An Adommy FanVideo!
As a true fan of both Adam & Tommy, I support their each & every choice and all that matters is that they are happy! This vide...
1er Multi-anime AMV, 3njoy! Support me: http://bit.ly/1USA3gG // Song: Adam Lambert - If I Had You // Animes: Nisekoi, Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai...
Song: "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert.
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso and does not/will never belong to me.
Not mine! I'm uploading some of my favorite old fanvids so others can see them. Vid can be found at: http://dualbunny.livejournal.com/127479.html
Adam Lambert If I Had You (AOL Sessions).
Have Fun!



THIS MEP SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE 2 MONTHS AGO OMG. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Ugh. I'm never hosting another anime MEP ever again... So much work. Q~Q I kinda lost motivation for this collab, so the intro and my fill-in parts suck. And I really hate my part omg. Cries.
I do not own anything.

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Hey man I cant believe I make this whole music video in one evening heh well told you id work on the others and this one came in second. PS i can't believe how fast I'm getting subscirbers thank you so much for getting me to 13000 this will be the special for it (might as well make one for every 10000 at this point heh). Hope you all enjoy. Song: If I Had You by Adam Lambert
;[เดี๋ยวที่พี่กิ๊ปเควส ผมจะเร่งทำำน๊ะะะครับบ ช้ามาก =...

I love Adam Lambert and DRAMAtical Murder so I just had to do this ~

Nothing Belongs to me :I
Models By: http://narukamii.deviantart.com/
Stage: h...
had to delete the previous video ( 'someone/anonymous' upload my video and claim his/her , WHICH IS fucking MINE,had to take down because YOUTUBE COPYRIGHT Thought I stole his/her video...
oh well...)

i had a bad day.
did this for fun.

you know...I should start upload more Hetalia video instead. I really miss it.


If I Had You - Adam Lambert

(translated please)

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(description à faire plus tard X'D)

models by - xSugarBunny

and i'll put whoever made the snow stage and motion later -u-'
have some lesbians dancing to a gay man's song

motion: moa
models: drumaster
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Надеюсь понравиться ^^

Music: Adam Lambert-If I Had You

TDA POP IDOL MIKU and LUKA by sensei tag
Speder Web Stage
If i Had you
Models by:
-Amane Hatsura
Motion by:
If I Had You - Adam Lambert



Перевод песни: http://www.amalgama-lab.com/songs/a/adam_lambert/if_i_had_you.html
Статья о песне на вики: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_I_Had_You
Смотреть на YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmXQFwlD7vk
The Original High Tour
Munich 2016-05-06
The last concert from the hole tour... :D
song: Adam Lambert - If I Had You

motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-es3x-2uoYQ

(models are not mine)
Program:MikuMikuDance,MikuMikuEffect,Sony VegasPro12
By Mao Hagisawa

Adam Lambert-If I had You.

Ciel Phantomhive By ThornedDream
Alois Transy ThornedDream
Jason the Toymaker
model: penellis
Jason: krisantyl

Laughing jack
LJ: Snuffbomb
Model: euphobea

I don't claim the motion But I hope you enjoy!
These models were so tall I had a hard time finding a motion for them to fit into hehe. But meh it looks ok right?

Вся информация на канале :)
Переходи по ссылке --->https://youtu.be/uBz15_O4Tjw
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|Song If I Had You - Adam Lambert
|Motion If I Had You
|Models by xSugarBunny
|Stage tk_grid-floor_ver1.02
And one Japanese effect
|Video by me (Ann5588)

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A fan-made music video of the show Pretty Little Liars featuring the song If I Had You performed by Adam Lambert. Includes Scenes from seasons 1 - 6 of Pretty Little Liars.

(warning: may contain spoilers if you are not up to date with the current episodes)

No copyright intended, merely created for entertainment purposes

Просто так сделал что бы не могли скучать.
Adam singing IIHY at the Gasometer in Vienna
Adam Lambert's official music video for 'If I Had You'. Click to listen to Adam Lambert on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/AdamLSpotify?IQid=AdamLIIHY
Исполнитель: Адам Ламберт
Альбом: For Your Entertainment
Дата выпуска: 2009 г.
Жанр: Поп-музыка
Adam Lambert's official music video for 'If I Had You'. Click to listen to Adam Lambert on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/AdamLSpotify?IQid=AdamLIIHY

As featured on For Your Entertainment. Click to buy the track or album via
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/FYEAdamLambert?IQid=AdamLIIHY
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/IIHYGPlay?IQid=AdamLIIHY
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/FYEAmazon?IQid=AdamLIIHY

More From Adam Lambert
Whataya Want From Me: https://youtu.be/X1Fqn9du7xo
For Your Entertainment: https://youtu.be/IsPFDzA
Made using clips from all the movies-- the song doesn't really suit Legolas, but there you go.

wish u like it : )

Сердце выпрыгнуло из груди.
Shadowhunters - season 1
Adam Lambert - If I Had You (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)

Hey, Shannon here! I'm glad I got this MEP up on time... huh, reminds me of last year's Valentine's MEP.
Thank you so much to everyone who participated - extra thanks to Meg, who doesn't like ML but joined anyway, Gigi who took 2 parts, PinkEyes who also took 2 parts and finally to Tulio, who took 3 parts (god bless her) and obviously a massive thank you to everyone who made this MEP possible!

Part 1: xfantasybr0
Part 2: Sonamy MEP Sonic X
Part 3: crushacats123
Part 4: xhollowapology
Part 5:
Adam Lambert - If I Had You - cover by 13 year old Blake Fitzpatrick

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Video Edited by Daniel Saboune - http://www.youtube.com/user/fillebb
#AllStar #танцевать #это #офигенно
Here's a chance to see jazz tenor sax legend Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (1922 - 1986) performing in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1985 just one year before his untimely death. Alongside him are drums giant Ed Thigpen, a Copenhagen resident since the early 70s, Niels Jorgen Steen on piano and Jesper Lundgaard on bass. The setting is very relaxing, no doubt aided by Davis' larger than life stage persona, and the music flows like water. A great jazz moment.
Mais um AMV de Frans

Música: Adam Lambert - If I had you

Créditos para as Fanarts e seus Autores:
~Edited again, I have been asked many times if this was up
for download. Now it is so there's now a download link below
for those who want it. =D Also I've decided to remake this video
to make it better. by riding you of the subtitles, over blink-age, and to
even out the anime shown in the video.

~Edited: Well since a lot of people have had a lot of
trouble figuring out which anime I used.
So I Show where each anime shows up in the video.
The time that its show is written next to the anime, in
the list b
Thanks for watching and comments! ♥ All the best!
I do not own any of the pictures that are used in this video. The images used remain the proper...

Adam Lambert - The Original High Tour at Gasometer in Vienna on May 2, 2016

Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu18KNlfXGWfBOhA86yi02R3TPZAbhANf
VERY GOOD SOUND!!! live @ Gasometer Wien 02.05.2016 Vienna, Austria Full Show here:

WUK,Vienna 22.11.2010 Austria Full Show here:

HD - Queen + Adam Lambert (live) @ Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna 01.02.2015 See FULL show here:

recorded with "Panasonic Lumix TZ7"
Adam Lambert - The Original High Tour at Alcatraz in Milan, Italy on May 4, 2016
This is for Amy, my CBFFL (Cruise Best Friend For Life), love her lots , because she is amazing (:
This is also for A***, who actually asked me to ...
Segunda parte... Gif de momentos YunJae
Creditos de Gif. Muuchaa Gente ^^

Leon and Diego from the Violetta series.
Music: Adam Lambert - If I had you
"The original high tour" Alcatraz MILANO 04/05/2016
sorry for the video being so shaky! it was impossible NOT to jump during this song!
hope u enjoy!

Music video by Adam Lambert performing Making of 'If I Had You'. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment
Benny Goodman didn't tolorate horse play, monkey business or goofing off when performing.

Adam Lambert performing at Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden.
Adam Lambert
If I Had You_ Live @Alcatraz_Milano_04/05/16
Sai and Ino! All Material goes to their repected owners ... Uh... Adam lambert YAY! Plz comment and enjoy!

Adam Lambert - The Original High Tour at Volkshaus in Zurich, Swiss on May 5, 2016

Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu18KNlfXGWfy50Oq2RgxUgFzWi-sGDyY
If I Had You Adam Lambert Chicago 2016 03 23
Adam Lambert - If I had you - Kesselhaus München 06.05.2016
Adam Lambert - The Original High Tour at Torwar in Warsaw on April 30, 2016

Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu18KNlfXGWclDq8E2uSFHtHtN2k85RrR
Leather and Skirt

-Fanime 2013 Drama Finalist
-Fanime 2013 Voted 2nd Place for Best Drama by The Audience

Full List Of AMV Awards:
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►Song: Adam Lambert - If I Had You

►Twitter: https://twitter.com/NightcoreForFun
Duncan Anepool, Ivo Chundro, Axel de Graaf, Richard Rodermond,Charly Luske
Yeah oh oh
I can´t eat
Ican´t sleep
Can´t help what I feel inside
It´s cold and lonely
I wonder the streets
Where are no love is as me, but I
How I want you only
Girl (girl)
Let me hold you tonight
Baby be mine

Baby, if I had you
Than what else could I need
Wanna wrap myself around you
And say I believe
I just think about you
And what you do to me
Wanna wrap myself around you
And say I believe

I spend all of my time
In surch all a
fanvideo by dannyseguel.tumblr.com

JLo performing Jan 27, 2016 at the Axis in Planet Hollywood
AMV клип по аниме durarar

Warrixr Mashups: December 2013

'If I Had You Hot n' Cold' is track number two from my 'Warrixr Mashups: December 2013' collection. Follow the link above to download. All of my mashups are compatible with iTunes and various other audio software. Enjoy!

- Katy Perry - Hot N' Cold (Instrumental)
- Adam Lambert - If I Had You (Acapella)
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by Monsoon · #anime, #chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!

Anime: Yuri on Ice (YuriXVictor)

Music: If I had you
Artist: Adam Lambert

So I got my boots on,
Got the right amount of leather
And I'm doing me up with a black colored liner
And I'm working my strut but I know it don't matter
All we need in this world is some love

There's a thin line 'tween the dark side,
And the light side, baby tonight
It's a struggle, gotta rumble, tryin'a find it

But if I had you,
That would be the only thing I'd ever need
Yeah if I had you,
The money,
Anime: Shounen Maid
Song: If I Had You
Artist: Adam Lambert
Host: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBjrkSI35On9r4D1rn_-ZcA
Full MEP: Soon

Group wi...
This is a 1928 song by "Irving King". Came across a version of this song by Nellie McKay a while back, I instantly fell in love. Nellie does it so well on the Ukulele, she makes it sound so simple and beautiful at the same time. The weather was really bad yesterday, so I stayed home and recorded a cover of this song. I hope you'll like it. :)

F F7
I could show the world how to smile
Gm7 C7
I could be glad all of the while
F Fdim
25.04.2016 - Falconer Salen, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Original High Tour 2016
Koncert Adama Lamberta na Torwarze w Warszawie 30.04.2016
"If I had you'
okay so this one is kinda a fail since I tried to do a fast vid and I usually prefer doing slow vids but It was fun trying hehe

Couple/Crossover/Crackship: myungsoo (infinite) and suzy (miss A) (myungzy)

Artist: adam lambert
Song: if I had you

I do not own any of the material used in this video, all material goes to it's respected owners

Disclaimer: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news
So, a vid describing coffee-relationships between Jack and Ianto :D Hope you like it :) and, of course, Ianto's still alive for me, so no tragedy scenes from 3 season!
I do not own the music, clips, footages

Please don't mention the name of the show in the comments. Thank you!

This was going to be a Puckurt video but i decided to add the rest too (:
short video is short
I found these cute model and i just wanted to use them xD

Models by nyoomy

Motion and Camera by マオ
So I did a 60fps test too, that's all, I wanted to know how it looks

All the credits on the vid
And camera by me

Models by SetsunagaoP
Stage 35 by Yuzuki


This is like what......my fourth or so Destiel vid? I can't help it, I'm addicted. And Dean/Cass w/ an Adam Lambert song? ^.^

The extraordinary Adam Lambert performs IF I HAD YOU at Morongo Casino Resort in California. July 18, 2015.
СПб, арт-кафе "Кофейный домик", 26.05.16г.
Musique Plus Montreal Canada
Song: If I Had You
By: Adam Lambert
Date: may 30th 2012
Adam Lambert If I Had You The Original High Tour Milan 05.04.2016
Download: http://v.blnk.fr/A10u6hP7h

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This was so stupid!!!! But soo fun to make!!!!! I think I'll make more like this one. What do you say?

Song-if I had you by Adam Lambert
Softwear- Wondershare
From Marvel's Captain America the winter soldier
I own nothing
No copyright intended
Adam Lambert - info: http://www.schaffhausen.net - If I Had You - live Zurich Volkshaus 5. Mai 2016

I N F O }

Kyman again. ♥

Группа "The Strangers" - Маоли
Сервер: Морфеос

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Александр Булатов - контрабас
Кирилл Кирпичев - барабаны
Антон Зубарев - фортепиано

Концертный зал Музыкального факультета УрГПУ
Запись видео и аудио, монтаж - Константин Данилов

Alex Bulatov - upright bass
Kirill Kirpichev - drums and cymbals
Anton Zoobarev - piano

Video, audio recording - Konstantine Danilov
Audio mixing - Anton Zoobarev
Adam Lambert - If I Had You @ Crocus City Hall, Moscow, 18.04.16
Tabs for my arrangements are available on UkeHunt here:
Thanks Al!
One of my favorite tunes played on my Kala cedar-top travel tenor ukulele (aquila concert strings), recorded through the on-board pickup and using the "iReal Book" iPod app as backing, mixed in my Tascam GT-R1 portable digital recorder. Use headphones or something with decent bass to appreciate the surpisingly full range of this excellent
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Oh, thanks for all the support guys! I was gonna wait a bit longer but we're nearly there anyway. Just a bit more and I'll have 5,000 subscribers!!...
Á quân American Idol 2008 hát trong đêm nhạc Hennessy Artistry ở Thượng Hải tối 2/12.
Добавлено Админом - Chii из [Simple AMV] Приятного просмотра_)

Аниме: Keijo!!!/Кейджо!!!
Музыка: Adam Lambert – If I Had You
Creator: OneWorld AMVs

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Vocalist supreme, #1 Billboard album charting, Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and actor Adam Lambert helped spread the joy of the season with ...
Hey guys im back with another lion king crossover/music video with my favorite song i just found. So i hope you like it and enjoy!
Music: if i had...
Download link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/29h146

I left a few seconds at the start and the end so you can use it for transitions if you want ...
Incomparable vocalist, #1 Billboard album charting, Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and actor Adam Lambert brought holiday cheer to NOW 96.3 ...
#adamlambert #theoriginalhightour #adamlambertinmoscow #18апреля2016 #crocuscityhall #moscow #concert #адамламберт #ifihadyou
Here's another of the numbers that singer / actor Jamie Parker performed at the "Late Night Sinatra" Prom in London's Royal Albert Hall during the ...
Больше видео здесь: www.vk.com/mimenglish

- Bart, you're a great kid, but if I had another one like you, I'd hang myself from a highway overpass! Please, give your sister the precious gift of not being you.
- Okay, Dad. Mags, it was fun while it lasted.
- I didn't know it was that easy.
- Stop that!

Что запомнить?

📌 to hang oneself - повеситься
📌 highway - автомагистраль
📌 overpass - эстакада
📌 precious - драгоценный
📌 It was fun while it lasted. - Было весело. Было классно, хотя все и закончилось.
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|| Mad Desires Studio ||

HOLAAAAAAA....!!! chicas(os)
Aqui mi MEP part extendido waaa..!!! como AME editar esta pareja.. por dios lo ADORO..!!!, lastima que no hay imagenes de ellos, en especial de ARATAA..!!! Me emocione tanto con el ultimo capitulo T3T

Nota: Extendí mi track

╔═══╦╗─╔╦═══╦═══╦═══╦══╦══╗╔══╦════╦═══╗ ║╔═╗║║─║║╔═╗║╔
Песня: Adam Lambert – If I Had You
Аниме - Д. Грей Мен
by Dmitriy Buslovich · #if i've had you, #the vampire diaries
20 janvier 1979
L'orchestre PASADENA ORCHESTRA joue et chante "If I had a talking picture of you". Émissions TV, Archive tv, Archive television, tv replay live, live music, french tv Images d'archive INA
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
http://www.ina.fr Abonnez-vous http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=inachansons
Music video by A Flock Of Seagulls performing Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You). (c) 1983 Zomba Productions Limited
Sweet jesus I love Tord ⊙﹏⊙

This was a fucking pain in the ass.
I was working on this shit like for 4 hours. (unu)
I couldn't do anything better with the filming bc I was recording with the iPad and phone so-
Anyway, I think it's nice this mv :0

I own nothing but the video.

Rip Edd ;-;
"If I Had You" - Adam Lambert

Disclaimer: I do not own any footage or music used in this video.

Wow, it is hard to make a vid for these two. Crack-ish vid, because everything Adam Lambert is pretty crack-ish. It is my personal headcanon that Riptide and Azazel are badass GQMF mildly sociopathic boyfriends in love.
Quality has been knocked a little due to troubles with my editing software. I guess it couldn't handle the power of Andy in multiple different colours or something o_O
Hope you enjoyed this and happy holidays to all! (:
The song is If I Had You by Adam Lambert
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright s

heyo ^w^ maybe u want some 1 hour nightcore song? just send me in the messages what song u want and u will get the song and if I can the same day u sent the message! so go ahead tell what song u want I'll do it
Maybe wanna talk with me? Just a random chat? Some ideas? Wanna join me on making an amv? Add me on Skype: blackfoxamv WOULD LOVE TO TALK WITH U ♥♥♥
Anime of this Fall 2016: Yuri!!! on Ice Ep 01
Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed!
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Blocked in Germany (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Yuri on Ice
ユーリ!!! on ICE

Everything belongs to rightful owners no copyright intended. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and
Hei meine süßen wieder ein Video für euch (:
Diesesmal mit Alice & Jasper ich hoffe es gefällt euch (:
Und weil viele wegen meiner Insta Seite gefragt haben, meine Fan seite wurde leider gelöscht und jzt hab ich im Moment kein Insta für mein You Tube Account aber ich mach mir bald eine neue Seite (:

I could show the world how to smile
I could be glad all of the while
I could change the grey skies to blues
If I had you
I could leave the old days behind
Leave all my pals, I'd never mind
I could start my life all a new
If I had you
I could climb the snow capped mountains
Sail the mighty ocean wide
I could cross the burning desert
If I had you by my side
I could be a queen, dear, uncrowned
Humble or poor, rich or renowned
There is nothing I couldn't do
If I had you

I could climb the snow capped mountai
If I said you had a beautiful body - Would you hold it against me
If I swore you were an angel, - Would you treat me like the devil Tonight

If I were dying of thirst - Would your flowing love come quench me
If I said you had a beautiful body - Would you hold it against me

Now we can talk all night about the weather
Tell you 'bout my friends out on the coast
I could ask a lot of crazy questions
Or I could ask what I really want to know
Game version + mp3 is at:

Song to make learning English or teaching ESL a bit more fun. This time we use "If..." and "I'd...".

There's a worksheet and an mp3 download on the Genki English website at:

Plus there are other songs for learning:

*Excuse me, where's the ... ?

*Have you ever ...

*Dream Holiday
Every month on the 15th you can win free @AllisonIraheta's albums. Rules: http://bit.ly/9gAnEC Tell your friends!

If you don't already have it, please buy @AllisonIraheta album Just like You and @Adamlambert album For Your Entertainment from Amazon http://amzn.to/cCyOAY or iTunes.

I DO NOT own the copyright to this performance and no copyright infringement is intended. This video is presented to invite comments and critiques of the artists performance.
2011 год, март

music: Adam Lambert

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