Piano: Arian Kermanchi
Saxophone: Konstantin Kogut
Совместный кавер вместе с Arian Kermanchi из Финляндии !!
Мое первое видео. Надеюсь вам понравится.
savaracharissa requested this song when I had already started covering it! It's the official vocal version of the popular "River flows in you" (commonly and erroneously associated with Twilight), by Yiruma, originally sung by Ruvin.

I couldn't find the sheet music of the vocal version, so I used the original version to sing this, I hope you don't mind! xD
The song is mostly in Korean so forgive my pronunciation mistakes x_x

I hope you like it! (Ignore the 1080 HD button, there's no way this is an HD video xD, but Youtube was acting weirdly and this was the only format that got accepted D:)

Neoreul wihan gili hana ittdamyeon,
geugeon jigeum baro neo ane isseo,
geureohkedo gyeondyeonaelsu ittdamyeon,
geugose neoeui modeun geol mat gyeo bwa,
holding you,holding you,it's in you River flows in you,
cheoncheonhi deo cheoncheonhi nae mamsoge g
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As usual, there's a surprise at the end. See if you can recognize it!

http://music-uroki.com/song_view Урок игры на фортепиано композиции корейского композитора Yiruma - River flows in you.

Полная версия урока http://music-uroki.com/piano_hit

Ноты River flows in you http://music-uroki.com/beauty_music/beauty_fortepiano/node/129
River Flows in You - Yiruma
Piano arrangement and video by Jonathan Paul.
I hope you enjoy my version of this song =)

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There are no words to describe it... it`s just Yiruma!
Yiruma - River Flows in You(cover by Kyle Landry)
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River flows in you (Yiruma)
Исполняет: Ярощук Слава
Преподаватель: Бабчинская М.А.<br/><br/>
My interpretation of "River Flows In You" by Yiruma
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Odświeżona interpretacja utworu Yirum'y, tym razem inny instrument niż zwykle. :)
Oceń, skomentuj i zasubskrybuj ten kanał by być na bieżąco z każdym kolejnym nagraniem! Dzięki! :)

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