Концерт посвященный "Дню независимости РБ"
Provocation -

HEAR The Trumpet Call of the End of This Age! -


TAGS: Provocation, prophets, Holy One, prophesy, roaring lions, The Almighty, false glory, satan, pharisees, witnesses, Thus says The Lord, your Redeemer, sin, atheist, King, slave, womb, Father, SALVATION OF GOD, YAHUSHUA, HAMASHIACH, YAHUWAH, 144,000, holy elect, nations, seal, Living God, rapture, generation, wrath, Manna, SWORD, vicars of Christ, holy convocation, Eve, Adam, JUDAS, God, Bible, scripture, prophet, love, wilderness, remnant, remnant church, churches, Jesus Christ, Letters, Trumpet Call of God, Rebuke, Testament

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Calvin Klein presents Alexander Skarsgård in Provocations, with Suvi Koponen for our Spring 2013 campaign. A film by Fabien Baron. Featuring "Og Lengra" composed by Olafur Arnalds.


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Music: Gang Mode – Sorrow (Dubstep)