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Hello! If you are reading this, you have probably committed an atrocity! Assuming that you are using Windows XP, it is a (mostly) stable operating ...
‘Don’t let it go out…’ Illustrator and photographer Matt Mahurin directs this visual meditation on 'Song For Someone', from U2’s latest ...

Arabesque — немецкая поп-группа, работавшая в жанре диско с элементами хай-энерджи. Основная вокалистка группы Сандра после распада группы продолжила успешную сольную карьеру (в 1990-х годах также принимала участие в проекте Enigma).

「E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST」収録
「出航さ! 〜Sail Out For Someo...
U2 - Song For Someone.
Out of this mess someone does Pentakill in the end! Zed vs Jax on rotation game mode One For All! If you Enjoyed give the Video a Thumbs UP! Subscr...
Single chick looking for guys who know how to take please a woman, and take care of a lady
Something inside who cant come out, between insanity and indecisiveness
by Those Video Game Moments
This is the better version of the video. Actually its the best version. Hope you love it. I downloaded this video at Ann did all ...
This squatter in the UK is living in the top half of a pub without the owners permission for also known as squatting.

On this episode of "The Enfo...



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Hello Everyone!! Here's another video of Jihope for an Amazing vidder Hobi...
Ship: Bamon (Bonnie & Damon)
Show: The Vampire Diaries
Song: Someone
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Software: Adobe Premiere

Haven't quite got the hang of...
Whitney Houston - Someone for me (Live 1984)
60-second Budweiser's latest ad which promotes responsible drinking, but the message remains simple and strong: Don't drink and drive and also never leave your pet's side again.

This video ad will not only convince you to never drink and drive, but will also leave you clutching your pet as you weep.

Titled "Friends are Waiting," the ad stars a man, Luke, and his adorable yellow labra. We see their strong bonds of friendship over the years, and then watch as labra dog is left home alone while Luke heads ou
Innocence + Experience Tour Leg 2: Europe

2015-12-07: AccorHotels Arena - Paris, France
U2 Innocence + Experience Tour Leg 2: Europe

Live in Paris 2015
An excerpt from a Turkish TV drama (LALE DEVRİ FOX TV sualtımpg) - информационное сообщество об AR!
The official video for Someone For Everyone, the new single from Jamie Lawson's self titled album.


On Jamie Lawson's self titled album:

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Songs of Innocence (2014)
Song for Someone cover. From U2 SONGS OF INNOCENCE 2014. Gear used: Les Paul/M13/Vox AC15. Enjoy!!!

Production Companies: Park Pictures & Mainline Director: Vincent Haycock Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Mary Ann Marino, Paul McKee, ...
My love went to work on her collection waiting for her I joke and dance with our friends someone at
#minimaze #shestryingtogetmerecast

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Song For Someone / Out Of Control (Live from TFI Friday)
Recorded live in London, on October 16th 2015.

Written by: U2
℗ & © 2015 Universal-Island Records
© 2015 U2 Argentina
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From the album "Listen to me Buddy Holly - 2011"
Видео скачано отсюда:
model by Peridot Desu and swatmare
Facebook:Anyamanee Supunkasem
Thank For Watching
Потрясающие снежинки, кристальные узоры и блестящие сосульки найдены в ювелирных изделиях, отражающие их неповторимую красоту.

Откройте для себя Рождественскую коллекцию и найти идеальный подарок для Вас или любимого человека здесь:
09.12.2016 Новосибирск, ДУ СО РАН
Українські зірки, правозахисники, громадські активісти, спортсмени, митці, журналісти, предстваники меншин та багато інших долучилися до кампанії ООН до Дня прав людини. Наші спікери зачитують статті Загальної декларації прав людини, тим самим нагадуючи українцям про їхні права та необхідність захисту прав людини.
Дякуюємо Jamala | Джамала, Ivan Malkovych, Gaitana Essami, Валерия Лутковская, Alla Mazur, Майкл Щур, Masha Efrosinina, Mykola Gnatovsky Tetyana Durnyeva, Olexandra Matviychuk, Юрий Кошмарченко, Zoryan Kis, Roman Sviridonov, Ivan Frolov, Ganna Rizatdinova, Karolina Ashion
Imelda May contributes a fantastic version of Buddy Holly's hit "I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love" on the Listen To Me: Buddy Holly album. For more ...
ละคร คีตโลกา ฉากใต้น้ำ ตอนที่1 วันที่ 29 ส ค 2014
Something inside who cant come out, between insanity and indecisiveness
01. Silent Hill, Cemetery.
Angela & James

Fandom: Silent Hill 2 © KONAMI

Voice actors (original):
James Sunderland: Guy Cihi
Angela Orosco: Donna Burke

Instrumental: © Umbra Stellar
Fandom Production: 2015-2016,
Litao Chinese |
Learn Chinese easily with our video courses, multimedia books or with an experienced native Mandarin teacher. Visit our website for more learning support.

In this Chinese lesson, you will learn:
Numbers from 0 to 9.
Asking for someone’s telephone number.
Reading telephone numbers.
Reviewing how to answer “yes-no” question.
Expressing thanks.
This was a collaboration between TheBlackCero ( and me. [Romaji lyrics in description]

【初音ミク】こんな僕を探さないで。【オリジナル曲】(Konna boku o sagasanai de.)

Music & lyrics: Ankoya. [あんこや。]
Illustration: Sachi Kayako [彩智かやこ]
Official upload:

Subtitles: TheBlack
English (2nd) version of clip that we made for
English version of clip that we made for
Chinese version of clip that we made for
Bass – Richard Davis
Drums – Charlie Persip, Connie Kay
French Horn – Julius Watkins, Paul Ingraham, Ray Alonge, Robert Northern, Willie Ruff
Piano – Hank Jones, Jimmy Jones
Trombone – Jimmy Cleveland, John Rains, Quentin Jackson, Tom McIntosh
Trumpet – Bill Berry, Clark Terry, Dave Burns, Elmon Wright, Snooky Young, Thad Jones
Tuba – Major Holley
Vibraphone [Vibraharp] – Milt Jackson

A1 Days Of Wine And Roses
A2 For Someone I Love
A3 (What's The Story) Morning Glory
A4 Save Your Love For Me
B1 Extraordina
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To the best mechanic on the Ark, Raven Reyes.

The 100 (cw)
Raven Reyes...Lindsey Morgan

Thank you to my blue butterfly for her help (merci mille fois!!)
I heard that you're settled down
That you found a girl and you're married now
I heard that your dreams came true
Guess she gave you things, I didn't give to you
Old friend
Why are you so shy
It ain't like you to hold back
Or hide from the light
I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it
I hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me, it isn't over
Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you, too
Don't forget me,
3rd version of clip that we made for
Salut tout le monde, avant tout je voulais dédicacer et féliciter les 3 Fans , Mariella, laurynn et Fanlisandru, d'avoir trouvé le titre de la chanson de U2 Song for Someone. Je vous fais de gros bisous.
Je partage ma passion avec des personnes exceptionnelles que j'adore, qui ont le gout pour la musique et pour la créativité.Cela veut dire que de nouvelles compositions sont en cours et de nouveaux covers.Je garde encore un peu le secret....
PARTAGEZ A FOND!! Si vous aimez.Pouce bleu vers le Haut.

I simp
First studio album by Modest Mouse, and one of my all time favorites. Released in 1996.
1. Dramamine 0:00
2. Breakthrough 5:42
3. Custom Concern 9:...
Learn French with Easy French: In this new series of Easy French Tony teaches you 10 useful phrases per episode - each on a different topic :D
In t...
With their record-setting wins at the Golden Globe Awards, the film La La Land is no longer "Someone in the Crowd," just waiting to be found.

What should you do, If someone tries to trouble you or tries to dominate you - Treatment by our Mother.

This is a most favourite song sprung out of Perry Blake's enormous talent...
Included in the album "Songs For Someone" back in 2004 , i hope you f...
What were you talking to John about? / О чем вы говорили с Джоном?
Oh, I told him how great you did on the last project. / О, я сказал ему, как здорово ты сделал последний проект.
Oh! Thank you!! / Ой! Спасибо!!
I like to go to bat for people who deserve it. / Мне нравится содействовать людям, которые этого заслуживают.

This is a video for ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. This video explains a common expression in American English. It also explains typical American pronunciation.

Это видео создано для людей, которые изучают английский, как второй язык. Здесь объясняются общие выражения в Американском английском и типичное Американское произношение.
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U2 - Song for Someone - Pia...

Music video by U2 performing Song For Someone. (C) 2015

Гитара - Furch S21-CR
Автор и исполнитель пьесы - Сергей Вишняков
А здесь http://svguitar.livejourn...

How to Be There for the People who Need you Most.

Read the article here:

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Working on it. Be gentle.
From acclaimed director Vincent Haycock, Woody Harrelson and daughter Zoe star in a 7-minute short film for U2's 'Song for Someone’ from their al...
Ok so i made this due to the fillers in naruto and i plan to make a itachi shinden video aswell and dont hate me but i may us...
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I am looking for someone who is willing to cook for me as ...
This was a collaboration between TheBlackCero ( and me. [Romaji lyrics in description]

【初音ミク ...
English phrases for 'asking someone to wait' – Spoke English lesson.

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I gotta feeling that if one day Rosewood and Beacon Hills merged, Stiles and Spencer would make a perfect couple. They are my favorite characters i...

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Nous avons rassemblés ici 31 explications des expressions anglopho...

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When someone asks me my plans for the weekend., when someone asks me my plans for the weekend.

Fan video of "Song for Someone" by U2.
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Поддержи проект: Голосуй за Хелавису в номинации "Солистка" Премии...
Lenny performing Blues For Sister Someone live from his own home in Paris, France!

Arabesque - Someone Is Waiting For You

CloudsCon - Back of the Yards Convention
The first Shameless (US) convention in France
May 14th-15th 2016 - Paris (France)


Retrouvez toutes l...

WARNING: This video contains sensitive material related to suicide and mental illness.

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Football here is different. Who's gonna step up?

Everything adds up to ONE MOMENT.


This is short video about Lykke Li and Adi from Akcent.
My group in Vk:
Today's E-cubed: rooting for you
Tomorrow’s my big interview.
I’m rooting for you.
Thanks. I’m really nervous~
That’s natural! You’ll do ...