I'm so sorry.
Лучший клип за всю историю Готэма <3
Старый но самый лучший клип <3
Music Imagine Dragons
Im So Sorry

I finally got around to watching Gotham! I was very skeptical at first because I had heard a lot of mixed things & that Batman comic fans didn't like it. But as a comic fan, I gotta say that I found it incredibly entertaining. There's a few uneven storylines of course, but it makes up for it in sheer crazyness and over-the-top.... everything. I know a lot of people don't like that, but I find it super fun. I particularly love the portrayal of young Bruce's story. The actor they have playing our future B-man knocks it out of the park.

So enjoy this vid! I know this song is super overused but I just thought it fit so well.


Song: I'm So Sorry
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Fandom: Gotham
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 12


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Song: Imagine Dragons - I'm So Sorry
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★Музыка★I'm So Sorry - Imagine Dragons
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★Музыка★I'm So Sorry - Imagine Dragons
★#Токийский_гуль ★#Tokyo_Ghoul ★#amv ★#anime_art ★#аниме_арт ★
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[ HD BRUH ಠ_ಠ ]

footage; one punch man
song; /watch?v=5pJbS2iw0vQ

just a 1,5h (and 2h render) amv with my beloved boys!!!
well tbh at first it was supposed to be all-genos amv bUT DAMN IT 2/3 OF SCREENTIME GENOS WAS WITH SAITAMA AND whoops i couldnt help it. its not like im complaining because now im a total opm trash. its nice c:
besides genosai became my new obsession and i just had to make at least one edit with them (be prepared for more uvu)

im not really satisfied with this one but i dont have any patience left to wait another hours to render it, oh hell no. you have to bear with this.. incompleted amv for now. will make something better soon. im so sorry ;-;

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Imagine Dragons
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yeahhhh it's 2 am in the morning there is no way im making a thumbnail when im this tired

also lowkey i ship shindeku www
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Anime/ Fate: Stay Night UBW
Music/ Imagine Dragons - Im So Sorry
imagine dragons-im so sorry
Автор : pup.mistheart (instagram)
Музыка : Imagine dragons - Im so sorry
i am not gonna give up on u. i believe in u.
A music video of the Korean drama "Sorry, I Love You" with So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jeong.
got bored made an AMV

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Video: Black Lagoon
Audio: Imagine Dragons - Im So Sorry