Howlin' Wolf "Evil"
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Великолепный анимационный клип на песню Evil легендарного блюзмена Howlin' Wolf
It's a long way from home,
Can't sleep at night.
Call on your telephone;
Something just ain't right.
That's evil, evil is going on wrong.
I want to warn you brother,
You better watch your happy home.

You make it to your house,
Knock on the front door,
Run 'round to the back;
You'll catch him just before he goes.
That's evil, evil is going on.
I have warned you brother,
You better watch your happy home.

If you call on the telephone
And she answers long and slow,
Grab the first thing smoking
And yo
Iconic image at start finish of song used by permission © S. G. Schoenfeld -
Howlin' Wolf blues from 1954 - Evil.
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"When I heard Howlin' Wolf, I said, 'This is for me. This is where the soul of man never dies.'" - Sam Phillips

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Sometimes the greatest effects in blues guitar music are attained with the minimum effort, just three chords and basic finger picking techniques. In this rendition of 'Evil', Jim relies on a strong monotonic bass line, plus a repetitive melody line to carry the song along. It works! Ken provides an intricate harmonica part that weaves in and o