Pop That Lock
Adam Lambert performances Pop That Lock (from Trespassing) with lyrics.
New song 2012

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LYRICS video for the FULL VERSION of POP THAT LOCK from Adam Lambert's new album, Trespassing, dropping May 15!
You can order Trespassing at http://www.adamofficial.com !

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Second recording test. Song (c) Adam Lambert
Game: SecondLife
Recorded using: Fraps
Thrown together in windows live movie maker.
Adam Lambert singing Pop That Lock in Paso Robles on 7/19/13, Mid State Fair<br/><br/>
еще тут http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz-wJ6Mv0hs
« banshee boys and dancey girls; get down »

I am proud to upload another collab with my friend Junior (Petrovasbite) we had worked on this on and off for about a couple of weeks or so but I really am glad we got to finishing it! I love working withh him he is so talented and deserves so much more subscribers then he already has

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JunJun Skylambert

Thank you for your incredible videos and to all the fans from Japan who have shot videos of the "We Are Glamily Tour"

Blake merged the three videos, used two auto tracks and enhanced the combined auto to create this enriched video.

Adam Lambert - We Are Glamily Tour in Tokyo Day3.

Adam Lambert performing Pop That Lock at Miami Pride April 14, 2013.
First live performance of Pop That Lock at OC Fair

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•Song: Adam Lambert - Pop That Lock
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еще тут http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CbCXVRcEVVA
taken by qiaoba
sorry for the low quality ,we can't post hq quality vids and pics before airing
HD выступление с песней pop that lock ранее было в группе {http://vk.com/video-7840306_163323868} с отвратительном звуке и качестве

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《今晚80后脱口秀》20130519 Adam Lambert 80 Talk Show - alidol 720p
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Adam Lambert sings 'Pop That Lock' from his brilliant album, Trespassing, at his #WeAreGlamily Tour at the Star Theatre, Singapore, on 8th March 2013!
What an AMAZING show from the best live singer/entertainer of this generation!
We love you so muchhh, Adam! :DDD

Off-focused from the middle of the song onwards as security made all the fans who rushed to the barricades near the stage at the start of the concert go back to our seats. :P
From Trespassing

Left, right, step up to the spotlight
Why you acting uptight?
I'm taking you to school, that's right
High, low, don't tell me you don't know how to ever let go
I'm taking you to school, that's right

Tonight we burn it all
Get hot, get tall
Yeah, we're lighter than air
You've got the key to your release
So pop that lock until you're lighter than air

If you wanna be it, you've got to dream
If you got the key then, baby, pop that lock
If you w
Adam Lambert's 'Pop That Lock' in chipmunk! Enjoy!

"If you got the key then baby, pop that lock..."

Hello guys. Soso here with the Collab from Jessica and me owo We hope you like it!

●Anime: Owa...
Adam Lambert "Pop That Lock", St.Petersburg 20.03.2013
Adam lambert performing at the Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne, 13.10.12
was an amazing day!

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Filmed from the front row at Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, Finland - March 22, 2013.<br/><br/>
2012 HTE Camp Dance
Choreography By: Carly Kingston Bryan O'Shea
Song: "Pop That Lock" by Adam Lambert

Dancers: 2012 - 2013 HTE Dance Staff
Jazz: Chelsie Fellows, Courtni Wedeman, Bethany Hebert, Ryan Garcia, Ashlee Hendrix, Skyla Brown, Emily Gassett
Hip Hop: Jaredd Martin, Shaq Mouton, Alicia Francis, Chelsea Casner, Margo Melancon, Melissa Burrus, Christian Simon

part 3 of 13 Shot from 4th Level - 1st row, using Canon Power Shot SXIS HD 35X optical zoom. Shot for personal enjoyment & to spread the awareness of this talented performing artist. no copyright infringement intended
Adam Lambert ON FIRE in Paso Robles, CA. July 19, 2013
Adam Lambert performing at Universal Orlando Summer Concert Series. June 29, 2013.

Adam Lambert's first solo concert in Singapore at The Star Theatre

By this point, I'm actually uploading this while sleeping. It is obviously shaky at Pop That Lock cos I love that song. So I was like: "Screw it! I'm gonna dance." And then after that I saw Adam dancing and I was like: "No, pay attention! Video his dance." So there. I think it was stable after that.

John deHaas's post on Vine https://vine.co/v/haeEDexA73X<br/><br/>
Adam Lambert performs "Pop That Lock" at Universal Studios Summer Concert Series. Orlando, FL 6/29/13
еще тут http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7hupeMCYAE<br/><br/>
Adam Lambert -We Are Glamily Tour in Japan-<br/><br/>
Adam Lambert performing Pop That Lock - 3 different segements - at Caulfield Cup in Melbourne Australia. Tommy Cam!
Uploading HD files for @Daisy_Roots . This video was shot by her.
Original video in lower quality on her Youtube
" Madeliefies "

Adam Lambert - MA, PTL
(LIVE in Seoul, Korea 2013)
Friday night at TC's ShowBar in Houston, Texas, on February 15, 2013, featuring our Host - Tanya Hyde, Rico Cavalli, Zinnya LaRue Whitney, Sebastian D Anthony, Jada Brooks, Keyona Cymone, and the wizard behind the curtain, our DJ - Michelle.
My phone camera didn't record it until half song. So bare with me
Workshop @ Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden
Концерт Адама Ламберта в Минске 15 марта 2013!<br/><br/>
Adam Lambert in Moscow
16.03.2013. Крокус Сити Холл
Adam Lambert Live in Jakarta - Pop That Lock - March 10, 2013<br/><br/>
Amazing video by jadelle11 and my audio track
Sourse of video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJxd4d46yxklist=UUTTyubP_X6OSLLVC74zBHcgindex=34
Vocal superstar, #1 Billboard album chartist, Grammy nominee and LGBT role-model & activist Adam Lambert wowed the massive audience at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL with a lively and exhilarating show.

Adam's sophomore album 'Trespassing' which debuted at #1 on Billboard upon its release can be purchased via:
iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trespassing-deluxe-version/id518854512
or Amazon http://amzn.com/B007ZVSHR0
Adam Lambert live at The Grand West Arena in Cape Town, South Africa, November 13th, 2012
TYFLMBMA = Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again
& I Got a Feelin mashup
Adam Lambert's We Are Glamily tour performed in Jakarta on 10th March, 2013 at Gandaria City. The songs are from Adam's fabulous 1st and 2nd albums, For Your Entertainment and Trespassing which you can buy at http://www.adamofficial.com
Pop That Lock @ Seoul We Are Glamily Tour
Sorry for the quality, it was like a war field in the first few rows.
Adam Lambert - We Are Glamily Tour in Kanazawa.
Adam Lambert POP THAT LOCK, at Fontainebleau Hotel, BleauLIVE, Miami. Nov. 30, 2013

Apologies for the somewhat distorted bass.
Adam Lambert - Pop That Lock (Live in HK 5.3.2013)
enjoy with this incredible performance admas voice is amazing!!!!!
Adam Lambert performing Pop 'n Lock at Summer Sonic (Tokyo) 2012. Chiba Makuhari Messe. August 18 2012
Him and his "Vajayjay girls" hahaha. Love him!
disclaimer i own nothing except the editing please comment and rate thanx xxx
Adam Lambert performs in Crocus City Hall, Moscow (Russia) during his WAG tour - 16 March 2013. Filmed from fan-zone.
Attention: on first song ther...
Videos of Adam Lambert from last night's concert!
Dotti J. shows you how to freestyle dance like a boss in this snippet from her hit record 'That Girl'. Be on the lookout for the full song to come...
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Adam Lambert - Pop That Lock
'We Are Glamily' Tour LIVE in Seoul, Korea 2013.02.17


1 section
Show Intro
01. If I Had You
02. Naked Love
03. Cuckoo
04. Never Close Our Eyes
05. Music Again
06. Pop That Lock
07. WWFM
2 Section
08. Chokehold
09. Broken English
10. Stay (Rihanna cover)
11. Underneath
12. Outlaws Of Love
3 Section
13. Kickin' In
14. For Your Entertainment
15. Fever
16. Dragon Attack&Shady
Sorry for the sound((
I don't own any rights, blah...:D

Vocal superstar, #1 Billboard album chartist, Grammy nominee, songwriter, actor and LGBT role-model & activist Adam Lambert returned to the Winstar Hotel and Casino to close out an extremely memorable 2013 with a high energy show in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd who'd travelled from far and wide.

Adam's sophomore album 'Trespassing' which debuted at #1 on Billboard upon its release in 2012 can be purchased via:
iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trespassing-deluxe-version/id518854512
знімала з голден фан-зони тому про якість відео взагалі не йдеться)проте передається та незабутня атмосфера яка була на концерті)<br/><br/>
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Adam Lambert at the Miami Fontainebleau - 11/30/13 - Pop That Lock and Banter<br/><br/>
Автор - ExtraordinaryWitches
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This was the first time I watched Adam Lambert perform live. I definitely enjoyed the show. He is an awesome entertainer. Great music, fun night!!!
Adam Lambert singing Pop That Lock from his new album Trespassing. Available for sale on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Trespassing-Adam-Lambert/dp/B006N9KFPC Adam leaves the stage about 3:01 for his outfit change and singers/band perform (includes a solo by Tommy Joe Ratliffe).

Video taken by me with my iphone (sorry, no zoom) at Winstar Casino, Thackerville, OK. Kind of far back and a bit shaky -- but at least the sound is good!
Footage taken by myself at Caulfield Guineas, Melbourne, Australia 13102012.
Apologies for shakiness, taken from 2nd row, squishy crowd and more movement on chorus as you will see. While the audio is a bit boom-box (near speakers) the vocal is flawless.
BEYOND awesome and EPIC vocal & performance, LOVE the choreography with the Vajajays. For purposes of promotion only. All rights reserved to Artist, Sony RCA, MRC, Songwriters.
Music: Adam Lambert &amp;quot;Pop that lock&amp;quot;. &lt;br&gt;We do not own this music, we just used it for inspiration only!&lt;br&gt;Смотрим 720р HD
Adam Lambert POP THAT LOCK (St.Petersburg, Russia, Ice Palace 20-03-2013)<br/><br/>