snowboarding...part 2

film/edit: Alexey Naimyshin---Hash Heaven Films

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смотреть исключительно здесь---


film/edit: лёша наймушин---Hash Heaven Films

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Censored version




film/edit: Alexey Naimyshin---Hash Heaven Films

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This is Eugen, I am filming his ride
Это Женя, я снимаю его спуск

Bluemountain Mar 31 2008
X Games- BMX- Skateboarding street league
xgames-xgames skateboard crash-x games-travis pastrana-shaun white-skateboarding-bmx-dirt bike-skate 3-sn...
Women's Snowboard Big Air Part 2 - X Games Aspen 2017 HD
SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Before the start of the 2014/15 winter season, Erik Leon made the paramount life decision of chopping off his iconic and lengthy dreadlocks. While many worried that, like the biblical character Samson, Erik would too lose his supernatural powers without his hair, Erik fought against the odds and emerged from the battlefield of winter with a bloody good full part in hand. Filmed By: Matt Devino, Jason Privett, Sean Black Additional Filming By: Colton Morgan, Jim Dunigan Edit: Kyle Schafer // @jupti
VW Big Air snowboard fis world cup jumps in slow motion part 2 -

filmed with Sony Fs-700 camera.

Here's how to GoPro with the HD Hero 2. SHOT 100 % on GoPro. We filmed at the Fellhorn in Germany with 2 cameras! WATCH!!!!
Movie created with Final Cut Pro for MacBook

24 березня 2013 р. Олімпійський тиждень на Буковелі
Thumbs up if you like MADE IN THE USA!!!!

Ever wonder what makes some snowboards better than others? The answer is simple, design and construction.

Never Summer consistently gets some of our highest Shred Cred marks so it was fun to see what goes into making such sick snowboards.

This is part 2 of our Never Summer factory tour. Vince walks us through construction of a snowboard from a wood block to a completed sno
Snowkiting tour continues on Snowboard, sunny day, Wind 20-30kn and fresh Powder.
Part 2: Freestyle snowboard: watch nice rides, jumps, rolls crashes and other funny things...
SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

The Deja Vu crew are back with another helping of slams and candid moments while filming for the Deja Vu Movie! LNP turns a broken board into a snow skate while Will Lavigne, Alex Cantin and Ben Bilocq barely hold it together jibbing walls, trees and rails. The crew also hang with a big fan in the park offering him a chance to shred one of their boards. How's that layback!?

Check out more with the Deja Vu crew:
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1) Snoop Dogg - Ups Downs/Band Out
2)CunnunLynguists - War
3)Rockness Monstah(Of Heltah Skeltah) - Crook On A Song
4) Dilated Peoples Ft. Kayne West - This Way
5) DJ Green Lantern - Big Smalls Camron - Gun Talk
6) Jaylib - The Red
7) Ming FS - Big Little Jeffrey
8) Overseer - Meteorology
9) Ras Kass - Van Gogh
10/02/2010 - Степаново
part 2
Солнечный день, на сноуборде лечу...
Forest, Snow, Board, handmade springboard, Fear and Adrenaline :DDDDDDDDD
Censoured version


film/edit: Alexey Naimyshin---Hash Heaven Films

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поможет выбрать деку

Еще одна вылазка на "Солнечную поляну"
Съемка, монтаж; Чернышов Игорь
track; Beastie Boys -- Sure Shot
Brent Meyer car trick snowboarding shots from the PinPin film series 2009

you can see more clips of Brent Meyer in full length snowboarding films at this website:

The PinPin snowboard crew ( based out of Breckenridge Colorado) combine fun features and ideas with snowboarding all over Colorado and the US and the world. You may have read about these guys in Snowboarder Magazine, Snowboard mag, Transworld, or Future Snowboarding maga
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Промо - ролик от бренда STL Evolution, посвященный новой коллекции сноубордической одежды Зима 11-12.

Многие модельки можно увидеть вживую!

Часть 2.

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Роупджампинг в Нижнем Новгороде. 2011 год. Катание с горки, в том числе на сноуборде и лыжах.
Rope jumping in Nizhni Novgorod. 2011. Ice slide. Including snowboarding and skiing
X Games Oslo 2016 Men's Snowboard Big Air Elimination Part 1/2
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Няшино- Косторята
No money. No fame. Plenty of parties and broken bones. Life for the all-female "Too Hard" crew harks back to an era of snowboarding before the sport came with big contracts and Olympic medals. In Part 2 of this series, we see the health impacts of life as a pro and the loyalty that it takes to be a part of "Too Hard".

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X Games Oslo 2016 Men's Snowboard Big Air Elimination Part 2/2
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Scotty Vine Full Part 1:
Scotty Vine Full Part 3:
Scotty Vine Full Part 4:
music: Tainsus - A Polaroid Of Our Love
We often say that camp is so much more than just snowboarding, and we mean it. A little bit of skating never hurt anyone…or something like that. ...
X Games Oslo 2016 Men's Snowboard SuperPipe Final Part 1/2
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"Every time I see the Bec des Rosses, near or far, I ask myself, ‘Oh God, do we really go down there...
Extrait de la video "La Complete" Edit de snowboard filmé dans le Val d'Allos avec Fred "Fredo" Blanc, Mickey "Minou" et Alexandre "Tigrou Kyle Hall" Alfano. Gimmi Tutti Prod. 2014 Integralité de la video bientôt telechargeable....
Nike’s Never Not Part 2 takes a deeper look at snowboarding, going beyond the action, the tricks, & the travel to expose the people behind the pr...
Вступайте в группу)
Борды, дрифт, тачки,ватрушки, студенческая жизнь)
gopro hero 3 + snowboarding in italy
Cноуборд на Сьерра Невада. фильм второй - откровениее.
До начала открытия зимнего сезона 2014/15 года, Эрик Леон ( Erik Leon ) принял важное жизненное решение и избавился от своих дред. Многие боялись, что, подобно библейскому герою Самсону, Эрик также потеряет свои сверхъестественные способности вместе с волосами, но Эрик решил показать всем, что его способности от волос не зависят, и даже без них, он по прежнему невероятен!

Создатели: Matt Devino, Jason Privett, Sean Black

Помогали: Colton Morgan, Jim Dunigan
Музыка: Motorama – Ghost
Learn how to backside 360 in the park with this snowboard trick video. Snowboarder Garrett Okun teaches you how to 360 on a snowboard by breaking the tricks down into steps. Learn how to approach the jump on your snowboard for the 360. How to create the 360 spin while popping your snowboard into the air. Find out how to complete the 360 in the air and land solid on your snowboard. Check out more snowboard trick videos by subscribing to SnowboardProCamp.

Website: http://snowboardprocamp.