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“This is why I do not have snap chat 🙅🏻
@alyssamccormack @jessmajelan”
“Why do I relate to this 100%”
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“If you ask me why I do this my reply is simple. "This", this is why I do this. I love to #compete, I love to #win, I love to loose, I love to talk shit…”
“Ladies & gentlemen this is why I love them so much they do things to try & change the world and I'm very grateful for tht I'm gonna try & help out I'm…”
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“Why do I hurt myself in this way #mcrmy #mcr #mychem #mychemicalromance #raytoro #gerardway #mikeyway #welcometotheblackparade #frankiero #frerard #fiatc…”
“Why not release another today?! This time I decided to do #alovelikewar by #alltimelow featuring #vicfuentes of #piercetheveil! What do you think?…”
“why do I like this so muc”
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“I do not understand why this doggy is not intimidated by me. I am giving him my best stand-off skillz! #statue #standoff #mightbehereawhile”
“I told you I would make this😂😂 this is such an appropriate song for Scott ;))))) WHY DO I DO THIS STOP ME #scotthoying #mitchgrassi #superfruit…”
“Do you know why I'd rather workout outside, than the gym? Because I won't get a slap on the wrist for doing this. Steppin' up (literally) my…”
“a little #cupofherbaltea_video of happy me 🐒 in love with this song 🎶 Sam Padrul - why do I do 😊 by my @matyushen 😘 hope you'll like it ✨ маленький…”
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“This is prime example of why I LOVE😍what I do and the company I work for🙌🏼 We work hard, travel a lot and sometimes our social life suffers but it's…”
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“just my favorite video of all time. posting a part two because this makes me so so happy i don't know what to do w myself. this is why i do what i…”
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T-ara - I go crazy because of you + Why do you act like this
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Dancing Qigong Rap and instructions as introduction to Qigong. Dr. Love is lineage holder of Lung Qing Qigong aka Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong. He is Master of Blue Dragon Qigong since 1994. George Xavier Love is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine from Ju Shi Lin Daoist Scholars Council in Beijing under Master Li Bing Yuan aka Prof. John B.Y. Lee
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Getting lost in the detail is one of the main reasons why I paint. This is for all artists and creative people out there...Why do you paint?

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Day 29 - Dying my hair purple......theres a t rex in my house?... giving my apartment an extreme makeover....& getting a deadly virus WHIC FUCKING ...

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An introduction to the Doing English Channe
This is why i do what we do for a living, it becomes not about a lot of money, it becomes about having a smile and waking up loving what i do every single day. Doing something that fills my soul with happiness, laughter, and joy.
CRAP i forgot to put DARIUS and other awesome favorites in i had so much fun i forgot to record them haha... :'(
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DISCLAIMER: I actually really, really like Hotline Miami 2. It's a brilliant narrative paired to an intense game with an amazing soundtrack.

Stickmanslasher, you wonderful, generous bastard. Thank you.


This is my entry for the first round of the 'test your skills' contest:
The focus was body parts. I probably won't get past this round, but I had a lot of fun making this video tbh.
anyway, I hope you enjoy this

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The 100
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The Scandalous Lady W
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[HD please]

Hey look what I'm working on!! I'll have it done soon, I just wanted to show you a little bit of what I'm working on! :DD
This video only for inspiration, not commercial. SHTAB DANCE CENTER | Russia | Saint-Petersburg Ankoo dance because... Filmed by Dmitry Litvinov https://vk.com/rabbeet Follow: http://vk.com/shtabclub/ http://www.shtab.me/ http://instagram.com/shtabofficial/
Перевод: Насим Калиев vk.com/nassim_56
I decided to let James shave my beard...
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Actress and U.N. Special Envoy Angelina Jolie tells Christiane Amanpour what started her battle against sexual violence.
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커피소년 (Coffee Boy)- 내가 왜 이럴까 (Why Would I Do Like) (푸른 바다의 전설 The Legend of the Blue Sea OST Part.8)
**English Lyr...

SCRAPPY LITTLE NOBODY author and Academy Award nominated actress Anna Kendrick questions her decision to write a book.
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Первый DVD от Билла Бёрра - одного из самых авторитетных американских комиков. Этот спешл Бёрр записал в Нью-Йорке в 2008 году. Именно здесь он впервые раскрыл свой талант широкой публике. Много гнева, ругани, адекватных мыслей и нападок на стереотипы.
Bill Burr
Why Do I Do This
Audio Corrected
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If you don't know what ASMR is, its usually a cute girl whispering into her microphone about nonsense to help people sleep. Well, I'm not a cute girl, but a bunch of people asked for this on a stream and so THEY'RE GONNA GET IT!
What a great couple of days its been!
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Жанр: Стендап, комедия
Перевод: Одноголосый закадровый Rumble
Первый DVD от Билла Бёрра - одного из самых авторитетных американских комиков. Этот спешл Бёрр записал в Нью-Йорке в 2008 году. Именно здесь он впервые раскрыл свой талант широкой публике. Много гнева, ругани, адекватных мыслей и нападок на стереотипы.
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