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York with Hammer feat. Asheni - Lost in a circle (R.I.B. & Seven24 Remix)
Did you ever stop to see
Who you are?
What you have become?
Something snapped right out of place
Can’t figure out what is wrong…
Don’t you want to live this life
in your skin?
Sin your sins again?
Trapped up in a hamster wheel
Just like me…like all of us…
Look in the mirror…
And what do you see? …
What do you see?

Lost in a circle
Round and round…round and round
Searching for something
Someone lost someone found
Lost in a circle
Round and round…round and round
Searching for something
Someone lost someone found

Did you ever listen to
the voices speak
Right in your own head?
Does it still feel right to you
All you chose when you did?
Never ending ways to walk
And all they lead
To where we just came from
There is no secret door
No hidden way, no escape…
Look in the mirror and what do you see…
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Written by Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E./ M. Bordin/B. Gould/M. Patton/ R. Bottum
Video Directed by Marcus Raboy
© ℗ 1995 Epic Soundtrax/ Inmortal

High quality is best! Seizure warning, too. =P

OMG, this was sooo much fun to make! I love this song! At first I was gonna make a Sonic video to this song but since I haven't uploaded a Bakugan AMV in a while I decided to go with Bakugan instead. It was supposed to be a team tribute but it's got a lot of Dan, Runo and Alice, some Shun, and virtually no/little Marucho and Julie. It also includes the couples that are within the brawlers (e.g. DanxRuno and ShunxAlice) and, of course, Masky. It's not a team
Дом творчества ученых, Умань, 27.12.14
Miku Hatsune - Goodbye April Doppel by Nekobolo
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Baby swimming be di boi be tap boi hoc boi ho boi di boi mat me be thich boi ho boi dep buoi chieu boi tap booi cho be boi loi tam song vit tap boi 嬰兒游泳 是自來水BOI 是迪BOI Дзіцячае плаванне быць д
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Greatest rock band on planet Earth with GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter Adam Lambert on July 6, 2017 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. TH...
R. B. Project Feat. Brian Ice - I Am What I Am (Vocal Version)

Arranged By [Co-arranged By], Mixed By - Anton Orlov
Artwork - RML
Backing Vocals -...
when i'm listening to this song it gives me a feeling of a cozy, pleasant and a bit sad evening atmosphere... hope i managed to show it in this vid...
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Filmed and edited by Louis Deschamps

Tonic Skateboards (work in progress/release in december)

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Когда умру,умрет и эта группа
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Cuộc chiến của 2 chúa tể rừng xanh tới chết cực hay-Cuộc chiến đồng loại hổ,bạch tuộc, tắc kề,kagaro
Video nổ...
Chồn hôi lửng mật chim đại bàng đại chiến rắn hổ mang chúa siêu bự - eagle vs mongoose vs king cobra
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Director - Ben...
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