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Watch GOLF's Vine taken on 3 May 2016. It has 186181 likes. The entertainment network where videos and personalities get really big, really fast. ...
I don't want to finish this it has taken me too long and I've lost motivation, at first this seemed like a good idea but now it's just cringey.


My mantra: Finished Not Perfect

This video was edited by Kesh:

Thanks for putting this t...
So Yes its 90% done but its a project I gave up on a long time ago.
Музыка: Imagine Dragons - Dream

First ever diy grow box not finished but looking good so far if i may say so myself! 😂🌱🔥
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The official clock ended at 7:30 p.m., but that didn’t stop these final athletes — some who competed for over 12 hours — from crossing the fi...
aand ill never finish it, ike i dont like it at all but meh i spend some time at it so why not put it on yt.

Original «
▲ Когда-то у меня было такое большое желание закончить это видео, а после болезн ...

Так и не доделал этот клип... уже и не доделаю(
abandoned and badly edited, been sitting on my laptop for a while so i'll upload it anyway bc i havent had time to edit for a few weeks, should be able to make some new vids in a week
colouring: bvchaves
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I really tired T-T

I use:
Paint tool sai (For drawing)
Sony Vegas pro 14 (For editing)
Photoshop CS6
Девушка очень похожая на Lena Paul, но не она.
but i upload it anyways 'cause i put a considerable amount of effort in it
[EDIT] new download link
[EDIT] omg tysm for 11...
The Parakit – Save Me
Удалила БнС окончательно пожалуй.Были планы большие,но что-то не з ...

I do not own copyrights!

Trump negates the condemnation he made of white nationalists at Charlottesville with remarks at press conference held on August 15, 2017 at Trump T...
The Potters Hand – When Love Steps in – God’s Not Finished

The potter meaning God, is not finished with us yet…
This video focuses on wha...
Это не завершённая версия Румии для моего проекта "Touhou All Star Rebirth". Будет изменён фон, боковая часть, и, возможно шрифт.
Watch me put together a miniature dresser from scratch to finish. This is not a tutorial because it isn;'t designed for you to follow along but yo...

Незаконченное видео.
This is perhaps one of the best scenes in all of the batman-lore that best describes the character.
In "The Dark Knight Returns" after being overwh...
From pre-hiatus live "NOT THE END Final 2016.11.23 @ Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium"

Я вконтакте -

Edit:: Song is; pLasterbrain| G★R★E★E★D★Y
This doesn't even follow the meme, but yo...

Plus I never finish anything........ fck...
Official Redemption Video

This is the first and original redemption video. I don't really care if you guys use these clips for your own video jus...

Time for episode #10 of 5 Things You MIGHT Not Know About WWE 2K17! Can we get 2000 LIKES?
PREVIOUS EP: WWE 2K17 - 5 Things You Might Not Know! #9 ...
In this WWE 2K18 Exclusive.. Braun Strowman is not finished with Enzo Amore yet.. (DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS MATCH) Details on my twitter.
Twitter: http...
First start

Первый запуск после зимовки, и долгой холодной погоды в Москве, весна при ...
WWE 2K17: BRAUN STROWMAN IS NOT FINISHED! Part 4 feat. Roman Reigns (RAW 2017)

Braun Strowman mod by JulianBITW:

I was trying so hard to finish it, but...
that's all i could do

● Fandom – Riverdale
● Characters – Veronica Lodge
● Program – Sony Ve...
Somehow someway the series continues... This time its episode 22 which takes us to 110 Things! Target of 2000 LIKES?
🔥 PREVIOUS: WWE 2K17 - 5 Th...
thanks, i hate it
song not mine
metzi and art is mine

i'm not finishing this no
cursed vide...
окей это просто свалка аниматиков которые вероятно не будут закончены, потому что я потеряла запал или поменяла планы
Я говорю "вероятно" потому чт...

👑 Группа про Брона Строумэна: 👑.
hello guys!!! this is my favorite song from ith its just rlly beautiful and im really sorry im not going to finish it!! the way i was doing it just isnt right for this song. i had a plan originally to have like? lines separating the screen and everyone doing their thing but then i thought that was going to be rlly hard to focus on. this is hard to focus on tho haha
i just lost steam after a while and was disappointed in myself idk!! i dont think im going to pick it up again??
heres the storyboards for it tho!!:

Song: Blackout - In the Heights

I've got a plan to BEAT WELCOME TO THE GAME 2!! So let's GO FOR IT!!
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EDIT: did i ligit typed the thumbnail title wrong??!! XD

gawwdd i got so tired on working on this it took me like 1 week straight xddd ik its very...
this was supposed to be a colab meme with someone that's been sitting around for like 4 months but the other person didnt want to do their part so ...
Song used:
"Daisy" - Zedd (True Colors Album)
The famous quote from Aristocats, the 1966 something Disney film

Hey guys, you finally get to see what I have been working on for such a long time. I have to say that I apologize that not all of t...
short video of my supra build. I do not own any of the music used in this tribute video
I don't like the result (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻
No terminare esto, no me gusto el resultado :c

Characters: South Park - Tweek Tweak, Craig Tuck...
borderz (ignore it, it's not for 2k subz yet, I didn't finish it so this for now)
Video recorded with Everypl...
Rafael Nadal VS David Goffin ATP Finals 2017. Thank you Rafael Nadal for an unforgettable 2017 season! Your unrivaled passion you put into each ma...
1-1.5 года назад, когда даже не знал что такое риг, я начал делать это недочудо. Был один неудачный тестовый рендер, много было что исправлять, много было что переделывать, т.к. резало глаза.. Но в один день проект перестал работать: модели стали невидимыми, я до сих пор не знаю в чем могла быть проблема. Я очень расстроился, т.к. долго над этим делом парился. Так вот, это тот неудачный тестовый рендер, о котором я говорил выше, кривой, медленный, звук местами не совпадает.
Original meme:

The characters are from the anime Osomatsu-san.

EDIT: Woah!!! Where are all you people coming from??...
Выжить врагам назло
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Mother F#cker We Not Finish 🤙🏼🎼 @nerd lemon /🕺🏼 choreo @mr._farik / dancers : @mr._farik @altowa88 @leedanii @yeralinski place: @mk_dance_almaty @odezhda_dlya_tancev @grand_opera_rk @yunusfarzani 🎥 @kiro_ashi and me :) #LEMONDANCECHALLANGE🍋#LEMONDANCECHALLANGE #NOONEEVERREALLYDIES

BUTTtTT i'm very busy, and this video is soooooo old (lie, 2017...i think)

i working in Say no to this

But i gonna start with the crush song lams


Music by: lin manuel miranda ((aaaaHHH))
ТАТУИРОВКА.Не доделали змею в восточном стайле.Съёмка в режиме тайм-лэпс. They did not finish the snake in oriental style.Shooting in the time-laps...
ТАТУИРОВКА.Не доделали змею в восточном стайле.They did not finish the snake in oriental style.
Не доделали змею в восточном стайле.They did not finish the snake in oriental style.
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Sooooo I'm not accepting any other Ocs besides my friends.....this is because it's something special for me and my internet buddies. :3