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“I don't watch much #UFC but DAMN you got knocked the FU** 👊 OUT!
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“"Target Practice" You can take the boy out of Kansas, but cant take the Kansas out of the boy! I still got it! Filmed by @JJTiberio #HDWinterTour…”
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“Figuring out my riffs...it's what happens when you keep the camera a rolling between takes...with the ever helpful @acousticjason”
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“The mindset you have, determines the next step you take. We're not simply working out.. We are creating, We are bringing forth thoughts into existence..…”
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Serge Devant feat. Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You (Easy Way Out Remix) [Official Video]
http://vk.com/vinebieber - группа, где собранны лучшие вайны с Джастином Бибером.

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Hey guys- as an HSUS ambassador I am asking you to take two minutes out of your schedules today to call #Costco at 800-774-2678, and politely urge them to go cage free.
Cage free doesn't necessarily mean cruelty free but it's a huge step in the right direction...help me please?

Trap House - Feeding The World With Trap Music 24/7
Written by: Reed Deming
Produced by: Reed Deming, Robert Sewell
Mixed by: Robert Sewell
Mastered by: Jonny Hawkins
Directed by: BangOutFilms, Darwin Darling
Featuring: Samantha Keaton, Darrell Deming

Special thanks to Northwoods Ice and Golf Center and Sobro Pizza for making this video possible.

#ElizabethHarper #LetMeTakeYouOut #video #spb #msk #АфишаFM #AfishaFM
Directed and Photographed by Brett Haley
Edited by Katie Abel

Озвучил Rumble

Если вы откроете свой разум слишком широко, то у вас вывалится мозг.
(Перефразированная Тимом Минчином фраза Карла Сагана)
Jeff Daniels' original, debut performance on Craig Ferguson. June 22, 2012.

Class Actress - Let Me Take You Out
from: Journal of Ardency EP - 2010

SesioneS Off Season es una creación de Sentido Común, Agencia de Contenidos SA de CV.


For more songs like "Take Me With You (Easy Way Out Remix)", follow our "Today's Deep House" Spotify playlist! http://smarturl.it/TodaysDeepHouse

For more songs like "Take Me With You (Easy Way Out Remix)", follow our "Today's Deep House" Spotify playlist! http://smarturl.it/TodaysDeepHouse
Buy his album 'Wanderer' here: http://bit.ly/5NQ6G7

Serge Devant feat. Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You (Easy Way Out Remix) from Ultra Records
Directed by Ryan McPherson & Bertrand Pare: Shoot to Kill Media
Artist: Lights Out Asia (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Song: Only What You Take With You
Album: Hy - Brasil (2012)

If you need this tune, write me and i will help you:] Help me find Divine music. Write or send me your video. Will be glad if you respond.
Max Roach drum solo transcription of "I Get A Kick Out of You (alt. take) " off "The Complete Brownie EmArcy Recordings" by Clifford Brown. Trans....
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Camera owner calls Insteon support after his camera starts playing "every breath you take"
.@LILJAY_UPNEXT000 lil durk diss response @liljay_upnext00 #BDK #OTFK #300K #JOJOWORLD #TOOKAVILLE #LILJAY#00 #TAKEYOUOUTYOGLORY #FLYBOYGANG #00 #0...



Class Actress performs "Let Me Take You Out" for Big Ugly Yellow Couch.

For more with Class Actress, to download this song as a free MP3 and other couch sessions, visit http://www.BigUglyYellowCouch.com
"Won't be in this alone, you got me..."

Another new SnowBarry video! ;) I can't help it though, last night's episode gave me major inspiration. So you get two videos in the same day lol Personally this one is my favorite of the two.

Enjoy! :)

Renee ♥

Coloring By: Me

"Barry, it's Caitlin."
"Hey, Caitlin!"
"I'm okay."
"Yeah, teen me lived for danger."
"This isn't funny. You could've-"
"I didn't."
"Don't expect me to patch you up every time you break something."
"I can't do it without you."
Learn Chinese with this video lesson. Head to http://www.qoocochinese.com for full interactive voice recognition lessons. In this lesson we will teach you how to say "I'd like to take you out to dinner" in Chinese.
Леди и джентльмены,с вами Луночка :3
Приятного просмотра)
Надеюсь вам понравится ^^
1)AmaLee ENGLISH "Wings of Freedom" Attack on Titan /Lullaby Ver
2)Bassnectar – Butterfly (ft. Mimi Page)
3)Marie Bibika – Owari no Seraph OP (Russian TV-Version)
4)Последний Серафим эндинг (Jackie-O Russian TV-Version)
5)A-RISE – Shocking Party (Tv size)

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Ryan Goodall of Take Us To Vegas spits his version of FOB's hit "Light 'Em Up"

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Video Produ
#GeorgeBenson #TakeYouOut #video #spb #msk #АфишаFM #AfishaFM
This Is A Preview some what a prototype! :) comment, subscribe! let me know what you "ALL" Think... !
all Movie Comedy vickie shaw you can take the girl out of texas
Happy finals week everyone!

Initially, I had no plans to film and publish this on youtube because I was unsure of how I felt about it. But after finishing the piece I felt like as long as I enjoyed performing it then thats all that matters. While I was choreographing to this song, I made it a goal to improve the quality of my movement while still maintaining the genuine "flirty" feel throughout the song. I wanted to cater to the different ways Luther Vandross sings every word as if I were actually a
Awesome song from his "So F**king Rock" DVD. I prefer this version to the "So Live" version already on YouTube, so I thought I'd share it!

http://www.amazon.co.uk/So-cking-Rock-LIVE-DVD/dp/B002JP41OA/ref=nosim?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1253199360&tag=morphicsm-21&sr=1-1 - for more, check out the full DVD! It f**king rocks!

Directly after playing "If you open your mind too much your brain will fall out (take my wife)" Tim plays "F Sharp": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UWtcSvtiQw
Buy here: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/out-of-to-rack-ruin-vol-4/504520-01/
Music video by Brooks & Dunn performing You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl. (C) 2002 BMG Music

Frozen Do You Want to Build A Snowman Toddler Outtakes - Elsa Anna Kristoff Sven Olaf Unboxing Review - found this cool pack at Toys R Us and the Frozen kids come alive and do a little Spoofing for you =) Give this vid a thumbs up if you want to see more toy skits!


Daily Toy Pick Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrYEcmpm7Hl4_iQPD0e9roS_FRRs6lB9d

Disney's Frozen Elsa Tutorials and Doll Review Playlist : http://www.youtube.com/p
Pre-order 'Gotta Be You' here: http://bit.ly/uEBnTA before it's release on 13th November.

Check out the boys in this series of out takes from the filming of the video for their new single Gotta Be You

Lots of love from 1DCyberpunk [;p x

@DeStorm Power: Taking things from the hotel room when you check out. w/ Justin Bieber #part2 #peopledoitallthetime https://vine.co/v/MdpwF51uj0e http://instagram.com/p/ol-jVbyM3A/#

Justin with DeStorm Power in a vine video in Los Angeles, California, USA on the 28th of May 2014 ( 28/05/14 )

vine video

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla
It's all about going fast. AskMen sat down with team Mazda and got to see first hand how a racecar driver thinks. We spoke to teammates Joel Miller and Tristan Nunez about fear, racing, and the zone, and got to see them in action at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Our interviews took us through more twists and turns than the famous Mazda Raceway corkscrew, and we got to know a little bit more about the men behind the cars. So buckle up and get ready for a ride.

Ever Want To Be A Top Gun Pilot?
Sol (Carla Peterson) y Gonzalo (Mike Amigorena) interpretando un musical en la telecomedia original argentina Los exitosos Pells

Lady Gaga - Take You Out (Unreleased Song)

Enjoy :)
from Oscar Jack Smith Titration Process by Floridamphetamine
out now on DMT Tapes FL
video made by a fan, Gamma Cake http://gammacake.com/

December 2014
When you take your side chick out in public... (w/ Lance Stewart, George Janko, Mark Dohner,Baked Alaska, Jake Paul, & Margaux Brooke)
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Directed by Dave Farese Films
Adaptación y Traducción: Roberto Alarcón (ARG).
Todos los Derechos Reservados a ULTRA RECORDS.
Solamente realizado a fines de Traducción y entretenimiento
Libby Hargreaves
Pernell Marsden
Greg Kelly

Just clap twice...
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Margaux Brooke (https://www.instagram.com/margauxbrook...
Well said Mr. Charlie Day! Been a HUGE fan ever since Sunny popped on the scene. Great speech, makes me feel good... Going back to school in the Spring to get my degree this time so that I can pursue a career in IT (32-yrs old). I spent so many years destroying my life (no, this is not an exaggeration), if I can do it literally ANYONE can.
please watch in HD. song info at the end of the video - PLEASE DON'T MENTION THE SONG OR ARTIST. Thank you. :)

How do I even being to describe what Miss Hayley Williams and Pmore mean to me? I literally cannot. There are no words that can explain my complete and utter love for this tiny human being. She came into my life over ten years ago now, as I was just an awkward, kind of chubby, lost 12 year old girl, not going to lie, slightly bullied, with no clue whatsoever on who I was or what my place in the wo
□MUSIC : tunasarada (http://piapro.jp/haruo123)
□MOVIE : 葉月ひよこ (http://piapro.jp/piyotaisa)

□VOCAL : 鏡音レン
When you can take out rabbits from their mother? Когда можно отсаживать крольчат от матери?
Welcome to Cambridge Bass lessons. On this Channel you will find various playlists offering tutorials for beginners/intermediate and advanced. As well as tutorials you will find my own original compositions and a playlist of drum loops to practice along with.

Here's my version of the classic Police song. Recorded with: Jaydee Calibas 5 string supernatural bass and Fender 'Marcus Miller' Jazz bass. Vocals by my good friend Greg Kidman 'master of harmony'.
What to expect when you ask a female athlete out on a date!
A video from the new album "The last Triumph" 2011
Directed by Frank Pellegrino