See what I see
just in case you're wondering what I'm thinking about when I see @iamskot on stage .... it's this and only this #isayyestheysaynoisayfine
hi 👋🏼
Just wanted to say I'm grateful for your love and support every day of my life, not just when I reach an unbelievably large amount of followers. 👀🙈
I don't see you as numbers.
to be able to do what I love with y'all by my side is very beautiful and I will never take it for granted. thank you. ♡ 🙏🏼💡🌑
Genre : Epic music
Album : The Way
Composer : Zack Hemsey
Title : See What I've Become
Facebook :
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Видео предоставила группа "Клипы по Наруто"
Автор: Nesepaan
Cinematic Mix Vol 4 -
2 Hour Powerful Mix -
2 Hour battle mix - https://ww...
Genre : Epic music
Album : The Way
Composer : Zack Hemsey
Title : See What I've Become
Facebook :

Cinematic : The Elder Scrolls Online Arrival
Hi guys! been a while but that's what exams do to you. Anyways I've been wanting to make a supernatural video for a while and saw the opportunity when i heard this piece. I think the tittle and music show what the Winchesters have been through, the strain on the brotherly relationship and impact on them. Anyway thoughts are always appreciated!

Хоть и давно прошла эту игру, но до сих пор нахожусь под впечатлением. Хотя ничег ...

From the 1992 Single: "Don't Curse / You Can't See What I Can See "
Mystic mac tribute video! Enjoy!

I do not own any of the clips.

Song- see what i've become, zack hemsey
Conor McGregor highlights, I do not own any material in used in this video.

Music: Zack Hemsey - See what I've become
Track 9 from the album The Way.

Buy directly from the artist at

Music composed, orchestrated, and mixed...

Автор: Temunjin
Музыкальное сопровождение: Zack Hemsey - See What I've Become
Предоставлено для сообщества Гречка Эрена из сети групп SnKLife специально для его прекрасных подписчиков!
#Shingeki_no_Kyojin #SnK #Attack_on_Titan #aot #Вторжение_Гигантов #Атака_Титанов #Attackontitan
Click here to see my new video, dedicated to the architect of WWE, Seth Rollins:

We miss you man.
I'm an italian guy.
From: The Way
Composer(s):Zack Hemsey
I Hope you like it.
5 новых рождественских рекламных роликов, которые заставят вас улыбнуться
Santa Ed Taylor
Meijer Santa Claus Commercial 2016
Do you see what I see?
Share your favorite stories about how your little ones see the magic of Christmas.

i enjoyed making this, it was so much fun to do i hope you guys enjoy this as much as i did :)

please watch in HD / use headphones

program: son...
From Anastasia to Kösem

music: See what i`ve become
clips: Muhtesem Yüzyil Kösem
Stay updated! I vlog on this channel:
This is a dark doctor vid.
I've had the audio for t...
Music video by Heavy D & The Boyz performing You Can't See What I Can See. (C) 1992 UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Альбом "Дотянись" на iTunes / New album on iTunes

Dima Bilan See What I See
► watch in 720p [HD]
''Because I`m Fifty Shades of Fucked Up..''

Hope you like it :)

► Fandom : Fifty Shades Of Grey

► Song : PM ME

►My Facebook :

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*Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as cri
♛Fandom: TVD/TO
♛Song: I think you know this one
♛Coloring: mine
I didn't want to show Klaus like the worst character in the serial. I just want to show the REAL Mikaelson, which he was and will be. If vampires, werewolves or hybrids existed, they'd look like him, not like elegant and nice Elijah, not like "always saving everyone" Rebekah. All of us make mistakes, but is everyone convicted?
The last scene was pity. Marcel looked pity. The worst scene ever. All of them dese
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Directed By: Robby Starbuck (follow on twitter @robbystarbuck)
Production Co: RS Media
Label: Sumerian Records

Band link : mys...

I See Stars' 1st music video from their album "3D"

Director: Robby Starbuck
"grounders don't give up...we fight"
song: see what I've become by zack hemsey
cc: mine
I only own the editing!

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When I started this video I wanted it to make just about Will Graham ... about his psychic problems he has to deal with. Bu then I realized that these five people: Gregory House, Alaric Saltzman, Patrick Jane, Sam Winchester and Will Graham have a lot in common so I decided to make a video about all of them. They all have o deal with kind a identity issues ... they both lose at one point their minds and they have to deal with it:

House has hallucinations because of drug abuse
Alaric has his alter ego

music: see what i`ve become - zack hemsey


fandom: Katniss Everdeen,Primrose Everdeen,Katniss and Prim,The Hunger Games,Catching Fire,Mockingjay Part 1,Mockingjay Part 2,Prim`s death scene,Death,died,sad,Fan made,Fan art,fan film,fanfiction,New,madeinlondon,new trailer, Katniss and Peeta,The Hunger Games,Catching Fire,Mockingjay Part 1,Mockingjay Part 2,THG;CF;MJ1,MJ2,Peeta and Katniss,Joshifer,Everlark,madeinlondon,fanfiction,fan art,fan made,fan fil
Dirk Steffens (born May 20, 1950) is a German musician, audio engineer, and record producer.

Steffens studied guitar and piano at the Hamburg Conservatory. As well, he played in the group Beathovens between 1969 and 1971.

In 1971, he began his own group Pennywonder, which also consisted of Thomas Kuckuck, Jurgen Ehlert, and Enrico Lombardi.

------- [ Spoilers: Season 5 - 11 ] -------
------- [
------- [
This video is about Crowley, if you were waiting a video about the Winchesters boys, sorry maybe next time.
This is for Kaitlyn. She asked me to make it.

Enjoy it! As always your feedback is much appreciated.

Music:" See what I´ve become" by Zack Hemsey

Hi Everyone,

Here is about 5 Tunes that, i m pretty sure, will be recorded for Eluveitie's EVOCATION II. Sources come from the web, on stage and i...

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Back on the imprint he calls home, Alex Sonata delivers another grand cut that fits the Garuda label like a glove. Spotlighting Katrine Stenbekk’s gorgeous vocals and some really great atmospheres and striking chord progressions, ‘See What I See’ is both enthralling and melodically astounding. When Alex Sonata is on a r
Movie: Game of Thrones (HBO)
Music: Zack Hemsey - See What I've Become
-TV Series/movie: TVD
-Programme: Sony Vegas Pro 13
-Music:Zack Hemsey- See what I've become

We're not going to get over the fact that stelena is gone and replaced by delena. Stelena kingdom shall never lose hope! (y)

Special thanks to an anonymous who inspired us with a picture.

1. Intro + To The Edge
2. Fragments Of Faith
3. Swamped
4. In Visible Light
5. Fragile
6. Closer
7. Senzafine
8. What I See
9. Enjoy The Si...
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Woodlands Underground
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Noobs & Arikakito - What I see

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tv show: kosem
program: sony vegas pro 14
music: deep shadow
coloring: purple lullaby by simo...
The RockThe Rock. YouTubeYouTube. The RockDwayne Johnson YouTube. YouTube Dwayne Johnson. The Rock JohnsonDwayne. The RockDwayne. The Rock Johnson
Devin Oliver and the crew came out hot with some throwbacks this year at So What?! Festival. I See Stars gets better and better with each live perf...

My Steve/Bucky sideblog on Tumblr:

I have seen The Winter Soldier twice in the cinema already and fuck my life, it's got to be my favourite Marvel movie after Avengers. It's so fucking perfect and I just have so many feels for Bucky and Steve, I can't even begin to explain. Their relatonship, let it be only platonic or even romantic, is the most perfect thing that
HD pretty please!
Come on, boys! Let's play!
Just a way to remember Peter as the one who never fails.


-12 da...

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WARNINGS: Violence, Spoilers, Disturbing Images.
Song: What I've Become
Artist: Zack Hemsey
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13

EDITED BY: John WarMachine. | January 2016

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright stat

All Cast
Season 1-6
Music - Zack Hemsey "See what I've become"
This video was released in 1984 and played on MTV only one time (so far as I know). See the official website at
These two songs are from the album "Pink World" which is the story of a 7 year old autistic boy named Artemus. Artie is non-verbal but has psycho-kinetic abilities. The government uses Artie to construct The Zone, an anti-missile shield as a protection against nuclear retaliation. The government makes Artie into a Messiah for the people to follow.

👁 S E E . W H A T . I . S E E 👁

Gorgeous new record from Alex Sonata & Katrine Stenbekk! 🎶🎶🎶

Title : Healin' In The City Night . 1

발매일 : 7.1.2014

장르 : Hip Hop /Jazz-hiphop

Tracks : 11
01. Moderator - Smooth Sailin'
02. Soul Chef - Sentimentally Madd
03. BDoss - Feelings
04. The Illjazztic One - Legend of Killa Smooth
05. Moderator - Meditate (Letter To Mr.Seba )
06. Soul Chef - First Class
07. Backdraft - Under the Circumstances
08. Eaze A.K.A DJ Ezasscul - One Time
09. A June & J Beat - See What I'm Sayin'
10. The Illjazztic One - Relax and Elevate
11. A June & J Beat - Faceless

What a wonderful man! I love his spirit. So good to see people care and treat animals as what they are ...
Donna Rowlett
Wow ! So gentle , and so brave ! Swans can really hurt you with their beaks and wings , but mama seemed to know he was trying to help . God bless the man for helping her , the cygnet would have died without competent help.

Michael Charles Highgate
Most people would be too afraid to help if the swan was attacking. Isnt it funny how we will go out of our way for wildlife and pass another h
This is my entry for round 3 of xTLtokio's VS Contest. I can't believe I've made it this far. This video really didn't want to render and has been for the past two days after it rendered incorrectly the first time. I was in group Villain, which is why I chose Morgana Pendragon. I tried to show in this video just why she became what she was in the end, because to me it was a mix of faults from everyone around her as well as herself. The only one that isn't really focused on is Gaius. I think this video acutu
Here is the song What I See by Lacuna Coil. I hope you all enjoy the song!


( Chanting... )

Hear what I say
I'm gonna get out of my mind, where I'm going to
Be on your way, your spirit is crawling after
Will I disappear?

Everything dies, nothing to worry about!
Everything goes on, goes on, goes on!

I just don't know why everything has to go away!
I just don't know why everything has to fade away!
I cannot escape, there's nothing more I can do!
I just don't know, why do I need you?

See what I
Men Dream...

This is a sync up of the song See What I've Become by Zack Hemsey. Hope you like it ;).
'See What I See', this gorgeous new Alex Sonata record featuring wonderful vocals of Katrine Stenbekk, is out now!
My thoughts on the Mandela Effect up till now. Direction of the channel... What is causing these changes?!! Is this an adaptation simulation?
Calluna is back with another Game of Thrones video, in time for the new trailers to come out for Season 6! Here, we discuss how the Stark family both embody the seven faces of the Faith and end up becoming corrupted versions of them.
sowアルバム発売記念特別企画「1song 2videos」第一弾(

directed by Tomoaki Kaneko

I see what the city saw feat. Ryu (from Ryu Matsuyama)
sowの1stフルアルバム「Route of migratory」収録曲。Ryu (from Ryu Matsuyama)をゲストに迎えた1曲をインスピレーションに、2組の映像作家がミュージックビデオを制作。


1st Album『Route of migratory』
Now on sale !

iTunes store
This is a music video from Avangers (2) Age of Ultron with the song
"See what i`ve become". This video is a movie tribute for the film.

I hope you can enjoy this small video, let me know what you think about it.
Make sure to like and subscribe to my channel. :)

I don't own any of the clips or music, i just made this video for fun.
Music: See what i´ve become
Movie: Avangers Age of Ultron
In my latest Game of Thrones analysis, I discuss Ar Stark's relationship to her direwolf Nymeria, and the importance of names and identity.
"Not all monsters
do monstrous things."


I always thought of this song as a perfect way to showcase female character development, and there's never been a character more beautifully developed than Miss Lydia Martin. I tried to show her journey as a character throughout this video, starting with her nasty attitude and ignorance to end with her strong, courageous actions and love towards her friends. I hope you enjoy!

I Know you GUys Were Looking For This Video , And is Here!!!! I Hope You Guys LIke It. The only thing that I know for sure is that Zach was sick!!
See What I've Become
Album: The Way
Composer: Zack Hemsey


Arrangement: Gino Bellofatto

Sheet Music:

This is a version of a song written by somebody else.
When I heard it first time, I started to search the extended version of this song, but I did not find, so I decided to make it, enjoy everyone who likes it and it is also helps who is studying :)
Avaliable on Beatport :
ΞLabel: How Trance Works (SirAdrianMusic)
ΞDenis Kenzo delivers a brand new killer track with his signature melodic master sound. Teaming up with the talented songbird Vika we are treated to a bold and atmospheric progressive trance beauty.
A beautiful song destined to be one of the highlights of trance in 2016.

ΞEnjoy & Play Loud!!!

ΞNote: All music posted is for promotional purposes only. If you like the music, please support the artists by buying their mu
Producer Kita J
Snapchat: @existnnature
This is an alterante arrangement of the song "See What I've Become" originally featured on the album The Way.

Buy directly from the artist at

To hear the original song, go to

Check out Lawrence Park's latest original See What I See. For more Lawrence Park videos click here! Subscribe for more Lawrence Park music!

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Hi,guys - whats up?Well,i decided to make a video about my second fave character in the series - Zelena.This time my
goal was some kind of a sad or more serious video,but of course i put her wicked lines and everything else.
I always wondered,when i read fanpages of OUAT and forums everybody says that Zelena need to change - i agree,but for
that to happen Regina must give Zelenas baby back to her and stop being such a bitch (sorry but im a bit angry at Reg after
Коротко о том, что происходило и не происходило с Now I See последние 2 года.
Путь Биг Босса от героя до злодея в атмосферном ролике.
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Practicing the free program for the 2013 US National Aerobatic Championships....complete with bobbles, over rolls, and a few other mistakes....but...that is why we practice. Competition is a lot different than airshow flying. The emphasis is on precision and presentation. Enjoy
► Fandoms: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures, The Host.
► Music: Zack Hemsey -- See What I've Become
► Twitter:

Please watch in HD
Well...I'm shocked. I think that one of the most heavy episode of season 10. Especially the end. I decided to make video about this episode, and I made it quickly, so maybe it's not really good. But I hope someone will lik

World of Warcraft Litch King Intro Movie Set to "See What I've Become" by Zack Hemsey. Please Like and Subscribe if you enjoy what you experience!

All rights to the video belong to Blizzard
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Meet Kerry Hincka. She's the mother of Special Olympics athlete, Molly Hincka. Although Molly was faced with many obstacles, Kerry chose to see the possibilities beyond them. This is their story.
P&G. Proud sponsor of Moms.
Asteroid 2016 RB,1, UK Capture! ,......UFO OR What?!,.....I Was sky watching to day and heard about this asteroid passing between earth and the Moon!! So!!,... as i do!,... i thought i would try catch the little bugger!,...LOL!! and i did?!,..... they say that it was passing at 17:20 UTC TIME! ,....So UK IT WOULD BE ! 6:20 UK TIME!,.... WELL,..... Anyway i started filming about 4:00 UK TIME! And this is what i Captured! At about 4:05...UK Time! yes that time! ?!
all the best to my subbs! No money is being
People often think that the way we see, hear, and remember is like a video camera that reliably captures and stores every detail of our experience. Instead, the way we perceive the world and remember events is, in a very real sense, shaped by the sum of our experiences. As a result, we tend to see what we expect to see.

Think101x: The Science of Everyday Thinking is a free online course on edX that's open to anyone. You don't need any previous education or experience, and you can participate as much or as
LittleLily - подарите Вашему ребенку два родных языка!
Много бесплатно ...
video by
Do You See What I See - BBC Documentary
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Экспериментируем с гитарами в новой композиции.

Группа -
Композ ...
It's a song by Queen, written by Brian May and it's the b-side of Seven Seas Of Rhye.
Anonymous - DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?
- Connect with Anonymous -
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What do you see? Let's learn how to describe wild animals in this fun song for kids! Join Matt, Tunes, and Bell as they see a small mouse, a big el...

A random day in London | completely shot on my phone
My Previous Video:
Blue by Pools:
Please watch: "Success Motivational Speech 2016 - Sacrifice"

This is an Ultimate Chea...
Whoo! Emotional overload going in my head right now. Well, this is most likely my last tribute to Morgana. The video is basically a summary of the ...
After 20 years a new Video...nice!
I did already a AMV between Ulquiorra and Ichigo with freaking 4 part o.o
well.. once of it got deleted by Youtu...

Мастер-класс Алисы Доценко в Туле по Vogue
Music: kevin jz prodigy – this is what i wanna see
Devin Oliver brings out one of I See Stars' most famous tracks with "Ten Thousand Feet"
Second day at so what music festival at Grand Prairie Texas
What do you see when you look in the mirror?

On the set of John Legend's "You and I" music video, we asked 63 women what they see when they look i...

I know about copyrights but this is just fan work, please let it be, it wont hurt anyone.



»Welcome to your rule, my Queen.«

Music: Zack Hemsey - See What I've Become
Song: See What I've Becomes
Artist: Zack Hemsey

Thanks to everyone, it turned out amazing! ^
Sorry for any out-of-syncness :/
Special thanks to Tokyoblue & Giselle Lopez

Part 1: Giselle Lopez (D...

New Meijer Christmas Commercial 2016 Santa Claus Ad Do you see what i see

Do you see what I see?
Share your f...
Song; Zack Hemsey - 'See What I've Become'
finally find my inspiration in these two baes

coloring: xxwhispersofdreamsxx (slightly edited)
[club52398072|ВСТУПАЙ В АНАБОЛИЗМ]

Лучшие статьи,мемы,рецепты,тренировки.
Supernatural gave us a lot of interesting characters. But Crowley stands out among them. King of Hell, almost a man, how he will be next? I am very...
Spoiler alert for The War Within quest!

My first official GMV. I don't think much of it, but its a start.

Audio: Zach Hemsey - See What I've Beco...
1998 Groove-A-Lot Records Canada


After finishing the final and emotional episode of Containment I knew I had to make a tribute vi...

This Track is dedicated to Michael Morgan ( aka. Maddog ), thank you for your support. Michael chose this song for me to perform as part of the The...
"And if I can help, shouldn't I?"

►Song: See what I've become by Zack Hemsey
►TV Sh...

It's pretty obvious that the Belfry Gargoyles in Belfry Luna are a homage of sorts to Dark Souls 1, but just today I noticed that that dead-end all...
live 200 😍❤


I've been working on this video for months. Actually something around six months. I gave up it before, but I...

I hope you like my first Vikings tribute. Feel free to like and subscribe. Please watch in HD! :)

Music: Zack He...
Rose Cousins performing "What I See"
with Don Brownrigg, Tanya Davis and Steward Legere
from her new album WE HAVE MADE A SPARK

Recorded at Long Lake in Nova Scotia by Heavy Weather