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This week I joined forces with @JohnnieWalkerUS to welcome new U.S. citizens at the #JohnnieWalker Portrait studio outside the naturalization ceremonies in #DTLA. I’m proud to continue celebrating diversity and inspiring important conversations about cultural progress as part of #KeepWalkingAmerica. Here’s to all who call this country home. #JohnnieWalkerPartner
「家族」NEW YEAR 🎧T R V P x M U S I C - J I N G L E B E L L S🎧 @mrjenska_anime @coub https://coub.com/view/10k6en
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I’M A CELEBRITY… GET ME OUT OF HERE returns one weekend from now with another line-up of VIPs entering the wilderness. Here's all that you have...
DL link under the break
I made this because I liked the 404 pages version but couldn't find a good quality version of the song so i made it myself....

Warped Tour - Lakewood Amphitheatre - Atlanta, GA - June 29, 2017
Song from the Alvinnn episode "The Wall". No copyright Intended.
Ролик не похожий на тип прошлогоднего(с новогодними поздравлениями), но ничего с...
M.I.C. boyband new single

MIC男团《Tell me what u want》是MIC十周年的第二首单曲。律动感极强的典型Pop Rock曲风,作曲 ...
Directed by Inigo Westmeier and featuring the 36 000 students of Shaolin Tagou, the biggest fighting school for kids in China.
Directed by Inigo Westmeier
Edited by Walter Mauriot
Creative direction by Ben Surkin
Produced by Bromance Records.
Executive production by Romain Gavras and Iconoclast.
Adapted From “Dragon Girls” produced by Open Window Film & Gap Films.
Identity by David Rudnick
💭Super-new member of Parion MARSE (MARSE) 💋
I'm looking forward to the future✨
Next week from 18 (Monday) to 25 (Monday) # This is a Christmas event, so please watch Santa in Paris on the girl required🎄
Girl I can not follow the next week. 😂
Breaking News Trump September 12, 2017- #Bannon I'm Going To Be Trump's Wingman Outside The White House

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Breaking News Trump September 9, 2017- #Bannon I'm Going To Be Trump's Wingman Outside The White House

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Revisit New Edition's number 1 songs here: https://UMe.lnk.to/NewEditionNumberOnes
Listen and follow the New Edition Best Of Playlist: https://UMe....

New Years Day - I'm About to Break You (Official Music Video).
Get this track now @ iTunes: http://smarturl.it/NydMalev
Find it first at Best Buy:...

New Italo Disco (2017) - Luca Gold I'm Not a Fool
#This vedio news not fake. This vedio reality. I'm from Myanmar 🇲🇲 for this I know. *Please Save Allah* 😭😭😭 #мьянма #myanmar
AHHH SO MANY NEW SNIPPETS IM SO EXCITED. This is like the Blue Knees of marina but also WDBCF cause she previewed it first.
Very rare footage of Brian Molko and David Bowie rehearsing for the live performance of 'Without You I'm Nothing' backstage at the Irving Plaza, Ne...

An old song from one of Billie Holiday's last recordings. Sure, it's rather sentimental. But I simply love it.

Vibratosax A1S
Mouthpiece: Zinner ...

I'M A GANG STAR BY THE GANG STARS Official video with song lyrics.
Old school Gangsta Rap song written, MC and produced by D.J.Matthews ( Alias Dr...
Tupac - Out On Bail - New 2017 Remix

This mix is dedicated to my mama. When you asked me if I would change, I told you yeah but its clear I'll al...

Trump negates the condemnation he made of white nationalists at Charlottesville with remarks at press conference held on August 15, 2017 at Trump T...
I'm super excited to announce my new brand, Rani & Co., a brand for the undefined woman selling slogan clothing & jewellery. I've been working on this the whole year & I fall in love with the brand the more I work on it, it's everything that I want it to represent. It's a brand based on feminism & celebrating women, I really hope you guys like it!
I'm giving 10% off all products until Friday, so celebrate with me & spoil yourself!!
Follow me on @raniandco 😊 & visit www.raniandco.com
Thank you to the talented & fellow beyonce lover @zoegriffinphoto for the amazing photoshoot, it's exactly how I envisioned it!
Love you all ❤️

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New Gold Tone I-M-Bass Mahogany/Mahogany at Dream Guitars I think these are amazing instruments. The tone is just right for playing bass in an ens...
So excited about this new project I'm working on!!! 🏛🎬 Time at home means more time to edit and its so addictive. Shitty quality because it's recorded from a device on an device.
#Rome #project #comingsoon

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Any question & infomation to comment thanks. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/kooncoon
✘ Hope you all like this video. I've been wanting to do this type of video before but I felt like they wouldn't turn out good.
✘ Actresses And ...
Jack Savoretti - I'm Yours
Recorded Live: 3/6/2017 - Paste Studios - New York, NY
More Jack Savoretti in the Paste Cloud: http://www.pastemagazine....
Created by DJ Skandalous aka Kevin Rivera
TITLE: [NEW] One Piece 877 - Watch One Piece 877 FULL "I'm not that Sweet"
You are currently Watching [NEW] One Piece 877 - Watch One ...
As always guys thanks for watching!
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Vocal & Music: Natalie Gotman
Lyrics: Dominic Johnson, Natalie Gotman
Music Production: Andrew Benson
Mixing & Mastering: Arefyev Studio
Release date: 18.01.2018
Music video by Martin Garrix & Avicii ft. ZAYN - I'm Yours (NEW SONG 2017) Music video

#zayn2017 #zayn_new_song_2017 #zaynnewsong2017
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M.I.C.'s new song
此次MIC男团携纪念成军十周年而创作的新团歌《Mad Love》正式来袭,歌曲将流行电音融入Deephouse元...
Elhaida Dani represents Albania in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with I'm Alive.
Thanks to Digitalb for producing the video.
Robin Schulz I Believe I'm Fine lyrics | Robin Schulz maybe I Believe I'm Fine lyrics | I Believe I'm Fine letra
buy the new song: https://itunes.a...
Breanna Barbara - I'm Alright
Recorded Live: 8/15/2017 - Paste Studios - New York, NY
More Breanna Barbara in the Paste Cloud: http://www.pastemaga...
50 CENT - P.I.M.P NEW SONG 2017 [ club mix music ]
50 CENT - P.I.M.P NEW SONG 2017 [ club mix music ]
50 CENT - P.I.M.P NEW SONG 2017 [ club mix...
Будь искренен, не комплексуй, будь собой! И с тобой будут другие
Sữa non alpha lipid là sản phẩm tuyệt vời cho sức khỏe của tập đoàn New Image New Zealand. Sản phẩm alpha lipid lifeline c...
~ M I L E N ~ МОЯ ~ New 2016 ~
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I.M.STEEL - NEW YORK rap hip-hop music video
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You'll see all the options on that link above - basically ...
Wake News Radio/TV informieren: LIVE-Sendung 19.09.2017
Sendung startet ab 04.02 Min.
alle Links...
I'M A GANG STAR by THE GANG STARS.... You can download it now at Amazon.com

g'day g'day everyone... can't complain about life being boring....
1. Vote No Skywriting Campaign
2. ACT Blasphemy Law goes Australia Wide
3. Yes I am being sued for sharing someone's video to facebook
4. Weird Threat from AEC Legal Chief

So there's the news... I do hope to make some videos in my original kind of style soon buuuuut you know things have been crazy since the August rally against the ACT Safe Schools Program!! XD

I tried to script this one but gave up and just went for it!!

Please consider donating to our ongoing efforts -

ACAT Jurisdiction Decision -http://acat.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/1111579/BOTTRILL-v-SUNOL-and-ANOR-Discrimination-2017-ACAT-81.pdf

Written & Spoken by Kat Klayton - Canberra

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might o
Poor baby monkey Solita cry because hit by big monkey, I'm a new member they hate me, Mr Monk 699

Poor baby monkey Solita was hit by big monkey ne...

Music video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG5W2buUAKI
Thank y'all for tuning in everyday!
VK.COM/ARSSCNEWS - Лучший паблик про лондонский Арсенал
THE GANG STARS - I'M A GANG STAR available at Amazon.com at the following link below.

Numbers don’t lie, and the facts remain that singer, songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo’s success ranks up there with some of the best-selling,...
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everybody's looking at me
everybody's playing with my heart
and you don't mind


Former porn star turned Bollywood movie actor Sunny Leone is one of India's most searched people online. In a country that's coy about discussing ...
Renee Rosnes (piano), Cécile McLorin Salvant (vocals), Anat Cohen (clarinet), Melissa Aldana (saxophone), Ingrid Jensen (trumpet), Noriko Ueda (ba...
More Piano, Cello, Violin, New Age, Healing Music, Meditation music, R&B
鋼琴、小提琴、大提琴、豎琴、陶笛、輕音樂、囗琴、 ...
The new generation of turntablism meets a genius from the previous one in this first installment of the [ i s m ] Documentary series by Battle Ave....
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For IMELDA MAY was written and first recorded by Irish legends U2 in 1987. This brilliant version / U2 Tribu...
Концерт Digable Planets в Новой Голландии (Санкт-Петербург) 04.08.2017 г.
Digable Planets - Live 04/08/2017 20...
Get the single on iTunes here - http://smarturl.it/stiTuness1

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M.I.A. -- XXXO (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z) [ VERY HOTTT] [2010] New Hot Music!!!!
M.I.A. -- XXXO (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z) [ VERY HOTTT] [2010] New Hot Musi...
Yeni salon takımı dantel örneğinin yapılışı:
Tığ ile yapılan bu salon takımı motif motif oyalanarak birbirine eklenir.
Orta kısımdan...

Depeche Mode performs A Pain That I'm Used To during their Global Spirit Tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City on September 9, 2017
Part I of a Modified Radical Neck Dissection for metastatic oropharyngeal cancer to multiple neck lymph nodes using a plasma blade. Performed by Dr John M Chaplin, Auckland , New Zealand

here is the final product, i will put all the show once i finish all the details in picture and sound, i promise is not gonna t...
Eminem - When I'm Gone (Cover by ALEKS). Кавер-версия песни Eminem - When I'm Gone на русском языке в моём пе ...
Mephistofeles is proto doom/heavy psych rock from Argentina. I'm Heroin is their latest full length album. Smoke out and turn this up! Outstanding...
The poignant ending sequence to Martin Scorsese's film about Bob Dylan. One of my favourite parts, especially when he's talking to the interviewer ...

только самое лучшее в стили chicano
Go behind the scenes on New Years Day's post-apocalyptic new music video for "I'm About to Break You"!

Get this track now @ iTunes: http://smartu...

WoW I'm too late ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm sorry so New vidéo about Museum D'Orsay, Seine and Jardin des Tuileries !!! Enjoy . #paris #vlog #jardindestuileries #museedorsay #france #travel #holiday #walk #brother #tourism #blue #museum #paristour #korean #girl #french #iphone5s #filming

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Щас бы с больной рукой топ pp ставить :FeelsBadMan:
Fergie “M.I.L.F. $” available now
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MILFMoney
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/MILFMoney.ap
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This one is trying to tap into dark emotional stories. I will have more videos on making the album soon

In this one I used Illmind drums: http:/...

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* Learn 24 new features in lumion 8 for 15 minutes
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● TV show: Gotham
● Song : New Soul + So sorry
● Program: iMovie
● Character : James (Jim) Gordon
Here's an animation I made a few weeks ago! I always loved this exchange from Murdering Time (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAfsgM_i8O4) and thou...

News link: https://www.hltv.org/news/22216/friberg-im-happy-with-the-new-roles-mixwell-and-allu-are-doing-great

We close out day one at ESL Pro Le...

Luxurious Music 24/7
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Promotional Video for the track "I'm Not Sick...I'm Free"

Crunch Pod & Auricle media

The new & 8th Album by Manufactura

As news correspondents ponder the POTUS' statement that many Americans are from shithole countries, Philip Mudd steps up to the mic to declare that...
THE ONE - first single of the upcoming album UNEXPECTED TRUTH WITHIN
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Remix made by Echale Mojo Remix
Created by DJ Skandalous aka Kevin Rivera

Superorganism - Something for your M.I.N.D.
Recorded Live: 12/12/2017 - Paste Studios - New York, NY

More Superorganism in the Paste Cloud: https:...
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Created by DJ Skandalous aka Kevin Rivera
Lucky Peterson - I'm new here (Bill Callahan)
Download ☞

Official Music Video for "I'M GOOD"

PSY 'I Luv It' & 'New Face' reacted to by College Kids! Original video linked below!
Watch all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/Adults/YouTu...
Liệu phần trình diễn này có thuyết phục khách mời khó tính?

Chương trình được bảo tr ...
AC is back!!!

The girl in front of us (whom my sister and I made friends with) was picked to go on stage! I wish they picked my sister... But, I'm...

"Я не слушаю больше новую музыку"/ I'm not listening new music anymore (с) Dizaster
Автор: vk.com/badalina25
DizOxxxy: vk.com/dizoxxxy
Công ty New Image Việt Nam - Sữa non alpha lipid là sản phẩm nổi tiếng tại Việt Nam phát triển mạnh mẽ sau 4 năm vào th ...
New Years Day performing I'm No Good and Kill or Be Killed live from Vans Warped Tour at the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot in San Diego, CA on Augus...
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"The internet is so weird. Yesterday on Twitter, a guy tweeted I must be "rolling in my grave" about Kid Rock running for senate. I tweeted back, j...
New Track From Ese Joker Album Coming Soon
paul himself sent me this... i won't say anything this time, let your ears guide you
We dressed up New Hope Club in safari costumes and put them through an extreme challenge based off of one of our favorite shows, "I'm a Celebrity.....
Mandy (singer 2) is back !!!!! :)

Thank you all so much for your amazing responses to Thru-You ,
this is truly overwhelming.

Get the MP3 on "Selfies on Kodachrome": http://flyt.it/shoppmj_yt
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The incredible talent that is Casey Abram...