L - Synchronicity. 😍✌ #Larry #LarryIsReal #OneDirection #HarryStyles #LiamPayne #LouisTomlinson #NiallHoran #ZaynMalik #1D #Directioners #Perfect #MadeInTheAM
Louis is jealous of Harry 😉 L a r r y 💜

#OneDirection #HarryStyles #Larry #LiamPayne #LouisTomlinson #Lirry #NiallHoran #ZaynMalil #1D #Directioners #MadeInTheAM #OTRA
L - Synchronicity 💜

#OneDirection #HarryStyles #NiallHoran #LiamPayne #LouisTomlinson #1D #Directioners #Larry #HarryGirl #THM #OTRA
O M G !!! 😻💜 #OneDirection #HarryStyles #Larry #LouisTomlinson #LiamPayne #NiallHoran #ZaynMalik #1D #Directioners #WhatMakesYouBeautiful #OTRA
This is Llllll Night Changes and then Louis "Which one?" 😄💜 #Larry #OneDirection #HarryStyles #LiamPayne #LouisTomlinson #NiallHoran #1D #Directioners #NightChanges #OTRA
I Loved you first.. 💜 #Larry 😍😉 #HarryStyles #LouisTomlinson #OneDirection #LiamPayne #NiallHoran #ZaynMalik #1D #Directioners #LovedYouFirst
😄😂 #Larry 💜 #HarryStyles #LouisTomlinson #OneDirection #LiamPayne #NiallHoran #ZaynMalik #1D #Directioners
Just to be clear: of course it's not a moment but the biggest proof (to me) that shows that Modest controls them and that H and L can't act and do what they want on stage/in public with each other...

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life is beautiful in HD.
i love this bromance theyre so freakin cute!!
totally love Gotta be you video..so
enJoy;comment;rate;subb :-)

Harry Styles & Louis Tomlison Confront Dating Rumors - Larry Stylinson!
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One Direction's Harry Styles and Louie Tomlinson continue to fight off dating rumors —are people taking it too far?

So this rumor has been going on too darn long and while tons of Directioners are fed up with it... so are the boys! If you're unfamiliar — here's the breakdown.
Hope you like it :3
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PART 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AwHQ7wwRwQ

Too much videos in this month, but I love these two so much ;)
Harry Styles + Louis Tomlinson
Larry Stylinson
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"I would wait a lifetime for you."

●Harry + Louis || Wait A Lifetime For You
My third Larry video! And L...
Hi, guys! I know that my the first video is horror. I'm not cry, I'll try to do better :)x
Thank you, mom(Stas Velum) and my Lou. x
Stay strong. x

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Sexual Tension bonus material. I couldn't fit all the footage into YouTube's 15 min limit so here's the...
Katy Perry - Part Of Me KatyPerryVEVO Drake ft. RIhanna - Take care HQ (with lyrics) Jekamuu Drake - The Motto (Edited) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga s RihannaVEVO LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It Home ft. Neon Hitch [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Fueled By Ramen Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj) madonna Katy Perry - The One That Got Away KatyPerryVEVO Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as in Paris Music Video PullTheFireAlarm Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (Lyric Video) Jason MrazLMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, G
HD&small screen, please*
I really don't know what it is. Oh.. I've got so many feelings after finishing it. I put a lot of emotions and energy into this video. So I hope you enjoy it. Stay alive x

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There is a fun and cheeky Larry video. Recently i've found my oldest Larry editting and decided to complete it. Watch in HD & enjoy it xx

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I own nothing but the editing.
Another one! Hope you guys like it! Comment down below suggestions of how I should make my next Harry and Louis Sims video!

mehz x

Louis and Harry always had a rough relationship. They fought all the time, and one day, Harry decides to change it. He loved Louis just as much as Louis loved him. So out of regret and because Harry loved Louis a lot, he proposes. A few months after their wedding, they find out Louis has a serious heart disease. While Louis was making food one day, he fainted. Afte
Based on my one-shot I Knew You Were Trouble, which will be posted on my wattpad soon.
Stay tuned till it's uploaded! xx

It is a compilation of recent images and videos that are on his official channel OneDirectionVEVO, all alluding to the relationship ♥ Larry Stylinson ♥ This video was made in order to promote the album Up All Night. The song is One Direction: Na Na Na
Es una recopilación de imágenes y de los últimos videos que están en su canal oficial OneDirectionVEVO, todo alusivo a la relación ♥ Larry Stylinson ♥ A todos los fans de esta pareja, favor de suscribirse :D pronto voy
Harry singing The way you are and teenage dream to Louis :)
x HD&small screen, please x

#harrylouyear They are absolutely awesome and cheerful! These guys always make me smile (okay sometimes I am a bit depressed because of them heh) Especially, I like their interactions with each other. (I wish we'll get more larry moments in 2015) So here are some my favorite funny moments from 2014 and some unmemorable ones from 2013 yeah:) *the beginning is not considered* They are the bestest yyyas! Enjoy!

If you have any problems with watching go to the below link. http://st
This video is meant for entertainment purposes. I'm well aware that Louis is not getting it with Eleanor. Louis and his glorious butt belong to Harry! ;)
A new vido i hope you like, like and coment please!!

Они не геи, если кто-то подумает.
У них очень хорошая, крепкая и взаимная дружба:D
замечательное видео.
хочется пересматривать вечно.
люблю вас, мальчики.
Louis' mom said on twitter that this is her favorite Larry video and she retweeted this video. :) Link to her tweets: http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h399/moniczkaH/louismom5.jpg Louis' mom also favorited this video. :) link:

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First Song: "When I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus
Second Song: "Look After You" (Cover) by Louis Tomlinson. (Original Song i
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First song is: "More Than This" by One Direction
Second song is: "Moments" by One Direction<br/><br/>
My video for the bromance of HarryLouis :D

my first Larry video because they are my new favorite ship in the entire world XD
it's really short and it sucks, but like i said, it's my first video about them, so i obviously don't have a lot of clips downloaded, etc. etc. ;)

it's been a while..........how is everyone doing??? ;D i can't wait for the halloween episode of PLL!!!!!!!!!! lol, it's on my little sister's birthday, but pretty little liars is more important, right??

NO HATE! all hate comments WILL be deleted, so don't was
larry stylinson part in NML interview


** I'm not sure if it's true or not but multiple people have told me that Lauren (The Host) got Yelled at by management after this interview for asking about Larry.

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Hope you enjoy it. :)

Watch in HD.
See ya.
All the love. xx

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original audio (cover): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_av...
Harry & Louis (Larry Stylinson) – Sexual Tension

Watch in HD + headphones.



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- Ray LaMontagne - You Are The Best Thing
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This is long overdue.
A funny video about the sexual tension between Harry and Louis ;) This ship is driving me crazy :)
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Watch in 720p with headphones on!


This is my last edit before my FINAL exam. Wish me good luck *cries in spanish*


como andan? recuperándose de Torn? (me llore la vida) Ansiosos por mitam?! Bueno les recuerdo que falta solo un día :) :) :)
es increíble lo rápido que pasa el tiempo, parece ayer que lo anunciaban.
En finnnn, este me lo pidieron bastante, y prometí subirlo lo antes que pueda, perdón por hacerlos esperar tanto u.u

El otro dia pasamos los 8500 suscriptores!!! Gracias en serio, es muy loco todo. Pero me alegro que les gusten los videos y sus comentarios siempre me sacan una sonrisa, GRACIAS!

Hasta el

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Okay, it's my double three! I'll try to do better!
Thank u, my mom(Stas Velum) and my Lou. x
Stay strong.x
*HD, pleasse!
*Thank you for watching this!
I hope, that 2016 year will bring you only the good moments.x
Thank you, my mom(STAS VELUM) and MY LOU!

To be loved and to be in love.х
Noboby can drag us down.x

Подписывайтесь на крутой канал, там классные видео:)
«Yeah, you said "Hi" and since that day,
You stole my heart and you're the one to blame.»

Yeah... Everybody knows the reason why Louis smiles genuinely?)
xx watch in HD & I hope u enjoy it xx

This video was blocked for Germany *through 1 year* -_- So… Here is an available version for u

Audio credit : It's not now when - Incubus
HD, please.
Oh, holy Kevin, I've almost cried, when I saw the result of my work. Uhm, yeah, maybe I'm too sentimental.

song: PM me :)
For your viewing pleasure..Harry and Louis hugging.. Looks like Harry blows Louis a kiss.. Look at his lips when he pulls away.. 😘
Hola perver!!! oh sii!! un año mas vieja, no te preocupes aun eres sensual!! xD sabes que ando en semana de parciales.. Eres muy salada y con todos los trabajos que tengo apenas y puedo dormir aparte que estoy muy comprometida con mis trabajos!! es mi último año y lo estoy disfrutando o me estas torturando en fin!! Espero que pases un hermoso cumpleaños no sé cómo carajos te volviste fan de estos muchachos sensuales!! Pero cuando me mandas tus testamentos me das miedo!! xD en el min 01:12 prácticamente qued

audio credit : www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfmXVspozYQ&list=LLJuZtxoVStIYkBQT_7iwECg&index=17