Happy birthday X
“Happy Birthday Griffin 🎉 Have a super amazing day 🎉 Hope to see you soon 💞 Hugs, Sapphire x @gktrocks”
“#VBCongratulation: 🎁 Happy Birthday The Best Man, @brodyvan23. Warm and happy wishes on your Birthday! Have a wonderful day! #familyVB x #caraloren x…”
“@steffss_x happy birthday :)” http://instagram.com/p/x_tvpdK9-d/?modal=true

Thank you for your beautiful birthday wishes, I feel so blessed and happy on my special day 💛💙💜💚❤️ x vb

Спасибо вам за прекрасные поздравления, я чувствую такое блаженство и счастье в мой особенный день 💛💙💜💚❤️ целую вб
originally i wasn't going to upload this but i can't help but upload this bc im really proud of the part

Booyakasha in resolution that you want!
Apriltello is Love x3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! yesterday i couldnt load it but now yes!
Hope you get a lot of presents
Hope you like!
Enjoy my friend! :)
I hope you like it okay. uvu
That is why I asked if you liked the song HAHA. SO FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!
I love you. And shit. Yeah son.
It was my friend MoiFish's birthday the other day c: Since I've been working its a little late xD But Happy birthday c:

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HD is ♥
Susbcribe the birthday girl♥: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ74jfAPzIiOsym1YRtUpCQ

You thought that i forgot your birthday, huh? 7u7
(haha i'm stalker!)

I hope you have the greatest birthday ever!♥
You are so important and special person for me♥
& i'm so happy that i've a friend like you!♥
You are a such sweetheart♥

(♥♥♥♥♥♥heart attack xD♥♥♥♥)

Because we both are DIE-HARD leorai fans, i wanted to dedicated this leorai vid for you♥ x3
Поздравляем с 5-ти летием детей Mallorn's Capuccino & Real Person Barbera Grappa (Кассу и Берри)!
Happy Birthday to the Kassu x Berry R-Litter!

un peque dedicado a oga espero les guste n.n

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X
#record #blackxmas #stadiumlive #moscow #ingrosso #shapov #megnerak #swedishhousemafia #russianhousemafia #edm
Happy late birthday dear sorry it's a day late I had to render it twice ugh that was a nightmare XD Anyways I hope you like it.

Song: Don't Deserv...
Happy Birthday, AnimeSurge12! ^_^
I had no idea your birthday was so soon. I saw you posted that it was today, 3 days ago, so I hurried to make this for you. =)
I went through your music playlist, to see what songs you liked, and saw you had this song in there, so of course, I had to edit with it, for you. XD It's not the best "birthday" song, but who cares? It's awesome.
You're one of my favorite editors on here. Even though I don't comment much, I watch all of your videos, and they're all amazing
This video contains boy x boy! If you don't like, please don't watch!


Okay, well, I was gonna use a different song, but then it somehow ended up with it, so... (Shrugs) Still turned out okay, though. XD Please forgive the horrible cut of the song somewhere in there.;;;

This is one day early (by, like, an hour), but it's better earlier than later, right? Plus, I tend to be late for everything, so putting it up now is a better idea! 8D

I hope you like your birthday present, Glasses-
С любовью, от старого друга.
These AMV is dedicated to amv4fun!!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!!! XD.. I hope ya'll enjoy.

sub to the birthday boy!

Sub to my friend GodFire91 who beta tested for me

Anime : Akame Ga Kill!
Song : Figure 8 by Ellie Goulding
Charaters : Esdeath, Tatsumi

Disclaimer: This video is purely fan made, and I am not making any profit. It is purely for entertainment purposes and in no way meant to offend.
[18.05.2013 22:03:59] Neena: like i was gonna use ''remember when''....but nope ..too many amv and mmvs of it

|8 *flips table*


Happy Birthday, you baka. I was sorta panicking on what to do for you, I want to show you that your birthday is a very important day to celebrate, cause without it you wouldn't be here. And where would I be? Probably a very lonely person... Pfft. And yeah, I wanted to make you something special and nothing seemed special /enough/, or I just didn't have inspiration for it! So
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학연아 생일 축하해♥

Ravi x N, VIXX, NAVI, RAVIN, 빅스, 라비, 엔, 원식, 학연, hakyeon, wonsik, couple, 커플링
Background Music:
1)Instrumental by Leksn prod. - #74
1)Валера Русак (http://vk.com/x_flow)
Небольшое поздравление
[Watch in HD!]
~Wahhh my first Draco x Ginny video evahh! XD

||♦ Jana-chan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^_^
It's already past midnight so I'm tooo late :c
But making this was so much work *and busy with exams XD*, and of course it didn't go without Sony Vegas - trouble! ;D Crashings here, errors theere~ you know :3

But do you remember when we talked about this couple!!!??! I've always wanted to make a video with them, and recently I've been totally inspired by all kinds of DracoxGinny graphics I'm seeing on Tumblr :
Keef and the Winos perform "Connection" Live at the Hollywood Palladium, 1988
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Hey guys! Click here to tweet this link to Amber ^^ http://clicktotweet.com/6oc3T

Today is Amber's 21st birthday yayyyy! I've loved Amber ever since she debuted and I still love her to bits now because she's so amazing ahhhh ;______; She's honestly an amazing role model and her creativity and talent really inspire me!

So happy birthday to Amber! :
[빅스] 레오 x 엔 / 정택운 x 차학연 / 평생지기 / 90라인
Another video i made for Leo x N ( Neo / LeoN ) couple : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1wXtjQxJjE

141110 Happy 25th Birthday to Vixx Leo Jung Taekwoon on 10th November, 2014 !!!! ♥♥♥♥
Our charismatic and cute vocal ♥

This is a video dedicated to Leo x N couple 90line !!

** Turn on CC for English lyrics!! **
This song is veryyyy sweet so I also put in the lyrics. I think it suits 90line as well *^^
Happy anniversary to our beloved dorky Canadian, Matthew Williams X3

I know this is simple, but I wanted to do something with his national anthem ...
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EDIT - To avoid any confusion, this video is a one-off, it's not a prequel to my Diego x Nala series. ^^

Happy birthday NalaKida1! :D Sorry it's a few days late, I had to render it 6 times! xDD Hope you like it dear! ^_^
Song-Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford and Sons (pitched)
Clips-The lion king
The lion king II Simba's pride
The lion king 3 Hakuna Matata
Ice age
Ice age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Nala maskings by MajesticWolfsx,SHIELD Agent Masks and me.
Inspiration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt9uIwhTkFQ

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Hope you like it:)
Enjoy ! Lionel Messi ● January 2017 ● Skills x Goals x Assists | Лионель Месси ● Финты x Голы x Асиссты ● H...
[VINER] - blood
[TRACK] - The Chainsmokers – Don't Let Me Down (Illenium Remix)
[GROUP] - vk.com/foot_vine1
Разрешите представиться - Бог / Kami-sama Hajimemashita

; u ; i hope ya liky meh elly~ *huggles*

seriously eliot and reo needs more scenes together O-O *shot

aww there no pretty thumbnails D: hurrr ; A ; *hidsincornner*

С ДРшкой, уважаемый пидор ≧∀≦

Тэкс, чё там на днюхи обычно желают?
Добра, сча ...
happy 20th(kr) birthday soojung unnie!
20 yrs old now! a blossoming adult! 8)
thank you for exisiting, never change because you're amazing just the way u are.
stay healthy and ily 4evs♥
your fan, always! ^-^

posting this slightly earlier! enjoy!

fancam cr: soojung-a, petite etoile, theklassic, doosan_bears_, fabulous
reverse au with a twist: jace is in love with alec but alec is in a relationship with magnus. jade's heart hurts as he sees them together and happy...

Hey everyone, here's a new upload from me, for my friend Lauren (xshy21x) birthday! This song was pretty hard to edit with! But i had tons of fun i hope you all enjoy!

TO LAUREN: NOW YOU'RE 20 TOO!! :P LOL!!!! sorry just had to say that hahaha! well anyways, i just wanted to make you a bday video cause you're one of my best friends that have stuck with me through thick and thin! (remember D.O.A ;D lol!) I'm so glad i got to become friends with you! I'm looking forward to hopefully meeting you next y
OH MY GOD! I'm a biiiiig stalker! xD
So some weeks ago I looked at your channel and there was a message from Vi-chan. She asked you if your birthday would be on January 11th... And NOW this day has come! 8D

Lol, I hope it's the right day... x3
Happy Birthday Liz-chan! ♥

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Yeah, I know, there are credits... =_=
But what should I do? The scenes fits perfect so whatever... try to deal with it. :P
Besides I love the new OP. *-*
More SoMa! 8D

Omg... tomorrow the new Soul Eater Manga "Soul Eater Not!" comes out. o.ô
Meeen.... I should be happy, but I would like to see more about Soul and Maka... and not a new protagonist?! O.o Well, maybe it's not bad at all... but yeah... v.v

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Happy Happy Birthday Scotty!
I don't know what I should write 'cause I already send a PM with all my thoughs...
hehe... I hope you are not mad at m...
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Bevis was born and raised in Norwich, England. She grew up with her father, Ricky Knight and her mother, Julia Hamer-Bevis, who unintentionally wrestled while she was seven months pregnant.[10] Bevis said that as a child, she was scared of wrestling because of the injuries her family received, as well as the concept that her parents fought other people for a living.[3][10] When Bevis was 10 or 11 years old, her father ran a wrestling training school every month. Bevis took this opportuni

~»Please watch HD! for better Quali! YouTube killed the Quali!«~
» ILU Nicki my Hunny! x'3 ♥
» Your a great friend i really hope all your wish come true and you get a happy new year! x'3 *hug*
» Sorry the Video took me a long time! x3 I work about 2 months with the Maskings on it! :''D So but i hope you like it it's not really good! ^^'
» I reallyy love you Hunny! X'''333 ♥
» I take both of my Personas because i reallyyy love Balto and Lady (&Bolt) but i never

Read description please! :)

Hiya Blazie, it's me ♥
I know, it's an early birthday present, but doesn't matter! :D
I just can't wait xD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MY SWEET 16! ♥ :3

Thank you for 300! :D
Sooo, if you want to see more Scar and Nala Videos, go and sub me! :3
I want to hit the 500 xD♥

Last words:
It's very normal, but it was hard work anyway o.o
Adobe broke up rendering 3 times! And it rendered 3 Hours..
So please be nice and comment, rate and sub ^^♥

Happy Birthday Hideto Matsumoto
December 13,2007
43 Anniversary

Music : Rak-Ther by Toh Saksit
My First Crossover with this couple ... But it was cool to make it ! ^^ Especially beacause this is for my new friends, Kiara (KiaraMarBalto) and the 27th june this is her birthday. ^^
I hope you like it !
Kisses ♥

Story (if my english is bad sorry for that ... I'm french. Say me if you can't understand !! :$)

Kiara was born and as soon as she grows a little, she wants to leave far away. Simba, anxious, ask Balto to supervise her and protect her.
Kiara is not merry that Balto is there, she wants to play
All Russian X fans congratulate Yoshiki with his Birthday
Many happy returns of the day!
ok this is late. *hides* but ... but.... i had no time and no ideas and it was driving me crazy and then this idea hit and it was like POOF!! so this is Ali (DeadlyElegance)'s birthday present. She loves these two about as much as i do so i knkow she's going to love this as much as i loved making it. There's a bit of Aleera in it to but yeah she's not terribly important.
This is a looong video if you noticed. Найдено: http://vk.com/vh_dracula
it a gife to her i love her to like this she so sweet and nice it one piece i dont own it or the song frome blood on the dance floor

100 views<br/><br/>
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HD plz!!!
It's Somebody Birthday!!!!! its this amazing girl who loves Optimus Ass So much and her name Is Victoria!!!!! I know im 5 days early (Birthday April 6) but i just had too I love how this came out *_*
I hope you Love it!!
♥♥♥Ok more about you You been my friend for 2 years I think lol but when we started talking we knew we were going to be Best Friends from the
Ahhhh its done, oh this gorgeous collab~ It's so lovely omg ;A; I NEARLY DIED. TRUST SAINT TO FINISH ALL HER PARTS IN THE SPACE OF A DAY FFFFFF

But it was so worth it! I'm so proud of this and look at saint's parts aren't they lovely~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMI WAIFUU! This is all for you~! Our little OT3~ Its so cute~

Ahh, emmi, you're so sweet you darling you. I always feel the urge to squish you and hug you endlessly ;A; And I'm really happy that I get to be your wife~ I couldn't possibly a

//Colliding Wishes Studios

For my sister Angel :) For being an awesome big sister and idol in every way ♥
I hope you like it (okay, you already said that xD)
Happy Birthday ♥<br/><br/>
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♥Сакура Ловец Карт♥/♥Card Captor Sakura♥
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Видеофайл добавлен группой:
✿ Сакура - ловец карт / Card captor Sakura ✿ AMV
~ HD !!!!!

All Infos @ the end of the vid~
Thanks for Watching and hope you like it ♥

[German] Nyaa sorry das ich so spät bin mit dem hochladn und dem überarbeiten des parts und nyaa... -__-''... gomeennnee...
aber ich hoffe du hattest dennoch einen schönen Geburtstag und das dir der Part auch mit text so gefällt :3 .... ich musste bissle hin und her fummeln bis es mir etwas gefalln hat xDDD

~ Wenoo: http://www.wenoo.net/user/LunaLiix3
I sure get a lot of bday viddie o-o . but SHOUTOUT TO VICKY . HAPPY BIRTHDAY :DDD

Omgawd . i know we may not talk a lot and such. But deep down, you're an awesome person where a lot of us really love to have you around! really ... Happy birthday Vicky and ... i mean happy belated birthday o-o . and hope you had big FEAST ! . :DD


Hi Guys!!!
Yesterday was my sister Maka birthday!
Yeah I know I'm late one day but I was tired of New Year party xD
I hope you like it another Ame...
A birthday AMV collab with a friend for a friend.

Intro & K-On! : Ian
Noragami: Neulyne

Neulynes channel
Mitsubshi Lancer X club исполнилось 10 лет. Юбилей одного из самых крупнейших авто клубов России.
Для подписоты:
Что ж ребят, это последнее видео. На меня свалилось сколько всего, ...
Soooo a little late in uploading this cause I had the idea last minute and I wanted it to be somewhat decent but here is my birthday video for the ...
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One Direction - Sexy Vines
One Direct...

TRACK - Jessie Vatutin x WILDNIGHTS – Сучки в Ловушке (prod. by No30 x Pandora Nightz)

Happy Birthday,Vadim
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Yarr, turns out today be Riko's birthday too, so here be an odd mashup. Turns out ye can be friendzoned by a shanty! Someone relate this to pirates...
Я даже не буду переводить это поздравление на английский, как делаю обычно, чтоб ...
Her birthday is tomorrow for me, she had a sucky day today, so this is to help cheer her up, hope you like it ouo
Social Networks to follow (=ↀω...
Happy Birthday to our talented, handsome, kind, humble, and adorable leader bear, Shownu aka Sohn Hyunwoo. #SohnBearDay June 18th.

Some of my fa...
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Yayy ~ Today's is Abie's Birhtday ^^ This video for you
my dear Vitani You ONLY MINE!!
Abie's Production Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c...
YOSHIKI & ToshI and X's Fans
- We Are X_Jingle Bells_Happy Birthday Dear X
(X JAPAN / Japan Tour 2015 / Live, Nagoya 2015.12.15)
Hey guys! 👋

Here you have the song "Black ★ Rock Shooter".

🎶 ❤️ Sung by: Miku Hatsune & Len Kagamine. ❤️ 🎶

Len's "Black ★ Rock Shooter": OelNgatiKameieAmor13;
Miku's "Black ★ Rock Shooter": Avalon Venema.

(It's a ❤️LenxMiku❤️ video, if you don't like this pairing, just don't watch it. ;D )


❤️ Len × Miku ❤️ playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP4EybWa8JXo0o0Xi6bBNkGxmH2AlCSEx

I wasn't able to put the emoji "★" in the video because my computer isn't really clever... 😅
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Специальные гости: Deks, Denny Brown, D.M, JSJ, Данки Ди, Nami, Green Tower, Dominanta и др.

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학연아 생일 축하해♥

Ravi x N, VIXX, NAVI, RAVIN, 빅스, 라비, 엔, 원식, 학연, hakyeon, wonsik, couple, 커플링
Dear Bro,
Ich wünsche dir auch hier nochmal alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Ich hoffe dieses AMV gefällt dir, ich hab' mir viel Mühe gegeben lolo. x3

Song: Boy like You - Ke$ha

This AMV is about one of the greatest Wing Spiker you've ever seen in Anime! Asahi Azumane is absolutely fabulous and kind. If you're agreeing with me on this term, then feel free to enjoy yourself and watch this goddes like figure spiking this god damned Ball. XD

Channel X wishes Rishi Kapoor a very Happy Birthday - Exclusive Video

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-----------------------------HD PLEASE ---------------------------
Hi,sweethearts! :3

Jesus Christ....I WAS SUPPSOED TO GIVE IT YOU EARLIER BUT SO MANY THING HAPPENED, sORRYy. fIRST OF ALL.........hAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, MY DEAR!!! I said so many times already ahah, but this day is realy importnat for me and I was waiting for it so long XD Becase this is the day when most wonderful person were born.
I think there is no words to descrive how muuch you mean to mean, I just want to give you whole world if
Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Fonarev - Happy Birthday Gaudi: X years.Закрытие легенды!
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I made you a music video for your special day, I
Happy Birthday, my sunshine c:
hOI !

models: Horipu & MagicalPouchOfMagic
stage: MagicalPouchOfMagic
motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esWG_mMxjKs
Me and Kathy subtly asked you what you favorite song was anddd u totally fell for it 8^)

Ya'll should check out her channel she's a super talented animator!! :) (shes also working on a determination animation ;D)

Check out my compendre, mi amor, the bae, the one and only Kathy- chan! :)
Thanks for singing and making the fucking amazing video. ♡


Happy Birthday Hide
Wish you happiness in your paradise....^^
Hi Guys!!!
So this video is for my awesome friend Love Simba ^^!!
I know dear your b-day was in 28 of March but I had no time to upload this video ...
Este video lo hice por el cumpleaños de una amiga,Seli-chan!

Seli-chan,tu sabes bien que eres alguien muy importante para mi.
Llevamos ya mucho tiempo conociendonos,pero recuerdo exactamente el primer dia que nos hablamos desde entonces hemos estado juntas,aunque hubo un tiempo en el que perdimos contacto yo jamas perdi esperanza de volverte a ver.Y miranos ahora,a estamos todavia hahaha

Seli-chan,tu puedes contar conmigo siempre que lo necesites,yo te protegere de idiotas y te dare dulces~ Hoy en tu cump
Happy birthday to this dork Alfred XD

I know this is a little different... but... I was gonna do his national anthem when I saw that another person already did it so.. I did this instead! I have a HUGE respect for the U.S. Military, so, I thought this was perfect! X3
Also, disclaimer, most of the salutes are COMPLETELY wrong!! I'm so sorry about that!

Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Americans! ★

Models aren't mine!
Video and all animation IS mine! ^^
Happy Birthday Wonho Oppa!!!
Credit: 1theK
Hello Flora
Monsta X sub plus
and more great videos on Youtube.
Thank you!
Клип не мой!!!
Владелец(а): Lha Pokhe
No tengo nada que decir solo ke a los fanes del laven~!... ke lo Disfruten!
Yaoi = Boy + Boy. Don't like it don't watch it!

Lavi X Allen

Love Games - Lady Gaga
Miroku's theme - Inuyasha

I don't any of this!
[Watch in HD!] ~Wahhh my first Draco x Ginny video evahh! XD ||♢ Jana-chan! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^_^ It's already past midnight so I'm tö late :c But making