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2,923 Likes, 9 Comments - IBU Biathlonworld (@ibu_biathlonworld) on Instagram: “It's been an exciting biathlon winter that saw @martinfourcade and ...
#FBF to last week’s episode when we saw the brand new #HomeBase Here’s my first reaction to it. It was a trip! Our set design and crew do amazing work on #CrazyExGirlfriend
Hillary attacked Libya, murdered thousands of civilians, allowed ISIS to take control. This psycho for president? ☢️
“#Repost @aaturangreekfan with @repostapp ・・・ #AdaŞamverdi is flying!! ✈ This is our girl! 😎 Our strong young lady!💪 We all saw tonight Ayça's kick boxing…”
“Rehearsing before singing with @codysimpson last night in Camden.  Can’t believe it’s almost been a year since last time we saw each other ✌”
“After 2 failed attempts we finally saw Hurts last night! It's been like a fuckin journey but we got there in the end 😍💜 #hurts #betterthanlove”
“I just saw a tweet.she DM luhan saying "so how is life after exo" And lulu seen it and block that acc.. So maybe we should never mention them with their…”
“Over 360 manatees today at Blue Springs SP! 😍 We can't get enough of these Buddha ballerinas. AND we saw an alligator. Cache spotted it first. He's in…”
“We don't want to say a lot... We just know that Alicia was such a big part of your life and she was absolutely incredible person. We saw how she made you…”
“Saw some of the clips in @demarcuspaul's new @vitalbmx edit that's dropping tomorrow and it's some of the craziest riding we've seen in awhile. Straight…”
“I can't believe we saw ikon today. Like wtf just happened?!! 😍 BABY YUNHYEONG. OK. Hi. BYE. ❤️❤️❤️ AND the bias wrecker, donghyuk!!!! 😍❤️”
“"I have loved HIM since we were 18" .There girl in the background is me when I first saw the pictures of Larry holding hands. #Larry #larrystylinson…”
“Saw #jamesbay again and he was just as amazing as the first time that young man love montreal and good think we fucking love him too he gives the best…”
“Just realized that I saw #cl of #2ne1 at #vegas I had to replay the video so many times... They were running late already so we couldn't take pictures...…”
“just saw @jamesbaymusic in Cologne😍🎉 short but amazing gig! We ran to Saturn omg it was so funny😂 but really worth it! #jamesbay #concert #gig #saturn…”
“We saw this as it was getting dark, then woke up to snow covered mountain tops in the morning.
Aspen, Colorado. Back in September.
Music by Hiatus”
“We saw @jamesbaymusic in Toronto last night & it was all kinds of wonderful 😊 Were you there too? Tag us in your photos + videos, we're in reminiscing…”
“CAN NOW SAY THAT WE FINALLY SAW NIALL DO THE CROTCH GRAB 😩😍🔫 @jenniferrphammy @jessicaaapham #otra #lovesofourlives”
“When people how I feel about @hillsongnyc, this is how I feel! Last Sunday we saw over 700 people make decisions to follow Jesus..Which put us over 50k in…”

Когда переполняет радость побед!
“Tonight we saw the one and only, Chelsea Handler”
“Got this video from when we first saw @notfussed as a werewolf, excuse my stupid laugh”
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Узнав о смерти Каддафи "...Мы пришли, мы увидели что он мёртв"
Видео Михаила Созонова

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Speaking between network interviews, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jokes with reporter on early, unconfirmed reports that deposed Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been killed.

#FinesseCrew #DineroFilms
Cavill appears on Popcorn with Peter Travers and talks about his return as Superman in the all new big screen blockbuster "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."
Пилим предполагаемые метеориты на станке.
Поиск метеоритов. По всем вопросам, Ал...
Hillary should Resign! Embarrassing for all American's. Who's next?

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