I had to
Berlin, DANKE! It was incredible to be back and to share my first solo tour with you. I had so much fun! Love you! Muchas gracias, los amo con todo mi corazón!!!! Now to-->OBERHAUSEN! ❤🇩🇪
Happy Valentine's Day! - Of course, I had to edit my all tim...
F E R G A L I C I O U S 💁🏼 with my main honey @amarniskaf • Definitely had to jam to this one 😍 Let me know what song we should do next!!
#tbt to this little #Zoey101 moment 😂 I had so much fun making this show. #fondmemories @jamielynnspears & @thepaulbutcher miss you guys & the rest of the crew ❤ Reunion soon plz 🤗
Vine by chú , ig: yoojunqs
Throwin' it back to when#harryconnickjr asked me what my Halloween plans were & I didn't have any at the time, so I sang this impromptu song while he played the piano. I guess it helped, because I had a great weekend 😉 Thank you Harry, and #HappyHalloween to all! 🎃
See this Instagram video by @littlemix • 68.7k likes
See this Instagram video by @littlemix • 74.1k likes
This is one of many reasons why she hates me so much 😂😂😂😂😏
Would've shot Gerua with ice cream instead of going to Iceland had I seen this earlier... Awesome!
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The Heavy Crawls у Сталевій горі 13.04.17
Video Description
Anything that's not beyond「Here's my low range this time, 'kay」is prohibited. It's SO high...

The great original⇒sm29150968

I am Wolpis Kater.
I had entered the Pokemon(Moon)Palace.
This upload became late by one day.

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Nigel Sylvester lays down an insane up rail to over bar while getting chased by a security guard.

Created by Gary Golembiewski & Tyrone Williams ...
Peter Abernathy, Dolores Abernathy, Westworld, Westworld The Original, Westworld 1x01, Westworld S01E01, Season 1, HBO

© All rights reserved by HBO

Singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani tells TODAY she’s grateful for her fans coming out to her concerts, including an 81-year-old woman who traveled fr...

Michael Bolton Birthday Song (Personalized)
Shah Rukh Khan can make you wait for hours but the moment that he steps into a room, he can make you feel that you are the only person around and h...
by BonusCrystals

Diljit Dosanjh Извини за попытку спеть paaji, но должен был сказать тебе, как сильно я тебя люблю. Пожалуйста, смотри Раис в Пенджабе с друзьями.
Oh, thanks for all the support guys! I was gonna wait a bit longer but we're nearly there anyway. Just a bit more and I'll have 5,000 subscribers!!...
Tommy has to write an essay.
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Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - I had too much to dream last Night 1979

Original by The Electric Prunes (1966)

Last night your shadow fell u...
A controversy was very stupid, and payment for a loss was inexpensive - clean and warm up a car after night snow storm.
I was absolutely sure in my...
One of the brightest boxing talents, WBO middleweight champion Dmitry Pirog, first came to global prominence in 2010, when he entered the Mandalay ...
Live at St. Giles-in-the-fields
London, 2016-04-21

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Conor McGregor, I'm grateful that my childhood had to fight so I'm the champion
I just had to! :P

I thought these guys needed to experience a little Love & Joy in their lives. Doesn't look like they're enjoying it much though does it?

Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Author: totalmentalcase

Original posting here: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/ruby/the-intro-to-rails-screencast-i-wish-i-had/
My first Erik and Christine vid. I know what some of you guys are thinking. "What? I thought she didn't like E/C pairing?"
Well I've become more neutral to the pairing now. To me, it doesn't matter too much whether it's Erik and Christine or Erik and OC.
I heard this song while watching Vampire Diaries and I love it! I wish I could have a made a Vampire Diaries music video with this song, but since I don't have any TVD footage, I decided to make it a POTO video instead.

Basic Story: Erik laments on all th
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Video guitar lesson Svyatoslav Pylypchuk, composer, guitarist, and pianist Wind of River (how to play "If i had wings" Wind of River)

Відео урок Святослава Пилипчука, композитора, гітариста та піаніста Wind of River (як грати "If i had wings" Wind of River)

Видео урок Святослава Пилипчука, композитора, гитариста и пианиста Wind of River (как играть "If i had wings" Wind of River)
Cris Cyborg on Dana White "I’ve had to see him control the media."; GSP addresses video to Michael Bisping; Karyn Bryant having a good time at the beach; Training session with Mark Munoz at KingsMMA; Tony Ferguson throws some kicks at the beach and much more!

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Music video by The Jam performing The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow). (C) 1982 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
Can you think of an example of a time in your life when if you had done something a little differently, life would have been a little bit better? O...

One of my favorite studio songs, only played live 3 times - picture by Una Toibin-Hamilton
sorry I had to sneeze, cat in water
bless you
B.I.G. AL - We had to do This
B.I.G. AL - Strugglin' for a Mill...
Uploaded: Mar 20, 2017 19:30
【Wolpis Inc.】I had tried to sing El Tango Egoista【Sponsorship】
【Wolpis Inc.】I had tried to sing El Tango Egoista【Sponsorship】


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It's a duet song!!(Never said I'll be doing duets!)


I'm Wolpis Kater.
My boom is a trampoline.

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Teresa and Thomas. :P
well its about time I vidded them right?... right?... who knows...lol
anywho... I have absolutely no idea where this came fr...
Clarke and Lexa 😎 (Sorry I had to fix it a mistake)
- ...let's see, I always forget the last ingredient. Ugh. Unicorn hair. [...] It's hopeless. Unicorns reside deep within an enchanted glade, and their hairs can only be obtained by a pure, good-hearted person who goes on a magical quest to find them.
- Grunkle Ford, can I please go on this quest? I am literally obsessed with unicorns. My first word was unicorn, I once made my own unicorn by taping a traffic cone to a horse's head. Are you even looking at the sweater I'm wearing right now? Not to mention that I'm probably the most pure-of-heart person in this room. [That's true. She has a point. Can't argue there] So can I go on a mission to get that hair? [...]
- Very well, but it won't be easy. Take this, and this. I haven't been in this dimension for a while. It's okay to give children weapons, right?
- Come on, dawg. [...]
- So what are the odds she gets that hair?
- Unlikely. I've dealt with unicorns before, and if I had to describe them in one word, it would be "frustrating."
Canelo Alvarez "I had Jacobs Winning!" Full Reaction to Golovkin vs Jacobs

In this Canelo Alvarez video, Canelo reacts to the Gennady Golovkin vs ...
Lil Tracy & Famous Dex "I Had To" [Prod. by Krookz] #GetItLIVE! @LiveMixtapes http://livemixtap.es/

LiveMixtapes: https://twitter.com/Live...
Arnold Schwarzenegger on how he never really felt at home in Austria, the real reason he started bodybuilding and how he predicted the permanence o...
New Visual Captured By CocaineWhiteFilms From SMGAMP Artists Amp Kiddb & Wayne Denimz Download They New Mixtape "Applying Major Pressure" http://go...
To give up what I got for what I had
► Ambient Music and Soundtrack like atmospheres from the album Keosz - AVA: https://cryochamber.bandcamp.com/album/ava

► Album Description
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Thank yall for tuning in everyday!
This is the story of Chris Nunn a British photographer, who, while working in eastern Ukraine was nearly blinded in one eye when the apartment he w...
ClassicComedyBits1: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7nbIZfgo7QCGPVl0JRJc0Q
ClassicComedyBits2: https://www.youtub...
Uploaded: Feb 14, 2017 19:30
【Wolpis Inc.】I had tried to sing Echo of My Voice in the Rain【Sponsorship】【Wolpis Inc.】I had tried to sing Echo of My Voice in the Rain【Sponsorship】Nicopedia
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Valentine's Day Valentine's Day- IT'S SO TIRESOME, SO TIRESOME

The great original⇒sm24626484

Wolpis Kater here.
For this anime season, I'm watching Interviews with Monster Girls, Gabriel Dropout, Kemono Friends, and Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon.

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Once again we are going to talk about conditional sentences, but this time we'll investigate inversion in such kind of sentences! This class is quite advanced!
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!

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day 47 - yup, i actually did it ;)
- - - - -

http://vk.com/nyanjav <JAV PORN>


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→ Coldplay --The Scientist
→ https://www.youtube.com/KiraVishneva
→ JustinFraun -- ジャスチン₪SPACE-- Shimidzu Kai
→ S...
Спасение собаки с улицы от Hope For Paws.
Your $5 donation will help us save more dogs like Diesel: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To apply to adopt Diesel, please contact our friends here: htt...