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// oh my god hoseok's lil giggle. alexa play it on a loop forever
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[DVD] BTS 4TH MUSTER "Happy Ever After"
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big WTF cooky
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I really can't edit that well lately, so take this piece of trash ♥

There's eng sub!!! (Very basically translated though)

I couldn't finish this edit so i made a loop out of it
im not sorry

bts world tour
HD please

i love junghope ❤

song: technicolour beat by oh wonder
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I do not own anything except the editing. Videos and music belo...
To be honest, this video is kind of a mess lol, but I hope you like it.
Also I hope this Q&A doesn't flop ha
HD please

Thank you for 4K ❤❤❤
i still don't have time for editingTT this is just a re-upload of my old edit which i had to delete a long time ago...

Оригинал: https://youtu.be/YPofUBgbgxY
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big WTF cooky
jk - top,
hs - btm.
This is just for fun. Don't take it too serious. I love hopekook/junghope/kookhope.
[Disclaimer; I own nothing. This may cause heartattack because hopekook are too cute]

I worked really hard on this. I put my blood, sweat and tear...

i just saw that ugly ass mistake, but lets all ignore it bc i'm too lazy to rerender and reupload : D

will my editing ever stop being basic with l...
au! where Jungkook and Hoseok coming out and move to USA
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Fandom: J-Hope and Jungkook [BTS]
this isnt even enough to be considerd a fmv so sorry but i have this little editing blog and writers blog bc shit goes down atm but will be editing...
this is to satisfy my own needs lol.
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специально для m is for mika ♥
jungkook/j-hope - it's consuming me

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzs-xEx434s
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Jungkook & jhope moment
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HopeKoOk ship moments compilation
Hi, ARMYs, I’m here because I love and adore our guys so much, their music healed me and helped me through tough ...