We like "#snow"! Aren't we? 😁

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Battle of the year...real #cat vs. paper #spider 💥🎃
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🙌👍🔥🔊🎶 #Элизиум #yotaspace #concert #Moscow #greattime #ilovemusic #этоангелыплачут
The last warm days at nature 🌳🍃🌞
#village #countryside #nature #russia #autumn #дача #тепло #осень
Забабахала себе горячий шоколад с корицей и теперь у меня супер рождественское настроение. Знаю, что до зимы еще долго 😥
Hot chocolate with cinnamon and I feel myself so Christmasy. I can't even wait 😜
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Street musicians, warm evening, #Nirvana 🎻🕥👍 #streetmusic #evening
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Вспомним детство..."Дикий ангел" собственной персоной.
Наталья Орейро приезжала на #ММКФ38, чтоб представить картину "Наша Наташа" 🎬

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Here we go!🎬
Ну, поехали! 😉
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A bad day for the pool party...☔
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Some #friends have #sporttime, some #dinner time 🏃🍜
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Когда 12-летняя Эстела влюбляется в полицейского, замешанного в торговле наркотиками, мексиканская семья оказывается втянутой в насилие и жестокость.
Model: RC Helicopter Diabolo S
Pilot: Frank Strupp
Speed in one direction: 311 Kmh = 193 Mph at minute 1:02
Speed in the middle: 285,8 Kmh = 177 Mph
Akku: 16s Lipo
Event: RC Speed Meeting in Bad Wünnenberg Germany May 2016
More videos from this event you can see my playlist:

Fly to a secret alpine lake with Blackcomb Helicopters for an afternoon of fine dining, paddleboarding, swimming and unbelievable views. Captured in glorious 360-degree video by Brian Hockenstein.
The infinityPV HeLi-on charger allows you to carry a solar panel and battery in your pocket.

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by BattlefieldAndMore

by BattlefieldAndMore

Scenes of the AI battle from episode 20 of The third: the girl with the blue eye, put together

I have now added English subtitles
момент из багоюзочитогеймплея (с предисторией для недоверчивых)
Медведи, вулканы и горные лыжи.
Хелиски от русских биатлонистов и их менее известных товарищей по приключениям)
Камчатка. Апрель 2016.
Kamchatka. April 2016.
Heliskiing from Russian biathletes.
Bears, volcanoes and skiing.
Апрель 2016, Камчатка. Хелиски.
Movie by Andrew Komashko & Alena Kozitskaya

Special thanks to IQ Business Center

Music Julian Avila - The city

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Platoon "Power Peppa Pigs" (http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/platoons/view/5321457294328875452/)
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Client: Red Bull Media House Production: Cam-L Studio / FOG DoP: Kamil Przybylak Zobacz pełne portfolio! vimeo.com/camlstudio/portfolios facebook.com/kamilprzybylakDP facebook.com/camlstudio
I'd rather hike than use helicopter, but when a chopper allows to fly some of the best lines ever, I'm glad to be on board!!
Such spatial flights needed spatial music to get along with, so I hope you'll enjoy the trip as much as I did!! If not, give it another try...!
Check the other edits of "Somewhere in Paradise", and don't forget the full sceen ;-)

►Игра на Android - https://goo.gl/1YYEDD
Новые игры на Андроид и iOS прошедшей недели про которые вам расскажет Полина (https://www.twitch.tv/fletcheriii). Полный список игр:

Space Merchants: Arena - https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/space-merchants-arena/id1153305312?mt=8&at=10lwQU

Mushroom Wars 2 - https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/mushroom-wars-2/id1141358828?mt=8&at=10lwQU
Filmed over 10 years ago and saved from oblivion: Is it possible to do Alligator "fishing" with an R/C helicopter? Croc expert and fellow R/C pilot "Dave" took us onto a trip deep into the Florida Everglades(*) to find out! (He's an experienced animal handler BTW; none of the Crocs has been or would have been harmed, so please don't state the contrary, it simply isn't true)

Heli of the day was a trusty old Skyfox with wooden blades. Won't do damage to an alligator (just in case) and wouldn't be a real loss
Kutse Tantsule 6
Esitaja: Heli Lääts
Avaldatud: 1997
Tootja: Aidem Pot
Heli Lääts Хели Ляэтс/ - Песня остаётся с человеком laul filmist "Kolmest kaheteistkümneni" 1965
Музыка - ...
Demoreel HELI INVEST - Services Company Production: https://vk.com/7pixxx https://vimeo.com/7pixels https://www.facebook.com/7pixelsproduction ...
Demoreel HELI INVEST - Services Company

Go behind the scenes of the making of the short film “Convergence,” which follows snowboarder Travis Rice and snowmobiler Dan Adams as they go deep into the backcountry to pull off some never-been-done stunts. Brain Farm utilized all their favorite tech-toys for this collaboration with Polaris Snowmobiles - from drones to helicopters and snowmobiles to 4K cameras and stabilized systems. We love camera technology. Watch the full short film at: http://bit.ly/BackcountryReunion For a chance to win a 2016 AX
Go behind the scenes of the making of the short film “Convergence,” which follows snowboarder Travis Rice and snowmobiler Dan Adams as they go deep into the backcountry to pull off some never-been-done stunts. Brain Farm utilized all their favorite tech-toys for this collaboration with Polaris Snowmobiles - from drones to helicopters and snowmobiles to 4K cameras and stabilized systems. We love camera technology.

Watch the full short film at: http://bit.ly/BackcountryReunion

For a chance to win a 2016 AX
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Accidental Win
In the backcountry and side country having options is key, that’s why Jrob uses the Dakine Heli Pro DLX 24L for his on-snow missions and on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you’re at the resort or deep in the backcountry, the vertical / horizontal snowboard carry will make sure you’re the first one on top (and dropping in).
My favorites models in Phoenix RC -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/creative_pilot
I'm left seat! Flew over dambusters then video is a 200ft hover...nose down vertical to ground. 30ft over trees...70 degree bank turn. 100kt low level through gap in trees. Truly awesome. Great people and airport.

What a great flight!!! You can check them out at http://www.helitours.ca/

Интро моему соклану ! Интро за 5 гл
В лесу ломается трактор и все животные разбегается. Хорошо, что рядом оказывается робокар Хели...
In the forest, the tractor breaks down and all the animals were scattered. Well, it turns out that the next robocar Heli ...

Dans la forêt, le tracteur tombe en panne et tous les animaux ont été dispersés. Eh bien, il se trouve que la prochaine AGV Heli ...
#Robocar Poli Toys #Робокар Поли. Unboxing Toys Review
Open Toys Robocar Poli - Roy Robotruck and Helly Robocopter Rescue team - Very cool toys for children. Fire Truck Roy and Helicopter rescue Helly live in a wonderful town Brumstaun where all machines are able to speak! Roy and Helly unusually good small and are ready at any moment to fly to the rescue in distress resident of the city! Robocar Poli (Hangul: 로보카 폴리; RR: Ro-bo-ka Polli) is a South Korean animated children's television series created by Roi
www.cmhski.com - CMH Heli-Skiing presents the feature film for the 2012/2013 Heli-Ski Season. Ascension brings you some of the best skiing from the Monashees, Valemount, Revelstoke, and other CMH areas!

http://www.cmhski.com | A compilation of Heli-Skiing from the entire season. From CMH Heli-Skiing.

Snowboarding, A Helicopter, Knee deep powder and the best terrain in New Zealand. This really is as good as it gets!

In this episode we venture to the heart of the Southern Alps, Mount Cook National Park. Mount Cook is New Zealand's highest mountain peak. Cascading out of the valley floor above Lake Pukaki - this is one of the more scenically epic locations in the world and we go to snowboard here - and it was incredible!

With the use of a helicopter, the crew are scooped up to a field of insane New
AVAIALBLE HERE!! http://www.x-tremevideo.com/ski/ski/enjoy

A huge heli ski session in British Columbia with Jack Hannan, Jon Johnston & Ian Mcintosh.

This is a Bootleg Remix of Heli's Cover of "I FEEL YOU" by the Wonder Girls.

Download this Remix here:
Всем привет! Мой очередной мастер класс для Вас ;о)

Развитие ребенка - Робокар Поли - Аппликация из бумаги Heli вертолет
I'll see you later! ;о)

Развитие ребенка http://лев.name/
Leo Ya Мой канал на Youtube http://www.youtube.com/c/LeoYaLeo?sub_confirmation=1
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Robocar poli / Робокар Поли - Аппликация Heli вертолет - Умелец Лёва
Обучение ребенка апп
3D stunt flying like you've never seen! Perform side pitches and spins with the push of a button.

//// Follow Air Hogs
WEBSITE - http://airhogs.com/
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Need a body or some wheels parts, etc.. .. Check out our website.. www.pitdawghydro.com
Giant scratch builds, epic flying and creative community builds are just a small part of what makes Flite Fest awesome.

Learn more about Flite Fest here:

Keep an eye out for Part 2!

Special thanks to Eric Monroe and Chris Roncaglione for providing additional footage!

Can't wait to see you at Flite Fest 2017!
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The channel of our friends !!! Lots of cool and atmospheric lets plays )
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www.skateandsnow.ru ===

#skateandsnow #велосипеды #сноуборды #лонгборды #продажа #прокат #ремонт #аренда #тюнинг #купить
Magmadive, together with Nordurflug, is offering a stunning, once in a lifetime dive. Helidiving! We fly you to Silfra in a helicopter, giving you the opportunity to see Reykjavik, Thingvellir national park & Silfra, one of the top ten dive sites in the world, from above.
We promise you a dive like nothing you have experienced before. As is graphically shown in the video, you can actually touch the European and the North American tectonic plates while diving Silfra. We will do two dives in Silfra and when

by Виталий «Vital» Ульянов · #stunts, #mods, #оружие, #новая карта, #обновление, #скрытность, #прохождение, #let's play, #тактика cs, #прострел, #пасхалка, #секрет, #баг текстур, #трюк, #oldschool, #cross fire, #point blank, #desert eagle, #awp, #ump, #m4, #ak-47, #epic win, #frag movie, #headshot, #counter strike
Ссылка на игру: http://store.steampowered.com/app/341730/

Позывной ""Мне нужен Dustoff!" стал слишком знакомым в эфире Вьетнама. Теперь на спасательном вертолёте отправляйтесь на поле боя на поиск и эвакуацию раненых солдат, практичкески всегда под шквальным огнём. Если не сможете вы, то не сможет никто другой!

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Flight #2 of NEW Syma Model S022 "Big Chinook" CH-47 3-Channel, Tandem, Co-Axial Remote Controlled Electric Heli purchased from XHeli.com for $49.95 + S/H + TX.

Check out the real BIG CHINOOK in the following link (awesome flying skills!):


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Battlefield 2
Heli Movie
made by


1. Pendulum -Propane Nightmares
(Celldweller remix)

2. Chase&Status feat Plan b - Pieces

3. The Prodigy - Omen

4. Celldweller - Ursa Minor
(Nutron mix)

5. Chase&Status feat Plan b -
End Credits

Programs used:

Sony Vegas Pro 8

Thanks to:

Baby Mike 666
Start 18.9.2014


Filmkritik: http://www.epd-film.de/filmkritiken/heli

Der katalanisch-mexikanische Regisseur Amat Escalante mit einer in ihrer manifesten Brutalität verstörenden Variation der Topoi Drogenkriminalität und Gewalt, die in der präzise durchgearbeiteten lakonischen Filmsprache als Gegenstück zu Gerardo Naranjos thematisch verwandtem Miss ­Bala gelten kann

© Temperclayfilm
Russian state arms exporter Rosobonoexport presented its latest creations at the world's leading arms fair, Eurosatory 2016, in Paris, Monday.

Video ID: 20160613 068
Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
Contact: cd@ruptly.tv

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly
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enjoy the fantastic weather and the best moments of the Alpine Heli Smackdown 2011. For pictures and more visit Mikado-Heli.de

Marcus Gelhard
Heli Masters 2013 in Venlo
more info please go to www.heli-masters.com.
Video by www.rcmania.hk
Swiss Heli Challenge 2016 (X-treme flight Show)
Formula 1 RC Speed Helicopter by Hugo Markes and
(Derek Teo) from Malaysa
enjoy it.... your RCHeliJet
Wingsuits over Kiliti Skydive Balaton in Hungary. Amazing heli drop zone with puffy clouds and picturesque views. Music: Faith No More - Ashes to ashes
Totalny odlot Skok w Tandemie Markiz i Heli Skydive - Drop Zone Michałków Turbofinist Pułap 4200 m. 3 x Camera GoPro Hero Movie by Heliasz

прыжки в тандеме
Mason Mashon and KC Deane take on some new terrain in the Fraser Canyon, North of Lillooet BC with a little Heli-Mountain Biking.

Drone shots by the pros at SugarShark Productions.

Edited by Levi Vanderkwaak from Leftcoast Media House.

Music by "Whoa She's a Babe"

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Team Action Cam Athlete and Olympic gold medalist, Torah Bright, heads to Canada for some deep powder action.

Shot 100% by Sony's Action Cam
#SonyActionCam #ProveYourself

Get Stoked and SUBSCRIBE: http://bitly.com/SonyAC_subs

About Sony Action Cam:
Bring on the action with the only mountable camera that packs pro-quality features like Full HD recording, Steady Shot™, GPS, and built-in Wi-Fi® that lets you connect with the live view remote, or even view and transfer photos and videos with your smar
Aranypálca Kálmán Imre Nemzetközi Operett-Musical Karmesterverseny
1. középdöntő

Vezényel: Tomasz Biernaczki

Kálmán Imre: Cirkuszhercegnő
В феврале 2011 команда Action Brothers побывала в новом регионе для хелиски - Архызе. БОЛЬШИЕ горы, нетронутые вершины, красивые виды - это то, что мы увидели там, и хотим Вам показать. Спасибо компании http://heliaction.ru за то, что развивают этот безграничный регион для фрирайда!
HeliChallenge 2016: Kyle Dahl, Logo 700
больше видео на канале
More videos on the Channel

Syrian Rebels Down Russian Helicopter Near Aleppo

Russian MoD says there were 3 crew members and 2 officers on board the helicopter shot down in Aleppo
ГЛУМЛЕНИЕ НАД ТРУПАМИ Mi-8 RUSSIAN HELICOPTER shot down Aleppo - Idlib В Сирии сбили российский вертолет Ми-8 Russian Heli
Abartige Szenen am Absturzort eines russischen Helikopters, welche die Tagesschau verschweigt #Aleppo #Idlib #RuAFhttps://urs17982.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/abartige-szenen-am-absturzort-eines-russischen-helikopters-welche-die-tagesschau-verschweigt-aleppo-idlib-ruaf/Eingesammelt. +21 Grafische Bilder der abarigen “moderaten Rebellen”Ein Hubschrauber auf Humanitärer Mission schließt keine Bordbewaffnung aus, insbesondere nicht in Kriegsgebieten wo wie in Syrien auch Transporthubschrauber mit Verhandlungsdele

509 capped off an amazing season filming for Volume 8 with an incredible heli shoot in Revelstoke BC. Top 509 athletes including Brett Turcotte, Kalle KJ Johansson, Jay Mentaberry, Stephen Darcy, Randy Swenson, and Cody Robinson threw down in this amazing episode of 509's web series BEHIND THE LENS.

Mike Reeve
Stephen Clark

Here is a short montage of taking out helis with a RPG in GTA 5 Online. Feel free to leave and like and subscribe if you like what you see.

Music: Hold Fast by - San Holo feat. Tessa Dowstra

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask or suggest. I love hearing from you guys and responding to as many of you as I can.

» CLICK for more aerobatic helicopter tricks with Chuck Aaron: http://win.gs/AerobaticHeliTricks
Chuck Aaron is a living legend in aviation, and America's only licensed aerobatic helicopter pilot who can make a heli, flip, tumble and spin in a way that no helicopter should physically be able to do. After flying his BO-105 in air shows around the world, he decided to take his talents to the big screen to fly for the latest film in the James Bond Franchise, “Spectre,” making for one hell of an action-packed o
A good solo round I had...decided to upload it :)

My Battlelog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/Agera621/

コード・ブルー ドクターヘリ緊急救命::HANABI〜Guitar Ver.〜

Label: VAP
Composed by: Naoki Sato/Kazutoshi Sakurai

I own nothing.

Heli Lääts - Võrukael /Denes - Heldur Karmo/ Голубой огонек "100" 1966 г.
Present Sotnikov Oleg
After all the hype, Dream Ride is finally here. Filmed in the remote rain forest of Cairns in the far north of Australia, Dream Ride is unlike any ...
Filmed Winter 2015 in Golden Ears Provincial Park, in Beautiful British Columbia Canada, we have former NHL Draft Pick, Brett Draney and NHL Skatin...
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Motocross Ac...
Chris Benchetler chose the iconic Dakine Heli Pro 20L because it transitions effortlessly from town, to the resort, to the backcountry. With convertible features like the organized front / avy shovel pocket and the laptop / hydration sleeve, this pack quickly adapts to any environment, but is always ready for snow.
A montage of aerial footage of Subaru Rally Team USA's Travis Pastrana and David Higgins at Oregon Trail Rally 2016.

As the two teammates traded seconds back and forth for the lead over three days of rallying, the Subaru media team was in hot pursuit from the air, filming and photographing the epic scenery and action sequences. Check out this teaser of the footage, and catch more in Season 4 of Launch Control later this year!

Launch Control returns late spring 2016. Watch the first 3 seasons here:
Austria's Highest Skyscraper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvVWi46zp1c

Enercon E-126: World's biggest and most powerful wind turbine in Potzneusiedl, Austria!!!
Weltgrößtes Windrad im Burgenland, ENERCON E126

Crawler cranes Terex- Demag CC 2800-1, CC 9100-1 and Liebherr LR 1200

24th and 25th FPV helicopter flight

Live video feed, video from onboard camera gets transmitted in real time to the video goggles.
FPV= acronym for "First Person View"

Standard Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E
Helicopter skiing in Iceland with Arctic Heli Skiing. Adventure heli-skiing at its best. Thousands of never before skied peaks with vertical descents of up to 4500ft. Arctic Heli Skiing is operated by Bergmenn Mountain Guides on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland, they are Iceland's only UIAGM-IFMGA certified mountain guides. Join the professionals for a skiing adventure of a lifetime. www.bergmenn.com - www.arcticheliskiing.com
Дизельный погрузчик с боковым захватом HELI CCCD 30/60
грузоподъемность от - 6т высота ...
Counter rotating rotor head
RaptorTRAX Shredfest Original Edit: http://youtu.be/5aeKdmw9W50

After releasing the original edit of Ken Block's RaptorTRAX Shredfest, the team ha...
*New Full Version* click this link :

Heli Production

Sva autorska prava su zasticena.
Zabranjena su sva presnimavanja, iznajmljivanja, pozajmljivanja, javna izvo...
Heli-Skiing Day Trip from Whistler Blackcomb on December 21, 2016. Video trimmed from full-length video featuring 3 groups.
апрель, штат Юта
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/roundiii/
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Snapchat: Roundiii
Contact: RoundIIIMedia@Gmail....
Спонтанный утренний полет с Егором Сорокиным на вершину горы под названием Пик ...
PLEASE READ! Before you ask questions.
I do not own the rights to this song!!! this song is by, Unlimited Gravity Remix-Sail

In February of last ...

Соревнования вертолётов

Kuu ja minä

Säv. & San. Heli Ruotsalainen
Sov. Olli Lintuniemi
Check out the Behind the Scenes in the link below!

Huge thanks to 100% Pure New Zealand for giving us the opportunity ...
We have made it! Heli-skiing on Kuril Islands - everything is possible with Helipro! Travel with us, ride with us! Check our web --%3E www.helipro.ru Or Facebook --%3E facebook.com/HELIPRO.RU Путешествуйте с нами, катайтесь с нами! Наш сайт расскажет --%3E www.helipro.ru Фейсбук подскажет --%3E facebook.com/HELIPRO.RU
Hovering helis in Persia mod
Helicopters and planes in the Men of War: Cold War have learned to take off and land on the ground. Helicopters can now hang in the air. Everyone said it was impossible, but Russian modders managed!

Unloading and loading landing, vertical takeoff and landing, crash - it's all possible in the Cold War: Persia Befriend modders need normal iron ...

Support the project yandexmoney: 410011500276391
WMID 191999077377
R 400664111066
E 259869093908
U 221998466041 a
Hovering mission in Persia mod

Helicopters and planes in the Men of War: Cold War have learned to take off and land on the ground. Helicopters can now hang in the air. Everyone said it was impossible, but Russian modders managed!

Unloading and loading landing, vertical takeoff and landing, crash - it's all possible in the Cold War: Persia Befriend modders need normal iron ...

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Call to arms hovering mod Animate helis

Наконец-то у всех поклонников MOW, CW, CTA и других модов и игр этой серии появилась возможность оценить зависание вертолетов в игре и создать свои миссии с зависающими вертолетами.

Наскоро добавил анимации с разной скоростью качения к вертолетам из CTA, по-моему так гораздо реальнее смотрится.
Почувствуйте разницу ).
Let's go into the air for the final video in our Rallye Deutschland review series with some awesome drone and helicopter footage.

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Broadway Fesztivál

Horváth Dániel Hivatalos Oldala
Kevin Guri rides with the Dakine Heli Pack on most of his backcountry adventures because of its compact and sleek design. With features like the diagonal ski carry, insulated hydro sleeve, fleece lined goggle pocket, external shovel carry, and a rescue whistle on sternum strap Kevin can always depend on the Heli Pack to support his adventures.
If he dreams it, Bob Burnquist is often willing to try it. When he brings his skateboarding talent, MegaRamp, helicopter, risk-taking personality and heaps of time and creativity together, what results seems like utter madness. It's actually just another chapter of experimentation and innovation in the world of Bob.
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Two Steps From Hell - Ghost Brigades (GRV RMX)

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Heli ja Antti Mäntylän piha Vihdin Nummelassa on rakennettu vanhaan omenatarhaan. Satoa kauniista omenapuista saadaan yli oman tarpeen. Pihalla on myös japanilainen puutarha vesiaiheineen.

Minecraft | DRIVING A HELI-GHAST!! | Crazy Craft 3.0 #29
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Today we continue on our brand new adventure in CRAZYCRAFT 3.0!! This modpack is INSANE!!

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Rakkauslauluja on kappale, joka voitti Valssin aika 2015 -tapahtumassa Viitasaarella uusien valssien sävellyskilpailun. Kappale on julkaistu joulukuussa 2015 ilmestyneellä Valssin aika 2015 -albumilla Heli Ruotsalaisen tulkitsemana.

Säv. & San. Heli Ruotsalainen
Sov. Masi Luoma

Laulut: Heli Ruotsalainen
Kitara: Arto Valtonen
Basso, rummut, koskettimet ym: Olli Lintuniemi
Abe Kislevitz, Caleb Farro, Tom Wallisch and Eric Willett head to New Zealand to test out the new GoPro HERO3 in the snow! Here's a quick one run take from the experience. The HERO3 represents a huge leap in camera technologies and we're very excited to bring you a whole new season of content on this platform.

Shot 100% on the new GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

The Irrepressibles - In This Shirt (Feature Cuts Remix)
Footage released Monday showed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as they regained ground against what are believed to be Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants north of the al-Maher oilfield area near Homs.

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Der Flugplatz in Katterbach, nahe Ansbach, wurde bereits vor dem 2.Weltkrieg von der deutschen Luftwaffe genutzt. Die Basis beherbergt zur Zeit (2015) fünf Kompanien (companies) Transporthubschrauber, aus zwei Bataillonen der 12th Combat Aviation Brigade der US Army.Im April 2015 wurden Pläne bekannt, dass 39 "Black Hawks", 30 UH-60 und neun HH-60, und drei "Chinooks" bis 2016 aus Europa abgezogen werden sollen. Sie sollen nach Alaska verlegt werden, wo man den Russen wesentlich näher ist.
Helicopter BELL 412 Logging in the rain - Austria - Tyrol

Heli-logging in Austria, helicopter BELL 412 EP, longline operation. Austrian company : HELI AUSTRIA operates two helicopters BELL 412 EP in aerial work and search and rescue operation. heli-austria.at/

La société Autrichienne HELI AUSTRIA utilise deux BELL 412 EP pour le travail aérien et l'hiver utilise cette machine pour les opérations de secours. heli-austria.at/
Skydive - Heli Jump Rio de Janeiro, pouso na praia da Reserva.
Otvaranje - 8 Kustendorf - Drvengrad - Mokra Gora - Srbija - Heli Production - snimak iz vazduha

Heli Production

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Sometimes you have to go deep in the backcountry for untracked pow, and for these missions Eric Pollard uses the Dakine Heli Pro II to carry his gear. With a ski carry, helmet carry, and a breathable, quick-dry back panel with main cargo access, this pack is always ready to explore a ridgeline or break trail.