Here's another quick tutorial on one of my favorite tricks, the 540 Cab. This trick takes a lot of patient, remember practice makes (almost) perfec...
Quick, straightforward tutorial on 360 Taps, also known as 3 taps. It's the step between 180's and 360's, once you get these dialed learning 360's ...
Simple and straightforward tutorial on both Full Cabs and Half Cabs in the process, also having comfortable 180's helps tremendously.

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Here's a quick tutorial on the prestigious Footplant Spin! Invented by Keo Curry almost a decade ago, also known as Toe Keos this trick has evolved...
Short and simple tutorial for 180 Skids, one of most timeless fixed gear tricks

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Quick tutorial on possibly the most famous fixed gear trick, the Keo Spin. Invented by the legend Keo Curry, as seen in his Macaframa section as we...
Straight forward tutorial on how to 180 a fixed gear bike

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Quick tutorial on the infamous bunny hop

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Сообщество любителей вело спорта.
Велосипедисты Украины в группе "Вело Козак".
Городские велосипеды |

More details: Vossen and State Bicycle Co. team up for this joint release. Two companies at the forefront of their respective industries combine forces to bring one of the most exciting collaborations of the year. (Limited edition release, with only 50 bicycles available per style) Music Produced by Instrumental Name "Empty Night Full Moon"
Bike Brakes. How to Tune and Fix your Bike's Brakes. DIY CAM.
Are your bikes brakes to weak for safety? Biking without good brakes is a hazard for you and others around you and you can't do those cool drifts you know you love (At least I do :D). With this instructable, I will show you how to fix your bike's brakes with a multitool or a wrench.
Step 1: Resources
What you will need is a bike (I hope I didn't need to tell you that...) and a wrench or multi tool.
NOTE: This instructable only covers how to tight
Things moving too fast? Just pump the brakes! But if your lever’s to the metal and your bike’s still rolling, it’s time get wrenching. In today’s episode of Pure Fix TV, Christian will walk you through replacing those worn brake pads with some fresh ones and tuning your brake lever to responsive perfection. Let’s head into the shop!
Classic Bike Sport (Old school) fixed gear - велосипед для особенного покупателя - фиксера, который точно сильно отличается от большинства любителей байков. Колесо 28". Яркий и необычный цвет. Это велосипед с фиксированной одной передачей, когда педали крутятся постоянно. За счет этого на этом велосипеде можно ездить задним ходом и выполнять ряд акробатических трюков. Внимательно почитайте о фиксерах в интернете, прежде, чем сделать выбор в пользу данной модели! Но если Вы его купите, то точно не оставите равнодушными окружающих, а себя вознесете на новый уровень велолюбителя! В наличии два цвета для него и для нее
трюк не удался.
Vadim Karpov tricks on fixed gear bike.

Music: Stateless - Bloodstream

Video/Edit: Anton Sokolov @wakeupyourdream
Rider: Vadim Karpov @fixedkarpow
Instagram ---
VK community ---
These Micro Fork Bleeders from Motion pro are great, but do you need them? No. Do you want these fork bleeders on your bike? Yes you do!

Here's that discount link I mentioned →

I keep dropping my fork bleeder screws thanks to my weird sausage fingers, and I'm lucky I haven't lost any on the trail.

Camera : Philippe Cuendet & Dino Berguglia
My Strava:
Directed by
sponsored by
Super thanks to Marc Salido and David Guillen for making this video happened. FunBut spent 24 hours biking in Barcelona with a 2 Fixie Bikes.

Summer is here, and there's no better time to announce and release for sale one of our most anticipated non-wheel projects of the year, the Vossen x State Bicycle 2016 Collab. The new Vossen x State Bicycle offerings have expanded in style to bring you four sizes of the traditional road bike, complete with flip-flop rear hub, as well as the all-new fat bike, a big favorite amongst our Miami-based staff.

Click here for more info:
An off-premise raffle promotion; offering 7 lucky consumers the opportunity to win either a Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey or Tennessee Honey Fixe...
Discover Your City set in our hometown of Sacramento California featuring our high performance fixed gear bikes Tokyo Type 002 and Los Angeles 002.

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DAN Young Race Team - DAN Fixed Gear

Team members in video:
Ngoc Long
Thien Quan
Nguyen Bao

Facebook: www.facebook....
Images that run on the wave of passion for the world of cycling, from the birth of a fixed gear bike purpose-built by the mechanics of Rossignoli workshop in Milan, until the implementation of Fix Your Bike Decals by Tagmi.
The video will be screened during the 2012 Fuorisalone Week in Milan at Tagmi Studio.
Come to visit us!


INFO | | |


Our latest video grants you access to some behind the scenes footage at a recent photo shoot for our swanky new website! See founders Mark and Jordan in action alongside their creative team and models in showing off the BRAND NEW Quella One 2014 and Quella Varsity Collection.

Get your hands on one of our masterpieces now for as little as £329.00! Fully custom builds are also available.
Спорт. Велосипед. Фитнес... your life
Interview with Kevin Roberts
Quick tutorial on Big Spins, also known as Prolly Spins

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*** It is fixed bike but the single speed side of the flip flop wheel set was used during shootings. ***



"Cinema (Skrillex Remix) [feat. Gary Go]" by Benny Benassi
I take no credits for the music!

LG ultrawide fixed gear delivery in Russia by Vsefixirui

Ieri poco più di 120 km. in scatto fisso, senza alcuna meta, unico traguardo superare i 100 km.; avrei potuto continuare ma come dicono i miei amici medici "meglio non sfidare troppo la sorte" 🤔,
Sono a metà dai miei standard, comunque soddisfatto, se continua così è probabile che entro fine anno possa riprendere le mie lunghe distanze 👏👏👏🍾🍾🍾 e tutti i programmi rimandati.
Still Pour x Constantine Bikes
Recently, Constantine sent us some frame sets to shred on the streets of our home town, Portland Oregon.
Devin Tolm...
Більше моїх робіт з фіксами по посиланню на групу вконтакті ось -

Сообщество любителей вело спорта.
CLICK CC for English!!!
The Fixed-gear bike. Arguably one of the more stylish and simplistic of the bike family. Red Bull Fix Boulevard brought together top notch fixed-gear racers from Russia for a high speed race through the streets of Moscow.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.

See into our world:

Red Bull on Facebook: http:/
Short video about the fixed gear bike of one of our employees Canon 5D Mark lll + 14bit RAW Magic Lantern CANON 50 mm f/1.2L + Canon 135mm f/2.0L Vivat slider IGUS.
Shop Now | OEM Dirt Bike Parts

Park Tool is the most respected — and trusted — brand of bicycle tools across the globe. But to understand the true impact, you need to go back...
A new and unique bicycle frame brought to you by Sync Bicycles. Be part of the design revolution!!! Support our Kickstarter Campaign that starts on the 1st of September 2015....

“Most bicycles are fundamental the same... and its about time someone mixed things up a little”. This was the view we shared back in 2013 when we first started developing and sketching new bike designs. We wanted to design a bike that was cool and different, but at the same was simple
Только с мастерской, фикс проект на базе kaliningrad fixed #ghettobike
#kldshot1 #fix #fixedgear
The Col du Tourmalet is a challenge for everyone who wants to climb it. Even more if you do it on a fixed gear bike.
Short and straightforward tutorial on Wheelies, just remember this trick comes with lots of practice. Be patient and keep pedaling!

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Fixed gear rider Josh Boothby rides into an alternate dimension, where his fixed gear skills are put to the test on a highly technical bike course. With the boss looming around every corner, Josh must navigate his way through the bike maze and survive the challenging levels to make it back to his own world in time to ride another day!
Red Bull Ride+Style is coming to Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco on May 10.
Do It Yourself-Customize Your Bike

Fix Your Bike is an adhesive graphics kit designed by tagmi to customize your bike. With dozens of graphic patterns to choose from, there is something to satisfy every personality and mood.
Each kit contains 7 custom designed graphic pieces printed on a special film. Much more than a simple sticker, this material withstands water, UV rays and abrasions and can last up to 5 years and made in Italy.
Using only a ruler and utility knife, anyone can follow tag
SAUCEPATROL find us on Facebook at: get your taste at: Immagini che scorrono sull'onda della passione per il mondo delle due ruote, dalla nascita della bici a scatto fisso costruita ad hoc dai meccanici dell'officina Rossignoli, fino all'applicazione di Fix Your Bike ad opera di Tagmi. Il video sarà proiettato durante la settimana del Fuori Salone presso lo studio Tagmi. Venite a conoscerci ! FIX YOUR BIKE LO TROVI NEI MIGLIORI BIKE SHOP & NEGOZI.
Rider Ben Liao
Film Date 2010 March
Country Taiwan
Music By Mindthings Cyber Dreams
Thank's 720 armour & nike 6.0

使用器材:Canon 7D,Glidecam HD2000穩定器,肩架追焦組
影片製作 By R.H Film Work
剪輯 By Ryan Hung
攝影 By Ryan Hung

Everything you need to know about the basics of fixed gear bikes.
More action on two wheels HERE:
The annual mash-up of fixed gear bikes and urban art brought the best riders from around the globe to San Francisco for Red Bull Ride + Style 2014. Head-to-head races and a fixie freestyle jam session had bikers throwing down sick tricks on colorful features.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and YouTube exclusive series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be
BÖIKZMÖIND is a 30 minute documentary film about riding fixed gear bikes in beautiful Bristol. The film shows the diverse cross section of riders and asks why ride bikes with no gears in a city full of hills. It also shines a light on the community and camaraderie that comes with the simple joy of riding bicycles. This is an small excerpt from the finished film, which is now screening all over the world ( If there's not a screening near you then get in touch, more tha
released in 2008 this is the first Charge fixed web edit featuring Ted James AKA Super Ted also featuring Ted's brother Tom.

My Fixed Video Playlist here

Music By Members Of The Public - Cairngorm Plateau

Film + Edit By Alex Rankin
Тут Алексей расскажет вам, о геометрии фиксов, их особенностях а так же почему из старых дорожников делать фикс не стоит.

Велосипед на видео:
Велосипед о котором говорю:

Советую почитать:

Музыка в выпуске проекта bennet Artwork
Торговая марка «Azimut» представляет вниманию покупателей новый класс алюминиевых велосипедов Azimut Fixed Gear bike.
Вы оцените небольшой вес и скорость трековых велосипедов Fixed Gear.
Вариант: 28» Fixed Gear bike
Размер колес: 28»
Фривил: Tri-Diamond
Рама: alloy 6061 гидроформованная(Алюминиевая)58 см
Вынос: Neco(алюминиевый)
Тормоз задний:Radius caliper brake
Тормоз передний: Radius caliper brake
Обода: алюминиевый двустенный JINHENGTONG 6061 Alloy-t6
Втулки: профессиональные KT-Tech Quando
Цепь: цепь цветная KMC
Покрышки: 700*23 c 23-622
Комплектация: алюминиевый шатун, алюминиевый шток сиденья тормозные ручки Promax, фиксированная глухая передача.
Music for Multimedia final project. quick documentary I made.

Frame is a Leader 725TR

I ride a fixie because I think they're more fun than any other type of bicycle transportation out there. I ride a brake, but it's for "oh shit" situtations. Stop filling the comments with the annoying pro/anti brake comments and leave the arguements for your own personal inbox. Skidding is a viable way of stopping if you are good at it, and a brake is never a bad idea.

State Bicycle Co. sponsored rider and eagle scout, Thomas, breaks down the difference between fixed gear and single speed. All SBC bikes feature a flip flop hub, which allows you to switch between fixed gear and single speed. Get learned. | Bike Guides and How-To's
Quick edit of some test footage we shot with a new camera rig
Ride My Life Just me fixing my bike and go for ride !! motorbike stunt and drift action with FUN, see the world throught my eyes
Thanks for your comments, this give me huge motivation and energy, give me your ideas about the next video !

Music: Fouinox & Mr.Flowp - White Wine &

Rider/Production/Edit: Jorian Ponomareff Twitter: @Jorianponomaref
Assistant Prod/Cameraman: Raphaël Gilles Twitter: @Raphgilles

Visita nuestro blog en
Espectacular video de fixie por la ciudad de Nueva York. Los mensajeros van con sus fixies sin ningún tipo de miramiento a través de las calles de la gran ciudad.¡¡Increible como van!!
Discover Your City

Featured is the City Type 001 Harajuku Fixie Bike

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100% New , one order for one wheel
made by PVC
item Super sticky , and waterproof , easy remove
Outer very quite Bling , and Light reflective
Filmed for Charge Bikes

Featuring Tom Le Marche, Super Ted and Tony Fast

My Fixed Video Playlist here

Introducing Tom to the Charge team with some progressive off road fixed riding filmed and released in 2009

Film and Edit By Alex Rankin

By Alex Rankin

Feb 2009
Travelling from Hamburg to Rotterdam in 4 days via Bremen, Groningen, Zwolle riding fixed gear bikes to attend FIXED DAYS 2015.
None of these bikes are mine, made a while ago
Short version for russian bicycle film festival 'VELOKINO' 2014
Directed: ILYA CHUBALIN (Илья Чубалин) Filmed: ALEXEY YAROVENKO (Алексей Яровенко) Edited: VALERIY 'FEDYA' REUTOV (Валерий Реутов) and ILYA CHUBALIN Brusque Works owner: SERGEY ZAKRZHEVSKIY (Сергей Закржевский) - Music: Jazz band 'Balalaika'
"The night-time economy is not all about bad lads doing bad things," says the council in Boston, Lincolnshire, after CCTV captures a group on a night out at 3am fixing a bike rack damaged by a car.
Redbull Fixed Freestyle Rider Josh Boothby brought along a few of his friends to Woodward West to ride all of our awesome facilities. Along with Josh Silva we were able to put together this video of the homies riding the Hangar 18 and the Outdoor Plaza. For such a short session Josh B and Josh S really showed us how progressive Fixed Freestyle Biking can really get. Be sure to get a follow in on these guys at Josh Boothby: @joshua_boothby and @joshsilva.


Filmed & Edited by: Richie Velasq
It's important to choose the right sized bike. With a bike that's too big or small for your body, you won't be nearly as safe on the road and you'll have WAY less fun. So, here, we'll aim to steer you in the right direction.
Unboxing my State Bicycle Co. Phantom 2.0 Fixed Gear Bicycle, with Flip Flop rear hub, drop handle bars and Animal Steven Hamilton Smoke Pedals. Size 52cm.

1080p HD

Improvised slide guitar played by myself.

Multi-Functional Bicycle Seat Saddle for Road / Fixed Gear Bikes - White + Black For sale online: with discounts up to 89%.

Suitable for road bikes and fixed gear bikes; Ergonomic design, edge with matte materials, makes product more durable; Saddle surface with imported PU leather. Ideal for bicycle rider and lovers.

GeneralBrandCELTModel1800Quantity1PieceMaterialImported PU materialColorWhite + BlackSpecificationSaddle Cover MaterialLeatherBest UseRoad CyclingSuitable forAdults
Amazing bicycle ballet from Germany. I had this video on my hard drive and thought I'd share it. I didn't shoot it however, and if the creator would like me to remove I will do so. Enjoy!
The Fixie Shop - Build a 8bar fixed gear bike.

Winter snow offroad cycling (-14°C) with a cyclocross fixie bike, local forests and woods in Oulu, Northern Finland. Recorded with a GoPro Hero, with a chest mount, 6th of January 2011. It's minus 14 degrees Celsius, that should be about 7 degrees Fahrenheit..?

As for the speed, the whole video is at real speed. You can count the cadence if you wish, that's quite easy since you see the knees quite often ;)

The bike is a 2009 Cotic RoadRat with 30mm Michelin Mud 2 front tire (no spikes) and Schwalbe Marat
hippie girl left her bike at my house in LA. had never ridden a stupid fixed gear bike. so my buddies filmed it. the wheel wasn't on properly, obviously. the guy who filmed didn't react because he is a professional and knew the shot was more important than pretending he could help, when he couldn't.

im not that fat anymore, and my hair isn't quite as sweet as it was. thanks

wendall strong


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Extreme tricks on a fixed gear bike from wheely to handstand

Bianchi Pista steel (camera)
Cinelli Mash Histogram
Cinelli Vigorelli
Argon18 Electron
Dolan Precursa

Camera: GoPro Hero3
Music: Dubfire -- Live @ Winter Music Conference 2013 WMC (Miami, Usa) -- 20-03-2013

Slope profile of Montserrat
Crack open a cold 40 and watch us take three ratty old junker bikes and turn them into race-ready fixed gears. Using the all new EighthInch Fixed Gear Conversion Kit and just a few basic tools you too can bring an old 10-speed bike back to life! The kits include EighthInch Amelia wheels with tires & tubes already mounted, 16t cog, lockring, EighthInch Courier cranks, EighthInch bottom bracket, and a KMC chain. Choose from Black, White or Silver, whichever matches your bike best! Pick up your kit no
In today's cyclist pep talk, I'm teaching you one of the most important things to know if you're a cyclist- how to fix a flat tire!

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Fixed Gear 96er 69er 29er mountain bike gopro hero trail reno nevada snow rocky extreme downhill hill steep fixie no brakes rigid fork carbon titanium frog speedplay winter ice uphill climb rocks zipper 9th Symphony Finale Beethoven
building my new bike, vivalo njs
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More details:

Vossen and State Bicycle Co. team up for this joint release.
Two companies at the forefront of their resp...
The gang decided to take bike camping tour on their fixed gears. We rode our geared up fixies from Salt Lake City to Antelope Island. We had a bla...
Cinelli Mash 2015 (1080p)
This is my first project video along with Constantine Bikes.
Why "Be Like Water"?. Water teach be humble, like water always flowing to a lower pla...
Thanks to Wabi for sponsoring this video! Check out the Wabi Retro:

One of t...
Stompump is a portable foot pump that claims to work three times faster than a hand pump. Stompump's creators worked previously on battle robots an...

Şarjlı el matkabına dişliyi takmayı denedim. Pek başarılı olmadı ama deneme sürüşünde yapacağ ...
Quick tutorial on the basics of learning to ride backwards on a fixed gear bicycle, also known as riding Fakie

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Build A Motorized Bicycle

How to Win In Court! https:...
Here's a quick tutorial on the most requested trick, the Fish & Chips! Invented by Dylan 'Fish n Chips' Hurst almost 10 years ago, this trick has b...
►Like the Reasonably Dangerous Sunny Tee?◄
The last printing of these will be on August 31...
In this fixed gear vlog, I unbox and build up the hotly requested State Bike Co. Black Label v2. Here are my first impressions of the bike. Full re...
Jackson Bradshaw takes a different approach to fixed gear riding, he focuses on freestyle tricks in this new edit for Constantine. Testing the lim...
For lightweight, top-tier steel bikes, check out Wabi Cycles:

Constantine Bikes | Barnard 2017 | DAN Fixed Gear | Vietnam

🚲 Frameset: Constantine Barnard 2017
🚲 Front wheel: BROTURES​ T3
🚲 Rear...

Bike shop "charifuri" somewhere tokyo.
Introducing Fixed Gear Tricks Part 2! Jackson Bradshaw takes his fixie tricks to the streets again. This video was filmed on his dedicated trick bi...
The day before RedHookCrit Brooklyn. Check out my new fixed gear race bike from 8bar.
Because of my experience with State Bike Co.'s packaging and the (lack of) care they displayed for their bikes, I originally had my reservations ab...
▶ Check out my gear on Kit:

This video is a VLOG // Bike Check HYBRID! Skip to 15:40 if you're just here for the bike ...
Джексон Брэдшоу покажет молодым и дерзким как можно кататься на фиксе!
It can be embarrassing when you hit your brakes and they make a loud shrill squeal. There are multiple possible causes for the noisy screeching bra...
How to listen for a bad bearing in a bike and what to look for. Also how to replace a Bearing on a Campy wheel, works for Vento, Scirocco, Khamsin,...

In this video we try to help you learn how to 360 a fixed gear bike. Hopefully something about this video helps you nail em.

a trip to bike cafe to see some cool fixed gears

The following companies ...
#HackathonChallenge или Работаю всегда 24/7 😅
It was really awesome when we got in touch with Unknown Bike Company and they dug the stuff they saw us doing down here in New Orleans. They sen...
Our passion for fixed gear bikes started 7 years ago and it never stopped. We like steel and vintage parts and we love using multiple colors on...
More details:

Vossen and State Bicycle Co. team up for this joint release.
Two companies at the forefront of their respective industries combine forces to bring one of the most exciting collaborations of the year.

(Limited edition release, with only 50 bicycles available per style)

Music Produced by

Instrumental Name
"Empty Night Full Moon"
Welcome to BicycleTube!!! On our channel we upload daily, our original, short 1-2min, walkaround videos of Bicycles – Mountain Bikes, Sport and R...

Juliet Elliott on a Fixed bike with some mates, this is a 720p version

My Fixed Video Playlist here
Facebook: https...
After riding and shooting the Unknown Bike Company PSX frame all over the great city of New Orleans, we present Nola Fixed X Unknown Bikes: Pure So...
Riding full speed a LOOK KG 396 Track bike in the streets of Bordeaux FRANCE chasing the final rays of a winter sunset.
This is hard fixedgear ridi...
DAN Fixed Gear
Spiderman broken bike. He had to ask the police to pull the bike to fix it

Welcome to Spiderman Galaxy, where you can you find video video of the ...
Red Bull Mini Drome came back to life in New York City, but this time with a twist. The 2015 edition of the world's smallest velodrome added the ch...
The Christmas season is upon us, and so to get in the spirit of things, we visited our friends at Free Bikes 4 Kidz, who spread holiday cheer by fi...
DAN Fixed Gear :: Brick Lane Bikes :: Viper


Harry Styles will be in the Dallas area October 10th at The Music Factory . First no-peddle bike race in Texas. Kentucky Derby Hats and recipe for ...
Hey guys today I'm bike riding with my aventon cordoba 2017. i bike with my fix around the city of chicago . i also recorded my new intro . hope yo...
#fixiegirl #fixie #fixed #bike #bikelovers #girlonbike #girlswhoride #girlonwheels #fixedgirl #befixie

Крепеж для велосипеда - крепление на стену
Отечественный производитель аксессуаров для велосипедов из дерева Wild Wood Moscow, начинает реализацию в магазине Subnation, ссылка:
Это видео посвящено разработке нового типа крепления велосипеда на стену. На текущий момент можно оформить заказ на сайте компании с 30% скидкой, начала продаж намечено на 20 августа 2017 года