Снег в slow mo
Галимо до горя но, пожалуй, оставлю это здесь.
Ed Sheeran - Photograph
#guitar #acoustic #x
Спасибо, ХАС! За прекрасный концерт и кучу позитива!)
Когда очень страшно что по бреют налысо вместо полировки😒
Little magic 🔮
#playing #hard #dunhuang #hotel #life #models #fun #cards #magic
Sacred coven collection ✨
#beijing #couture #show #sacredcoven #fashion #modeling
Wandering around the streets of Hong Kong, getting lost between this jungle of buildings. I never saw such a cluster of concrete in one place...A little terrifying but such a breathtaking views 🌆
One day and one minute in Instagram is nothing for this city
but enough to fall in love ❤️
#hongkong #city #inlove #conctete #jungle #streets #life #wonder #cetnral #inspiration
#Beijing #city #window #view
В этой голове так много херни..🌀
#beijing #shooting #curlyasfuck
Оставьте ночь..
Исчезните, прошу, за поворотом.
Пускай за окнами рождаются дожди,
И звуки разбиваются по нотам
#Beijing #city #night #freedom
We've got a man in our apartment) 🐰
#beijing #city #rabbit #indahouse
Вы никогда не задумывались насколько "домой" тёплое слово.
Free day in old places
#beijing #rooftop #back #to #past
With sisters @lenanetrebyuk @anastasianetrebyuk ❤️❤️
#models #time
When he got that reality is a prison and trying to escape..😤
Selfish motherfucker!
Reality is a prison and I'm trying to escape
No one gets old in this city⚡️
Thanks for the memories, people🙏🏼 love u❤️
@chichaa22 @aladin_ayadi @rafaelazafagundes @_isabelacouto @zanet_heldes @bunina_anastasia @lena.sm @sveta_diakova @kubasiudzinski @valentyn_zub @lucaas_gonzaga @jack_wagner_jack @sophyshveynfort @rustamshtaindor @holy__sinner
#shanghai #memories #myshanghai
#shanghai #lucky #cats
#shanghai #m&m's #world
Я к солнцу руки простираю,
И вижу полог бледных облаков..
Мне кажется, что истину я знаю —
И только для неё не знаю слов.
Chameleon wishes u all good day 🙌🏼✨
#shanghai #chameleon
#shanghai #peoplesquare
#shanghai #roads
#Shanghai #mint #shark
Пусть сердцу вечно снится май..🍃
#Shanghai #centralpark
Forever in my mind, forever in my heart ❤️
“Rien ne nous empechera de danser, meme pas une coupure son😻 Merci au public de Bruxelles d'avoir gardé le rythme 🙏🏻 @gregoirelyonnet #dance #love #happy…”
Попа | Boobs | Ass | Gif | Pics | Video (18+)
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Melle Rina - Untitled
Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop Music Vol. 1
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HD Please
My first channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/DelenomaN
Song - The Neighbourhood - Afraid
Fanfic - https://ficbook.net/readfic/458856/2...
MODEL Mell Fiber
SONG Jeremih — Fuck You All the Time
PROGRAM Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
COLORING Mine and Kitty Kat
Sony a6000 18-55mm

Cantano p papai *-*
Saff&Naya(win) Vs. Well&Mell | Hip-Hop 2X2 1/8 | TOP8 "Shoulder2Shoulder"

TOP8 "Shoulder2Shoulder"

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Mell Tierra ft Maegan Cottone - The Greatest (Vocal Mix)

On the 21st of January 2013, Mell Tierra releases his newest track entitled 'The Greatest' on Magik Muzik, founded by the mighty Tiësto.

The vocals are performed by English singer Maegan Cottone. Maegan has recently worked with the likes of Afrojack and Tara McDonald. In addition to 'The Greatest' we can expect much more from Mell Tierra very soon. Shortly he will release on labels such as Hardwell's Revealed Recordings and Big & Dirty Records.

Mat Jacob & Mell duet - Mardi love's set - Equinoxia show
aix/Marseille 20 march 2015
Adam Melling SURFING. Amazing VIDEO.
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Music: Soulesque - Chillout - Royalty Free Music



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CLANNAD OP メグメル を演奏してみました。

[Vocal] 琳乃 - Rinno
[Bass] こばやし - Kobayashi
[Drums] デブマスク - debu mask
[Programming] れん - Ren
[Programming] setsat

Опенинг к аниме Кланнад (Opening Clannad).

#Clannad #Кланнад #Опенинг #Opening #Аниме #Anime
This is the first release from "Muscles", the first ever solo album by Grandmaster Mele Mel, lead rapper & songwriter for Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (the first Hip-Hop group ever inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Red Faction Music Video...

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produced 2012 by "Bleib Sitzen Industries"
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This cover was served up by the Dave Mell Blue Band as a promo track for a radio show promoting the 2013 Berks History Center Magical History Tour. Dave Mell - guitar & harmony vocals; Ellen Mell, harmony vocals; Tom Montgomery - harmony vocals & keys; Tom Arnold - bass guitar & vocals; Judd Burkert - drums; special guest lead vocalist Dave Kline.

FalconCam, Charles Sturt University, Orange, NSW.
Dj Sveta & Alexandra Mell - Track To Infinity (Philip Aniskin Mix)
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"Ni Diabla Ni Santa"

No soy mala
No soy diabla
Tampoco soy angelito Ooohh
Agárrame apriétame
Azótame bésame
No dejes que mi cara de bonita te confunda...

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Balle Vellaiya Thevaa Songs ► http://bit.ly/2h2QOvn
Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga Songs ► http://bit.ly/2g5LfNc
En Oruthiye Song ► http://bit.l...
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Эд Мелл (род. 1942г., Phoenix, Arizona) - американский художник. Рисует Мелл с тех пор, как только смог держать в руках карандаш. Окончив колледж в своём родном городе, он поступил в Художественный Центр Колледжа дизайна в Лос-Анджелесе. Вскоре после его окончания, в ноябре 1967, перебрался в Нью-Йорк, где принял должность арт-директора крупного рекламного агентства.
В поисках большей художественной свободы, он открыл собственную Арт-студию, что принесло ему известность и признание в США.
Сайт художника: https://www.edmellgallery.com/
(Музыкальное сопровождение: James Last - Candlelight-Waltz (1967) - Instrumental)
Ещё больше удивительных Mashup - ремиксов и видео в группе V E R S U S https://vk.com/musicalexperiments
Please watch in HD, and watch till the end of the trailer as you can miss something…like BONUS:)

"Жизнь ломает сильных…" (“Life breaks strong people…”) by _VeSpeR_ available on http://ficbook.net/readfic/458856
“And, by the way, my name is Mell Cooper,and this is the beginning of my unbelievable story” – this is how it starts. But we don’t know how it will end.

Music: Future World Music - Passion of Victory; Hi-Finesse - Stargazer

The opening from the Visual Novel Clannad with the English translations.
"White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)" is a song by Grandmaster Melle Mel, released as a 12" in 1983 on Sugar Hill Records. The song, which warns against the dangers of cocaine, addiction, and drug smuggling, is one of Melle Mel's signature tracks. The bassline is sampled from a performance of the Sugar Hill house band covering "Cavern", a single by post-punk band Liquid Liquid.

Released 1983
Format Vinyl (12")
Recorded 1983
Genre Old school hip hop
Label Sugar Hill Records
Writer(s) Melle Mel, Sylvia Robinson

メルちゃんとネネちゃん わくわくフードコート:http://amzn.to/1nsEEeA

You can enjoy playing customer and clerk. There are sweet items such as the lovely donut but kids rather choose what they are used to eat.

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Alex Cruz presents Ein Glücklicher Tag ft. Melle Kuil. Download on Beatport NOW : http://btprt.dj/1k0OGuI

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As stated by Alex Cruz' his new track is made to wish the entire world a "very happy day". And indeed it's hard not to feel blissful when listening to this beautiful deep house roller and Melle Kuil's brilliant saxophone play. Start your day by listening to this song and practically nothing can go wrong!
Хип-хоп Фестиваль - Баттл Битоделов. Питер, 1 июля 2016.
Batai(win) Vs. Mell | Hip-Hop 1X1 1/4 | TOP8 "Shoulder2Shoulder"

TOP8 "Shoulder2Shoulder"

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Roger Shah - Magic Island... → promodj.com/djsveta

First single off S Eyes Finest's Compilation Tape "EntaThaTombs"
Written by @Mell_Jiggson, @allstarnoves, @Traeliryc
Produced by @seyesfinest
Shot & Directed by @mainewes

Sheyla Mell-Elen Santana (24-10-13) Hardman
Millennium* -- Vol.1 -EP
Label: Cutting Traxx -- CR-343-DJ
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Promo
Country: US
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Deep House

Обнинск ВКонтакте: vk.com/gorod.obninsk
Two Germans attempting to speak French! My friend Chloé who is a native speaker from Paris in France tried to teach us some sentences! See if we succeeded or if we need more lessons! Let us know in the comments, kick back and Get Germanized!
Zwei Deutsche versuchen Französisch zu sprechen! Meine Bekannte Chloé, eine Muttersprachlerin aus Paris in Frankreich, hat versucht uns ein paar Sätze beizubringen! Seht ob wir erfolgreich waren oder noch mehr Unterrichtsstunden brauchen! Lasst es uns in den Kommentaren
A short surf film I directed on Jared Mell for Desillusion. Directed by Josh Penn Soskin 1st AC: Andrew Thompson Mixing & Mastering: Mico Pulice Colourist: Gregory Reese Hand Drawn Tiles: Jeremy Asher Lynch Additional Camera: Grace Jackson, Rob Hauer, Ryan Donahue, Andrew Thompson Special Thanks: Andrew Thompson, Russel Brownley, The Farrs, Todd Macmillan, The Mill, California
Bean Boozled is similar to Bertie Bott's Beans and you are either lucky and get to taste delicious things like juicy pear or run out of luck and get vomit and other nasty flavours! And because it's way funnier to play this with multiple people I've invited Dave and Chloé to join the "fun" :D So kick back, enjoy and Get Germanized!
Bean Boozled ähnelt Bertie Botts Bohnen und du hast entweder Glück und schmeckst leckere Dinge wie saftige Birne oder dir geht das Glück aus und du bekommst Kotze oder andere ekli
Sheyla Mell - Concurso gata do Brasil 2014 - Ensaio 1
Minha Versão: TIAGO IORC - Coisa Linda

Here's an excerpt of Melle Mel from the pioneering Hip-Hop group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five performing The Message live in Harlem, NY at the Million Youth Rally. Afterwards, he speaks on our young Black men. Post your thoughts. Peace.
"Hôtel pourri", duo interprété par Mell et Louis Ville, disponible sur la nouvelle édition de "cinémas" https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/cin...
La musique de Louis a toutes les couleurs du monde, des confins de l’Orient aux Balkans, de la chanson populaire française au Blues cajun. Louis qui se décrit comme un artisan et non un artiste, peint des paysages d’une beauté mélancolique dans lesquels il nous promène dans des mondes fantasmagoriques, peuplé de tout, de rien mais surtout d’amour. Au fil des années, son charisme exceptionnel a fait chavirer d’émotion un public toujours plus dense qu’il transporte avec humour dans son univers sensible.

Il emploiera plus volontiers le terme d’artisan pour évoquer son travail, sa musique et son écriture, «tout peut être source d’inspiration, l’amour, une image, une émotion et après, comme le fait un artisan, il faut construire, c’est un travail de longue haleine...»
Guitariste virtuose et autodidacte,

ビーチに変身! 旅行バック ぽぽちゃんデジカメつき

Popo-chan and Mell-chan take a break from shooting Youtube videos and go on a vacation at this portable resort!

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Mell-chan plays this fun game with her friends!
They must freeze when Mell-chan turns around!
If they move they lose!
Who will be the last one standing?


The Japanese traditional game is “Darumasan ga koronda”="Red light,Green light".

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Comedian Sinbad was the host of an annual HBO concert series "Sinbad's Summer Jam" which featured popular R&B music acts performing some of their greatest hits. The fourth installment of this series, filmed on the Caribbean island of Aruba, featured the Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, Cheryl Lynn, K-Ci & The Sunshine Band, Zapp ft Roger, Earth Wind & Fire, Isaac Hayes, The Emotions, and Stephanie Mills.
Решил снять видео! последнее, а то ушел в армию и не снял...спустя 6 лет, не знаю изменился мой дэнс или нет, вам виднее и приятного просмотра.

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1997 Album: "Right Now"
Решил снять видео! последнее, а то ушел в армию и не снял...спустя 6 лет, не знаю изменился мой дэнс или нет, вам виднее и приятного просмотра.
Студия звукозаписи КАКНАДОSound выполнила адаптацию видеоролика Perfetti Van Melle для российской аудитории: голос, титры.
Smi, Harry, Vika, Dallas, Marie, Mandy, Mark, Kate, Alex, Mell O'connel, Thomas, Dri, Mari, Addison, Jenny, Justin, Wila, Sammy, Zone, Jennifer, Meredith Mavinelly, Tay, Ploosh, Matt, Ben, Addison Jacobs, Brad,


It’s bedtime!
Mell-chan and Nene-chan get ready to go to bed.
They look comfortable in their cradles!
Cradle Baby Bed Set: http://amzn.to/25lZwWz 

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Cover ANAVITÓRIA - Dengo
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booms oops)
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The Message" is a song by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. It was released as a single by Sugar Hill Records on July 1, 1982 and was later f...

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Minha versão de The Greatest - Sia :)
Mell Peck

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Grandmaster Melle Mel performing "Beat Street Breakdown", the first track of the original soundtrack album of the 1984 film "Beat Street"
Old School Hip Hop 1984
[ A.Jackson - E.Morris - K.Gamble - L.Huff - K.Ward - M.Glover ]
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Minha versão da música Final Masquerade do novo albúm do Linkin Park "The Hunting Party".
Espero que gostem.
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My version of the song Final Masquerade of Linkin Park's new album "The Hunting Party".
I hope you enjoy.
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Lorenzo aprendendo teclado e feliz da vida! :D





Áudio: Mell Peck

Descrizione GENERE: Giallo ANNO: 1970 REGIA: Piero Sciume' ATTORI: Enzo Di Pietro, Roger Hanin, Philippe Leroy, Lea Massari, Marisa Mell, Vicente R...

Eu e o Gabriel Levan gravamos nossa versão da música "When the Stars go Blue".

Canal do Gabriel Levan: http://www.youtube.com/GabrielLevanMusic =D

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Beijos magicos
Minha versão: Don't Let Me Down ft. Daya - The Chainsmokers
Melle Mel of the Furious Five, spits his latest
rhyme. He's still the best. From his new reality show... stay tuned
Третий шарикелла улетел -счастливой жизни
Courtesy of FalconCam Project, CSU Orange campus in Australia. Nov 18, 2016. http://www.csu.edu.au/special/falconc... Mell takes off at 2:10 PM with good height on her maiden voyage from the nest! She was the last one to leave. Congratulations, Falcon Family!
Полёт третьего шарикеллы -счастливой тебе жизни
FalconCam, Charles Sturt University, Orange, NSW.
Courtesy of FalconCam Project, CSU Orange campus in Australia. Nov 18, 2016. Mell wants to fledge but not quite ready to go. Diamond brings Breakfast lightening fast!! http://www.csu.edu.au/special/falconc...
Этот чувак определённо знает толк, в том как управлять вертушками и фейдером ! Редко увидишь, людей кто умеет на лету, да ещё и без наушников сводить свои треки !