Just "lol".
34 Likes, 1 Comments - Eleanor Calder (@eleanorfactz) on Instagram: “Eleanor on @loveannatran's Instagram story. (lol I love how Eleanor and Soph...
Vine by lana parrilla edits af
“This is my first time wearing @sherrihill and my first time wearing a flowy dress lol 😁 I love it! Just wanna playyyyy!!! #espys”
“Just want to wish my sis @jayroy23 a Happy Birthday! Dat ass getting old 👵🏼👴🏼 lol 😂😂”
“[3m ago] Instagram randomly just changed so I can switch accounts lol...also as I'm typing this caption the text is so big omg”
“This is the last one.. I'll do an eyebrow tutorial if I ever get 700k lol which I probably won't 😘😩😂 but yeah just tag your friends if you want but if you…”
“Lol just a short PSA😛😖 BTW I was baking my face so don't even trip ... Tag someone with on fleek eyeliner because I want to see where my sisters are at”
“Lol just a random video !! 😘😘 tag your friends tag your daughters tag your neighbors or don't tag anyone at all lol”
“Sometimes I just want to walk around with a blending brush and fix people's eye shadows 😢😓😅 lol jk
I recommend @morphebrushes
MB23, E23, E27 and M504”
“This is what happens when you spend too much time at Ross I was literally there for 2 hours yesterday and I just bought hangers lol 🔆 Merry Christmas Eve…”
“😂😂😂😂 I just got Carried Away ! Lol #TheyHypedMe #VideoOnTheWay #2Turnt @hoodnation”
“Just had to repost this again lol #throatkick #deathkick #girlswholift #girlswholiftboys #flexibility #blade your foot #femalemartialarts”
“The guy behind Taehyung is Daehyun?right..? Someone answer me,please....hahahaha just curious why Taehyung didn't talk with him.LOL I love that smile…”
“Glam from start to finish on @natalieevamarie in just 15 seconds lol. If only that were really possible! Lol 😹 What do you guys think of this time lapse?…”
“Is he an angel or wht 😇 ^lol that's so lame but nvm 🐰 Anyway I've decided to continue using this acc bcs I just reaaallllyyyy miss this acc SO MUCH (not…”
“Just finishing off some rear delts with 3/4 reps. Gotta love some of the funky music playing...definitely makes me wanna train lol. 2016 is upon us, I…”
“LOL! Me & my assistant coach was going at it tonight, lets just say I won this battle 😌💪🏿 #SAVAGELIFE”
“#deadpool is just a girl with a crush on you, lol. O que falar desse ser que causou por todo lugar que ele passava na #ccxp2015? Garantiu boas risadas…”
“Are you? Just recorded a life changing record 🙏🏼🙌🏽. N just woke up. Lol. With @daofficialtbaby @dizzycleanface”
“How I feel when I'm in my favorite city, listening to reggae and just got a spray tan from @simonesairbrushtanning lol 😁🌴✌🏼️🌴☀️👙💕☀️ #Love #HappyPlace”
“Lol who edit this? I just need to see him lol.
“Sometimes u come up with a combo and it just mangles ur hand so much u cant land it clean lol this is one of them. Backhand back HA reflip backhand bump.…”
“I think seeing @jamesbaymusic 3 times in 1 year is enough, although the first time was just for 1 song. lol
#jamesbay #obsessed #muchlove #cantgetenough”
“😂😂😂😅 Seriously... I need a life 😆 But this is just too much fun! 😝💖 @adamlambert @adamlambert #cartoon #haha #lol #omg #adamlambert #glamily #glamberts…”
✪ Awesome Jensen Ackles ✪Дженсен Эклз ✪ SPN ✪
“#dontjudgeme sorry I was a little late on this lol (not making fun of anyone, just literally slammed my face in a pile of colors and looked up. Oh and…”
“@rachelplatten + me just chilling! I don't know why I said your last name like that. Lol. #sweetsoul #standbyyou #FightSong #rachelplatten #concert…”
“HHHH OH MY GOD ㅋㅋㅋ Lol these days I'm falling in love with #taehyung just want watch his videos ㅋ👅 #bangtanboys _ #kookiemacnae #thebtstv #kimtaehyung…”
“Lol I just like to take extra long on my last rep and pretend I'm not gonna lock it out just so others will run to my rescue 😂 haha such nice gym goers…”
“Holy bajeezus I just found fucking slo mo🍕 footage (I wonder if I was stoned lol)”
“Full fight between jela vs jenna! Lol they should have just shown this version on the actual episode. #BGC14”
“Press play! Oh just a causal morning in the car with me of course😚😝 lol Who wants to meet Taylor Swift? 🙌🏻 ummm me! Check out my lip sync vid I just…”

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“Just seen Iron Man while in the movie theaters lol. Crazy and Before this just met Emmanuel Hudson. #Atlanta #RobertDowneyJr #IronMan #RDJ”
“"Come on let it go just let it be why don't you be you and I'll be me" (last one) lol I love him!! @jamesbaymusic #jamesbay #jamesbayconcert #letitgo…”
“This is my jammmm .. I'm snapchatin like crazy nowadays!

I just snapped some lady beating up a scarecrow lol..
Add me - GOLDENthe24k”
“@gabrieldaylewis just hitting his #hookahpen in his underwear lol @lestwinson @lestwinsoff just a normal day on set. #modellife #setlife #goodlife…”
“Lol! I don't know why weird stuff always happens around me. I guess I'm just a magnet for weirdies lol!!! #tbt #sf #SanFrancisco”
“By @mydigitalkids "Soccer, football What ever you call it one things for sure @cristyle ain't got no game. lol just fucking with ya But forrealdho…”
“I had NO IDEA you could do this on a gameboy advance SP haha @theradiohead723 just showed me and I was in awe lol Pretty cool! #RetroCollective #Nintendo…”
“Just killed the stage with @justinbieber at the #honeymoontour @jonboogiee killing it to! We just getting started!! #5minuterehearsal lol”
“150403 No zooming lol
Yoonie long time no see😍
Cr me”
“when you rap your boyfriend's verse on as long as you love me (it was just for fun y'all. i am most definitely not a rapper. lol.) how'd i do @bigsean ?👼”
“Listen. I love this riddim n coco is willing to dance w/ me lol. I wish my friends would just let me create routines for them.....but they too shy or…”
“just in case you ever wondered what we do underneath the stage during the show lol. i love these girls @tracytakahashi & @nekai_jo sooooooooooo much.”
“We literally just picked up a stranger off the streets....he is now in our taxi on his way to a fucking amazing night lol”
“This is what it's like to shoot vines with me lol I don't really know or care what I'm doing, I'm just having fun 😂 w/ @mcphonz”
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#vine от Arctic Monkeys Official: "I'm just dead #fight #LOL #comedy #fightclub #extremesportsvines #goodvibestm #arcticmonkeys #ArcticRevine #Glitch #Vineglitch just dead"

[Все ролики Arctic Monkeys Official: http://vinebox.co/u/wf9L1BmWCF7/wjfV7lAwYBX|[club52604856|Подпишись на лучшее]]
Landed in Funland - I mean 'Finland' LOL🏂 It's cold, snowing and exciting!! Just collecting our luggage, then going for lunch 🍔 Slightly breezy landing LOL!! But we have arrived safely and excited for the week ahead in snow-world - AKA Finland ☺️ Love and hugs 🙈💖🙈
LoL Epic Moments #58 - Just Azir Things (Best Ult) | League of Legends
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Truly Amazing Stunts,Just wait until you see the Giraffe lol

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Kids crash BBC interview. Just wait until the mum rushes in

This BBC interview is amazing.

BBC expert's kids interrupt very serious live stream b...

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Funny Gags,Just For Laugh! LOL! Must To Watch!!
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Have you seen, er, me? Crimewatch presenter has an awkward moment when he shows a mugshot of a convicted thug who's a dead ringer for HIM
The criminal that appeared on Crimewatch was Viktor Lakatos
His mugshot was flashed up because the show helped to convict him
Dozens of Twitter users noticed the likeness, including one Cornish PC
PC Alice Nicholas' post read: 'That awkward moment... #Crimewatch'

Crimewatch presenter Jason Mohammad would have been forgiven for feeling a bit awkward on Mond
Omfg I just watched the original and realised I got the piano wrong lol
original is hurr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ_B0Og58JU

Funny Cockatoo just discovered his acoustics skills.. LOL!
Sent in by: Cerys Carey
If I lived with this fuckin thing I'd wanna shoot myself

Meiner is viel geiler hahaha :D

Nil Ay

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Немного не по топику, но всё же )) p.S не помню какой год, лол только начал входить в моду) крабим по черному)
На видео: Rasema aka Doggy, chance for you aka Desa, Sekenay aka sekenay :D
I just thought I'd share my Looney Tunes collection as I'm a huge fan of Looney Tunes and plan to collect more. In the video I mentioned my 1968 Dakin figures, but forgot to point out that I also have the Dakin Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote which are shown in the video. Oh, and I'm missing a curtain on a window due to a cat I once had, LOL. I haven't replaced it yet. :)

LoL Epic Moments #24 - Thresh Hook, You Can JUST DO IT | League of Legends
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Two children crash dad's live interview on BBC! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtEeqgT84DM

Two children crash dad's live interview on BBC
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12 июня 2017 года.


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im 14 now yey
What do you think ? Have i improved ?

I am so stupid lol I forget the watermark I just have it in the beginning so give credit if you repo
Is He Dead Nah He's Just Extremely Hungover LOL.

Meet Peruvian Jorge Luis who was pulled out of a muddy river bed after people thinking he was dead, but he really just had a hangover.

Jorge Luis was hooked out of the water, hosed down and strapped to a stretcher, all while wearing nothing but his pants.
Pretty sure he got the meaning of Beijing Yemen.#goldenstatewarriors #klaythompson #torontoraptors #coorslight
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Practice makes perfect...

Animated by PentaMagic: www.youtube.com/user/pentamagic

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