Trailer for the MIAC’17 & Maia Acro World Cup
Acroyoga Dance Flow "Acro Creative" by @anton_yartsave @prekrasnaya_mariia

Camera: @kr2l
Music by FSTRPSSTC "Battletoads"
Inspired by @theacromutants

VK :
This is a prototype print of the Acrobatic Gymnastics 2017 created by Isabel Silva/Sportfolio. To purchase:

Ростсельмаш -

Ростсельмаш: триумфальный тест-драйв

Лето 2013 года ста ...
timelapse video by xiaomi yi 2 4k
"Dance Fam" Ivankiv kids training
Vezi ediția integrală pe ANTENAPLAY:
Yasmina a venit din Bistrița și, deși are numai zece ani, de patru practică acro-...
Some ALDC dancers along with the cast of Dance Moms perform their acro number Birds of a Feather at the ALDC Showcase. This video belongs to me & if you take it as your own and post it on your youtube channel or other social media, you are subject to copyright violation. Sorry for the bad quality- we weren't allowed to video tape but i did anyway.
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*Tunegym is thankful to Zediogoazul who has kindly provided us with the permission to use this video on our channel.
Небольшая нарезка с моих тренировок в зале
моя страница в вк
Beginner Acro Yoga: Floating Paschi

In this episode, I teach floating paschi.

Watch daily for new acro yoga poses.

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#ПокаВсеСпят #акройога #платформа
Acro Yoga Washing Machine Monkey Frog Tutorial

In this tutorial I take you through the steps for Monkey Frog. Use spotters at first to get a sense of the direction for both base and flyers. Try the progression from back bird to reverse shoulderstand hold a few times. This is a tricky one to get but enjoy the process!

Watch daily for new acro yoga poses.

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Andrew Kiest with the Mid America Flight Museum gave a ride in the museum's AT-6 Texan. The sun was on it's way down and made for some spectacular light. There's nothing quite like doing rolls in a T-6, it's just one graceful plane.
Incredible Acroyoga and Acrobalance Flashmob inTel Aviv, Israel

Enjoy :)

Created by Ofir, Yuval and the Israeli Acro Community
Producer and Direc...
Amanda and I are practicing an acro yoga flow sequence created by YogaSlackers called the flow of many weapons.

Watch daily for new acro yoga pos...
►Maddie and Abby has first kiss same day!
Dancemoms - ALDC Teen girls training Acro
Like and Subscrib...

In this video we transition from folded leaf, to bat pose, to throne pose, and back to bat. We exit with floating Paschi.
World Champions Mixed Pair Acrobatic Gymnasts Marina Chernova and Georgy Pataraya from Russia
With subtitles: press the CC button for English subs
Современный стиль йоги, родоначальниками считают Джейсона Немерома и Дженни Саур-Кляйн, основавшими свою школу в США в начале XXI века. Акро йога — это парная практика, которая объединяет упражнения хатха-йоги, акробатику и целительское искусство. На занятиях один из партнёров выступает в качестве опоры, другой меняет асаны прямо в воздухе.

Акро-йогой можно заниматься не только в паре – это могут быть тренировки в одиночку или втроем. Главный секрет акро-йоги не в силе атлета, а в правильном балансе. Свой оригинальный стиль акро-йоги создатели называют «школой воздушных полетов». Они разрабатывали сразу две системы: терапевтическую и спортивно-акробатическую. Уже через несколько лет после создания, акро-йога стала любимым занятием миллионов практикующих.
Acro Paragliding Extreme Freestyle - Check out the most extreme paragliding skills!
Teaser for the duo acrobalance act from PAPILLON.

Papillon premiered 1st - 5th October in a sold-out season in the Wonderland Spiegeltent, Melbour...

Warning: this video can increase your heart rate. The pulse accelerates, the adrenalin boosts... In a few seconds you will be infected by the acro ...
A compilation of paragliding acro , stunts , takeoffs & landings
This video has been dedicated : In memory of my best friend Tristam Burrell
Uploaded by ArtByAdelaide on Apr 10, 2011
Adelaide Marcus ( and David Booker are 2 of San Diego's finest Acro balancers. This was their performance at the Burning Man film festival. They have a strong foundation in Acro Yoga, and circus Acrobatics. Both being Multi-faceted in their range of talents makes for an amazing show. They incorporate belly dance, adagio, capoiera, and circus skills into their acts. For booking contact
Video reccording and production by LatinDanceVideos
Enquiries to

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Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet fly together in breathtaking beauty
As her viral video tops 4 million, yoga instructor Briohny Smyth returns to the mat for an intimate session with her husband, Dice Iida-Klein. Read...
Acro Yoga Pop Tutorial

In this tutorial I cover scissor pops and bird to straddle throne pop. If you plan on using a spotter have the spotter grab around the flyer's biceps with both hands. Enjoy!

Watch daily for new acro yoga poses.

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very talented young couple in an oustanding adagio performance
Попрыгали на славу правда форму потеряли немного. Но было весело, как всегда. ПИШИТЕ КОММЫ
Fitness Acro by Noga Schwartz ( and Maya Gabrizon.


This video is about love, strength, hard work and having fun.

Gymnastics - MIAC 2010 - POR GCP (Ginásio Clube Português) W3 Junior Combined - Maria Ganito, Maria Rolão and Leonor Oliveira

Beginner Acro Yoga: Straddle Throne and Variations

In this episode learn several ways to mount into straddle throne as well as intermediate and ad...
Create a beautiful Mermaid/Merman Flow in this L-based Solar workshop. Jeff and Lori guide you under the sea from star fish to sea otter and waterf...
Performance at the 1st Vienna Yoga Conference 2016 - Monika Schuberth & Thomas Fath /
AcroYoga Base: Eugene Vegan Butcher
AcroYoga Flyer: Pip Elysium
Both based in London you can catch them for Workshops & Retreats Worldwide www.Acro...
Танцы, Акробатический дуэт
Jérémy Péclard and David Geiser are flying synchro paragliding together since 2012. The got the bronze medal during 2016 World Aerobatic Paragli...
These are all the clips i had before getting surgurey its mostly acro and big tricks because its what i love doing.
Thanks to my girlfriend Cailin...
Музыка - Night Lovell - Still Cold Pathway Private

Coreografía de portés acrobáticos. Unconditionally. (versión móvil)

(Acrosport, lifts and tricks coreo)

Coreografía y ejecución: Sofía Ce... - Если ты имеешь хоть какое то отношение к акробатике, то тебе точно здесь понравится=))
Song called I Know How to Love by Vast.

Acro Yoga by Amy Olsen and Aaron McCoy

Clothing my Monkey G, check then out here:
Progressive range of motion cartwheel warm-ups.
Presented by Pal Takats:
Produced by
Music by Irie Maffia:
A short film about the evolution in acro paragliding. Interviewing the pioneers of the sport about the good old times and introduces the „new-school" style with the latest moves and inventions of Pal Takats.

For the first time, officially presenting brand new acro tricks (so-called „multi connections") invented in 2011 such as the: „
114-Рабочий День 3-Сезона "Дневника Тракториста".
Снято 20 июля 2016 года. День проходит в попытках собрать сломанный редуктор Акроса. Привозят новый подшипник и при попытке его забить наместо он ломается, та же учесть ждет и второго...Вторая половина хозяйства занимается пере обувкой Камаза, меняют старую резину на новую...

Предыдущая серия - Демонтаж и разбор редуктора отбора мощности ACROS-530 (113-День 3-Сезона)

Полезная информация:
-Сувениры от канала "Будни Тракториста"
#cirque #duo #blue #show #must #go #on #acro @acrobatic #marshev @dima #alina #dolgun
Премьера Сабанис- - DEMY - MALU
Один из ужаснейших дoкументальных фильмoв. Вoт oна вся правда нашегo, русскoгo, сoветскoгo, а теперь и рoссийскoгo пития!
В фильме приведены интересные данные и сведения oб упoтребления алкoгoля. Развенчивается миф o тoм, чтo русские всегда пили спиртнoе.

Инфoрмацию пoданную в фильме не пoказывают пo телевизoру, ведь прибыль oт алкoгoля oгрoмна и распрoстранению спиртных напиткoв спoсoбствуют влиятельные кoмпании. Нo пoследствия oт упoтребления хмельных напиткoв намнoгo разoрительнее, чем прибыль oт их прoдажи. Нo на этo закрывают глаза и умалчивают.

Всем сoветую пoсмoтреть данный фильм, мoжет ктo-тo задумается и oткажется oт упoтребления алкoгoльных напиткoв. Тем бoлее, сам фильм не oчень длинный - oкoлo сoрoка минут!

Фильм собрал более 1200000 просмотров на Ютубе -
Tantra yoga, acro-yoga and yoga pole dancing are all trends that have spiked in popularity recently, but naked yoga is the latest addition, popping up in studios.
Подписывайтесь на канал )))
Муз. - The Game ft. 2Chainz Rick Ross - Ali Bomaye
FIG Acro World Cup 2013 Maia (PORTUGAL)
Schollier, Van Betsbrugge and Van Overberghe
Флэшмоб "подражая манекену" добрался и до акройоги
Senior Mens Groups - Russia 1 - Balance Routine

Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 4 Tutorial

This Acro Yoga Flow sequence consist of Bird, Side Star, High Flying Whale, Straddle Throne, and Pop ...
choreographed/trained by Jasmine Straga

style: contortion
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Beginner Acro Yoga Hand Bird Tutorial

In this tutorial, I teach several mounts in hand bird. Also included is a transition from bird to hand bird....
#bird #village #head#adagio#acro#duo#soul
Beginner Acro Yoga Flow Sequence 2 Tutorial

This flow sequence is a great progression towards doing a more advance skill called back whip. As with any transition, pay attention to the key movements of both base and flyer that will facilitate ease and fluidity.

Watch daily for new acro yoga poses.

Check out for more acro yoga inspiration including acro yoga teacher training.

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Justina - 10 Year Old Acro Solo

A breathtaking sight: Night glider aerobatics with custom aircraft lighting, flares and fireworks! Enjoy Johan Gustaffson in all his glory as the 23 year old lights up the sky of AFW2015. ➤Subscribe for more similar videos:

Check Johan's website!

Facebook page for more:
Комбайны Acros херачат вполе, уборка 2016
LUNDENILONA авторская космецевтика класса Premium.
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Больше влогов и вызовов на канале ANTONplusANNA
Крутой ...
We decided to make a part two to our first acro video! Enjoy!

Music: Beam by Eric Lam
License/Proof of ...

So so so much love
blessed to be able to observe this inspirational moment. Hope you can find the joy I felt
Sound is actual recording of the ocean...
Adelaide Marcus ( explores a variety of entertaining art forms, yet a burlesque piece was not in the mix until now. In...
The famous Russian pair. Both European and World Champions. I believe this was their last performance together. But they are/were AWESOME!!! I had ...

Double Crossers was performed at the Body Love Conference 2015 Showcase. This piece shows two Super Heroes finding empowerment in each other, and c...
World Premiere! San Diego's new acro-burlesque duo...
Di' Lovely & Holly Quinn

November 19, 2016
The Midnight Carnival produced by Twis...
This flow was taught during the Acro Expressions Mexico 2013 retreat.
it is a combination of 3 different flows.
1. J&J flow
2. Mayan Flow
3. New ...

музыка; Tre Capital – City Going Crazy
Jérémy Péclard and David Geiser are flying synchro paragliding together since 2012. The got the bronze medal during 2016 World Aerobatic Paragli...
2016 Skydive Arizona film festival submission. Edited by David Arnett
#acro #graviclub Акшон гиперлапс и слоумо))) Лень было позадротски подгонять кадры%)
Video and Music by Tiziano Lugli IG:
Yoga by Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein ht...
Наш танец на Fiesta 2016
Choreography by Kali Wegg.

KaliAndrews Dance Company offers Ottawa a unique twist from the usual styles of dance in the form of Acrobatics and Ci...
There are three washing machines which I often use as a skill test to see who is ready for my intermediate workshops. If you can do these three, then you are pretty good. Almost every washing machine I have made is harder than these three, so learn these first.
За 2016 год было очень много крутых мероприятий и просто позитивных тренировок. Бо...
/Unreleased Element Tree Video/ Acroe tagging around New Jersey, USA, in his signature style. Respect from Nigeria!

Origins: Good Evening America...

Aero the Acro-Bat 2 is a video game developed by Iguana Entertainment, and published by Sunsoft in 1994. It is the sequel of Aero the Acro-Bat and ...
Chris and Juli are acrobatics partners in Athens, Georgia. Chris has Down Syndrome and has been taking private lessons as part of Canopy Studio's o... - подписывайся и узнаешь много интересного!
Twitter: @sporteveryw
1.) Jordan Comolli – Alone
2.) Queen – Don't Stop Me Now
3.) Chief Keef – Love Sosa
4.) Chief Keef – Love Sosa (RL Grime ...
Первое занятие 2017 года
Специальный праздничный сет:
*задания на акрокомпозиции
*всеобщая многоножка
*аффирмация стоя на гвоздях (no shots)

Special thanks to:
Ян Кормачев - МК по жонглированию;
Алена Чапланова - видео;
Так же благодарим всех, кто снимал фото и видео!
И всех без исключения пришедших гостей за настроение и готовность экспериментировать!
This is a Tutorial deminstration of a Acro Trick we call a Rolling Tinsica with Autumn MIller and Krista Miller. For Intermediate and Advanced Danc...

thanks for watching!
All the pictures are from the girls Instagrams.
Song is Popular Song by Ariana Grande

Trio Acro "See Saw":
Featurin g:Chris Loebsack, Mary Aranas, Matt Giordano in something we created for the early show at Om Factory's Grand Re-Ope...
Gleitschirm Akro schau der Brüder Chrigel und Michael Maurer, am Ski Weltcup rennen in Adelboden 2016 und das trotz garstigem Wetter.
Israeli quartet Lidar Dana, Eli Efriam Sach, Yannay Kalfa, Daniel Uralevitch
Ziggo Dome Amsterdam tijdens het Univé Gymgala 2016
Getting your moves back. the rehabilitation isn't easy but it's worth it!
Adagio and acrobatic dance combined in an outstanding performance
Deze Gymnasten zijn 3e bij het WK geworden en treden nu op in de Ziggo Dome tijdens het 20e Univé Gymgala
Carmel, Osher & Nofar

The mens 4 from I...
Як сьогодні памятаю цей день, дуже продуктивно потренувались з Назаром - моїм кр ...