You Are My Sunshine
33 Likes, 3 Comments - Be Kind Like My Adah Angel❤💯 (@adahsharmabeauty) on Instagram: “you are my sunshine my only sunshine who makes me happy and ...
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958 Likes, 23 Comments - Harry Connick Jr (@harryconnickjr) on Instagram: “This one's for all my moms out there! Harry sings "You Are My Sunshine" ...
I made this video for my girlfriend, Erica Mornigstar Streat. Also called Megan.
But I prefer calling her Erica. ^^
I hope you like it baby.

I have a big problem with doing my covers over and over to the point of robotic perfection. For this little cover, I only allowed myself two takes....
You are my sunshine

Here is our new song for you - "You are my sunshine". This is a sweet song for kids of all ages.
You Are My Sunshine
the other night, dear, as i lay sleeping
I dreamed i held you in my arms
When i awoke, dear, i was mistaken
So i hung my head a...
Прекрасная простая мелодия!Синтезатор Yamaha! Присоединяйтесь!!!Понравилось?Подпишись!!!Рада новым Друзьям!!!
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Anime: Devilman Crybaby

Song Used: You Are My Sunshine Nightcore (male version)
Original song: My Suns...
Music - Post Malone - Better Now
For educational use only

Music by: The Countdown Kids
Images from various sources.
Hello friends! I hope you’re all having a good day today!!!!

The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture. Subscri...
My daughter Lydia was watching Bo while I was in the shower. Came out to this. If she didn’t have a guitar I don’t know if she would know how to ba...

Hello, YouTubers! I'm Ella Banana! Welcome to my channel! ^_^
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Что это вообще было ...
The Kiboomers! You Are My Sunshine Lyrics! Songs for Kids!
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whoop whoop i love IT with a burning passion
i do not own the characters or audio,...

(It Is Claimed That Oliver Hood Wrote the Song in the Early 1930's and Performed it at a Veteran's of Foreign Wars Convention in Georgia.
1st. Reco...

You Are My Sunshine song. Please don't take my sunshine away. Lyrics below.
Spotify: ; iTunes :
Bill Frisell performs "You Are My Sunshine" at the Fretboard Journal magazine HQ. On this track, Bill is playing his heavily modified Fender Teleca...
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На калимбе соответственно.
Wish award-winning singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre delivers a sweet and delicate rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” live on the Wish 107.5 Bus!

Her take on the popular Jimmy Davis hit serves as the official soundtrack of Spring Films’ newest movie project starring Bela Padilla and Carlo Aquino, “Meet Me In St. Gallen.”
Video made by a.k.a Thủy Cassie:


Collection of...

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'You Are My Sunshine' written by Paul Rice, J...
andrew jackson jihad - black dog / you are my sunshine cover
album: rompilation
Please wear headphone and turn the volume up!!
song: melancholy
cc: michonnesus

All clips belong to AMC the walking dead
Recorded October 13th 1974 at Madison Square Garden, New York (NY), U.S.A.
授权转载 Authorized Reproduce
禁止非授权二改二传 No reproduction without permission, please indicate the original source if authorized.
cr:今天二两辣鸡了吗 from https:/...

"The sun will shine on us again, brother."

"I, Loki, Prince of Asgard, Odin's son, the Rightful King of Jotunhiem, God of Mischief, do hereby ple...
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You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine
You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray
You'll Never Know Dear, How Much I Love You
Please Don't Take My Sunshi...

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kalimba 17 keys
Youth speechless, coruscate gives vitality, flowers have no language, but sends out a fragrance, spring rain speechless, moistens the earth.💞💖 Nice sunflower to all of you and you are my sunshine🌻🌻
oml I spent too long trying to perfect this.
idk if it even looks great to you, my mind has become numb to all the editing.
Please, read the description first!

Music Elizabeth Mitchell - You Are My Sunshine

we own ONLY video!

Yumir - Joon Kitsune

Christa - Kazuki Oka...
Pavel Mazheika "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" (Stevie Wonder guitar cover)

Pavel Mazheika: guitar, record
tune standart
Record: ZOOM h2n

My music:
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Stony with their lovely gifted daughter. And there's civil war. Multi-universe mentioned.
omg неужели я доделал это
Song -
requested(beautiful song)
Sigh, the last tribute for my book 'Clipped Wings'

We ended on a happy note i guess


I'm so sad that it's over but that doesn't mean i'll st...
live in Bongoeventbar Feb. 8, 2019
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You Are My Sunshine Line Dance
Choreographed by Mamalinedance Mei Kwo - May 2015
32 Count, 4 Wall, Beginner Level
Music: You Are My Sunshine by ...
Johnny Cash - You are my Sunshine Original
I am not the Owner of this Song! All rights go to SME.

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
Go there if you wanna see more covers! ...


Hey BK Friends!
Hugs to Yuna I. for the song request!❤️ This is our favorite song! "You are...
Father's Day Song for Kids - You Are My Daddy (Sunshine) - Happy Father's Day - Beautiful Song

You are My Daddy Lyrics

You are my daddy,
my only...
Самая красивая пара института — яркая и весёлая Чжао Мо Шэн и подающий большие надежды студент юридического факультета Хи Ю Чен — расстаётся из-за ...
делавши это я поливала себя своими слезами, я просто бы хотела извиниться, но не думаю, что будет мне прощения..

знай, что ты мне просто дорог...
HD ❤

Just because I find this music box beautiful, and I can't keep my tears in my eyes because of Hide's death.
(you can put subtitles for the vo...
Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - PIANO TUTORIAL


You are the sunshine of my life
That's why I'll always be around,
You ar...
Ты моё солнце
Эбби поёт песню для своего любимого кота, он прижимается к ней и засыпает.
WOW. This took forever.... but I am so proud ; 0 ;

THIS IS NOT MY COMIC. This amazing comic belongs to the amazing *Mutil8tor on dA
Here is the co...
Abby sings to Bailey as he snuggles in her arms and falls asleep.

FB page: Bailey No Ordinary Cat

Instagram: Bailey_no_ordinary_cat

“To use this...
B.B. King Live at the Royal Albert Hall

You Are My Sunshine-lyrics

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
Images, clips, and other things that are on this video aren't mine except the edit, ofc. Credits to the rightful owners.

Made this video as an ap...

Doctor giving Seven singing lessons in startrek voyager - you are my sunshine
Previously MusicTeacher2009
Drama: Mister Sunshine
Music: Dream by K.Will
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshi...
artist: AI comics
music: You are my sunshine (cover)/
Charlie Kunz- You Are My Sunshine Medley
OH SHIT BOI WHATTUP? XD I'm sorry I'll stop!

So it's 4 am and here i bring you feels ;w; I had promised that I'd do more personal projects due to...
Mother’s Day special show with “Today” co-host KATHIE LEE GIFFORD
Mother’s Day Gift Guide: “Naturally, Danny” Host DANNY SEO shares the must have g...
Stevie Wonder, Canção: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, incluída na Trilha Sonora Internacional Novela Uma Rosa Com Amor, Ano 1972.
This Unrelease Eric Dimson!! From Lp Album Beer Barrel Polka.! Copyright In Vicor Music Corporation 1978

Hey guys! This is such a lovely song and is indeed one of my favorites. So i decided to do my version of it.
This song was first recorded in 1939 a...

"You Are My Sunshine" performed by Tracy Bonham and Lawrence Watson with Big Band, at Berklee College of Music's Ray Charles Symposium on September...
Kamal(saxophone)-You are the sunshine of my life
Miracles (Milagres entre o céu e o inferno) Única temporada
Milagres entre o céu e o inferno foi um seriado norte-americano baseado em investigações sobre verdades que estão fora dos limites normais da vida, um grupo se une na “Irmandade em busca da verdade” (Sodalitas Quaerito, em latim).
O ex-seminarista e agora investigador de Milagres, Paul Callan, o professor de Harvard especializado em fenômenos paranormais, Alva Keel, a ex-policial Evelyn vão atrás dos fatos reais de histórias misteriosas e instigantes.
Com Skeet Ulrich, Angus Macfadyen e Marisa Ramirez.
" Dax Riders-You are the sunshine of my life "

можете отпиздить меня ногами

вот паблик если надо —
Jamey Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez & Shooter Jennings You are my sunshine (Sons of Anarchy) HD

Elijah Wood cantando You are my Sunshine, no filme Eternamente Jovem.
Elijah Wood singing You are my Sunshine, in Forever Young movie.

Compilation of popular animated bed time songs by Little Angel. Subscribe for more videos:

Educational Kids Show. Popular So...
3a is still giving me ALL the parabatai feels.

Additional information and d/l link on AO3:

This is a t...
SM-Band & Галина Сошкина - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life ( СМ-Бэнд ) ( Stevie Wonder )
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The Doctor and Seven of Nine sing "You Are My Sunshine".
Star Trek: Voyager, the 22nd episode of the fifth season
Тюменский джаз-оркестр "Золотая труба" имени Виктора Виткалова, солистка оркестра Виктория Некрасова

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Федор Дюрандин - академический и сольный пианист, концертмейстер, педагог, артист ансамбля и оркестра. Джазовый певец, также исполняет соул, рок, х...

- Ольга Борисенко (вокал)
- Василий Щукин ( гитара, бэк-вокал)
- Филипп Полукаров (гитара)
- Александр Заруцкий (барабаны)
- Иван Лобано...

A beautiful rendition of You Are My Sunshine sung by Martha Bean animation by Anne Wilkins

You Are My Sunshine by Charles McDonald
Annabelle Creation: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack avail here:


Lyrics to You Are My Sunshine

I don't own anything.

"you are my sunshine" from the new album songs for carmella: lullabies and sing-a-longs!
get the song now

Stevie Wonder's performance of "You Are the Sunshine of my Life" during a White House TV Special for Mot...
If anyone wants to start reading KS or wants to know what it is about only shows this video,
This was a tour for the chapters 6 at 22.
At fi...
Lagu "You Are My Sunshine" mempunyai arti yang cukup dalam untuk Christina Perri. Tentunya lagu ini adalah salah satu lagu yang sering dinyanyikan ...
My MiniMovie - Romance for 2016 (ZenUI)
Abby singing You Are My Sunshine one last time to Bailey our 14 year old cat who died three hours later on December 8, 2018 of kidney failure. Abby...
You Are My Sunshine is available NOW on
and wherever you listen to music:
Lyric and H...

Strings: http://amzn...

Фансаб-группа "Мания"
Ҡояшым минен, берҙән-берем һин,
Бәхетле итән ямғырлы көндә,
Яратыүымды әйтеп ботә алмайым,
Ҡалдырып китмә мине һин төндә.

Уйзарымда һин төштаремдә...

This video was based on old re-nightmare and some things aren't canon anymore. The story is currently being rewritten.

(ノ≧∀≦)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’...
Please, read the description first!

Music Elizabeth Mitchell - You Are My Sunshine

we own ONLY video!

Yumir - Joon Kitsune

Christa - Kazuki Oka...
You are the sunshine of my life
That's why I'll always be around,
You are the apple of my eye,
Forever you'll stay in my heart
Chokebore music video for the song "You Are the Sunshine of My Life"

Directed by Darren Ankenman and Frank Grow
Produced by Necessary Evil

"You A...
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The Kiboomers! Here's You Are My Sunshine, a popular English song for kids and babies.
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You are my sunshine! This is considered a Ukulele standard by many Ukulele players and it is an easy beginner song that you will probably hear in U...
Famous Song "You Are The Sunshine Of My Love" performed by Stevie Wonder for Violin & Piano. Arranged by Fishel Pustilnik, very well know as Compos...
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You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine...
"You Are The Sunshine of My Life" performed by Stevie Wonder in 1999 at the Polar Music Prize Banquet. Polar Music Prize Laureates of 1999 were Ste...
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Lawrence Welk Show 1967 - April Showers Theme
Перевел песню «You Are My Sunshine» — это популярная песня, впервые записанная в 1939 году. Эта песня была выбрана одним из гимнов штата Луизиана, поскольку ассоциировалась с бывшим губернатором штата, звездой музыки в стиле «кантри» Джимми Дейвисом. Джимми Дейвис и Чарльз Митчелл официально считаются авторами песни «You Are My Sunshine». Дейвис приобрел песню и права на неё у Пола Райса и поставил своё имя в качестве автора, что было в довоенное время довольно необычной практикой. Некоторые ранние версии этой песни, тем не менее, обозначаются как песни, написанные братьями Райс. Есть также мнение, что кларнетист Пад Браун также принимал участие в написании или первой аранжировке этой песни.
Lawrence Welk Show, "April Showers," 1967. Jo Ann Castle plays "You Are My Sunshine"
¡Bienvenidos Otra vez! Estuve desaparecida por meses, o esa es la sensación que tengo.
Hace dos días escribí un Fanfic sobre esta canción y la mar...