Happy Birthday Arthur!
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Este v deo se ha subido desde un tel fono con Android.

Sorry, I was shaking a lot!
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Well to those who don't know; the brilliant, totally awesome yulivee94 had her birthday on June 7th and of course I had to make her something because she's just the cutest, funniest person ever.

Aksfjdgjk, Caro bby, I'm sooo sorry this came late but yeah, as you know I had troubles rendering this shit, Vegas is a bad, bad program. Lol, can you imagine I started this like the moment I had seen your birthday vid for me, I was so excited to get to work on it! I also had
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Dedication: Happy birthday Caroline I hope you'll like it and enjoy it :D you are a great friend :D I wish you a great year and plenty of slash XD

Merlin is left to death by Morgause only. Morgana is good on this one. He calls for the dragon and it saves him. But he realizes that all he want in his life is Arthur so he will take it no matter what. He enchants Arthur to make him fall in love with Merlin. Everything goes great until Arthur asks Uther for a permission to marry. Arthur deals with the problem as Merlin takes his revenge on Morgause.
Merlin marries Arthur happy that they can final have their happily ever after. But Morgana has a dream. She sees that Arthur has been enchanted but she doesn't know who enchanted him. She goes to Gaius for help. Will Merlin be able to stop them before they unenchant Arthur or will he be too late?

First of all, thank you so much for 800 + subs, I'm so unbelievably grateful to each and every one of you.

Second of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE!! You are such an amazing friend and I love all of our chats/writing together. I'm blaming this one on you because you've made me think of Arthur as such a romantic now! Besides, after all our fangirling over just how gorgeous a certain warlock is? Love you loads and have an awesome day!

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Happy your 18th Birthday!
щастьяздороуя for you (кому тот надо пойдет)
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