Vidéo extraite du concert au Paleo Festival en 2005 - (Suisse)
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La mejor musica de todos los tiempos

Tango Nuevo Cabaret Show by Sergei Tumas, a tribute to legendary tango composer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), performed live at Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles, October 8, 2011. Musical Director Miles Mosley, Virtuoso Bandoneonist Peter Soave and the Tango Jazz Chamber Orchestra. Executive Producer/Artistic Director Sergei Tumas, Co-Director Daniela Arcuri.
Reise Reise live from Paleo 2005

Tamara Biseglia and Federico Paleo, 3, 10th International Moscow Festival of Argentine Tango «MILONGUERO NIGHTS»,
Sound and Video quality improved.

This video is an UPGRADE of the video available on Dailymotion or here on Youtube. It was shot on July 19th 2012 in Nyon, Switzerland.
I downloaded the video from Dailymotion and synched it with an awesome audio source that I found somewhere on the net. I also added a few filters on the video with Sony Vegas to enhance a bit the quality.
So you get here a nice upgrade, both for the audio and the video.

A must see for all the Groundation fans around.
Part 1 - Evan from Murfreesboro Crossfit gives a seminar on Paleo Nutrition.

Sorry for the first few seconds. Jamiroquai performing If I Like It I Do It at the Paleo Festival in Switzerland 2010.
"controlling crowds" live @ Paleo Festival
Nyon, Switzerland

Robert Plant and the band of Joy life at Paleo Festival 2011
This is a true-color representation of the evolution of Earth surface from 750 million years ago to today. The video is part of the collection of the Visible Paleo-Earth Project by the Planetary Habitability Laboratory @ UPR Arecibo (

Jamiroquai performing live at Paleo (Nyon) in 2010.
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The Velvet Underground Cover, Paleo Festival

Mathias bodysurfing through the crowd at 5:38. source: axlmarch (
Karsh Kale Midival Punditz Live at The Paleo Festival in Geneva 2009.
Featuring Pandit Ajay Prasanna Papon
Out Of This World
Prayers For Rain
A Night Like This
The Baby Screams
The Kiss
One Hundred Years

Encore 1 1:20:55
Pictures Of You
Fascination Street

Encore 2 1:39:02
The Faith Healer
Don't Believe A Word
Inbetween Days
Just Like Heaven
Boys Don't Cry
Here is an original tune, performed by Circa Paleo, written by me and Mark Varelas. We used an exotic scale that was introduced to me as the Greek Hitzaz scale. Go to to sign up for sheet music.
Mashrou' Leila Concert At Paléo Festival Nyon, 19th July 2012 au chapiteau (Switzerland)

Track 09 - Bishoof

Concert Playlist
Track 01 - 7abibi
Track 02 - 3al 7ajiz
Track 03 - Imm El Jacket
Track 04 - 3abdo
Track 05 - Fasateen
Track 06 - Bel Watan (not sure)
Track 07 - El Hal Romancy

10 week paleo meal plan

Here is a list of 10 veggies you can eat on the paleo diet.

1. Asparagus
Asparagus pairs well with fish, and since fish features so prominently in the Paleo diet plan you should add a bundle of it to your shopping cart every time you’re at the grocery store. It can be eaten raw and tastes delicious this way.

The Paleos.
Integrantes: Panda Emeterio Avelino II (ukulele soprano, voz)
Nameless Ghoul 1 (ukulele concierto)
Nameless Ghoul 2 "él del mantel negro" (ukulele concierto)

Avishai Cohen performed at Paleo Festival, Switzerland in July 2012. Watch the whole concert here (filmed by Paleo Festival).

Avishai Cohen - bass, vocals
Omri Mor - piano
Amir Bresler - drums.
Placebo perform 'Space Monkey' live at Paleo Festival, Switzerland on July 22nd 2006.


This is the official YouTube channel of Placebo, on this channel you will find all of the official vide

Muskelaufbau Ernährung, Fettleber Ernährung, Kohlenhydrate Ernährung, Paleo Rezepte Frühstück

Was ist die richtige Nahrungsmenge, um mit der Paleo Diät abzunehmen?

Eventuell bist du zu Paleo gelangt, da du dich nicht nur für einen gesünderen Lebensstil interessierst, sondern weil du auch gerne an Gewicht verlieren möchtest.

Die gute Nachricht ist, dass sich die Steinzeiternährung hervorragend als Diätform eignet, mit der du gesund, aber effektiv abnehmen kannst. Worauf du dabei achten solltest, erfährst du im Folgenden.

Warum Süßes so lecker ist

Paleo stellt heutige Essgewohnheiten infrage. So war es vor tausenden und millionen von Jahren durchaus sinnvoll, dass unser Gehirn sich speziell auf süße und fettige Nahrung konzentrierte.

Denn die Nahrungssuche war schwierig und aufwendig. Um den eigenen Kalorienbedarf jedoch decken zu können, konzentrierte sich unser Hirn auf die kalorienreichen Speisen.

Was evolutionsbiologisch durchaus Sinn machte, wird dir das heutzutage zu

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This is my personal list for honorable mentions

Time Stamps
2:42 Honorable Mention #1
4:31 Honorable Mention #2
6:01 Honorable Mention #3
7:31 Honorable Mention #4
9:39 Honorable Mention #5
11:46 Honorable Mention #6
13:31 Honorable Mention #7
15:31 Honorable Mention #8
18:22 Honorable Mention #9
20:59 Honorable Mention #10

Honorable Mention #1
"ポニーリミックス" - ood
set list:

Start A War
Anyone's Ghost
Secret Meeting
Conversation 16
Slow Show
Squalor Victoria
Afraid Of Everyone
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Lucky You
Fake Empire
Mr. November
Terrible Love

01 Mysteries
02 Romance
03 Drake
04 Resolve
05 Spider Monkey
06 Tom the Model
07 Sand River
08 Funny Time of Year
09 Candy Says
10 Show
00. Fireworks
01. B3
02. For What It's Worth
03. Loud Like Love
04. Every You Every Me
05. Scene of the Crime
06. A Million Little Pieces
07. Rob the Bank
08. Too Many Friends
09. Space Monkey
10. One of a Kind
11. Exit Wounds
12. Meds
13. Song to Say Goodbye
14. Special K
15. The Bitter End
16. Begin the End
17. Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)
18. Post Blue
19. Infra-red

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In der Steinzeit aßen die Menschen gesünder: Frisches Obst und Gemüse, sowie ein wenig Fleisch aus Freilandhaltung standen auf dem Speiseplan. Beste Voraussetzungen zur Bekämpfung von Zivilisationskrankheiten?
Es spricht der Lebensmittelchemiker Udo Pollmer, wissenschaftlicher Leiter des Europäischen Instituts für Lebensmittel- und Ernährungswissenschaften EU.L.E. e.V.
( 049P
Das Europäische Institut für Lebensmittel- und Ernährungswissenschaften (EU.L.E. e.V.) ist ein Zusammenschluss v