Singing in the shower
мы не поем в душе,мы исполняем ))
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I don't sing in the shower - I perform
Vine By: Alexander Holtti
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Vine By: Alexander Holtti

I don't sing in the shower - I perform
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DEM_WHITE_BOYZ's Vine. We all dance in the mirror and sing in the shower! #videoshop. Posted June 19, 2014 19:08:19. View all Vines from DEM_WHITE_BOYZ on Seenive. Seenive is third-party Vine web viewer. Content is not moderated!
DEM_WHITE_BOYZ's Vine. We all dance in the mirror and sing in the shower! #videoshop. Posted June 19, 2014 19:08:19. View all Vines from DEM_WHITE_BOYZ on Seenive. Seenive is third-party Vine web viewer. Content is not moderated!
DEM_WHITE_BOYZ's Vine. We all dance in the m
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I don't sing in the shower - i perform
Vine by: Alexander Holtti
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
I don't sing in the shower - i perform
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“Aragon singing in the shower
More photos on my personal account: @rbynmrphyy”
“When you're singing in the shower and really get into it 🐢😂 By Joey Tang”
“Mornin ya'll. I wake up every morning and sing this song in the shower. #dailyroutine #i❤️taylorswift #riseandshine I say Starbucks lovers I can't help it…”
It was only a lover's game
now we're trapped in the world
of our dreams
All the same as the evening rain
All the same as the sound of the sea

I,I,I,I,I,I wouldn't worry 'bout it
We're feelin' clean
A little crowed as we're singing
in the shower tonight

See the water and feel the steam
as it winding around you and me
Feeling dirty and feeling clean
in the center of our fantasy

We could stay here a million years
Never knowing the world and its games
Red hot water dissolves the fear
Red hot kisses drive us insame

I,I,I,I,I,I wouldn't worry 'bout it
We're feelin' clean
A little crowed as we're singing
in the shower tonight

We could stay here a million years
never knowing the world and its games
Here we are like a naked choir
in a church that's completely in flames

I,I,I,I,I,I wouldn't worry 'bout it
We're feelin' clean
A little crowed as we're singing
in the shower tonight
I can't understand in what language is he singing. I think is russian maybe?
From 0:05 to 1:05 the parrot is singing the song "Беловежская пуща" (Belovezha Forest).
Original for comparison -

From 1:12 to 1:40 the parrot is singing "Птица счастья" (Fortune Bird).
Original for comparison -

From 1:42 till the end - "Песня Красной Шапочки" (Red Hat's Song)
Original for comparison -
Parrot (from Canada) sings in the Shower
Попугай Макеша (из Канады) поет песню "Беловежская Пуща" и песню из фильма Красная шапочка, пока принимает душ
Original Video:
Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam | What they sing in the shower

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Les Rita Mitsouko and Sparks
Music video for this delirious band and song.
Music video with Sparks and les Rita Mitsouko
Luke singing heartbreak girl with a weird accent lol follow me on twitter @5secsofsiall

This should be my ringtone oh haha xx

Just realized that the thumbnail could be a headerrrrrrrrr :)
Перевод: Salty Torrens
Субтитры: Lee Chance

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This is...sort of fontcest? I guess you could interpret it that way. Take it or leave it idk.
Song: Shower by Betty G
Fandom: Undertale (Underswap ...
Uploaded using PS3(TM)<br/><br/>
What Do the Broadway Stars Sing in the Shower?
Mike go to sing in the showers on the probably. Something from books body. Because yes so we've always singing in the shower busting into the bathtub. There's. Those people show up with movement very difficult if any. Order everything excluded soon probably what is happening in my wife's like why in God's name are you singing men in my head just comes to mind and Economos. Jesus Christ superstar tiger. The some. There are a million of them. I couldn't even we'r
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Young Hollywood is hanging out backstage with " The X Factor" finalists! Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose Soneclar, CeCe Frey, and Diamond White are belting out tunes by artists like Mumford and Sons and Bruno Mars. Find out which lady of Fifth Harmony likes to sing Frank Sinatra. Hosted by Tracy Behr (@tracybehr).

Guy Singing And Smoking In The Shower!!!! lol
Один из плюсов е-курения :Р
How many people sing in the shower?
That's the answer:

"Bathroom singing, also known as singing in the bathroom, singing in the bath, or singing in the shower is a widespread phenomenon.

Many people sing in the bathroom because it acts as an echo chamber, especially with tiles installed. The multiple reflections from walls enriches the sound of one's voice, and "bathroom singers" enjoy themselves. Small dimensions and hard surfaces of a typical bathroom produce various kinds of standing w
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[club42577177|Видеотека-интересные видео]
Kaceytron sings Frozen's "Let It Go" and
Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All"
Watch me live ---
12" Version / USA only. Home Made video mix with TV footages from Europe.
la la la la la la la la la la
What is he smoking?
Why is he smoking in the shower?
Why is there a video camera in his bathroom?
Why is there shaving cream on his forehead?
Why does he look like Bruce W illis from Die Hard?

A Quick edit that wasn't even supposed to be an edit but an announcement. LMFAO. I wanted to make this to announce that if you want to do a collab with me you can. I love doing collabs.

Making this was so much fun~ It took me no more than 2 hours. :P Loved every minute of making it. This is such a fun song. Who knows, maybe later I will go back in and do the beginning of the song.

¤ Fandom[s]: Message me for the info. Do NOT mention any of them in the comments. You can s
Sparks live at the Barbican London 26/10/12<br/><br/>
Аааааа...... АААААААА!! :))))) АААААА!!!! Карамба!!!
From the movie Haggard. I do not own any rights to this movie, I am merely posting a clip.
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Deadly Premonition - Whistle Theme (Or Life is Beautiful)

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[club69081147|Keira Knightley Addication] — загружено
Keira Knightley on role: 'I do sing in the shower'

The actress joins TODAY to talk about starring in "Begin Again," a new music-inspired movie in which she makes her singing debut. (She admits she's just like us: She sings in the shower!)

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The Teammate Quiz! is back and you won't be surprised that players around the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague have a lot to reveal about the guys they ...
Everyone sings in the shower. If you don't then you're a dick. This is the first song in a new series called "Singing in the shower". I figure I'll mix it up with covers and originals. I'll take requests n stuff.

Let me know if you dig it and I'll keep it going.

I did the first one in black and white because the ladies love black and white.

Per singing in the shower_Love Hurts
this song shoud be first at the next Eurovision contest lol
This is for Alaina Reed Hall (who played Olivia on "Sesame Street") (1946-2009) Subscribe now!
Singing in the shower with the casts of Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Blue Bloods and The Good Guys at the Television Critics Association Fall Press Tour 2010! Only with TV Guide Magazine!

In 2015, there are few artists with the ability to evoke soulful, serious emotions in a light, accessible way. Lianna La Havas is one of them. We'v...
Jaycie singinge her "ABCD's" in the bathtub with a Wet rad over her head.

The boys of the Wanted talking about what songs they like to sing in the shower and sending the girls nuts. Just watch, it's hilarious. Taken April 2, 2012 at the Bramalea city centre in Toronto, Canada
как он поет :)))) так нравится этот момент ^^~~~ KKK
Before "Into The Woods," the only place to hear Emily Blunt sing was in the shower.
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Singing in the shower, being a banana, dating fans and more this is Ask Mikey!!
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Sparks — американская рок-группа, образованная в 1970 году братьями Роном и Расселлом Маэлами и исполнявшая экспериментальный поп-рок с элементами психоделии, прото-панка, впоследствии — диско и клубной электроники. Иногда группа радикально меняла направление развития , но в целом получала высокие оценки музыкальной критики, оказала влияние на целое поколение музыкантов (Depeche Mode, New Order, Morrissey и др.) и сохраняет репутацию одного из самых влиятельных и новаторских коллективов в истории современной музыки.
Les Rita Mitsouko — французская поп-рок и инди-поп-группа, сформированная гитаристом Fred Chichin и певицей Catherine Ringer . Дуэт под именем Rita Mitsouko впервые выступил в клубе Gibus, в Париже в 1980. Они стали одними из наиболее успешных музыкантов 1980-х годов во Франции и одной из самых нетрадиционных французских музыкальных групп.
Группа создают свой собственный эклектичный стиль, вобравший в себя элементы джаза, рока, латинской, египетской и индийской музыки.
Singing in the shower might not be the most important activity we do every day, but it's most certainly one of the most fun. There's just nothing like the echo of our own voices against wet tile—it creates the best homemade acoustics imaginable. But what happens when you get the real deal—you know, someone who sings professionally—behind those glass doors? We took Allie X to Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City to find out. Watch to see the Canadian singer deliver a bathtime rendition of her song "Catc
These are the melodies and ballads that sound best reverberating round your bathroom! Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 songs to sing in the shower! Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Snapchat ►►

For this list, we’ve collected together tunes that y
While in Buffalo, NY, at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center and Amusement Park, Rachel Platten revealed what she sings in the shower, how she takes her wings, what cereal she eats, what song her mom sang to her when she was single and more.

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Dad finds out why 12 year old Logan is still taking forever in the shower
by Миша Шевченко
Thought i would make a long version of one of my most popular vines! Really hope you like it guys. I know I'm weird, you don't have to tell me. can we hit 10.000 likes?! I'll give you a puppy.

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Beca (Anna Kendrick) has an awkward encounter with Chloe (Brittany Snow) in the showers.

A feisty coed joins a collegiate a cappella group and upgrades their song selection for the 21st century during the run-up to a major competition in this melodic comedy from Tony-nominated Avenue Q director Jason Moore. Drifting past the variou
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Frozen Elsa Sings In The Shower! Barbie hamil. Spiderman pregnant & Joker Barby hamile #ElsaFrozen #Barbie #cartoon #Spiderman #movie
Live 1994

Sparks & Les Rita Mitsouko

Bass Noel Assolo
Keyb Fred Montabord
Drums Gerald Manceau
Guit Michel Ayme
Sing in the Shower With Me - Day 34
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Singing in the shower - Amanda

when I watched that video 'Freddy likes to talk dirty' by Sonic99rae it has inspired me to make my own video 'Chica singing in the shower'
and yes i think my video pictures are crappy o3o
The long-awaited triple A title has finally arrived for PC. And, oh my yeezus, is it good. Here are some things I did sunce it came out! I'll be posting more of these soon, so stay tuned. Hope you like it!

P.S. I also added a hefty intro. Here's to another first! XD

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What do your favorite Disney Channel & ABC Family stars like to sing in the shower? We found out plus more fun musical firsts at the 2015 RDMAs.

Interview/Produced by Lisa Hiser

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James Bay at Lollapalooza 2015: What He Thought of Ellie Goulding Singing His Song in the Shower
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Партнерская программа YouTube:
And the song is called Hold Back The River by James Bay
They are so cute!!! I think I'm in love :3

well, and happy b-day to me.