Merry Christmas everyone.
“ITS CHRISTMAS IN AUS! merry Christmas everyone❤️🎄 we hope you all have the best day wherever you are. -this is what happens when we try and film…”
“Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎅🎄 Grew up watching this guy in all the Step Up movies! Never thought we would collab and dance along side him. Had a great…”
by Дмитрий (UAME) Никифоров
“Here's a Christmas present! Watch me die trying to cashroll a massive natural stepdown in Utah 😂 Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅🏼🎄📽 @ethan_nell”
“Ya it turned out pretty good haha Merry Christmas everyone! #texaschristmas ps. This is smoked pork shoulder for everyone wondering #truebbq”
“Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! #thesportsblend ------------------------------------------- #fmx #freestyle #freestylemx #santaclaus #santa…”
“[ HJ VOICE ] 【FROM HJ】みんなメリークリスマス 温かいことをしながら周りにも気を配れる人になってね(韓) = Everyone Merry Christmas! While the warm thing, please take a person who can care around.…”
“MERRY CHRISTMAS😊🎄🎅🏻 couldn't fit the whole vid in but hope everyone has a great Xmas😀”
“😂😂😂😂 a new style of noodle eating... She's nuts... Totally nuts 😂 hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas Day and a big Merry Christmas to our…”
“Merry Christmas everyone finishing off the beautiful evening with a delicious dessert ❤️ #goodnight #qualitytime @kevin_zim @dennisrrrr…”
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Shakin sings 'Merry Christmas Everyone'
with lyrics & visual xmas display.

Snow is falling,
All around me,
Children playing,
Having fun.

It's the season,
Love and understanding,
Merry Christmas everyone.

choreografia Dominika Jagodzińska i Łukasz Broniak

We've teamed up with Now That's What I Call Music to bring your Top 10 Christmas songs from the new Now That's What I Call Christmas album.

To cel...

Музыкальное видео Shakin Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone
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Jīntiān shì Shèngdànjié,zhù dàjiā Shèngdàn kuàilè! Wèi qìngzhù Shèngdànjié,zhōngguó de niánqīng rén huì hù sòng Shèngdàn kǎpiàn,chī píng'ān guǒ,cānjiā Shèngdàn pàiduì。
It’s Christmas today. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas! To celebrate Christmas, young people in China normally send each other Christmas cards, eat apples and attend Christmas parties.
Во время просмотра стареньких ТХТВ наткнулась на видео, где парни первый раз приезжали в Москву. Билл там пел прекрасную песенку. После размышлений я поняла, что и в 2015, в Новосибирске он (да по-моему и Том. и Георг, и Густав) тоже пели Merry Christmas Everyone* Вот так и родилось это видео :D
Merry Christmas everyone :)
Всех с Рождеством от Омара Момани
Merry Christmas from everyone at Arsenal... here's Per Mertesacker with a special message!
Music: Enya ~ Oíche Chiúin (Silent Night)
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Thought i make a quick xmas vid, and when i say quick.... it was.... ha ha. Merry Xmas everyone and have a Happy New Year too!

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Lyric video for Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin' Stevens.
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Когда начали в хит-парадах учитывать скачивания, оказалось,что с 1985 каждый год одна из самых популярных (если не самая) рождественских песенок Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone. В этом году и мое скачивание добавит им микрометр рейтинга
HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! We hope you all spend some fantastic days with family and friends. We get to eat some of Bill’s homemade cookies now, so we are all set for life... Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours!  Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg
For Iqqy Khan x
Song ~ Say You Wont Let Go
Artist ~James Arthur
Shakin' Stevens 2015! Merry Christmahanakwanzika everyone! And a happy New Year!
A montage of Christmas scenes to the words of Shakin Stevens.


Snow is falling all around me
Children playing having fun
It's the season of love and understanding
Merry Christmas everyone

Time for parties and celebration
People dancing all night long
Time for presents and exchanging kisses
Time for singing Christmas songs

We're gonna have a party tonight
I'm gonna find that girl underneath the mistletoe
We'll kissed by candlelight

Room is swaying, reconds playing
All the songs, we love to hear
(@anniecavalero @lherethere Murr, Bill, & the 7 #DOGS)
Shakin' Stevens' official music video for 'Merry Christmas Everyone'.

More Christmas hits here:

Click to ...

........ :: поставка и продажа оригинального сертифицированного DJ оборудования, светового оборудования, наушников ведущих мировых брендов по самым выгодным ценам.
Willemijn together with Anna Skellern and Seline Hizli (from the cast of Women on the Verge UK) singing 'Rudolph the red nosed reindeer'
Merry Christmas Everyone
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HomeTown covering Shakin’ Stevens’ song, Merry Christmas Everyone, at Vicar Street in Dublin.

I own nothing, all rights go to Shakin’ Stevens and Sony Music.

Lucy and Rae's cover of Merry Christmas Everyone for Coming On Christmas.
Video uploaded by Jang Nara's Father~ Merry Christmas to all Nara fans all around the world! :D
Pham – Movements (feat. Yung Fusion)
Hi there ^_^ #merry #christmas, everyone! #brothers' sessions
Перевод: Lerlik;
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Dragon Blade 天将雄狮 - Release date: 19 Feb 2015

Dragon Blade is filmed at a budget of ¥2 billion (US$65 million), a record breaking budget for a Chinese film. The film shoots in Dunhuang and the Gobi Desert, which form the dramatic natural backdrop. This will be the latest epic martial arts blockbuster starring Asia’s biggest action star, Jackie Chan, other notable Hollywood actors such as Adrien Brody and John Cusack, as well as Choi Siwon from famous South
Merry Christmas guys!!!
This is our cover of 'Merry Christmas Everyone'
Shot, Cut & Edited by:
@SabyGuerrero &
Simply Zane Productions
C Наступающими праздниками всех :)
Full: A Glorious Guide on How to Play Rammus -
Merry Christmas Everyone ~ Shakin' Stevens [lyrics] HD HQ
The History of Christmas - Merry Christmas Everyone!
If u don't like any type of racist or sexual jokes, please don't watch this vid. It's tumblr-caused-humo
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Riviera Orient Night 14.12.2013
Choreo : Dowhań Anna, Parczewska Małgorzata
Music: Shakin's Stevens " Merry Christmas Everyone"
Zespół Top Secret w składzie:
Beczek Anna
Bykowska Agnieszka
Dowhań Anna
Jamiołkowska Ewa
Kamińska Paulina
Parczewska Małgorzata
Prokopowicz Adriana
Stolarska Kinga
Funky Monsters Crew and Original Skillz Worldwide - Zulunation
Merry Christmas everyone & a Happy New Year 2014 wish Mr7Hobi
Merry Christmas 2013 Everybody !
Pigmie123, Edit By NDATD.
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Original SondTrack :

- Ookay - Rockin' Around (Christmas Trap).
- Merry Christmas from All Trap Music, RL Grime, Kanye West & Santa Claus.


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Enter Shikari covering Merry Christmas Everyone in Limelight, Belfast (17/12/15)
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Music: Always with me

Artist : Itsumo Nando

Clips : Photobucket
Live at The Macbeth - 15th December 2015 - 15.12.15


(Artist reserves all rights, no copyright infringement intended).
Visit to order a custom video from Big Man Tyrone.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry CHristmas Everyone!

Christmas Dance Card made by EMA REC. and Twerkout Crew Ladies.

Polish Squad working out with Domi- initi...
End of the 1974 Christmas special with Slade on TOTP. Presented by Tony Blackburn and Jimmy Saville
Merry Christmas, everyone ! I hope you all will have unforgettable holidays!
Merry Christmas, everyone! VHair
Anime: Haikyuu & Miraculous Ladybug
Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You, Батареи, Could You Be My Love, Bet On It, A Girl Like You, Гор...
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Find these lyrics at: Ricky Norwood and Janette Manrara dance the Quickstep to 'Merry Christmas Everyone'.

I started to make it yesterday and I've just finished it. After today's full of tears and angst episode - this funny video will be t...
Merry Christmas everyone . Have a great day . 🎄🍺🎤☃️🎁
Grand Finale number of the CMT show, during which GBS is joined by host George Canyon and the rest of the show's guests, including the Barenaked La...
Lucy Rose and Rae Morris team up for this festive cover of Merry Christmas Everyone for Huw Stephens on Radio 1's Piano Sessions.
Lyrics to Merry Christmas Everyone

Have a Merry Christmas

Enjoy singing this song

A Re-do of this "It's Christmas Magic" and this time the Full Song to add it...
Also Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!..
Bonus note~ Someone gave an id...

``I beg you stop crying before your tears run out``
``I'm gonna keep you safe``

This is my new video. I want to dedic...
This is a cover of Merry Christmas Everyone by Lucy Rose recorded live at Maida Vale.
... Merry.Christmas.For.Everyone.v01.2016.Edit
... ;-)
This video is dedicated to all my fans and not only! Thank you for your kind comments and for sharing my videos!I wish you and your families a very...