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Fun at alliance wish i could stay for months hahaha but cant womp
“Sometimes I just want to walk around with a blending brush and fix people's eye shadows 😢😓😅 lol jk
I recommend @morphebrushes
MB23, E23, E27 and M504”
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я чертов шипер хд
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The notes in (parenthesis) are my interpretation. It has nothing to do with what JK originally wanted to say. ;)

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видео о паркур мод в гта самп
Justin posted this on his Twitvid - I own no rights. No copyright infringement intended. This was in Barcelona, Spain on 7th April 2011 :)
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This AMV was kind of crazy but i still loved making it. Hope you like it. Comment/Rate Please!!

Song: Fer sure

Artist: The Medic Droid

by Sasha A.

source: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/J00N4/video/2219289