Driving a car
24 Hour heavy rain driving in Brampton,Canada; Best ambience in a Car-Sound for ultimate relaxation,tension relief, peace of mind& Sleep 2016: This is the best video with maximum hour of visual quality with audio. The sound of rain inside a car is so soothing for the ears that you and the kids will fall asleep within minutes.

24 Hour best driving in a car through heavy rain ambience music with Amazing Visuals for Ultimate Relaxation, Sleep, Fast Sleep, Tension Head ache, Tension Relief, sleeplessness, Mig
9/9/2016, downtown Austin. A 24 year old man was unable to stop his car and drove off the top of a parking garage in downtown Austin TX.

One of the cables of the garage wrapped around his wheel, leaving him hanging upside down in the driver seat.

In this video you can see him climbing out from his window, with the help of another man in the parking garage.

Story on CNN - http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/09/us/car-dangles-off-parking-garage-austin-irpt/index.html
KXAN - http://kxan.com/2016/09/09/vehicle-dangl
A compilation of POV shots culled from numerous car chase scenes, taken from either behind, inside, or in front of the vehicle. Music: "Mombasa...
Join one of our safety drivers for a ride in our second generation vehicle, the Lexus, to understand how Google's self-driving technology works on the road.
Everyone knows it's not physically possible to drink an energy drink while a car is moving.

We play PUBG on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/baelint...
First race crash in Formula A after a long period of time without driving openwheel cars

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Most donuts (drift spins) around a car driving on two wheels in one minute- Guinness World Record...
A new study suggests that drug-sniffing dogs may soon have a competitor in the workplace: an insect-piloted robotic vehicle that could help scienti...
The owner of two dogs and one car left the keys in the ignition in order to leave the air conditioning on for the pups. However, a terrier in the drivers seat knocked the car out of park, causing it to roll right into the Walmart.

After the crash, a witness saw a second dog pop up in the passenger seat and roll the window down, presumably to let in a cool breeze to celebrate their joy ride.
The driver of the car was an elderly woman who was paged to the front of the store after the accident.

Once the foot
Наглядная демонстрация работы Нанокерамического покрытия на авто под воздействием окружающей среды ⚡
Сравнительный тест с Porsche Panamera, наполовину обработанной Ceramic Pro 9H 💎
Наглядная демонстрация работы Нанокерамического покрытия на авто под воздействием окружающей среды ⚡️
Сравнительный тест с Porsche Panamera, наполовину обработанной Ceramic Pro 9H 💎
BJ Baldwin driving his car together with girls in bikini
Собака за рулем автомобиля
Hund beim autofahren
►Watch WRC Finland LIVE on Red Bull TV this weekend: http://win.gs/RallyFinland
This is how Sebastien Ogier prepares for Rally Finland.
Rally Fin...
2009, Германия, Грегор Дасхубер, анимация, психоделика

Мультфильм (с названием, навеянным строчкой из песни Тома Уэйтса) представляет из себя фантасмагорическое путешествие сквозь чреду асоциальных личностей, происходящее в сознании неудачливого висельника.
Мультфильм, с названием, навеянным строчкой из песни Тома Уэйтса, представляет из себя фантасмагорическое путешествие сквозь чреду асоциальных личностей, происходящее в сознании неудачливого висельника.

Режиссёр: Грегор Дасхубер (Gregor Dashuber)
What's up everyone! It's been a minute since I uploaded a video because most of my conceptual projects i've been planning are projected to be on t...

подробнее на http://videodtp.com/A-36yearold-man-arrested-after-driving-car-into-sea-in-Sentosa-Cove.html
Tom Cruise tears around Paris in an old-fashioned BMW as he shoots exciting car chase with a strait jacket-clad Sean Harris for Mission Impossible ...
Want to learn how to really drive a Porsche? Then we’ve got just the right experience for you.
Learn more about the Porsche Experience Center Le ...
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L.A. Witch play their shimmering set on a Saturday morning in the blazing East Bay sun. They’re spooky, they’re hypnotic, and their lonely sound will echo on in the back of your mind.

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Multiple rally world champion Sebastian Ogier took the wheel of a Red Bull RB7 at the Red Bull Ring recently to realise a lifelong dream.

In this video we cover how to practice reversing in an off-road location, including checking behind the car, correct body and hand position, best technique for observation and use of mirrors.

Drive.govt.nz is an innovative website and learning tool created by the New Zealand Transport Agency and ACC to help you become a confident and capable driver. These videos have been created our driving experts and driving instructors to show you everything you need to learn to become a safe and skilled driver.

Car Thief Fails to Getaway Because He Can’t Drive a Manual Transmission
WATCH: Turkish president’s office distributes video showing a tank driving over cars on Istanbul’s Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge during Friday's failed coup attempt:
Платон за рулем автомобиля.Очень хочет научиться водить машину.Дает советы)Ребенок за рулем.
Jacques Villeneuve teaches Mick Doohan (the 5 time 500cc champion) and Tommi Makinen (4 time WRC champion) how to drive a Formula 1 car at the Cata...
The actor, star of Fast & Furious 6, High-Rise and The Hobbit, took to the Battersea Park circuit in a season 1-spec Formula E car. Check out Luke's laps right here, and find out what he thought of the all-electric racer!

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O DUB é um estilo de personalizar carro...
Video from Museum of Computer Science, MTV, CA

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Вахвахвха, это потрясающе :D

Батя сидит в прицепе с пультом управления и подстраховывает везущего его на электрокаре сына :D

Сцена снята Уэйном Наттелом в британском городке Богнор Реджис.
⏏ Человек-Паук едет на машине к Деду Морозу | Супергерои Марвел | С новым Годом | Sp...
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just like driving a car❤️

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Learn how to shoot a driving scene without needing the assistance of car mounts! ryan shows three different methods to achieve the effect! Including an old but cool technique.
We can drive it home with 2 wheels and a floor jack. Guys driving car on TWO tires and a floor jack on highway in China.

Becoming a Self-Driving Car Engineer

Companies ranging from Google to Tesla to NVIDIA are on the hunt for great engineers to build self-driving c...
Ever wanted to go back in time, when screaming two-stroke Saabs were the kings of rally? Find out how you can, with Bruce Turk, Saab jedi-master and vintage rally dude.

On the car's specs Bruce adds: "It now has a 850cc three cylinder two stroke motor that started life as a 750cc but the block was bored out to 850cc. It has Monte Carlo 850 pistons, a GT 750 crank shaft, a dual Solex "Super kit Carb, lightened flywheel, heavy duty clutch (extra springs added) fully ported intake and exhaust ports to rally s

delta waves, binaural beats, relaxing music, sleep music, sleeping, meditation music, meditation, relaxation music, Reiki healing music, Reiki, stu...
"If I was to pick between painting and driving," says, Radu Muntean, "I'd have a hard time picking. It's like, 'Which kid do you like the best, your oldest or youngest?' I love them both."

A car designer by trade, Muntean's tastefully modified 1971 BMW 2002 is the mechanical expression of his passion for cars. Knowing early on that he wanted to be a car designer, the 2002 is an "uncommon" look that forced Muntean to spend some more time with the Bavarian coupé in order to truly fall in love with it. "It's
Spiderman Drives a POLICE CAR! w/ Frozen Elsa Joker Maleficent Pink Spidergirl! Superhero Fun in Real Life by Webs & Tiaras :)

Watch more of our Spiderman and Frozen Elsa and other superheroes videos :

Is Spiderman DATING RAPUNZEL? w/ Frozen Elsa Bad Baby Maleficent Pink Spidergirl Anna! Superhero Fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6Pq5phPvlU
12 Odd ways how you can destroy a car in BeamNG.drive, and it's not going to happen in other games. How about some car blending? Or how about shooting car with cannons .. or shooting car out of a cannon? or throwing car into a grinder .. or shredder ... or just smashing it up with a huge giant sized sledgehammer?

All that can and will happen in this video and BeamNG. Enjoy the epic carnage, not the usual crash test video, but hope that's bit more extreme and more fun too :-)

1. Got Balls? - Smashing car w
Yongjugol began as a village that came into being during the Korean War to service members of the United States Army stationed at a nearby military...
George Hotz, the first person to hack the iPhone, says he built a self-driving car in a month. How did he do it? Bloomberg's Ashlee Vance went to Hotz's home to find out... and took his retrofitted Acura for a test-drive. (Video by David Nicholson)
They should have died! Insane crazy driving in our video inspired by Mafia III.
Super thanks to 2K for sponsoring this video!
Check out the trailer for Mafia III here: http://bit.ly/2cGFvaO

Watch the main video here:

Professional driver – Closed Course – DO NOT ATTEMPT

Bill Caswell ditched his white-collar job for a life of automotive adventures. He's tackled WRC Rally Mexico in a $500 BMW, built and ran a BMW buggy in the Baja 1000 and raced Pike's Peak. What's his next adventure? Find out.

Tanks for sharing!
Have your own armored mini-military adventure

-- Video and Article by Devon Puglia

It's the most fun you can have on twelve wheels.

For $950 and up, Kasota, Minnesota-based Drive-a-Tank lets ordinary civilians experience a mini-military adventure, firing off a .30 caliber machine gun, piloting a British-made tank through a muddy obstacle course, and obliterating cars beneath the treads of a "Larry," a 60-ton steel behemoth.

But Drive-A-Tank is not the only option for civilians craving
Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project, because we think this could improve road safety and help lots of people who can't drive. We're now developing prototypes of vehicles that have been designed from the ground up to drive themselves—just push a button and they'll take you where you want to go! We'll use these vehicles to test our software and learn what it will really take to bring this technology into the world.

Watch volunteers take a ride in Mountain View, California. Then
The Drive's Will Sabel Courtney goes for a drive in one of the world's most talked-about and lusted-after vehicles -- a Porsche 911 customized by Singer. Is it as perfect as everyone says it is?

Shot by Andrew Siceloff, edited by Andrew Siceloff and Erica Lourd, and produced by Cait Knoll.

More at TheDrive.com:
Дима учится ездить на машине, включает передачу, трогается с места тормозит, про ...
Smallest Vehicles Of The World | Smallest Car In The World | Auto World |
Video Link :https://youtu.be/hYex2Ebkljk
In this video you will find the ...
In this video I will show you how to make a real ghost car as well as how to fly with it to the moon. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe.
●The first method...
This video is absolutely hilarious. It shows Mr. Bean driving his Mini Cooper with a broom! I laugh everytime I watch this video. This video is of professional quality because it has been provided directly from the A&E Channel. (more)
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Around a month ago during a trackday at Monza circuit I saw this nice 2004 Ferrari 360 GTC. The car is an evolution of the Ferrari 360 GT and it features a naturally aspirated 3.6 liters V8 engine which is able to produce 450 bhp at 8750 rpm and 410 Nm
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Song Info!
Intro: The Glitch Mob - Drive it Like You Stole It
Car sounds and sights to help you sleep, two whole hours of straight driving. I was in Northern Ireland to meet people for interviews and while I w...
December 8, 2016 - Watch Eric and Mac from Udacity's Self-Driving Car Team present an update on their progress. http://www.udacity.com/drive
my girlfriend asked , how to test the new car ,
a test drive . we just tough to ride Alfa Romeo Guilia 2017.
George Hotz, the programmer famous for cracking the iPhone and PlayStation 3, has turned his attention to building self-driving cars — and we got a ride.

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Baby Irencho is driving a car first time. She is so happy.
How little do you need for happiness
Three super talented dogs have learnt to drive a car in New Zealand. After months of training they can start the engine, steer and accelerate. Report by Rob Gillett.

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Testosterone fuelled stag chases man: http://youtu.be/X_yybqlzjWQ
Irate man chases Fenton the dog in Richmond Park: http://youtu.be/lWv2wtvK6hg
Again in Burton Latimer people are unable to turn the steering wheel to go round a roundabout, this car wasn't taxed on that the day it was filmed and it still isn't.
Bruce knows how to drive a car
"Cargonizer" makes your life easier !

Cargonizer sticks to your vehicle's carpet and keeps your stuff in place.
When transporting your stuff in your car, they won't be thrown around or damaged.

Человек паук учится управлять машиной! Доводит машину, рулит, крутит руль!

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Алина учится водить машину. Всех таранит и смеется.

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Alina learns to drive a car.
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► DRIVING A £250,000 CAR!!!
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Google software engineer Sebastian Thrun demonstrates the company's latest groundbreaking innovation: cars that drive themselves. Yes, really.


Alexi puts dirt tyres on the Beercan Skyline drift car and attempts to go rally driving at Ebisu Circuit.
How to do hill starts and driving on hills in a manual car (Practice)
Аренда автомобиля в Турции (Rent a car in Turkey)
Стоимость, условия, цена на топливо, правила движения в Турции.
Arie Luyendijk (famous Dutch supercar driver, twice worldchampion of the Indy 500) driving a '90/'91 Coloni Formula 1 car at the Grand Prix from Middelharnis. Coloni was a raceteam that exists from 1987 till 1991 in the Formula 1. The sound of the Ford F1 engine in extremely loud.
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Funny bunny Hurry is a truck driver. He is driving his truck to the park, the circus, the swimming pool and other places. And he picks up his animal friends - dog, cat, lion, horse, zebra, elephany and others.
Video for children. Watching this cartoon kids may learn animal names and just have fun.
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Наши милые дамы за рулем. - Подборка 5 Women driving a car joke)))
Новая Подборка Аварий и ДТП (18+)
Наркоманы гниют заживо! Ужас! Смотри!
Видео - 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNTNm2806ew
Видео - 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRZVhv9mKMw
Guy with no arms still drives a Car Seems like a happy dude,I like his style. Read more at A man who lost his arms instead of just not driving learnt how to use his feet. Enjoy. Read Story at: Tom Rinaldi reports on the life of Richie Parker, who overcame being born without arms to become a chassis and body component designer for Hendrick Motorsports. Tisha UnArmed demonstrates how to drive her car with her feet, There are three main adaptations to my car 1 the left foot accelerator: this adaptation all
Practising skills of driving a car
Harjoittelu taitoja ajaa autoa
Тренируем навыки вождения автомобиля

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Morning Patrol 3D! Drive in a Police Car ! 3D VIDEO BEST 3D VIDEO .( side-by-side )
Patrols the Morning City on a Police Car !The streets are deserted . The city of the dead ...
Best 3D Video SBS , 3D POP OUT EffecTs .

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Sensationnel No. 1 - Illusion Production - France - 1983
Night Patrol 3D ! Drive in a Police Car ! BEST 3D VIDEO .( side-by-side )
Patrols the Night City on a Police Car ! The streets are full of drunks and fun people !
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Today we are close to the beachfront in Barcelona, looking for volunteers to take on our challenge: drive around in a vehicle with all the windows covered up. Can it be done?

“Completely covered? No, I don’t think it can”, says Stefan, a German tourist who is a big fan of Barcelona. “Would you like to give it a try?” we respond. “Of course I would!” he is quick to answer. So we lead him and his wife to the closed urban circuit where a SEAT Ateca is waiting by an instructor who will be on board at all time

Coming soon: buses that drive over cars
A Chinese straddling bus that will drive over cars
Let's build a self driving car! In this video, I talk about how self driving cars work, then dive into 2 fresh papers that add modern improvements to autonomous vehicles. The self driving car that we build is in a simulated environment and is built using PyGame and the Keras machine learning library.

The code in the video is here:


Paper 1: Long term Planning for Short Term Prediction


Paper 2: End-to-End Learning
Ford is gearing up to bring autonomous cars to market in 2021. They gave us a preview ride of what's coming in self-driving cars.

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Slotting in between the Evoque and Sport, the new Velar is the most on-road biased Range Rover ever. We've been to Norway to see if it's as good as...
#MythBusters | Wednesdays at 9/8c
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The gang put...
Hey guys thank you so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed! I literally almost died like three time in this video, and DONT WORRY...
Уроки Вождения Нижний Новгород 89040573701 Михаил.
Как правильно трогаться на механи ...

Client: Smart
Director: Gary Freedman
Production Company: Anorak
BOSS BABY Drive a Car - The Boss Baby Games for Kids

Play The Boss Baby Games at: ► http://www.games-kids.com/boss-baby-games.html
Waymo’s self driving minivans - the Chrysler Pacifica - hit public roads for the first time in Mountain View, CA and Phoenix, AZ by the end of th...
How to drive an f1 car eventually - Sun man gets behind the wheel of a williams f1 car.
Video brought to you by BC Racing!

THIS IS THE DAY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! I have been drifting for 13 years and I finally got a ride in a winn...
"These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere" the debut album by dné
● Vinyl (limited) ▸ http://bit.ly/2gnXGnk
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(Contact licensing@viralhog.com for licensing/usage info.) The remote control car is being driven from the car coming behind, alongside real automo...
CBC's Marivel Taruc takes the luxury Conquest Knight XV for a spin
Click here for the full story: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3168221
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57 Chevy and 50 year old Farm Girl's drive. A classic car!

Support Banshee Moon: patreon.com/bansheemoon

57 Chevy

PATREON : http://patreon.com/...
Spiderman vs Superman vs Batman are preparing to eat watermelon then suddenly Joker drives a car up all Spiderman's watermelon.

Welcome to Spiderm...
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Click here for HQ version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUhB0JKjJrQ&list=UUjOl2AUblVmg2rA_cRgZkFg
Richard takes the Renault R25 Formula 1 car for...
No "Real" People or "Vehicles" were harmed in the making of this film.

Hi guys, this is Cutting Cars Horizontally With a Chain - BeamNG DRIVE.
If ...
The halo is most controversial safety feature in recent F1 history, but what's it like to drive with?

I'm also trying to cheat the YT system by up...
Learn English; some rules of the road, driving terms, and street signs. A clip from our videos.

Оригинал: https://youtu.be/aM2NWemUXHk
Taking a 28yr old car and filling all the holes and gaps so I can fill it up with water is a tall order, and to heat the water and deal with the ex...
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This vid took much more time than i expected, sorry XDDddD

Малыш Человек-Паук и Хулиган на аттракционах | Spider-man is driving a car | Epic Spiderman vs Hooligan Video...
4月3日下午,演員張根碩經籍仁川國際機場出發前往日本福岡,為“JK KEUN SUK JAPAN FANCLUB EVENT GIFT 2017”做準備。


Elsa TIME TRAVEL to the past and future! WOW!!) Frozen Elsa and SuperGirl traveling on the Time Machine. Is Elsa driving a car? Movies for kids. Su...
DIY. How to make a Car USB Flash Drive. 3D PEN.
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Что только не выдерживают автомобили ИЖ и АЗЛК . Неубиваемая машина ! ))

В этом видео вы увидите тест-драйв автомобиля Форд Модели А 1930 года выпуска / In this...

Образец Видео рекламы!!! Парень поражает своей харизмой!!! Я бы взял к себе такого продажника!!!
This was all done in the almost empty parking lot at 3:30AM of my friend Sully's place. Going out of their way to teach me how to drive, they give...

Подробный гайд как установить руки в City Car Driving.
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Its teaser my new video "Leather drive & unmask". See my new video "Leather drive & unmask" in my videostore (A link to the my videostore site in m...
The Queen has met with poeple with disabilities and their families at a ceremony in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle, to celebrate the 40th anniver...

Its teaser my video.The full version see on my videostore (A link to the site in my channel description)
More about this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01nqc6f
Richard Hammond drives a car into a reservoir, and explains how it has been sp...
After driving the BMW Alpina B7, Kumo and MotoMan debate what the changes from Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co mean to the G12 BMW 7 Series. Is it st...
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Hiya! Look, there's someone new! Meet Alex the mime.
He's got a new shiny race car! Wow, the car is so fast! O-oh, he drove right into a pile of b...
We spotted this black on black on black LaFerrari parked during Car Week. I filmed some details and walkaround shots of the car parked. When we lef...

Sky Sports F1 HD - Special segment feat. Martin Brundle driving a works Ferrari F1 car at the factory test track!

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random Episode: someone just decided "heck I'm going to drive my car through the store" and filmed it for the world to see

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