Corey Taylor does a cover of Alice in Chain's Nutshell at the KOMP Studios in Las Vegas

Видео группы - Игра на гитаре [акустика]
alice in chains nutshell (tapping bass vocal cover) by Hajar me, thanks for your comment :)
Оne of my favorite bands of all time, and one of the best rock ballads ever. R.I.P Layne Staley/Mike Starr. P.S. Don't take drugs!!!
Eric Anthony singing and playing Nutshell by Alice in Chains / Aaron Lewis

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обрезать видео не умею, переворачивать тоже (хотя в контактике можно ето сделать при просмотре)
I finally got around to doing another AIC cover of one of my favorites. I changed a few things because I believe if your going to cover a song you should do it as a tribute and add a little of yourself into it.

качество не очень)
пьяные фальшивые песни)
Nutshell - Alice In Chains cover by Elektra

Страница Godsmack:

Show do Sully Erna (Godsmack) 6/14/08
LED WIND в арт-пабі "High Hopes" 27.04.13
Acoustic cover of the Alice In Chains song "Nutshell"

The New Revival
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My cover of this amazing song
Alice in Chains - Nutshell - Cover - Acoustic - Unplugged

Performed by:

Blazej Lominski - Vocals
Jan Schweigler - Drums
Dennis Ficon - Bass
Roman Gatzka - Lead Guitar
Thomas Sladek - Acoustic Guitar


Вчимо дітей та дорослих грати РОК!
Запис на заняття:
Електро-гітара, Бас, Ударні, Клавіши, Вокал, Екстрим-вокал.

Київ, вул. Верхній Вал, 66
10 хв. від ст.метро "Контрактова Площа"
22.08 | UNPLUGGED ROCK SHOW | "Колесо"
Saliva performing Nutshell (Alice in Chains cover) to a sold out crowd at Hard Times Café in Hagerstown, MD on March 22, 2014.

Silent Lanes tribute to Alice in Chains
"If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead" (с)

Hi guys!

It's the cover i've done with friends. They're musicians that i've played before in some bands, and they fuckin' rock!

Playing the bass, Carlos Rebolledo (aká, youtube user beerthirst)
Playing the guitars, Edgardo Huaracán (aká, youtube user eduvai)
And the vocals, by myself César Vigouroux (acá, barlowned)

We're starting to do covers like this, and we want to add drums to the videos! SO, if you're a drummer and you wanna play with us,m just ask and show us what you have!
The beautiful closing solo in the song "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains, from the unforgettable album "Jar of Flies". R.I.P Layne Staley, your music is not forgotten.

Аліса в кайданах - Горіхова ти скоролупа!
такоє. як для початку - пакатіт.
Layne Staley - Tribute Concert, August 23, 2008
Video recorded in 20/jan/2011 with a Nokia model N95. The audio was recorded with an audio interface Edirol model UA4-FX, a microphone Behirnger model C-1, and edited in the Sonar software. The addition of audio and video was done with the software VideoPad. The acoustic guitar is a Vogga model VCK401NA.

Vídeo gravado em 20/jan/2011 com um celular Nokia modelo N95. O audio foi gravado com uma interface de audio Edirol modelo UA4-FX, um microfone Behirnger modelo C-1, e editado no software Sonar. A junção do audio e vídeo foi feita com o software VideoPad. O violão é um Vogga modelo VCK401NA.

моя кавер версия знаменитой песни выдающейся группы
21.04.2010 УрФУ, Екб
спасибо Настеньке Мишовой за съёмку)

[11:06:08 PM] Leslie J. Bialik:
Well, it's definitely you singing, it's your voice, for sure, but you sing it like Layne does. It's weird. I mean that in a good way. You throw some of your own stuff in there once in a while, but it's mostly Layne's version. But with your vocal "stylings". :D
Кавер исполнен 20 декабря на концерте группы Alley, приуроченном к выходу альбома The Weed
Lyrics are a little switched around but they are all there :)
SEETHER - Music Videos, High Quality Live Performances, Live Acoustic, Seether in Studio , Interviews:
Michael covering Alice in Chains "Nutshell".

Моё бездарное исолнение одной из любимейших песен ever.
From 1994's Jar of Flies.
Tutorial -
sheets are on my site -

...а чем ещё ночью на работе заняться? Соло в расширеной/концертной версии Jerry Cantrell доставляет, угумс...
Sully Erna of Godsmack performing Nutshell (Alice In Chains cover) live at The Paramount Huntington NY 4-1-12. For more rock/metal videos and news check out CrypticRock at and like the page for updates.
All credit to Alice in Chains

Rip Layne Staley
Very simple song, but it has such a powerful feel to it. This song brings back some great memories.........

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Shit! when I sang this beautiful song. I have not heard myself (((
Artist: Corey Taylor
Venue: House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA
Tour: You're Making Me Hate You
Year: Jul 19, 2015

Alice in Chains is one of the bands that most influenced me. You can hear it throughout my own songs and voice especially. I once did a cover for "Nutshell" back in 2010, but never actually liked it. Now with all my gear I decided to give it a shot and create something as powerful and melodic as the original version, but at the same time do it my own way. I wish these days music was as good as it used to be. With my deepest respect for Layne and the guys from AiC. Whoever's watching this - hope you all like
Seether performing a cover of "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains. Taken on November 18, 2008 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Enjoy!
Everyone who want's a mp3 of this awesome cover, feel free to load.
just click on the white download box with the green arrow in it.

Dallas Green should grace the ear & mind of more people
, nothing else to say.

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lyrics :

We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
And yet I fight
And yet I fight
This battle all alone
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We had a great time Paying Tribute to Alice In Chains Nutshell. Shot at Hellhound Rehearsal Studios with Jerry Ramos Of Mercury Studio. Alice in Chains has always been an influential band to us as a whole. We wanted to try something a little different with the song selection, so we decided on a chill, Hope you all enjoy!

~Ask us for a Download Link
Finally I discovered Alice in Chains.
Desperation and depression mixed together, awesome.
Here is my cover of the "Nutshell"

Gear is all the same:
E-MU 0404
Acoustic Crafter
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Fender Precision Bass
Katho Cajon
Лейн Стейли был найден мёртвым в своём кондоминиуме 20 апреля 2002 года. Его мать и отчим забили тревогу, когда бухгалтеры заметили, что деньги с его счетов больше не снимаются. С помощью полиции, они вскрыли двери кондоминиума и увидели тело Лейна лежащим на диване. Экспертиза установила, что музыкант умер от смеси кокаина и героина (speedball). Его друзья считают, что вдобавок к постоянному употреблению наркотиков, он мог подхватить болезнь, которой его ослабленная иммунная система не могла сопротивляться
Ganesa feat. Ваня(The Twisted) feat. Валек(Wax Angel)
Available in HD 720P - Chattanooga artist Jason Ewton playing a few songs at a private show downtown at Rhythm and Brews. Leticia Wolf joins in for the Alice In Chains Cover. Enjoy.
ni4na zarisovo4ka. syditu syvoro. слухати лише в навушниках або на норм колонках.
P.S. Знавцям - прастітє, тільки верхній працює :( (Сашка, сорян)
Matt Lashoff covers "Nutshell" by Alice In Chains.

Ryan Adams performing a cover of Nutshell by Alice in Chains at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on 10.06.2014. 01
It's been over a year since my last AIC cover. Far too long. So I'm back with a fulfilled request of one of my favorite AIC songs, "Nutshell".
The tablature included is now also available in text form at the following link:
This is specifically for the Unplugged version, which in my humble opinion, blows the studio version out of the water. Also trying out some new things with my video editor(Sony Vegas). And this is