box squat
Do 30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest. Push for 3-5
“Сегодня было тяжело. Зашагивания на тумбу 120кг/256lbs Присед на ящик/Box squat 180,190,200кг/396,420,440lbs #dunk #basketball #workout #jump #jumper…”
“#Repost @mikeohearn ・・・ Narrating through #500lbs box squats during a Titan Workshop. That only means one thing! The #TitanTour2016 is underway and I have…”
“1) SSB box squats on 15 inch box. 235kg for 3 reps, 5 sets 2) strongman fun. Tire carries. 3) reverse hypers with 80 kg. 12 reps, 4 sets.…”
“Heavy SSB box squats. 235kg for 3 reps on the video. 15' box. Тяжелый присед на коробку с safety squat bar. 235 на 3. Загибает неслабо из-за конструкции…”
“Speed box squats with SSB. 170kg plus blue bands (~120-130kg additional resistance at the top). 3 reps with 60 seconds rest between sets. 10 sets total.…”
“➖Box Squats A couple Tips on how I prefer to perform box squats: -Just "tap" the box/bench -I prefer doing these with a light to moderate weight ✅ FOR…”
“1) band resisted box squats. 2 reps with 60 seconds rest between sets. 5 sets at 152kg 5 sets at 143kg 5 sets at 134kg 2) band resisted deadlifts. 3…”
“1) safety squat bar box squats. 10 sets with 60seconds rest between. First 5 - 137x2, then 119x3. All with blue resistant bands. 2) split squats. 4 sets,…”
“Yesterday's lower body training session : 1) speed box squats. 10 sets with 60" rest between. 3 reps at 134kg plus green (~90-100kg) bands 2) Bulgarian…”
“Second training session: 1) speed box squats with bands 124kg plus blue bands (I think they add something between 100 and 120kg at the top) 15 rounds: 2…”
“I set 2 or' sat today's training. 1 back squat, and then this box jump. After a few pussy attempts, I worked my way up there. And I KNOW I can go way…”
“Today's training: Back squats 200x3 - 5 sets with 2:30-3:00 rest between. 180x5 - 4 sets with 3:00 rest between Then lots of box jumps... #strongman…”

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Сед на лавку 210 на 8 15 января 2014 вес 98
110kg + average and light bands

3rd set of 3

Сед на лавку 260 на 2 с цепями 30 31 08 16
Explosive leg exercise, to be placed as part of a routine for development of explosive jump training.
For the full routine, check out:

For further training info:
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Frank jumps on a 58 inch box from a sitting position. This was after 40 minutes of full court basketball, and 20 + reps with 50 + inch boxes. 60 inch is not a problem.

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Another amazing feat of strength by the age-less wonder.#NoBelt #Raw
Westside Barbell Box Squat Technique
7 sets of 3 box squats (wide stance) at 120-130kg, 3 box jumps at 37 inches and 3 band resisted sprints - recovery between efforts was 90-120secs
The foucs here was to drill my squat form and do some power work right after it. When the band sprints started to slow down I gave more recovery time
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I did 585x9 after this.
425lbs + 180lbs band tension
bands reduce about 30kg
bodyweight: 63kg
single PR: 115kg
Laura Phelps-Sweatt box squatting 575 pounds with the cambered bar. 605 went that day, too, but no video. 9 weeks out from SPF Ironman, March 11, 2012
Посоны извините за качество) Техника хуйня, первый раз 200 делал)
Присед на высокую лавку 260*3*3 первй подход вес 93 12 сентября 2012<br/><br/>
Сед на лавку 200 на 8 8 января 2014 вес 98 8 января 2014
Сед на лавку 240 на 8 5 февраля 2014 вес 98
Workout from
Performed at
Kevin's a CrossFit Coach at Cream City CrossFit


How to Squat - Squat Tip #1 - Elbows Down, Chest Up

How to Squat - Squat Tip #2 - Setting the Lats

How to Squat - Squat Tip #3 - Setting the Lower Back

How to Squat - Squat Tip #4 - Fewest Steps Possible
Силовые виды спорта:
Northeastern Speed, Strength and Conditioning Center (NU SSCC)<br/><br/>
100% raw, no belt or wraps

absolute joke. I thought MMA would make me weaker, but that's not the case.
Increase your vertical by combining pause squats and seated box jumps (complex training)! Learn about what complex training is here
INCREASE YOUR VERTICAL JUMP, make sure you watch these free jump training videos, which cover strength exercises (i.e., squat, deadlift, bench), plyometrics (i.e., box jumps, depth jumps, sprints), and jumping technique.

Watch more men's and women's volleyball

280 на 3 присед 27.03.2013 вес 91

Tian tao M85KG Back Squat 300KG Liao hui jump box Chnaese Weightlifting
1- 200кг,150кг-10,145-12,170-2 + рывковый box squat,и толчок из за головы 60кг
Low weight... not really demonstrating strength just mobility if anything...
High Box Squat 560lbs Beltless ,No Knee sleeves ,no knee wraps, no shoes just lift barefoot
Finishing the raw cycle of training this week. Started well. 260 x 2 box squat (touch and go).
SBD knee sleeves are the best on the market by a country mile.
20kg pb's don't happen very often.
Also smashed 270 x 1 but didn't film.
Лаура Фелбс 500 фунтов + 120 фунтов цепей
This is an old school exercise index clip that was either taken from some of the very early (now discontinued) Westside Barbell Videos or from Dave Tate's early Westside Seminar Slideshows.


Westside Barbell Shop

Westside Seminar
Part one of our visit to Westside Barbell of Columbus, Ohio.
Massthetics Channel
Check out my facebook pages!
Check out my facebook pages!
Check out for more information and detailed exercises!Box squatting is the most effective method to produce a first-rate squat. According to ,Louie Simmons the safest way to squat because you don't use as much weight as you would with a regular squat.

Box Squat Demo, with Laura Phelps, world's strongest women. At Westside Barbell.

In this episode of STACK Fitness Weekly, Rick Scarpulla of Ultimate Advantage Training explains why you should perform the Box Squat and provides tips to master the technique to increase your lower-body strength.


For The Athlete, By The Athlete

See how Mark Bell used DH protocols to lose 50 pounds of fat -

made with Video Editor for iPhone
Выступление на поволжском региональном фестивале актуального искусства "SQUAT: Дефрагментация", Тольятти, 23.06.2013
Видеосъёмка - Андрей Романов
This is an old school exercise index clip that was either taken from some of the very early (now discontinued) Westside Barbell Videos or from Dave Tate's early Westside Seminar Slideshows.

Westside Barbell Shop

Westside Seminar

Complete Strength Source

Exercise In
still recovering from food poisoning today...lost about 5 pounds. Its on the high side (just made it to parallel). STill need work on my form.

Сед на лавку 250 на 8 12 февраля 2014 вес 99

killed it

Weighted with DB or vest<br/><br/>
This is an old school exercise index clip that was either taken from some of the very early (now discontinued) Westside Barbell Videos or from Dave Tate's early Westside Seminar Slideshows.

Big Mike's Training Log

Westside Barbell Shop

Westside Seminar
Первый раз просед без лямок! Первый повтор провалился, второй уверено, легко. Вес на штанге 150 кг
CrossFit athletes Blair Morrison, Ben Alderman and Travis Cassidy work with coach Mark Bell at Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA. Check this link for upcoming seminars with Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick.!/~/product/category=3091155id=18829548Recorded 1-8-2013<br/><br/>
Elitefts athlete and NeboBarbell Club owner Joey Smith Team NeboBarbell learning how to correctly box squat at The Sweatt Shop with Shane and Laura Sweatt. My technique is terrible and they showed me what I was doing wrong and gave me many pointers on how to correctly get the most from a box squat.

Keep up with Joey's training at:

Check out Nebo Barbell at!/pages/Ne
Which ones work and why? Both good exercises. Силовые виды спорта:
Box Squat 817.3 x 3 reps. Working on some shoulder flexibility issues. Please check out my entire Training Log at
Силовые виды спорта:
From the upcoming Louie Seminar DVD set

Son Assisted Box Squats Are The Best!

тренировка 2011-10-21
работа над техникой приседа: присед на скамейку, 50-80-100-120кг
жим лежа 132,5 3х5
Присед на высокую лавку 240*3 вес 98 17.07.2012

Lots of great info in this video but also a lot to learn and consider in the process. As always, so much respect given to Louie Simmons and Haaaaawt Laura Phelps-Sweatt. And Mr. Phelps-Sweatt as well Силовые виды спорта:
Силовые виды спорта:
Dynamic Effort Box Squat with Bands

8 Sets x 2 reps x 45-50 seconds rest Ethan Wash raw squatting 335+80 lbs of chains and 335+120 lbs of chains for 2 reps each. Greg Godwin squatting 475 and 475+80 lbs of chains for 2 reps each. Brian Schwab squatting 515 for 2 reps and 515+80 lbs of chains and 515+120 lbs of chains for singles at Orlando Barbell 1/24/13.<br/><br/>
Having problems with your box squat? Can't get your hams and hips involved? At least give this a try, it might not be THE CORRECT way to do it but the "cue" just might get you headed in the right direction<br/><br/>
First time using my new Olympic Adipower shoes-it'll take some time getting used to it, but it felt real solid/stable!
High bar box SQ 500x5. 600x2. 650x3 w/knee wraps(295kg)
DL 1.5" off the floor 500x2. 600x2. 650x1. 590x5 (dropset)
DL w/Trap bar (76lbs) handles up 4" 526x5. 621x5 (282kg)

6 Weeks Out
My best ever is 700 with no belt off an 18" box, so pretty much there now. Also here's how it works:

Make the lift - Easy
Miss the lift - Hard
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Buff Dudes / Fitness / How to Perform Lateral Box Squats - Exercise Tutorial
Directed/Edited by - Hudson
Starring - Brandon

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Box Squat 140kg x 6
Front Squat 100kg x 6
Box Squat 140kg x 6
Russian Leg Curl x 13
Box Squat 140kg x 6.5

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Sorry for the technical difficulties. Wasn't going to do another set. Ahah. Here I am doing some shrimp squats elevated on the plyo box!
Box Squat is a lower body strength exercise that's great for your butt, lower back, and hamstrings.

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Taken from the Year One program of Kevin Secours details a number of training methods for improving transitions from a shin bo...

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в историческом пространстве Squat 3/4.
Во главе актуального лайнапа артисты, которых знают абсолютно все кто хоть как то застал эпоху классических рейвов и современную клубную историю Москвы.
Организаторы события, как всегда уделят особое внимание качеству звука, его безупречной настройке и световому оформлению пространства.
На двух танцполах, будет представлено интеллектуальное звучание tech-house и techno.

Main Room:
Sergeev b2b Mongayt
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Start: 23.00

Door - 700
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Сед на лавку на скорость 110 с резиной 2 по 36 сложенными пополам 21 12 16 вес 90
Here's a great split-squat variation that really allows you to feel the whole foot and PUSH off the box
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The India-born WWE recruit and Sean Hayes, Strength & Conditioning Coach at the WWE Performance Center, go through Raftar's "typical," everyday lower body workout at the Orlando, Florida-based training facility.
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Took out my IV and went straight to the gym. Being VERY careful for a while with my intensity level. I need to gain some weight and a lot of strength, which is going to take time. George Thorogoud and Shooter Jennings should help me!
The Courage of A Lion
For More Details Contact Clint at
Death Squats:
HEAVY Squats:

The House of Biceps Newslet
The basics of teaching the box squat from the "bottom up".
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Ran by golds gym to have a little meeting with Jim Manion and decided to jump in the squat rack for a 500lbs box squat just to demonstrate proper form and depth. I don't recommend going right in at 500lbs. Please warm up correctly and also if need be, wear safety gear. I also don't recommend squatting in jeans, mine ripped. Follow Mike on Instagram & Twitter for more tips @mikeohearn. Gold's Gym Venice
Visit for the full post and additional content.


How to Perform the Pistol Box Squat - Proper Technique & Form Tutorial

The Pistol Box Squat is one of the best exercises in your arsenal; you've just gotta know how to do it right. In this video we show you how, going over technique, form and how to perform the perfect Pistol Box Squat!

Blog: http://w
Dave Tate teaches the Box Squat and Deadlift at the 2000 Force Training Seminar


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Like having a beer with an old friend, speed work is fun as hell and the time goes by fast. Glad I can still jump despite the increased bodyweight. I've lost some quickness on the squats but that will come back, and I pulled the deads as fast as I ever have.

A)Standing Box Jumps
30" x 3
40" x 3
44.5" x 2
47" x 1
48.5" x 1
49.25ish" x 1
50" x 1

B)DE 12" Box Squat vs. Average Bands
295 x 2
315 x 2 x 7 sets

C)DE Deads
405 x 1
425 x 1 x