Because, I`m happy!
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“I didn't won, but I was sooo happy to saw so many awesome guys and girls! Already I'm looking forward to the next #sycld, because now I know that I…”
“Because I'm happy 🎶🎶💃💃 @pharrell @lollapalozabr #sundayfunday #LollaPaloozaBR #lollaIsOn @skol”
“Because i'm happy! {O criador dessa obra de arte é o querido @atelierrobyttmoon}”
“Because i m happy!! #meandkurt#dancing.”
by Джон Райт · #pharrell williams, #happy, #despicable me

by ILnaz Garifoulline
by Vladimir Vylegjanin

by LSD Channel Hungary
#ПрямыеВыключениЯ #FriendsForever #Lopaeva #Зеленецкий #Лопаева #Джержинский #2014
15 секунд из жизни счастливой девчонки 😊
#Жулебинскийлесопарк #Москва
There's no escaping this song! Because I'm Happy!
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This is my animation video, hope u guys enjoy it :D

I just repost this video :D
Sochi 2015. I like it ;)
By Julia Lantsova:
[club61936623|Vine] - безумные видеоролики
Водные приключения на пляже Пагеры, Аква Арена!
Caleb Folks and Leah Raye sing and play guitar at Dockside Bar and Grill in Chesapeake, Virginia
by Pharrell Williams - Happy (We are from Sergiev Posad)
Суперзлодій Гру повертається, щоб разом зі своїми посіпаками пережити масу нових пригод.
Akifewa Euloge on sax
songs- because i'm happy of pharell williams and
if i ain't got you baby of Alicia keys
Небольшое баловство для поднятия настроения
лучшие качели ^___^
Sh1K@LAD- Эдуард Мунтян
Крупа фест)
Barnabas Szollos free skiing @ Whistler Cup

"Срочка", семья, Майдан, война
by Телеканал 2X2
Ей нравится:)
Bruno & Eglantine Demo "Because I'm happy" - Prague 16.3.2014 @ Music City Club
This Song By Pharrell Williams-Happy Cover.Perfromer by Ollie(is me)And His Friends.The Lyric Language By Chinese-Southern Fujian Dialect.I am Happppppy!!Because I'm Get Married.I LOVE SKATEBOARD-P.I LOVE "i am OTHER"BRAND.So Much Love!Enjoy!
Happy Pharrell Williams – Happy. because im happy
Потанцевал под эту веселую песню в гараже с любимым двух колесным транспортным средством))
danced under this cheerful song in the garage with your favorite two-wheeled vehicle))
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Поздравление от друзей на свадьбу Артема и Тани Абрузовых!
Этот ролик мы снимали 18 часов, у нас ушло очень много сил и эмоций! Ребята вы супер!!! Счастлив что знаком с вами!!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo tells us how he feels about this season so far and what are his hopes for the rest of the season.
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Suggestion by Shaun Mcewin and SpinSpin2020; a TWD video focusing on the happy or funny moments throughout the show! Hope you all enjoy.


Artist: Pharrell Williams
Song: Happy (Neus Remix)
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Software: ScreenFlow 4


Thank you for watching!
Season 7 is OVER!
and this took me around 7 months to actually find time and finish! lol
Its short but I hope you guys still enjoy it:D I was almost planning on not uploading this because it not my style, per say.. but, you have to start somewhere right? Also, I know some of the lyrics don't match, I did that on purpose :p
Program: Sony Vegas 12
Song: /watch?v=Q-GLuydiMe4
.:: Watch in HD ::.
This is a video made for my best friend's dog - Irio.
Irio is a shaded sable merle border collie that does agility, tricks, dog dancing, frisbee - simply whatever you ask him to do. He is my Vicky's best friend (:
Lana & Irio's official channel;

So, a very very very HAPPY birthday to Irio! ♥

Canon EOS 60d.
Pharrell Williams - Happy

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a new look at old things...
Curtis is a one of the dancers for Pharrell - Happy music video, things take a surprising turn of events when Curtis leads a choreographed dance routine when a barrage of "Happy" dancers join in on his quest. In completion, the storm of dancers continue to lead into their own unique style of dance... because they're happyyyy!



DIRECTED BY: Sungkha Kaine Hel

SHOT BY: Michael Tuk
Свадебный клип Михаила и Яны
Музыка: Pharrell Williams - Happy
Суббота, 16 августа 2014 г.

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God, I'm so glad that finally finishing touches this video. Yes, it is as always perfect, but I like it.

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самый позитивный видеоролик о лете) смотреть всем!!!
Das ist von handy hochgeladen und alle rechte bekommen die die das video gemacht haben
Happy by Pharrell Williams vs. Let It Go by Idina Menzel.
Scuola di Musica recitazione canto a Roma in Viale Mazzini 119
"Canto perché sono felice, canto perché sono libera..." 335323949