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Взято с официального бонусного DVD Диска к альбому "Dancing With the Dead" 2005г.
◄๏̯͡๏►Не хватает денег на рок концерт???Смотри здесь - ►►►◄◄◄ ◄╝ТОЛЬКО РОК !!!
1,960 Likes, 24 Comments - Justin superfan (@justinsuperfan_) on Instagram: “I’m literally in pain so I have to go to the hospital and I hate that ...
4,083 Likes, 75 Comments - BTS 제이홉 (@vanillahobie) on Instagram: “jungkook was in so much pain last time at mama😔he seemed uncomfortable,kept movin...
6,305 Likes, 539 Comments - Hosein Mohammadi دهکده سزار (@sezarsanctuary) on Instagram: “karma! No doubt inflicting harm and pain on others will no...
6,574 Likes, 425 Comments - JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on Instagram: “Rescue Me is a song about pain, a song about empowerment, a song about faith, an...
And what three games do you have pleasant memories mixed up with pain on the Dendy (NES \ Famicom) console? @coub
45.9k Likes, 1,592 Comments - Tank (@therealtank) on Instagram: “@chrisbrownofficial singing that “Heartbreaker” from my first “Sex, Love, and Pain...
100.6k Likes, 2,794 Comments - JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on Instagram: “Rescue Me is a song about pain. It’s also a song about empowerment, faith and...
140 Likes, 2 Comments - D'LuXE (@dluxegirlband) on Instagram: “IT’S HERE!!! The official music video for our new original single “Not Hiding The Pa...
314 Likes, 55 Comments - Zora Cock (@zoracock) on Instagram: “Follow, sweet children I'll show thee the way Through all the pain and the sorrows…”
“He's such a troll ..😢 btw ... What's your reaction when seeing taehyung`s in pain ...?😁 . .and twitter hot with army`s talking about bts was filming for…”
“Like an evil shooting star, this board brings the fireworks and pain to @jamiejacobson8. 💫💥✨⚡️
Vid from @jordanhuotaridesigns”
“@samcookeofficial change gone come oh yes it will ! Sing thru my struggles and pain ☑️☑️☑️ @topvoices_”
“Bitch please ! !!! all this pain and torture for freaking fake abs done surgically. ....I don't have pain at the gym I get therapy and I enjoy it and I…”
“I wish I had slow mo when I was growing up. Would have saved us a lot of pain, but maybe it helped us be more creative, and not a machine w the golf…”
“Midair pain face. Training is not always pretty, sometimes it's just hard work, repetition and consistency. This clean felt heavier than it should, but…”
“I have had Elbow pain on and off for a long time now. The best way for me to keep it under control is to isolate, strengthen and create blood flow.…”
“Feeling weak and out of shape, but happy to be back at what I love without too much pain. A little frustrated that I can't do a simple inverted V. But I…”
“Oh my Big and small Water! What I would do without you! Only with You I can suffer any pain🌊🌊🌊 You are my best friend and anesthesia especially now...…”
“This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, Fifteen percent concentrated power of will, Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain And a hundred…”
“This is ten percent luck, Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, Fifty percent pain And a Hundred percent…”
“Blood, sweat and pain (and cheesy jokes) of 3 brutal sets of 50 reps per set. Don't TRI and get BI or you'll get DELT with and TRAPPED. #IronParadise…”
“Side effects of Vcuts may include skin peeling off of your fingers and pain but they still look good. Pardon the sloppiness I'm still trying to get them…”
Remastered video from the "Dancing with the Dead" bonus DVD (2005).
Remastered video from the "Dancing with the Dead" bonus DVD (2005).
Выслушай меня!
Ты понимаешь слова, которые я говорю?
Жизнь никогда не поворачивается так, как ты того хочешь...

Словно раб изнемогать на работе,
Потому что это его выбор - пойти самым тяжёлым путём.
Почему ветер всегда дует так холодно и всегда не туда?
Но ты будешь держать голову высоко и стараться быть сильным...
Они попытаются украсть всё, что у тебя есть,
Это будет продолжаться ещё и ещё и ещё...

Ещё и ещё (х2)

Схвати быка за рога, попробуй сделать что-нибудь из ряда вон,
Ты единственный, кто может воплотить это.
Огонь в твоих глазах медленно потухает,
Ты не можешь предать свои мечты,
Ты будешь продолжать ещё и ещё и ещё...

Ещё и ещё (х3)

Сдаваться - легче всего, если хочешь выбросить жизнь,
Если ты хочешь взять её в свои руки,
Ты не можешь сдаваться без боя,
Это будет продолжаться ещё и ещё...

Ещё и ещё...
Filmed for the Sound Tracks: Quick Hits series by the Talbot Players in association with PBS Arts (

Charles Bradley performs live at the Portsmouth Music Hall in New Hampshire.


From the album, Rebirth (2000)

PAIN - 14.On And On - Live @Masters Of Rock 2012 (DVD)
Charles Bradley, backed by The Menahan Street Band, performs "Heartaches and Pain" live from Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Austin, TX, during KEXP's...
Bonnie-Annie Paine play "On Out" during their at the Second Story Studios at the Boulder Daily Camera offices in Boulder on December 30, 2012.
Концерт группы PAIN в Иркутске, ресторан-салун Дикая Лошадь, 10.04.2018 г.
Lousiville Chiropractor
Hello i'm Doctor Stephen Graham of the back pain institute welcome to our website

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Here at the back pain institute we're in search of the most advanced scientific information to diagnose and correct back pain
Москва, 2018, Arbat Hall
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Bestselling author (The 48 Laws of Power, The 50th Law, Mastery, The Art of Seduction) and advisor to politicians and pop stars all over the world, Robert Greene sits down with Tom Bilyeu to discuss mining your passions, navigating a brutal machiavellian world, and the books that almost killed him.

Watch the Q&A here:

Find your Passion. Evolve your Mindset.
Grow with us.

Discussed in this interview:
1. Mastery by Robert Greene -
2. The 50th Law by 50
Full ver is here

Pain Юбилейное шоу: 2 Decades of PAIN 15.04.2018 Новосибирск Лофт-парк "Подземка
Pain 2 Decades of PAIN 15.04.2018 Russia Novosibirsk Loft-park "Po...
Audio Newspaper
The information was interesting?

Playboy twins have been blasted by Botched doctors after boozing while they were on pain medication after undergoing plastic surgery.

The two sisters - Kristina and Karissa - both went under the knife to fix lopsided boob and nose jobs, but Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif were furious after the pair drank alochol in the wake of the procedure.After Dr. Dubrow asked Karissa if she'd been drinking, she replied: "I'll drink more after this."
Comedy painful and funny: with children and on people. Collected jokes photo collection of jokes on people and children. In this issue, you see the fun of sleeping people and funny children.

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«Файне місто» — український музичний фестиваль під відкритим небом, що проходить щорічно в Тернополі від 2013 року.
Free Blood performing Quick and Painful on new music show From the Basement.
Russian guys and one greek girl :D
A group of people going to fast and hit errant wave and lost control of the boat. Bet they won't go that fast again!
Growing Pains, season 6 episode 16, "Ben's Rap Group".
Air Date: January 23, 1991
In this scene, Ben tries to convince his father to help him manage a rap group known as the "Fresh Kidz" with a homemade hype video.

Robin Thicke portrays the lead singer of the bunch singing a song he actually wrote (making this possibly the earliest available recording of a Robin Thicke song)! Also featured is a young Brian Austin Green (from Beverley HIlls, 90210 and other shows).

Did you know Robin and Brian were actual Medical Massage Therapy Continuing Education
Excerpts from the Health Matters Seminars 73 minute DVD of Hands-on Techniques for Medical Massage Therapy MMT III Thoracic Spine and Torso Pain & Dysfunction. Taught by David Morin, BA, LMT.
Available online at
MMT IV is one of five 16 hour instructional classes that make up an 80 Certification in Medical Massage Therapy recognized by the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork).
Classes of
I own no rights to this music** It is for inspirational purposes only..
More about this programme:

Michael Mosley takes to the streets of Edinburgh to show people how to give themselves a hit of pleasure, using only a pencil.

Lady Nicole || Николь Кидман
http://KEXP.ORG presents Paul Kelly performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 1, 2013.

Host: Kevin Cole
Audio: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Brittney Bush-Bollay Scott Holpainen
Editor: Scott Holpainen

Это видео создано с помощью Vegas Pro 12.0
ссылка на скачивание -
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Некого трахать? Ищи тут ТОЛЬКО cекс без обязательств
Garth Stein, author of HOW EVAN BROKE HIS HEAD, interviewed by his former Soho Press editor Bryan Devendorf, drummer of the indie rock band The National.
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incredibly energetic song
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Thomas Paine of True Pundit joins us to discuss Deep State tactics and 54+ years of ongoing deception.

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Видео с концерта в "Телеклубе", 18.04.2018 г.
Thank you for watching this powerful interview with Jordan B. Peterson
Live in Moscow 20.04.2018, Arbat Hall
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Banda: Pain
Canción: On And On
Álbum: Rebirth
Género: Metal Industrial
País: Suecia


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PAIN - "On and On" (kRock festival live 31.08.2008) Kherson, Ukraine
Алексей Буль - Тестирование в проде (без боли и унижения)

Методы и подходы к тестированию в продакшене.
Метрики, алертинг, логи, духовность ...
To everyone going through any struggle or pain right now, keep your head up, and keep on smiling, you'll get through it. 🖤
Lindemann - Fish On
by Zoran Bihac

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