Lol what is this
“I've been watching this video over and over 😻She's soooo pretty! Like Omg 😗 wait what time is it? Lol 😪😪 @dovecameron 👍 ---------------------------- LINK…”
“This is what happens when you spend too much time at Ross I was literally there for 2 hours yesterday and I just bought hangers lol 🔆 Merry Christmas Eve…”
“This is what happens when I accidentally leave my phone with my driver, Steve lol #blindspot #bff 😂 #payback hahahahahhaa @stevie_pantalones”
“This is what happens when u get a cast. Lol. Thanks @ajol_llama for editing this video for me hahaha 깁스하면 이렇게 된다 ㅋㅋ엠버야 편집 해줘서 고마워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #cast #moveoutmyway…”
“This is what BTOB does inside the car... Lol #BigBang's #WeLikeToParty is a good song to listen to while driving ! #MinhyuksVoiceDidntCrack…”
“So this is what happens when you bring dancers to ATL in a mall😒 lol @therioshow @antoniohudnell @seewiggins @Itsallmarvelous @yusukejapan”
“FANS KILLING THE ADLIB LOL || this is what COACHELLA is supposed to feel like.”
“This is what it's like to shoot vines with me lol I don't really know or care what I'm doing, I'm just having fun 😂 w/ @mcphonz”
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“Шоу Волос!Lol Можете догадаться что это за концепт? #MYBOOK #HyoStyle”
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What kind of a workout is this, lol..
The owner recieved noise complaints from the neighbours, so they set up a nanny cam. This is what they saw LOL

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When guys get together and have a few drinks, things tend to get a little stupid. That's a fact most alcohol marketers would prefer not to highlight, lest advocating stupid fun might come off sounding like promoting activities that are dangerously stupid.
Nonetheless, Carlton Dry is, with the help of Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, Australia, embracing harmless idiocy. A series of vignettes, part of the brand's #HelloBeer campaign, features a group of bored, buzzed friends letting their imaginations run wild

I have no idea what I've animated. I did it at 4am, don't judge.

I'm sorry.


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