Thorne Holder TV is the home of creative Genius and Trinidadian Philosopher, me, Thorne Holder. After playing Professional soccer around the world ...
Disneynature's "Earth" is a full-length version of the 2006 TV documentary series "Planet Earth." Taking some of the most beautiful footage of the ...
don't mess with this girl
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HOT MINI dress in a bulgarian TEEN [ BABY FACE MUST SEE]

Monday, Meryl Streep gave a stellar performance as Donald Trump for the annual Shakespeare in the Park Public Theater Gala in New York. The three-time Oscar winner nailed Trump’s signature look, donning a padded suit and red tie and orange make up. Streep, along with actress Christine Baranski playing Hillary Clinton, performed a duet of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” from the Broadway musical, Kiss Me, Kate at New York’s Delacorte Theater. In the musical, the song is performed by gangsters who advise men that
Song: Kaskade ft. Ilsey – Disarm You (Illenium Remix)

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Bсе авто и Тест Драйв и Главная Дорога и передача Новости про машин
Новости страны
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Video made by a Lost fan watch in HQ enjoy ;)
All clips belong to ABC. No copyright infringement intended


Music belong to gangster movie. No copyright infringement intended Bheegi Bheegi

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Unique and incredible construction and agricultural machinery. Incredible machines, tractors and combines, cars and trucks, airplanes and helicopters, ships and boats, unusual technique, mega machines and machine monsters - all this you can find and see on this channel. Interesting technology from around the world!

Einzigartige und unglaubliche Bau- und Landmaschinen. Unglaubliche Maschinen, Traktoren und Mähdrescher, Autos und Lastwagen, Flugzeuge und Hubschrauber, Schiffe und Boote, ungewöhnliche Technik
Новый технология Невероятно это должен видет все. new technologyIncredibly this is a must see all
The Bible teaches that one day Jesus Christ is coming back to earth and will set up His earthly Kingdom which will last forever. What are the signs of His coming? Here are 10 signs that point to His soon appearing. Get Ready for this event!!!
Venue: Theater at Madison Square Garden
Date & time: Wednesday, November 9th
Tickets: dancefloor — first 100 tickets $75, other $85;
seats — from $60 to $150
Website: http://bit.ly/Z_NY_tickets/ 1-800-745-3000
“Another talented 12 year gymnast doing a toe on version of Kim Gwang Suk's release!! ( see previous video🔙). 12 must be a magical age in gymnastics 💫 lol.…”
“Mesmerizing! Incredible montage of hyper realistic artist @howard__lee's proudest creations. A must see!
Via @alpfefs”
A must see Dunk Contest from halftime in Chicago tonight
Look how this italian mother reacts when her teenager daughter tells her she is pregnant. TOO HILARIOUS!!!
hi GUYS today we can see this Amazing video of : UFO LIGHT IN A MICROWAVE --Please leave your comments share and subscribe for new video , thanks
Orangutan finds magic trick hilarious. Orang utan sees a magic trick. Funniest Reaction at Barcelona Zoo.

Monkey / Chimpanzee / Gorilla / Orangutan Ape Animal Zoo Enjoys Entertained by random visitors.
Orangutan Laughs at Magic Trick. Funny.
Credit - Defy Signature

Tags- malaysia , kuala lumpur , klcc , kl city gt grand prix , orang utan tergelak terhibur dengan silap mata , HAHA watch this orangutan laugh as he is impressed by this magic trick! , umno assembly , united, monkey , mony
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So here it is, I present to you,...

This was my attempt at a slightly different AMV syle than I'm used to; it's supposed to resemble a trailer format, which I thought was fitting give...
19 Other Tips found here:

Bag training is the essential part of Muay Thai training to practice speed, power and technique. In this video Kampan Santaweesook current MAD World Champion, and only the fighter to have 9 consecutive KO's at Lumpinee Stadium demonstrates things you SHOULD DO.

If you are just starting out start bag training start with 2 minutes and build this up to 3 minutes. Treat your bag like a opponent and respect it at all times.
Thia Megia- Colors of the wind (A MUST SEE!)

"I think the vocals were okay. The problem that I'm kinda having is you've been singing all these ballads every week. For me it was very boring I felt like I was in some pageant somewhere. It's just... There was nothing special, unique about it and you have the talent so I mean maybe a different kind of song next time. Dig a little deeper, take some chances cause you can sing, you have a big voice but it's always so safe and it was so boring tonight," Randy sa

Satsang with Sri Mooji

Skype Satsang with the 'City of Wonders' Festival in Kiev, Ukraine
Pусский перевод
Saturday, 4th June 2016

This and many other videos can be viewed on Mooji TV:
CheatnotWorking 1 vs 4 Clutch Like a Boss Fake A tactic
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After effects :

Must See Plane Landing Saved by a Truck
Please take a look at these awesome drones with a difference!

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This is a must see: men dexterity on crutches-Это надо видеть: ловкость мужчины на костылях
Содержание видео:

Таиланд давно стал одним из самых массовых турнаправлений, которое отдыхающие особенно ценят за теплое солнце и море, некоторую порцию азиатской экзотики и дружелюбное местное население. Здесь прекрасно проводить расслабленный отдых, сочетая его с алкоголем и знаменитым тайским массажем... Тем не менее любознательного путешественника Таиланд способен немало удивить, а то и повергнуть в сильное недоумение.

Музыка Silent Partner - Pink Lemonade
my First own mixed video !

I don´t know how to use special effects, so I kept it in a simple way!

"I wanted to do a movie which motivate´s me when I watch it, and after 3 days I´ve made it done."

TRACK: 2pac feat. Kurupt (dj fatal remix) - still ballin'
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First half of this video is new Tony appearances and Alex Jones. Second half is the major find! By the end of this video you will know who is behind it all. When I say who, I mean names that we can specifically address and hold accountable.

You will realize for the past 100 years these individuals have been attempting to put their twisted plan into place, and it looked like they would have been successful if it were not for a simple mistake that snowballed into w
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(I had to split Ed's original into 3 parts)
Leave me watching a game on tv at every attack his wife turn off the TV. See what happened
تركي يشاهد مباراة على التلفزيون عند كل هجمة زوجته تطفي التلفزيون ههههههه شوف ايش صار
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Baby Bear Attacks a Man ! The little bear bites and plays with his new friend.
"I am going to bring you the message of Ramana Maharshi, I’m going to bring you the message of Shankara, which is not only just a message, I AM their message right now. And I’m not afraid to say that, that is not pride, I don’t say it as pride, but someone has to have the courage to say. I have the courage to say what I AM, so I have to say this on your behalf, because you’re afraid to say it!

I have to say I AM THAT on behalf of you, it is not arrogance, it is not blasphemy to say.

Take courage, and lis
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Wagner Costa sings I Look To You on TV Show This is His facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WagnerCostaOficial
Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and well-respected figures in bitcoin. He is the author of “Mastering Bitcoin”, published by O’Reilly Media, considered by many to be the best technical guide to bitcoin. As an engaging public speaker, teacher and writer, Andreas makes complex subjects accessible and easy to understand. As an advisor, he helps startups recognize, evaluate, and navigate security and business risks.

Andreas grew up wi

Хочешь научиться ирландским танцам?
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A dog holding a man's umbrella whilst sitting on the back of a moving motorcycle
Performing her last number in Krash
(But not for too much time)
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He is not stupid.... LOLLLL

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Nadine Lustre |JaDine Russian FanDom| James Reid
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A Gibbon playing tricks with a native Dog.
Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD Interview 25 years ago.

Dr. Revici discovered a lipids combined with sulfur to treat and cure cancer.

This interview was taken in 8/18/1990 in Saint Marten of Tours Church, In New York. At one of our cancer support group lectures. To my knowledge this is the only interview Dr. Emanuel Revici ever did. And he did two interviews for us.

TV Host, author and researcher Sal DiBella host The Health Show, featuring interviews with doctors and researchers on the latest developments in ca
Donald Trump Exposed, A Documentary That everybody Must See
A cut down and reclassified shot gun made into a 12 gauge pistol..... oh yeah a 12 gauge pistol. We shoot big load of lead here too!! No little girl shit. This gun is 100% legal and was built by a gunsmith there is only 3 in Canada.... please remember keep shooting, stay safe and have fun!! Watch me shoot this one handed https://youtu.be/ama0BljvI1c

Stay tuned to see this up against the S&W500

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A lecture with Dr. Emanuel Revici curing cancer with his treatment.

He was a real kind man. I spoke to his patients at his office if they had no money he would still treat them. The people in his office waiting room told me they were sent home to die years ago but Dr. Emanuel Revici cured them of cancer with his treatment.

This was taken in Dr. Emanuel Revici park avenue NYC apartment.

I apologize for the camera man. Today we have better equipment on The Health Show. The information is important to see
A great introduction to Gilbert for newer fans - or a nostalgic look back for older fans. Taken from a TV show called " Kings of 70`s Romance " . Enjoy !!

Favourite quote - " Time alone in a shed can do things to a man ........ "

All content owned and Copyrighted by the BBC - No infringement intended. Shown here for educational purposes only.

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Luxury features and impeccable style best describe this stunning 2016 Lifestyle 38RS fifth wheel! You are sure to be delighted by all of the warm hardwoods that accent this great home on the road. Relax in your twin leather recliners and enjoy your glowing built in fire place! Your new kitchen is what you would expect to find in a site built home with solid counters and glowing hardwoods that provides luxurious style!
A great nights sleep is almost a sure thing when you ha
A must see! UFOs near the Sun in the survey 03/03/2016 For more information, please visit http://x-u-f-o.blogspot.com Look for updates on this channel. Thank you for watching. People should know the truth that hides NASA. Please help in the acquisition of the channel of the telescope for further research. PayPal snezhinsk2@gmail.com http://www.paypal.me/myunhauzen74
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Capleton,Chorus by Jah Cure, Morgan Herritage, LMS,Ras Shiloh Powerful voice, Bush man
Allen Iverson refused to let the Philadelphia 76ers' season end.

Iverson scored 13 of his 42 points in the fourth quarter as the defending Eastern Conference champions avoided elimination with a tense 108-103 victory over the Boston Celtics in Game 3 of their first-round series.

The Sixers avoided a best-of-five series sweep for the first time since 1991 against Milwaukee. They host Game 4 on Wednesday.

Responding in pressure situations is nothing new for Iverson.

"That's my life," Iverson s
Deze video is ge pload vanaf een Android-telefoon.
Portland OR.
Saturday Youth conference day at Emanuel Church.
I do not own any of these videos. And here is just a simple Harlem Shake Compilation. If you want to see more of these, please subscribe. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. I would make my own Harlem Shake video, but I need the people, and to be honest, I don't know how too. So while its here, please enjoy my compilation filled with the unpopular Harlem Shake videos here on YouTube. Thanks.
The Octagon is headed to Seoul, South Korea and UFC athletes Josh Barnett, Roy Nelson, Ryan Bader, Rashad Evans and Juliana Pena are here to explain why this event is a must-see. Don't miss it this Saturday, Nov. 28, Live and Exclusive on UFC FIGHT PASS.
A must see! Huge Motherships UFOs near our Sun March 22, 2016 For more information, please visit http://x-u-f-o.blogspot.com Look for updates on this channel. Thank you for watching. People should know the truth that hides NASA. Please help in the acquisition of the channel of the telescope for further research. http://www.paypal.me/myunhauzen74 PayPal snezhinsk2@gmail.com
Excerpt of interview of Steven Quayle by Coast to Coast Radio host George Noorey discussing the untimely deaths of the the leading 100 (hundred) Scientists, researchers/ specialists worldwide, under very strange circumstances. Pay heed to the captions disclosineg the gruesome details that leave no doubt that these were in fact, Murders of th world's most brilliant minds that could have made a difference, to prevent the Bio & Geo Terrorism we all face today. Pause the clip as necessary to actually read how
Hope For Paws Rescue - A non-profit Los Angeles 501-c3 ALL Animal Rescue Organization Founded by Eldad and Audrey Hagar :We rescue those in dire need. Stop abuse thru education. Spay/neuter and adopt! Our pets are our family.

This video details the procedure for inspecting the timing chain tensioners. These tensioners are a maintenance item, but are often overlooked (even by dealership technicians) because there is no specified inspection schedule. Failure to maintain the tensioners can cause catastrophic engine failure.
big pun wife tells her story on how her husband use to treat her early in there relationship
Here is an exclusive behind-the-scene footage of James Reid's phtotoshoot for Bench!

шахта по дабыче гипса-2:25
Giants Super FIGHTS in MMA THIS is a MUST SEE !!!
In This video clip you will see the best collection of fights the biggest MMA fighters such as Ma...
RIP #seanprice

If you’d like to help support Sean Price’s family please make contributions here: http://crowdrise.com/seanp

Sean Price and Ro...

Duke was rescued last Sunday. Since then our viewers have been following his progress day after day.
First we performed necessary tests to ensure ...
California cutie and everyone's favorite blonde beauty Hailey Clauson makes her sizzling return to SI Swimsuit in this colorful photoshoot.
Website: http://www.mikolji.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.co...

Source : Newsflare ...
Traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate(Mike Jenkinson) at the Skatepark* with Huge Jumps and in awesome Slomotion Action!
Please enjoy it! Sit back and re...
From 9/11 to secrets societies, is no more a secret, a must see.
Best Documentary About New World Order and Secret Societies Conspiracy.

Сборка моментов с Альбертом на стриме Дреда . Приятного просмотра .

Snow, first time ski in last 9 years an a couple of brothers.

За последние 9 лет наконец то выехал на снег да...
Kristen Stewart is joining the growing number of Hollywood women who've moved behind the camera, partnering with Refinery29's Shatterbox Anthology ...
A song written by Stefan Hertrich. All female vocals done by Gaby Koss, an inspirational vocalist who has performed in many great bands.
After watching this video, your life is going to change forever!

Message from the Virgin Mary on 12 June 1986
"Dear children! Today I call you to ...

Roger Hyde and his daughter Courtney, newly married to my cousin Anthony Del Broccolo. . . caught on tape by noe gilardi (me) age 12-at the time. ...
This is a travel guide to Norway showing the top 10 places you must see if you’re visiting. These tips are from the perspective of a photographer...
Herbert Du Plessis plays Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
When you think you have seen it all in Paris, there stands a surprise for you! Attending a...
Watch this 3 year old girl pushing a Lancer Evo 6 to the limit.

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The most incredible and unbelievable overcrowded trains!
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Insanely crowded trains!

The most deadly, terr...
AWESOME vid, Ulyana!!!
"Vyatkins' Malinois From decoy's Perspective"
Vyatkins' Grit, Vyatkins'G'Caesar- 6 m.o. first protection ever:)
MARCO, surviving on water, stale bread and leftovers. We sent someone to speak to the owner, an old, retired hunter, that found no use for the dog ...
Largest ever turboprop airplane in the world! After a break of eight years, the world has one Antonov An-22A Antei back in commercial service again...

Original video ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGVS-JzWdD0(Give em another view ^_-)

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In June 2015 I visited Japan for my first time.Tokyo is easily the most amazing city I have ever visited, so I was extremely excited to explore as ...
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Подборка фотографий выпускниц школ. В этом видео школьный выпускной использова ...
Бывшая фанатичная мусульманка, сестра Ишик Абла, свидетельствует о своем обраще...
Please donate $5 today and help us save many more animals in 2017:
Special thanks to our friends at ART N' Paws for find...

This is the process of sketching a town view from a balcony of a building. This is an interesting view as it portrayed a scenery of a town sitting on a hilly area with the highland background. The perspective view is created using multi point perspective (combination of one and two point perspectives). Test your perspective skill and draw this view....good luck.

EyeSpy Says "These patterns are on all of us. I'm adjusting contrast/brightness of photo while using the burn/dodge tool to enhance shadows/highlights of details...no manipulation"

Please go see all of Eyespy's work at the link below. I don't claim I understand what I am seeing and why but it's fascinating. I like to bring you new and interesting stuff.. This is both.

This will be my last video I put up here from EyeSpy unless he specifically requests I continue.
EyeSpy's Channel to see all his work - ht
EyeSpy Says "These patterns are on all of us. I'm adjusting contrast/brightness of photo while using the burn/dodge tool to enhance shadows/highlights of details...no manipulation"

EyeSpy's Channel to see all his work - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxzEFCVpakqmc1pU4rPHOPQ

Please watch: "BREAKING !!! Hillary Clinton "FAINTS" At 9/11 Ceremony - More To Come !!!"
This is a must see. Everyday the best video in the world is oddly satisfying video in the world, and today i want to show you of oddly satisfying video in the world that can make you happy in my video , you know everyday you can relax with my oddly satisfying video in the world for reduce feeling to better of oddly satisfying video in the world
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From a Swedish documentary about Moby.
Recorded just after 9/11 happened.
This life changing film explores a 'positive' spiritual perspective regarding the extraordinary significance of 'December 21, 2012' and thereafter. SUBSCRIBE to my Channel, there are many more films to come! Original Film Title: '2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning' Understand the bigger picture of all the numerous changes occurring on our earth and individual lives in this mind expanding Internet blockbuster, made in its entirety by ONE filmmaker only, Amel Tresnjic.

“Through the art of film, my aim is t
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It is time to sneak those toys out of the garage and get them out into the dirt where they belong but there is no need for you to have sit in the dirt! Now that you have two elevated patio decks you will truly party above the rest! No need to run out and buy a big ole new truck to pull this sweet bumper pull toy hauler! Unless you just want to make everyone even more jealous of course! With sleeping for up to 8 your buddies can get in on all of your dirty fun too!
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Franky the Bean Flicker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoW__nY0aTI
Опубликовано: 14 июн. 2016 г.
Danielle rapping the lyrics I wrote. She nailed it! Can't thank her enugh for doing this.

DJ Bea raps today for you,
some think I'm in love,
that's just simply not true.

Yes, it is! Why the heck am I lying,
Franky's out of jail,
I don't even feel like crying.

This chick showed up,
"Sup, my name is Allie,"
fans around the world ship and call us Ballie.

She's so cute,
not sure what's her mission,
but I'm starting to like our staring competition.

"Crap," I said, "forgot to give her flowers,"
can't wait for the day,
when I kiss her in the showers!

- https://www.instagram.com/p/BGoHSYaxzPd/
Hi guys check out my new sketch with Tonio Skits, about a crazy insecure girlfriend and her boyfriend LOL! Check out more sketch videos ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBKHV5hFm28&list=PLZ79x4Kti6l8fbSuCFqPBm8XoU1XpWTIk&index=1

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3rd BOTS episode of 2016 featuring Grantshufflecrew vs Dopeboyhouse

Our objective is to be the best dance platform doing online music videos on You tube, As well as featuring the best in British comedy/entertainment by Young P, Skanksation aims to feature great talents (Skankers, Artists and Djs) within House music (deep house, tech house , future house, G-House and Jackin' House), Afrobeats, hip-hop and other dance genres.
Our Ba
islam is a old backward ideology. it can not mix with a modern, free society.
Hello guys. Alive 2 coming soon! Check the teaser trailer:

Creator of "Alive" contacts:

Facebook: htt...
Instagram: https://instagram.com/skanksation/
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SKANKSATION Season 2 featuring Smiley @R4keem check him out on his instagram

track list:
Orchids Festival At Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens is such a special place for me to visit every year. On 9th Feb. this year there was a four week celebration of Orchids held at the Princess of Wales Conservatory called Orchids Extravaganza which was extended till Mothers Day.

This exhibition gave us the opportunity to walk through archways of ornate flowers and to look at the towering pillars of stunning floral displays. I was so fortunate to see this brilliant display of orchids and
Dawah in Australia is beautiful!
Science & Islam
Вы не поверите как эти люди живут - Это надо увидеть чтобы поверить
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Where is this from?
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Мои стримы:

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Opening in theaters November 20, Blind Side is the remarkable true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American youngster from a broken home, taken in by the Touhys, a well-to-do white family who help him fulfill his potential. At the same time, Oher's presence in the Touhys' lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own. Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome.

The Rest of the Story? Well, Michael went on to graduate fr

Amazing footage of #Iraq's Hashd destroying a car bomb during the recapture of Tal 'Afar airport.

A MUST-SEE MOVIE: Peaceful Warrior (2006) ENG SUBS

Drama, Romance, Sport
Stars: Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, Amy Smart

A chance encounter with a stranger changes the life of a college gymnast.
Videos and photos of our Pajero during our first year of owning it
Alien Hand Caught In A Mars Rover Photo? Must See!!! (Mars Mysteries)

Source photo: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/jpeg/PIA16700.jpg

More video...
男人必看 怎么让女人幸福 Man must see how to make a woman happy!
--------------------------------------------READ DESC------------------------------------------------

" Inspired by zvio151's v...
An outstanding performance of music made famous by Al Jolson, played by Robert Wolfe (Organist Goes Crazy!) on the Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ of the Thursford Collection, Norfolk UK. The music includes:- "Ma He's Making Eyes at Me", "Is it True What They Say About Dixie", "April Showers", "My Mammy", "Pasedena", "Sonny Boy" and "Toot Toot Tootsie"