Cover - Sam Smith – Writings on the Wall
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Reprise/cover piano de la BO du prochain James Bond "Spectre" : Writing's On The Wall par Sam Smith
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Oleg Lankin
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So this song is absolutely incredible and so is Sam Smith so I decided to do a cover of it :) please like/comment/subscribe if you enjoyed it!


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Sam Smith - Writing's On The Wall (from Spectre):

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Sam Smith - "Writing's on the wall" from James Bond movie "Spectre"

Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Dziemian Productions.

Unfortunately youtube added some distortions, which were not present in original audio.
Video by Dziemian Productions

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Кавер на оскароносную композицию из Бондианы.

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My Violin Cover of the new James Bond Theme Writing's On the Wall by Sam Smith!! The camera was focused on my hands..whoops
My piano cover of the title theme "Writing's on the Wall" from the upcoming new James Bond film, Spectre. Written by Sam Smith.

This instrumental may sound different in a few places, that's intentional - especially that falsetto in the chorus, which I think kinda takes the energy out of the song in the original. So I decided to groove things up a little instead.

This was done by ear, at the moment I don't have any sheet music.
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Sam Smith - Writings on the Wall Максим Матющенко Cover
James Bond 007 Theme Song
Sam Smith - Writings on the Wall piano
Cover version - Максим Матющенко


В этот раз, я решил исполнить замечательную песню Sam Smith - Writings on the Wall
Full Length Version:

Талантливая молодежь!!!
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A piano cover of Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith. From James Bond: Spectre.
Arranged and performed by YourPianoCover.

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Диана Таева — Writings On The Wall (13 лет, Sam Smith cover), кавер OST James Bond.

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Recording, Mixing, Video Production by Solar (spring 2016)
This is my cover of Sam Smiths Writing on the wall! Please like and share like crazy!! Thanks for all your support!!

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Hi Everyone.
Ive been asked a few times to sing this song again but this time to the backing track. Dad bought me a new mic, so i thought i would try it out. xx
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