of Crazy Frog's remix of BassHunter's biggest selling hit "Now You're Gone".
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Couple: Stiles + Malia
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Song: The Neighbourhood - #icanteven
Coloring: Sweetie2566
Program: Sony...
It's been a long time coming with irl stuff delaying this, but it's finally done (and a month late woops).

This is probably my best work yet, and...
12-year old Beau Dermott blows Amanda away with her impressive cover of Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked with the Judge reaching for that al...
Let's see if this one works.

All artists involved are here:

Song is Turn Me O...

Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Kill Everyone
Album : Notes From The Underground
Label : A&M/Octone

У тебя, ублюдок, есть право оставаться жестоким!
В моем клипе есть ещё пустые места.
В 25 строке можешь посмотреть, как твоя жизнь кончится.
Отец, прости мне мои будущие грехи!
Есть две динамитные шашки и я умру, но взорву их!
Боже, не подведи меня сейчас!
Они уже брошены, не подведи меня.
Мне лишь осталось положить твое тело туда, где его не найдут.
Просто смирись, я уже почти закончил!

Даже не пытайся отнять это оружие у меня.
Ты нравишься мне все больше и больше, чем меньше ты можешь дышать.

Я развязался (сошел с ума),
Я думаю, я убью их всех сейчас!
Боже, что я наделал?
Ебать, давайте убьем их всех!

О нет, здесь идет бунт!
Неужели всегда нужно прибегать к насилию?
Если ты думаешь, что сможешь скрыться, так иди и попробуй.
Сейчас мой пистолет нарушит молчание
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yay it's finally done

The songs are in the video but if you want a list here it is:
glue70 - Casin
Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie
Childish Gam...

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Kickstarter: http://kck...
Happy Easter from Toy Fan TV!

Enjoy the new and egg-citing Easter Bunny song. Let's sing along with the bunny!

Easter Bunny hop hop hop
Little late on the whole "you reposted in the wrong neighborhood" thing but whatever. EDIT: Holy shit this got put into the Behind the Meme video I...


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Quarter Final crewbattle of the UK B-Boy Championships 2017, held on the 9th of April in ...
You are in your time zone, no need of worrying about your position
The goal that was ruled goaltender interference resulting in no-goal for the Calgary Flames in Game 2 has a few Flames and people around the NHL sc...
GET THE NEW EP: http://www.smarturl.it/eyesshut?IQid=whevid

directed by: erik beck
edited by: justin johnson

"No you can't borrow my f@#&^&# stapler."

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Sugar Hill
Бегемот ТВ (https://vk.com/begemottv) - развлекательный канал.
Okteon (https://vk.com/okteon) - крупнейшая торговая площадка.
V.I.P видео (https://vk.com/webcamshowvip) - видео для взрослых.
These 5 rides will shock you!

Wesll Leaning Vehicle http://wesll.com/
Joystick Bike http://www.joystickbike.ch/
EV4 Electric Rollerblade ht...
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YAOI SMEX! and it's CENSORED! for you haters, you can't flag! so GTFO we don't like your species ¬¬

If you don't li...


How to make a child feel appreciated.

Possibly the most wasted potential from a character in the entire series, Let me know what you guys think about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure having a p...

Enjoy this little special release, full length track.
༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º ...
Thanks for watching!

Olympia. Riefenstahl. Tobis, 1938.
The Grapes of Wrath. 1940. Ford. 20th Century Fox, 194...
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Un Chien Andalou. Buñuel. Les Grands Films Classiques, 1929.
The Passion of Joan of Arc....
Everyone Leaves is an Emo/Punk band from Columbus Ohio & Hot Mulligan is an Emo/Punk band from Lansing, MI.

Purchase here ($4): https://everyonele...
Extremely nervous singer Emma Jones deliver the most beautiful performance of Ave Maria
Britain's Got Talent Audition

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This rescued baby deer is missing a leg, but his dog siblings taught him how to play — and he's pure JOY 😍

Video by: Maggie McCarthy

Keep up...
The suction fan on the Space Station potty is so loud that, well, everyone knows when you ‘go.’ Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti explai...
Looks like the Dads had the same idea this morning. A change of menu for the eaglets. Fish instead of duck. Well done!

Stewards of the Upper Mi...
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Rope. Hitchcock. Warner Bros. Pictures, 1948.
It’s A Wonderful Life. Capra. RKO Radio P...
В 5 Уличных Танцевальных Стилей.
Get yours at makeymakey.com Make a piano out of bananas, play Mario on Play Dough, let your kitty take a picture of herself. This is a simple i...
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At a hockey game crowd took a likening to one kid and cheering uncontrollably for him and booing everyone else even the players.
Best thing you wil...

That guy who falls in love with everyone he runs into.funny fail videos
This Girl Shocked Everyone With Her Incredible Talent!

I do not not own any of the clips in this video. This video was made to show that each of the Frie...
Steve Ballmer introduced Chuck to Clipper Nation and followed it up by winning Chucks for everyone in attendance!
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Apocalypse Now. Coppola. United Artists, 1979.
Alien. Scott. 20th Century Fox, 1979.
Thanks for watching!


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Hill. 20th Century Fox, 1969.
Easy Rider. Hopper....
Thanks for watching!

Die Hard. McTiernan. 20th Century Fox, 1988.
The Princess Bride. Reiner. 20th Century Fo...
Episode 2 of 100 Movies Everyone Should Watch-Thanks for watching!

No Country For Old Men. Coen. Miramax Film...
WebVR is an easy new way for developers to build and share VR experiences on the web.

We’re launching WebVR Experiments to showcase the amazing...
Episode 1 of 100 Movies Everyone Should watch where we cover the 2010's.

Birdman. Iñárritu. Fox Searchlight...
Will you have enough counters to counter your opponent? Grow you own monsters incrementally and lead them to victory

This video is for Aether Revo...
Try being more honest at your next job interview. Or not.

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План беседы:
1. Деньги обслуживают товарооборот. (00:41)
2. Химера золотого стандарта...
Recently spotted infomercial as seen on TV.

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Voice by Bre...
FREE COURSE - 5 Learning Mistakes Software Developers Make http://vid.io/xcHE
In this episode, I talk about how thinking about becoming rich can li...
From album "POLARITIES" available now:

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Mrs Violet Mosse Brown is a Supercenterian
At Age 117 March 10 the 2017 from Duanvale Trelawny Jamaica. Go see her ask for MS V
Переведено [club101833415|FSG MONSTA X ♔ Satellites] для официального сообщества русскоязычных фанатов группы [club80393536|Monsta X]
From the new album "Master Of Light" - Out November 11th (USA November 18th).
Get it at https://FreedomCall.lnk.to/MasterOfLight

Video production ...



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Welp, this has taken me about 3 days. I don't know why, it's not that good compared to a lot of other animations here on YouTube, but some parts I'...
We've all heard that each and every snowflake is unique. But in a lab in sunny southern California, a physicist has learned to control the way snow...
안녕하세요! Why are these getting so much attention? In Canada all we get are weird stares and 911 calls. Anyways, thank you guys so much for ...


The Mountain Movers @ Best Video, Hamden CT - February 20, 2015 - Everyone Cares (first time played live) - video #5 - 3 minutes & 45 seconds -

Эдвард: Всем привет! Надеюсь, ваш день проходит отлично! Следите за нашими обновлениями в Твиттере на @PlanetJedward.
A campaign from Neogama BBH, Sao Paulo that show an unusual point of view about the prejudice in Brazilian society.With good humor, the commercial ...
What if everybody in the world, all 7.4 billion of us all lived together in the same city? How big or small would this city have to be and how clos...
Gao Lin & Liu Xin comes all the way from China to delivers an amazing performance!
Gao Lin and Liu Xin Britain's Got Talent 2017 Full Audition Incl...

Last one for 2016. A simple two color line and wash scene.

Special Thank you to Antonio Romo for his beautiful music.
Music: "Tomorrows another da...
Sheet archive on my website! http://www.theishter.com
ishter twitter: https://twitter.com/tehishter
The book of my face: https://www.facebook.com/i...

Dave Isay opened the first StoryCorps booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 2003 with the intention of creating a quiet place where a per...
This rescued baby fox goes hiking with her best friends 💕 🗻

Video by: Maggie McCarthy

Keep up with all of Ayla the rescued fox's adventures...
В штат прибывает наёмная армия "Чёрной Руки" со своими активами. Друг Охотника по...
This is the sequel of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzOh9cTbX60

Songlist (Done by Андрей Смирнов):
Carlos Estevez - Girl from ipan...
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Part 2: http://youtu.be/-v1i9U_Or0U

You hear these songs everyday in tv shows, advertisings and movies! But most people don't know the name or the...
2016 г. ‧ Комедия ‧ 1 ч 38 мин
Премьера в мире: 30.09.2016
Премьера в России: 03.11.2016

«Война против всех» — комедийный детектив 2016 года режиссёра Джона Майкла Макдонаха. Главные роли исполнили Александр Скарсгард, Майкл Пенья, Тео Джеймс. Съемки начались 12 апреля 2015 в Альбукерке Нью-Мехико.
Премьера: 17 ноября 2016 г. (Германия)
Режиссер: Джон Майкл Макдонах
Редактор: Крис Джилл
Сценарий: Джон Майкл Макдонах
Композитор: Бэлф, Лорн

Актеры: Александр Скарсгард, Тео Джеймс, Тесса Томпсон, Майкл Пенья, Калеб Лэндри Джонс, Стефани Сигман, Пол Райзер, Кит Джардин, Тейт Флетчер, Альма Сиснерос
Русскоязычные версия песни Nickelback - If Everyone Cared от Алексея Маркова

Ссылка на ютуб к...

So, just be nice.

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https://www.jazzeveryone.com/ Part 1 of the Language System looks at the origins of the pentatonic pairs which is ground zero for the Jazz Everyone...
Flash Video Animation by Bernard Derriman.
When Taylor Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide, and Christian Stolte, a.k.a. Randy “Mouch” McHolland, got together on the Red Carpet at the recen...
from niconico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm29393452

10th part2~
A unique program with Igor Danilov, understandable without any words. The spiritually filled silence. Simply LIFE!
In this program, issues of human self-perfection on the way to God are discussed.
Enter the Gym! We give you an introduction to our workout sessions at the gym. Hannes instructs Martin in how to use kettlebells by the water in Gothenburgs archipelago. There's a lot more exercises during our workouts but we will get to those in future episodes where we show more detailed all the exercises. In this episode we focus on the four big lifts: Squats, Deadlift, Bench press and Chins.

Weightlifting is for everyone? What the squat are you talking about?! Gyms can be a scary place, we try to show you that it's for everyone. If we grew comfortable there and fell in love with the workout, so can you.

We have our first sponsor and it's our gym. Big shout out to Arena Älvhögsborg : http://arenaalvhogsborg.se/

Music: Tornado - Wintergatan
Unreleased track by Martin Molin
Wintergatans Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/winterga...

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Video produced by Lefvande bilder
Crashdïet - Riot In Everyone - Live Lantz i P3 (Rare Video)
Dave Lepard - Martin Sweet - Peter London - Eric Young
Today, 28/05/2014 marks the 34th birthday anniversary of late Crashdiet lead singer and founding member, the one and only David Lepard Hellman!! As...