Ball Is Life
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Vine by mochi edits 木 / brb lmao
Vine by ᶠᶦʲᶦ J D S 霊 点
Vine by Celestial Edits危機
“Sometimes tricking takes balls......... #tricking #ballislife
Has anybody else done this???_______________________ 🏀TAG A "BALL IS LIFE" FRIEND🏀”
“When you lowkey got a mild concussion but ball is still life.
(H/t: @/TDimeff via twitter)
“Goo Follow my Brother @ball_is_life_byrd 🔥🔥This Is at Squating 150lbs 3x a week! Sooooooo imagine when I boost it up to 185lbs move up the weight in…”
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Surprise, mothafucka
Ball is life. mothafucka
You are white, mothafucka
Alright, mothafucka
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ball is life VINE Carter Reynolds
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What if ball was a part of everything you do in your daily life?
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Ball is Life Petro Melnik
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баскетбол-жизненный ритм
Forget fire extinguishers, this ball is a life saver!
new year is coming ..... i want to wish all good things for the world.... ball is life.... and thank you


Руслан Пилип'як

Ball Is Life
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IM Crossing my fingers, hoping this means that theres a potential Life With Lucy DVD set coming out, some time in the not so distant future.

Lucille Ball and Gale Gordon entertains the world again with Lucy's fourth sitcom "Life With Lucy". Though the show was short lived, it did provide the world with more laughter and warm hearted enjoyment. It's a shame though, these moments are only captured through age ravaged
смонтировал на скорую руку!)
простите за качество.....
Sixx AM – Life Is Beautiful
Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Heroes

Beerus Kills Zamasu - Dragon Ball Super Episode 59
DBS Episode 59 Preview English Sub
DBS Capitulo 59 & Capitulo 59
DBS 59 Sub Español Completo
Dragon Ball Super Episode 59/ Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super Episode 59
Dragon Ball Super Ep 59
Dragon Ball Super Episode 59
Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 - SS Rose
dragon ball super episode 59 preview
Dragon ball z super episode 59 previe
When your addicted to Pokemon Go but Ball Is Life!

Music Credit: Pokemon Theme Song

PS: Phone is horizontal because tricks were hard and some were old footages lol
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Produced by Tunji Ige. Off The Love Project

Shot, Directed & Edited by Josh Goldenberg (@glassface_)

Starring Tunji Ige, Brooke Yen
Additional Footage shot by Rahil Ashruff
Makeup by Jehnins Serrano
Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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