You Lift Me Up
Hi guys this is my 4. GMV of Overwatch! I hope you enjoy it :)

Music: You Lift Me Up (Official Lyric Video) - Mikey Wax

Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Владимир и Ирина. Свадебный клип. [07.03.2014]
Владимир и Ирина. Свадебный клип.
Here's the next PMV! The song I used was suggested by one of my viewers. Feel free to leave any and all thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Hope you all enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Music: "You Lift Me Up" by Mikey Wax

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro
Свадебный видеоклип Саши и Кати
сентябрь, 2013
Видеографы: Владимир и Инна Власовы
Монтаж: Инна Власова
So here it is guys, the long awaited full version Makorra video to You Lift Me Up.

Dang. It has been awhile.

Anywho, not a ton to say here.
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2.Синтетические воспоминания
3.Идеальная Пара
Музыка:Mikey Wax_You lift me up
Представлено группой:[club100270206|AO Project]
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I've been working on this video for like a year...And I kinda lost inspiration along the way. And today, I decided it was time to finish it so here...

Someone did this song to them,so i thought I'd try it. This song is a Christian song and is really about God. I actually heard this in concert at DC fest, which is a Christian concert. So pretty much the concept of the video is when Anakin is going through hard times Padmé is there for him, like when his mother dies. I guess it's from Anakin's point of view, like he's saying that Padmé lifts him up and helps him through tuff times. So it goes from episode two to episode three. Hope you like it and keep comm

Yes Sophie!! Happy bday❤️
Literally everything was against me when I was making this one. Firstly I had no song. Then converting files was a hassle. Then Vegas was playing up. Then I couldn't find time. Then I fell ill. And finally rendering was hell. I didn't think i'd make it in time!!! But somehow I
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tony Dinozzo & Ziva David (Tiva)

Okay this video took me FOREVER lol I've worked very hard on this but I'm quite satisfied with the result :3 I hope you'll like it!

oh and... the editing is fast and there are some flashes ;)

- Elisa
Clips:How to train your dragon 1,2
Dragons Gift of the Night Fury
Song:In video
Artist:Mikey Wax
Hi there, had to re-upload this cideo because of st2pid copyright, so here it is again but I just pitched tha song. Hope u like, subscribe and comment :3

School has arrived = torture, having to wake up every day at 7am and havin' to also wake ur mom up urgh and I have low blood pressure early in tha mornings. Life sucks sometimes, but never in tha holidays, well maybe sometimes...

love these two to death, kinda just threw this together in my break from revision! so yeah...hope you like it though :) HD is better!

can I just say that after watching this film for the first time was AMAZING!! I was so drawn into Dexters and Emmas friendship/relationship! When Emma got his by the bus I just wanted to die with her :( I was utterly devastated for poor Dex! The end of the film was totally brilliant....I cried through the last 5 minutes during the flashbacks to his and Emmas first meeting! Definitely recommend everyone to watch this if you havent seen it yet.

I was inspired to watch this movie/vid it by
I can't believe I've reach 400 subs! :')
Thank you all so much ♥

This video is also a request from bleachmafia226, and I fell in love with the s...
Лучшие Кавказские свадьбы
Anthony Martial ● You Lift Me Up ● 2015/2016 HD
♫ Music: You Lift Me Up
"Помидорный концерт" Школы-Студии ЭКТВ Яны Чуриковой

Finally! Our new cmv :D A NaruSasu one again ^^
We entered a cmv compo with it so that's why we couldn't put it online earlier ;) Enjoy!

Naruto: A...
Видеограф Сергей Солнцев. Фото-видео студия SunVision Pro
Here are the bloopers and behind the scenes from our latest cmv.
It was a very fun thing to make :D

Thanks to AlexisAshnew for filming!
Watch in HD
THEY ARE MARRIED!! I'M SO HAPPY THEY ARE ADORABLE AND I CAN'T. Sure they are rushed but it's a Disney kid's show so I don't think the ...

disclaimer i own nothing except the editing please comment and rate thanx xx

Предсвадебное видео замечательной пары Димы и Галины.
Всем привет, представляю Вашему вниманию свою версию одного понравившегося мне трека, надеюсь...
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Well, it's been a long time since I made anything with Legend of Korra. Truth is, a lot of songs are already used with Makorra that I lost inspiration to edit with them at all. But instantly when I heard this song, the clips came playing in my head and I knew what I wanted to do.

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Old Boy why you smiling?

A Session with Love. Wonderful clothes in a relaxed atmosphere. Fully Fashioned Nylons. Push Up Bra La Perla Size: D40, Criss Cross Garter Belt. Retro Sheer Nylon Panty . Session with Love Vichy Le Gatte, Tom Beckhan & Patgirl & Retro Glamour Girls from Pinkie Powder & Lashes.
Music Polysound / LMG. Patgirl . Video Tom Beckhan. © Copyright Extreme Arts. All the rights of the manufacture
*I apologize for the excessive use of the LPF*

I've been trying to come up with something interesting to post, but I have been quite busy lately. I made this awhile ago but wasn't sure if I wanted to upload it. Used slicer a bit on this one as well. Let me know what you think!
Misty Edwards leads "Come to the River" and "You Lift Me Up" at the IHOPU Student Awakening (4-29-10).
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Watch 720p, SERIOUSLY!
Otherwise the quality sucks like hell.

[sorry for the huge glitches, i just couldn't get it away and i just had to upload it]

So, here it comes. My big project I've been working really hard on. It's my big project because
1. I've reached almost 1000 subbers!
2. One Tree Hill has ended and that's the most amazing show ever..
3. It's been excact 8 months since my first ever video

So, 1:
To all my dearest subbers. Thank you all. For supporting me, hel

Sorry for the long absence, but I have been so busy in these weeks. It's such a terribile moment because of the school and other problems, so I hope you'll understand why I'm making video quite rarely. Thanks and enjoy the video XD<br/><br/>
nyaa finally YT gives me a good thumbnail for this video

Spoilers for episode 14!!!

Please Read

» Jae Hee x Tae Jun x Eun Kyul [EP 1-10!!!]

I just love vidding this drama, even if I would like to vid the others that i'm watching too. =(
Anyway, my life is really busy at the moment, i still don't know how can i find time to make videos even if I do.
About the drama, i love it. It's a bit absurd sometimes, but i love the main couple and i can't wait to see the next episodes.

Next drama on the watching list: NICE GUY.
I still have to finish Bridal Mask...
Love these two and cannot wait for season 3!<br/><br/>
Reba McEntire sings "You Lift Me (Up to Heaven)" on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1981.
skip to 0:30 seconds.
monday cannot come any faster! seriously i can't stop fan-girling!

lmao! anyways, it's been a while since my last caskett viddie, but that will all change since i won't be able to stop vidding these two now!! I hope you guys like this one, i made it in under a few hours and i love the outcome!!

Merry Christmas everyone ! :)

I made this AMV for all my youtube friends and for all my subscribers :)
I've also reached 600+ subscribers ,sooo thank you very much ,it means alot!

Anime - Kamisama Hajimemashita :3
Song-Lift me up by The Afters

I couldn't help myself.. I had to make another with Jack and Hiccup, they're just so damn cute! c:
Song: The Afters - Lift me up<br/><br/>
Rachael Lampa performs at the "Lifetime Presents: Disney's American Teacher Awards", Nov 18, 2000.

A simple Colin video for my friend who asked about it.
I loooove Colin Morgan and already miss Merlin.

This is for you, my love.
I hope you like it :D

music: The Afters -- Lift Me Up
he has become a part of me, and he will forever remain!
and even if it has never been easy and I was often desperate..
We will NEVER stop fighting! I promise!

i really love this song, cause much of the text applies to us
I know I'm not perfect
I know I make mistakes
I know that I have let you down
But you love me the same

And when I'm surrounded
When I lose my way
When I'm crying out and falling down
You are here to

Watch in HD!
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Show: The Flash, CW
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11
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I tried to do my iconic OTP justice, I'm not quite certain I succeeded. I was going through songs a few days ago and it struck me how perfect this ...
Hello guys~ this is my first amv this year, hope you like it. Although I only had footage from the 2 OVAs and 2 episodes (the first episode doesn't...
' lift me up when I am weak
your arms wrap around me
your love catches me so I'm letting go..'


► fandom: the vampire diaries
► pairing: damon and elena
► coloring: Kitty Kat

The Usual Suspects - Provocative (You Lift Me Up) (feat. Tracy Tan)

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Linda Canção Deus me Levanta com Li Chengyu & Tan Zhi Yun
You Raise Me Up - God lifts me
thx for watching

hope u like it my meow meow ^^ XDD

TIME: some days


Seminarfachfilmprojekt - Tarran/Henri/Jelle/Danny

Musik: You Lift me up - Mikey Wax

2016 (c)

You Lift Me Up (Acoustic) by Mikey Wax
Thank you guys for all the support!!
Download on iTunes:
Download on Amazon: http:/...
You lift me up
Before I fall too far
You lift me up
You help me see the stars
You pick me up
When all my hope is gone
You lift me up
You lift me up
Brand New: “Lift Your Spirit: Higher” bundle
Buy Aloe Blacc's album "Lift Your Spirit" now:

Камера - Александр Демченко -
Монтаж - Александр Демченко -
Фото - Назар Пархоменко -
Прическа - Надежда Олейник -
Макияж - Вика Олейник -
Ведущий банкета - Алексей Никитенко -
Саксофон - Андрей Романенко -
Видеосьемка свадьбы Киев, видеосъемка свадьбы Чернигов, свадебное видео, свадебный клип, оператор на свадьбу в Киеве, оператор на свадьбу в Чернигове, самая классная свадьба, видеостудия Videm,
► Bellamy and Clarke(The 100)
► OMG,you guys..I've wanted to make a video about these two with this song for the longest time..I was just waiting for more scenes like THE HUG("your arms wrap around me"..etc) to match the lyrics and now we finally have those scenes!And I'm so happy...OMG my babiess! I love these two so much!
► My new Bellarke vid,I hope u like it!

► All info at the end of the video
Watch in HD please!

Omg!! Sorry that it took me so long to make a new video but school got me so busy lately...and this O.O

Anyway...xD Hope you'll like this video and if you have any question or if you don't understand the storyline: Feel free to ask :)
There is good news - I have finally downloaded sony vegas pro 12 and 13! Joy? For me, yes.
So. I decided to start a new project in my favorite OTP)) Should I continue? Ideas like there, but will look at it and do not spend in vain if I force?
Студия видеографии "SAFIN FILM"
Press the HD button please, it'll be amazing if you do.

Hii guys! How are you? I uploaded another video.. Two videos in 1 month, wohoo! (How impressive..) Anyways, this is the last midnight of the year so I wanted to celebrate it uploading a new video with two of my favourite shippings. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it! Long time ago since I didn't have fun making videos, yush.

About the video: yes, I know it's simple as hell, but I totally like that because what I want in my vide
Used android app caustics to add warm strings to enhance the music. Get some of that bass in your sound system. 😊
► Song : lift me up By The Afters
► Fandom : Miss Beauty and Talent Thailand
Hormones SS2
The Torture Club
Gloomy Salad days
Red X Pinku
Yume no Kayoiji
AnotHer Love
Pair of love
Ikenie no Jirenma
First Class
1448 Love Among Us
Club friday the series 3