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“160107 Jungkook at KFC restaurant in Busan (Fanvid) - I'm glad he's able to go out by himself and do what he wants for once. :) Cr; owner - - ♡…”
“I know @jamesbaymusic is going to continue to grow and next time he tours the U.S it will be in bigger venues so I'm glad I was able to see him when it's…”
“Today's cardio finish, after back and shoulders. I want real bad, to be able to do proper pull-ups, but I'm extremely challenged by my bad shoulder. So…”
Ceyda has cerebral palsy and finds using hand controls very difficult. But with this custom gaming setup from the team at SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity that help people with disabilities to enjoy video games, the frustration of having to watch her friends have all the fun is over. Here she is having a ball in Disney Infinity.

Ceyda’s mum Kerry: “Once Ceyda got the equipment, her words were “I’m now a gamer!” She’s been having the time of her life. Also it’s something she can play with her friends and n