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quite possibly the best moment of my life..... i miss you already @garrettclayton1 so much @iamjhud @lizgillz@spiderhon
Grateful for these moments with my boy Zeppy!
Check out how excited he gets when I sang some lyrics he wrote lol
Самые крутые и короткие ролики из аниме только у нас!
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Special thanks to my friends: @kurbanov_73, @askhab_92, @_ibraa_001 💪🔥
Music: Flying Steps – We are electric 🔊
Galavant-This is my moment in the sun
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One Direction - Behind the scenes
One Direction -2014 Steal my Girl
My First AMV of Kamisama Hajimemashita and first AMV for this year 2015. I only started to watch this series last January 5, 2015. And I got comple...
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! This is a compilation I made for Thanksgiving because Yoongi is my ultimate bias and I wanted to share some of my fav...

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Oh My Venus Funny moments (ep 1 to 6)

Music: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)

I don't own any materials used in this video only the editing. All Copyright belongs to it's rightful owner.

Skills? Well, more like trolling and taking advantage over people who can't aim properly :P Anyway, I might try to upload videos more frequently now, about once every 2 days or so. Anyway, leave a like if you enjoyed, comment below and don't forget to subscribe for more! Peace

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Всем доброго времени суток)я сначало хотел сложить 2 момента игры кс го но подумал и обрезал на 2 видео на 1)так что смотрите )
P.S если будет 50 лайков выложу еще 1 видео с момента игры
BROLL: Isabela Moner and Thomas Barbusca awkward moment on the red carpet at “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” premiere held at TCL Chinese Theaters in Los Angeles, Ca USA on October 5, 2016
©Ricomix Productions
Когда Джей Ди читает лекцию молодым людям, желающим стать врачами, речь заходит о лучших моментах в медицинской практике. Каждый из героев вспоминает свой «лучший момент». Одновременно герои пытаются поставить диагноз молодому мужчине, поступившему в больницу в сопровождении десятилетнего сына.
Карла ужинает с врачом, с которым раньше встречалась и просит Джей Ди не рассказывать об этом Тёрку. Уборщик пытается убедить Джей Ди и Тёрка в том, что у него есть брат-близнец. Эллиот не верит, что её пациент — наркоман.
не судите строго, так только начинаю осваивать Sony Vegas Pro 10
Здесь собранны мои лучшие моменты, за всё время моих тренировок
Музыка - Dangerous Mentality Forever – The Anthem (Street Version)
A new web series from Planet Eclipse, MY GREATEST MOMENT features the best pro paintball players on the planet sharing the greatest experience the game has given them, and glimpse into what makes them tick.

Webisode #4 features Colt Roberts from the 2013 World Cup Champions San Antonio X-Factor, currently ranked 2nd in the 2015 NXL standings.

Directed & Edited by Dan Napoli. Produced by Digital Hero Films.
"You’re never gonna let, never gonna let me down-- ‘cause You are good, good, ohhh.” // Watch Steffany Gretzinger and Jeremy Riddle lead a powerful version of "King of My Heart" by John Mark and Sarah McMillan at Bethel Church.
music: ZHIEND-Trigger
Amazing jump HS with AWP (dust2)
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Спасибо всем, кто принимал участие в создание этих теплых моментов.
надеюсь будущий год будет не менее насыщен приключениями.
A new web series from Planet Eclipse, MY GREATEST MOMENT features the best pro paintball players on the planet sharing the greatest experience the game has given them, and glimpse into what makes them tick.

Webisode #2 features Carl Markowski from San Antonio X-Factor.

Directed & Edited by Dan Napoli. Produced by Digital Hero Films.
My Lemonade moment by @RaphaMendonca 🍋🍋🍋 Shooting for @MaresMGuia ✨ @LeoFaria @IamRenato @RiccoAntony @EduBand 🍋 O Rapha diz que me ama, mas eu o amo mais! 🌻
A few funny clips from My Chemical Romance :')

Sorry about the crap quality

For entertainment purposes only

Dreams really can come true…
If you have always wanted to do something in life but you thought it was too big or too hard, then think again.
I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine this week and I couldn’t be more excited for how it went.
In 2005, I saw Robbie Williams in concert in Sydney and I fell even more in love with him as an entertainer and singer.
The way he commands the audience and gives it all his got, is just phenomenal. He is hands down “THE MAN”.
I had just graduated from university studying Pu
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As you expected from the moment before you were born, The Midgets were always going to do this.
It is the Music Video for 'The One Moment' by OK GO with the audio replaced by Ben Folds' 'Get Your Hands Off My Woman'.
I threw a Tommy Wiseau audio clip in there but I think it didn't render out for some reason. [Update: it did]

P.S I do not know the name of the music 😐🔊
CS:GO - Dey Talk About My 1 Taps - Summit1G Stream Highlight
In this video I am featuring a 4v1 Clutch By a person playing on summit's team on a ESEA match up

The video shows moments of my daily workouts.
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All progress in training and in life :)
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All my moments of life on camera
Все мои моменты жизни на камеру

Music: Yo Gotti – Lebron James
Hey guys I'm back with another video and I'm so sorry for not posting a video for almost a month. First off, HI💓 I'm a new editing channel that pose fanmade edits💕 This channel will consist of edits of your favorite parings/ tv shows and don't be afraid to leave your thoughts and suggestions down below on what I should do to improve for you guys😉 I hope you all enjoy this channel and I also have a personal channel link is in the description to check all my links out thanks🤗

"Phenomena is a 1985 Italian horror film directed by Dario Argento and starring Jennifer Connelly, Daria Nicolodi, and Donald Pleasence. Its plot focuses on a young girl at a remote Swiss boarding school who discovers she has psychic powers that allow her to communicate with insects, and uses them to pursue a serial killer who is butchering young women at and around the school.

After its release in Italy, Phenomena was purchased for distribution in the United States by New Line Cinema, who cut over twenty
Проводила онли Гэндзи-марфон, и у меня получилось отыграть свою самую классную игру за Гэндзи на данный момент. Подобные моменты, как на видео, продолжались чуть ли не всю игру. Противники в конце признались, что я была лучшим Гэндзи, которого они когда-либо видели и люто меня ненавидели. :D

My father getting sucker punched by driver James Hunt after a crash
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Doing my deal on snow. Thanks: Alexander Dorinov Nexus Logic
My top 10 Captain Swan Moments

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fun fact the people who want to take this light-hearted video and turn it into 'wow look who's bringing up old shit for attention' are actually very unhappy and we should only ever be kind to people who are not able to take in enough happiness to put some back out. only ever be respectful to others even if you feel as t
funny clips from the 'life on the murder scene' dvd

Thanks for watching. you guys are awesome :)

Que Mr Plow music.

Battlefield™ 1!/en-nz/tid=CUSA05244_00
I don't own anything I just wanted to share my one of my favorite sporting movies- Moneyball Song - The mighty rio grande - this will destroy you
Battlefield™ 1!/en-us/tid=CUSA02429_00


Spoiler alert. Because of chapter 775 of One Piece I decided to post this video. There are several other scenes that are equally as sad but these hit me the hardest.
Привет! В этом видео ты увидишь микс лучших моментов моего лета! Это было незабываемое время...)
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Perfect Two HaeHyuk part 44, D❤E ~~ Do not reupload on youtube~
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Lucky quad kill with CZ

Песня/Music: wn - feels
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Episode # 7 of the Planet Eclipse web series MY GREATEST MOMENT. Featuring Justin Cornell from the defending 2015 NXL & Millennium Series Champions Edmonton Impact.

MY GREATEST MOMENT features the best pro paintball players on the planet sharing the greatest experience the game has given them, and a glimpse into what makes them tick.

Produced by Planet Eclipse and Hurrdat Films.
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Robin van Persie Penalty Kick vs Burnley 2014/2015:

2) Soulfy - Skyfall
3) Coldplay The Scientist Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis, Lindsey Stirling Acoustic Cover
The history of time is captured by a poet, an artist, a writer, a photographer…!
Which moment of your life would you like to capture?
According to me, the best Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) moments of the tv show Black Books.
First: Sorry guys for the death-scenes at the end, it's long time ago that I made this vid and I wanted to create some... credits? I don't know how to call it but I just don't want you guys to think, that I find it cute to see them die :)

Cute Moments of MCR, one of the greatest bands in the world.
Have Fun.

Mon top 10 des moments Captain Swan (Emma et Hook) de Once Upon A Time.


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A new web series from Planet Eclipse, MY GREATEST MOMENT features the best pro paintball players on the planet sharing the greatest experience the game has given them, and glimpse into what makes them tick.

Webisode #3 features Zane Yachimec from the 2015 NXL Virginia Beach Open Champions Edmonton Impact.

Directed & Edited by Dan Napoli. Produced by Digital Hero Films.
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more video GTA 6:
1. GTA 6 - Grand Theft Auto 6: AMAZING Graphics! (GTA 6):
2. GTA6: Grand Theft Auto VI - Trailer 2017 (Minimal Graphics GTA 6)
3. My style of play in GTA 6 (Funny Moments Compilation)

Come take a look at some more GTA 6 & GTA 5 Online videos! I post daily GTA V DLC, News, or anything I think is interest
Старался как мог,вот так вот!))))
MY GREATEST MOMENT's European tour continues with with Sergei Rozhnikov from the Russian Polar Bears as we find out what his favourite paintball mo...
by Фильмы за 10 секунд

BIGBANG - FM in Nagoya (my favorite moments)


Omg I can't get enough of this couple. Here are some cute and sweet moments of Hee Jin & Boong Do. *squeal and giggle to myself* =)) In Na is so cu...

forgot the bts logo ... was ina hurry!

/!\ BTW credits to the videos owners, sorry cant' list all of them!
backstage moments in my last shooting. Les Twins @lestwinson :)

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This is a special edition with all most crazy funny moments (in my opinion)
Это спец выпуск с самыми кру...

"Let the King of my heart be the shadow where I hide, the ransom for my life, He is my song.” // Watch Josh Baldwin lead "King of My Heart" by Jo...
My 30 best RC Crashes of the Year 2015. Crashes and moments presented by RC MEDIA WORLD. Copyright by RC MEDIA WORLD.
You will see many more RC vid...

i luv them

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Voilà une petite vidéo qui était sensé faire partie du Best Of mais qui était trop longue pour loger. Alors j'ai décidé de la sortir toute s...
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Watch The Moment Little Mix Found Out 'Shout Out To My Ex' Was No 1! - Big Top 40
Re:ZERO | Betelgeuse Crazed Moments "MY BRAIN TREMBLES!" Here is a compilation of Betelgeuse's crazy insane moments. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti
Несколько забавных моментов из моего прохождения с другом Gears of War Ultimate на безумн...
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My best RC crashes and moments of the year 2016. Presented by RC MEDIA WORLD. Camera: JVC GC-PX10 PAL
Copyright: RC MEDIA WORLD.
You will see many ...

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Music: Dj Drama - My Moment (feat. Jeremih, 2 Chainz) -- Watch live at
Это моя первая подборка , но я очень старался=)
Надеюсь вам понравится , а я уже готовлю следующую подборку для вас!
Moments from some shits!


1) Pix...
Moments from some shits!


1) Pixies - Where is my mind
2) Fall Out Boy - Alone Together
These are my Top 10 Stefan & Elena Moments! I don't actually Ship Stelena but i just thought i would make a video showing my favorite, because i do...
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#6 off 12 Shots on the Rocks (2003)

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не судите строго, так только начинаю осваивать Sony Vegas Pro 10
After true love, HD+headphones is the most powerful magic of all ;)

The crack for the finale is...
Life Is Strange
this is collection from other video. I used 8 videos. and selected the best moments (in my opinion). I cut out the appropriate mom...
Dedicated to all those MIRACLE_CARATs who are waiting for OHMYTEEN to happen. Hwaiting!

I do not own the videos that i've used, credits to the own...

America's Next Top Model - My Favorite Moments

I decided to do this because I wanted to do more Doctor Who stuff, and since I was re-watching through the first couple of seasons of series, and I...
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