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"The Road Trip and the Trip" Chapter 1 of 2 Lifetime and Salazar traveled over 3000 miles via van, boat, and foot. This is the first in a two pa...
Равнодушен к Бекхэму, но неплохо
Ну и Харт хорош!
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So Cal Euro Road Trip with LTMW x CrooksnCastles,

Original Video (for the people who can't watch it here) -

Just Blaze & Baauer - Higher (feat. JAY Z)

These are the highlights of our 5 hour drive from El Monte CA - San Diego CA

The route consi
***STAY TUNED AFTER THE CREDITS!*** So Cal Euro Road Trip with LTMW x CrooksnCastles, These are the highlights of our 5 hour drive from El Monte CA - San Diego CA The route consists of local canyon roads and highways. Shot and Produced by Dionne Mascunana Film Studios. #1 Tire Brand: Photos at: Clothing: Auto Shop: VIDEO GEAR Rented at: Follow us on Instagram:
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip 2 (2014) Full Movie
Watch Now :
Movie Synopsis:
In 2013 Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond embarked on what they hoped would be the perfect road trip. It started well and ended, quite frankly, very badly. Unbowed, the Top Gear pair are back for another crack and this time they're hoping to avoid inconveniences like apprehension by the French police. Welcome, then, to The Perfect Road Trip... 2. Once again, Clarkson and Hammond are seeking joy and perfection wherever it may be with a range of fast, beautiful and exciting cars unleashed on glorious roads amongst gorgeous scenery and drenched in Mediterranean sunshine. As part of their arduous research into perfection, the duo will also undertake some ridiculous challenges and hilarious stunts culminating in a strangely literal car race on the island of Capri. Top Gear - The Perfect Road Trip 2. This time it really is perfect. Except for the bits that aren't.
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip 2 in HD 1
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip (2013) Full Movie
Watch Now :
Movie Synopsis:
The aim: to select the ideal mode of transport for each leg of a pilgrimage from Venice, Italy to Pau in France – home to a legendary street circuit and the origins of Grand Prix racing. On the way we prepare by taking to the track at Monza – the home of Italian Formula One. We try to get noticed on the road course in Monaco in a Bugatti, a Lamborghini and a Model T Ford. After cruising the canals in Venice we take to the tarmac and things look good - thanks to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Mercedes SLS Black. Throw in a Pagani Huayra, Porsche Cayman S and a GT3 as well as the Aston Martin Vanquish centenary edition, Bentley V8 convertible, Rolls Royce Phantom coupe and the face-bending BAC Mono all seems pretty perfect to us.
Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip in HD 1080p, Watch Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip in HD, Watch Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip online, Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip Full Movie, Wa
we went on a road trip idk what else really


Last Week's Video -
In 1924 a challenge was given J.G Parry Thomas in his 135mph 1922 Leyland–Thomas Special to Frenchman Rene Thomas in his 143mph 1923 Delage DHV12...
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You know it's not your typical trip when you're surrounded by whales, penguins and the desert. Simply put, Patagonia is a majestic region. It stretches along the south of Chile and Argentina and runs from mountain ranges filled with snow and pristine lakes, to the deserted coast that lies about 1,000km away. An adventurous crew of skaters, Marius Syvanen, Thaynan Costa, Spiro Razis, Josef Scott and Christian Bica jumped at the opportunity for a Pat
NFS The Run decided to be an off-road game. Who am I to tell it otherwise?

Sick of YouTube? You can find me on Vidme too!
One of the biggest adventure of my life!

The USA road trip from New-York to Los Angeles. It was really cool time full of great moments.

Big tha...
27.12.16. The road Trip (480p).

Трасса: Сыропятское - Омск.

Track: God Is An Astronaut - A Deafening Distance
●The Beautiful Nature of Canada GoPro HERO 4 Canada Road Trip In 4K ● This was one of the most beautiful holidays I have ever made. Canada has ...

Mono 500 is the only travel agency offering unique and original motorcycle tours in Ecuador on board the legendary Royal Enfield Classic 500. Julia...
2,000 miles of road covered, two crews, and two buses. The Caliber and Arbor teams caravanned up the coast of the Pacific Northwest skating anythin...

Short Video made during an off-road bicycle trip with the Aevon single wheeled trailers in the Morvan (France).
All the images were turned during a travel, it means in real conditions and with a real weight (between 20 and 30 Kg in each trailer).
Guy Rescues Puppies On Road Trip | This guy was on a road trip when he found 2 abandoned puppies in the desert 🐶💕🐶

Video by: Eli Ralston...
The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243 kilometre stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. My brother...
A wakeboarding road trip across the Carolinas, USA. | Carolina Crossing @coub
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Сериал Конец ***го мира / The End of the F***ing World
In February 2015, BMW Canada and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts brought together 5 Canadian Athletes and Photographers to experience the Ultimate Rockie...

Going on a road trip with the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé through California and the South-West of the US was a dream that became reality for André Josselin. He could finally see all these places with his own eyes which he had only seen on television or in video games before. The video shows his trip as he zig-zagged across the golden state and explored the great outdoors.

Read all about the GLE Coupé:

Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz:

Going on a road trip with the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé through California and the South-West of the US was a dream that became reality for André Josselin. He could finally see all these places with his own eyes which he had only seen on television or in video games before. The video shows his trip as he zig-zagged across the golden state and explored the great outdoors.

Read all about the GLE Coupé:

Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz:
Wexler's is Los Angeles' premiere pastrami joint and in our first episode of Eater's Open Road, we journey to Santa Monica's best tribute to Jewish...
Samuel L. Jackson admits he used to practice "What's in your wallet?" before becoming a Capital One spokesman and discusses his Oscar-nominated doc...
Road trip to the border of the Chernobyl exclusion zone on Hyosung xrx 125. Kiev-Karpilovka-Kiev. 240 km.
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Take an inside look into the Warriors' two-game losing streak after Kevin Durant's injury as Golden State gets set to face the Knicks.
Telescopic Camper Van
Road trips will never be the same again

Credit: Viral thread
Путешествие через всю Японию, на старенькой Тойота Королла АЕ86 80-ых годов.
РЕКОМЕНДУЮ – мода. – видеоупражнения. – видеоуроки причесок. – видеоуроки макияжа. – дети и пушистики. – книги и фильмы. – мода. – love. – работы художников. – английский. – видео с операций.
31 McLaren road cars, 2000km of amazing roads, one glacier and two racetracks.

Welcome to McLaren's Epic New Zealand Tour

Read more here - http:...
Driving through the heart of the Australian Outback in a land cruiser named Rodney. Heat, wildlife and a passion for adventure. Together with 6 fri...

Road Trip #2
June 2016
Day 3
Part 1
Mt Pleasant, Utah
Timberline Range Camps

The RECON is a new p...
Video by Federico Casanova

The Spirit of the Beehive "pleasure suck" LP/CD/Digital out 3/24/17 on Tiny Engines

TE Store:
DAY 1350 // 6th March 2017 // Los Angeles, California

Get ready Felix and Sally’s movie Expedition happiness Expedition Happiness


РЕКОМЕНДУЮ: – мода – бесплатный рацион пп на день – хорошее настроение – видеоуроки макияжа – дети и пушистики – книги и фильмы – мода – love – работы художников – английский
#My600lbLife | Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC
Tracey begins the journey to Houston for treatment.
Streaming FREE on TLC GO:

The latest edit from Nash consultants Samir and Claire from a recent trip to tackle the French Pyrenees mountains! Enjoy!
What can you see in one week in California? Quite a lot! Taking advantage of a week off work, I grabbed some friends and headed up north to road t...
On 1st November, we started our journey from Shimla to the remote Pangi valley in Chamba.

The usual route via Saach pass was closed for the season, so we had to take the more longer and more dangerous route via Kishtwar, Kashmir.

There is a 6km patch near Tyari that is so dangerous and rough, that you can't take a small car on it. It is so narrow that no busses and trucks drive on this road. The road after Tyari is so rough, that it took us 4 hours to cover the last 30kms.

Despite the dangerous patch
Путешествие по США в сентябре 2016 года. Мы посетили, наверное, все самые красивые и знаменитые места в этой большой стране: Нью-Йорк, Лос-Анджелес, Лас-Вегас, каньон Антилопы, Долину Монументов, Великий Каньон и Брайс-каньон, Йосемити и Йеллоустоун. Вернемся туда в сентябре 2017, присоединяйтесь!
DAY 1351 // 7th March 2017 // Somewhere in Mexico

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A 12 day motorcycle trip of approx. 4000 km all around Ireland.
Visiting all the famous touristic places.
The Last of Us для бедных = ROAD TRIP [Не вышло #19]
TUNISIA - The Road Trip. As some of you may know, I have just recently got home from an 11 day road trip around the beautiful country, Tunisia- I hope you enjoy this after movie! ( I did attempt to upload this an hour ago, but the song doesn't work in the U.K - hence why no one could watch the video AAHHH! So here's my second best song for this movie haha) I really hope you enjoy it guys, I loved this trip so much! - Read more about my road trip tonight @

F O L L O W . M E . //

РЕКОМЕНДУЮ – мода. – видеоупражнения. – видеоуроки причесок. – видеоуроки макияжа. – дети и пушистики. – книги и фильмы. – мода. – love. – работы художников. – английский. – видео с операций.
Beautiful Vistas, great music, and a lot of speed (on the highway). Driving the Focus from New Orleans to Detroit. More details below...

▼I am driving the Ford Focus Street Spec this time. Because I got sick of the soft suspensions of the Dirt Spec one.
The Focus is one of the most enjoyable cars to drive in the whole game. And I am using a steering wheel now and not the controller. So sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!

▼The Crew is a massive multiplayer racing game. You can spend hours on it just drivin – 866-267-5133
If you are in the market for a budget friendly low mile class C motor home that is perfect for long cross country family adventures look no further you have found it! With a big ole slide in the living you have plenty of room to relax in comfort after a full day of fun and excitement. Just imagine all of the many adventures you and the family will have traveling in style and comfort. Now that you are fully self contained with holding tanks for fresh/waste water, two way po
Paul McCartney and Neil Young perform the Beatles Wh Don't We Do It in the Road live at Desert Trip in Indio Ca on October 8, 2016
Great American Road Trip - Day 51
We have an early morning and make our way through the iconic Keys, zipping through the islands and bridges that connect to the Southern tip of Florida. We head to a diving centre where we gear up for an awe-inspiring diving adventure just 25 minutes out by boat. After some much needed underwater exploration, we cap the long day with a great meal.


Hey everyone! I decided to do a silly "Where the Hell is Matt?" style video, dancing silly at all the major locations I stopped at on my road trip vacation. It was tons of fun! If you don't know who Matt Harding is, you gotta check out his fun dancing videos here: they are beautiful!

Highway 375 to Area 51, Nevada
Hoover Dam, Arizona/Nevada border
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona (with special guest dancer Siskmarek "Tailpoof!")
Check out our road trip movie from Norway! Amazing trip with the 25 cars and 50 people.
Starring: Me, Alexander, Einar, Nico, Huda​, Shay​, Aron​, DJ Ninja, Robin​, Tony​, Tim​, Håvard​, AJ, Tommy​, Hege​, Mika​, Hanna​, Teemu​, Heidi, Antti​, Ville​, Borys​, Ingrid Marie​, Osku​, Jenna​, Toni​, Jenni​, Jason​, Ben​, Mika, Johanna​, Lasse​, Laura​, Andreas​, Topias​, Sebastian​, Pauliina​, Stefan​, Mikko​, Bård​, Felix​, Daniel​, Anders​, Kiki,​ Tormi​, Hans-Magnus​, Black Bull Power Team, Skjerven Racing I Team43, Team68, My3000miles lifestyle media, Battery Energy Drink, WrapZone, Autoxo & Fitnessguru.
Music: Young Hearts by Strange Talk
Shot 100% with Sony's Action Cam

#SonyActionCam #ProveYourself #DreamCapture

Action Cam by Sony Presents: Dream Capture -- Episode I "Trail Crawl"

Buying a Model S or Model X before October 15, 2016? Please use my owner referral code for an instant $1000 discount off of your purchase.

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Another road trip and a real life look at what its like to travel with a full family over 800 miles in a weekend.

Buying a Model S or Model X before October 15, 2016? Please use my owner referral code for an instant $1000 discount off of your purchase.

What happens when you put NPGL athletes Danny Nichols (Phoenix Rise, 2015 NPGL MVP) and Amy Dracup (DC Brawlers) in a car and head to the FOX13 TV studio in Salt Lake City?

Check out this latest episode of Behind the GRID for some singing, some kicking and plenty of road trip fun.

Angel Cardenas brings you behind the scenes during the National Pro GRID League's 2016 season. Register for an account on GRID TV ( to keep up with what's happening Behind the GRID and to watch the matches live
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We are working on a web series that documents our research into the thylacine.
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видео группы "'BOYS BANDS'' - здесь всё о ваших любимчиках!"
The band prepares for a camping trip, but can they figure out how to set up their tent?

Official Site:

Like Disney C...
Great American Road Trip - Day 60
We depart Daytona Beach and head 2 hours inland in Florida to hidden gem called the Devil's Den. It's subterranean spring inside a dry cave where you can snorkel and scuba dive. This place supposedly has the remains of animals from the Pleistocene Age (over +2M years ago). If you travel through Florida, you MUST experience this incredible world wonder for yourself.

HUGE THANKS to the Devil's Den Spring!

HUGE THANKS to Daytona Beach for hosting
Inside The Five Road Trip Bus Fox News & Election 2016
Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton The Road to the Election, the battle before the RNC what to expect from the GOP platform hearing. Kris Kobach Kansas secretary of State & GOP delegate, Platform Preview a look at upcoming changes in GOP policy OUT IN THE OPEN unlike dems, GOP hearing is public
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1 Guy, 1 Car, 1 Month, 10 States and 10.000 Kilometers. Filmed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona & C...
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How do you have family day out without a family? It’s easy when you have phone number of biggest child star on planet.

Take your little one, or ...

Why Don't We Do It In The Road - Paul McCartney w/ Neil Young
Desert Trip
Empire Polo Grounds
Indio, California
October 15, 2016
Great American Road Trip - Day 52
We start our day nice and early at Islamorada in the Florida Keys, and set off on Robbie's Party Boat for a fishing trip. We may not have caught a swordfish but we did have a total blast. Afterwards, we hung around the pier to fight the pelicans and feed the massive tarpon.


VOTE WHERE WE GO and Leave a Comment if you have a suggestion on where we should visit next!

Victoria's High Country is Australia's leading mountain bike region, and with seven great destinations to visit, it makes for the ultimate mountain...
A cinematic video showing our epic journey on the Iceland ring road. My Equipment*: ►Camera: ►Drone:
Jimmy chats with members of the audience and asks The Roots to improv songs about them on the spot.

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In collaboration with AllSaints, Matteo Montanari heads up the Florida coast with a pair of blondes.
Sure, they’re doing a singalong in the other car, but check out all this old cold coffee in my cupholder! Eh? EH?

See more http://www.collegehum...
H&M Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham featuring Kevin Hart (English + Indonesian Subtitle)

Sebuah film pendek berjudul "Perjalanan" dar...
Parks Bonifay, Mike Dowdy, and Steel Lafferty team up in Carolina Crossing to take a road trip across the Carolinas hitting winch spots, epic boat ...
Located in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon offers the perfect blend of lakes, beaches, mountains, canyons, and exciting nightlife. There's no wonder why Oregon's tourism industry is booming; there's truly something for everyone.
One of the highlights of the 2012 RC Road Trip was getting to meet world class RC helicopter pilot Nick Maxwell.

We were fortunate enough to be ab...
This spring, writer and filmmaker Brendan Leonard embarked on a classic western road trip with his girlfriend in the new, all-electric Tesla Model ...
A cinematic short, capturing the journey of friends from Melbourne to Perth in the epic converted school bus that is Road 2 Adventure. I wanted...
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A home video of me and my gal, Tina, road-tripping from Phoenix, Arizona to Banff, Canada.

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Come along on this epic road trip from Los Angeles California to Seattle Washington in the AutoEdit Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU!
This adventure was i...
As America becomes more and more multicultural, Rich Benjamin noticed a phenomenon: Some communities were actually getting less diverse. So he got ...
The forth book in Eric Morse's (William Pattison's) Camp Crystal Lake Series. A Group of Football players and cheerleaders have their van break dow...
Four Seasons Hotels Milano, Firenze and Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel, invite you to live the dream road trip holiday combining ...
Karl returns to New Zealand for a 7 week road trip, backpacking around both the North and South Island.

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Starring Leo Romero, Corey Glick, Dakota Servold, Dylan Witkin and Aaron "Jaws" Homoki.
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Welcome to the new episode of the trip to Hammerfest. We're moving up to the first unload destination. To get there, we've to cross the famous Atlantic Road!

Atlantic Road piece starts at 00:20:45

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Hit My Soul

Adventures by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music released by Argofox
Music provided by Audio Library



Jim Yosef - Canary [NCS Release]
Link to the music: https://you
The Portland Trail Blazers hit the road over the Thanksgiving week, amassing a 4-1 record with wins over the Grizzlies, Nets, Wizards and Knicks. C...
Kai Lewis, famous for his 12 perfect accents on a bus in England has come to Australia and visited morning Tv to do some more accents

In the northeast region of Kazakhstan, near the Russian border, sits a stretch of land where the Soviet Union spent years testing the atomic bomb. ...
My music...
A tour of our Ulitmate Road Trip Vehicle-

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David Beckham and Kevin Hart are back to present the pieces from the H&M Modern Essentials collection for autumn 2016.
This year I decided last minute to do a CORT edit and ended up with over 100 clips to filter through. Filming sessions like these has always been f...
Road Trip around the World in 6 Minutes.
Includes scenes from United States, Brazil, Spain, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Australia ( 5 Continents )
There was some heavy rain on the final day of our road trip to Scotland, but we wanted to see Loch Lomond before embarking on the long car journey ...
SUP Cross is intense. Need proof? Check out this highlight reel of the SUP Cross at the GoPro Mountain Games, filmed and edited by Tom Hanny. Addit...
Discover the beautiful Tasmania, come with us on the road! What to do in Tasmania? What to see in Tassie? Find answers with our personal travel iti...
The villages we are pass are: Stavalj, Brnjica, Duga Poljana, Drazevice, Zitnice, Kamesnica, Raskovice, Aliverovice, Bacica, Tocilovo, Arapovice, M...
We had a whole day to enjoy the capital city of Scotland - Edinburgh. To start the day, we embarked on an early walk along the Royal Mile and explo...
You know that thing they say about how men don't listen and women can't read maps? It's true. You'll find out how much you really love someone only...
23.8k Likes, 292 Comments - Keiynan Lonsdale 🥀 (@keiynanlonsdale) on Instagram: “Day 4 on the road trip. Making up words and noises @itsjordan...
Для Сотрудничества:
Тел./WhatsApp: +7757111101
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Another year playing in the mountains with friends. This year everybody was on different schedules so it was tough to get clips of everybody, but I...

Road trip through USA's incredible national parks. Join us on a 2 week journey through some of the most beautiful places in the world out through Z...

Brie appreciates Auntie Coco's help on the road trip as they share a glass of wine.Subscribe to The Bella Twins on YouTube -
The Twins bring Birdie along for an epic trip to San Diego for family vacation time. Subscribe to The Bella Twins on YouTube -
​DAY 1424 // 25TH JUNE 2017 // Los Angeles, California

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Two Traveler editors criss-cross the Highlands, from Orkney and Inverness in the north out west to the Isles of Mull and Skye, and eventually down ...
Going on a road trip with the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé through California and the South-West of the US was a dream that became reality for André J...
In this week's video I go on a road trip with 2 of my best friends to one of the last Traitors' shows ever! Watch Tyler, Logan & I adventure down t...
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История о том, как создатели Obscure и OBSCURE The Aftermath в 2009 году делали гибрид The Last of Us и S...

Broke ankle very badly. Had surgery. Just posting a video of how hard it is to get around.

It is going to be tough to get back to training legs ...
being on the road, camping for a night, and finally making it to the ocean~

as i sit in my bed here in california, i'm filled with an overwhelming...
A selection of clips from our road trip around the South Island of New Zealand. Featuring in no particular order: Lake Tekapo, Mt.Cook, Farewell Sp...
This guy's road trip went viral when he found two puppies in the desert — now they're so BIG and going on the best adventures. Check out the orig...
Jimmy chats with members of the audience and asks The Roots to improv songs about them on the spot.

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