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Mañana en mi canal, otro vídeo con @carollagill ❤se van a divertir 😜😜This week on my channel, me and Carola filmed a best friend tag! You can watch it tomorrow on my channel 🤗😁
See this Instagram video by @kimkardashian • 705.4k likes
“Can't explain how amazing last night was! Easily the best birthday I've had. Surrounded by friends & one of my favorite artists! 🎉❤️🎤 @jamesbaymusic”
“Happy national siblings day!!!! My sister is my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without her. @stellahudgens ❤️❤️”
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“Payphone ☎️ ❤️ #best #friends #concert #music #pop #maroon5 #maroon5vtour #maroon5concert #auditorio #banamex #love #happy #adamlevigne #adam”
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“Happy 21st to my best friend, there's no one I'd rather be embarrassing with 🎈❤️👵🏻 #itellyounow #old @bridaveyyy”
“OMG!!! It's so cute!!!!! Love dogs, they are our best friends 🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”
My fluffy best friend is a fox🐺😍
Credit: Riot the Red fox
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Fluffy best friends😍
Credit: @veggiedayz
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Best friends!😍
Credit: @shimejiwasabi
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“Best friends by heart... Sisters by soul ❤️ @deannepanday love ya 😘”
“Miss all of my best friends ❤️☺️ @yiorgangelo @jessiebergg @huntershocket @music4joejoe @ohmyskyy”
“Adrenaline.. Happy to tell you all I'm working on a New Video with one of my best friends! 🐶❤️⚡️ xx”
Best Friends🐶🐘
Credit:Myrtle Beach Safari
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“best work,my friend❤️ А Славчушка может когда хочет,я тоже хочу такой видос @panterov” http://instagram.com/p/xzIlR8RMIe/?modal=true
#Друзья #nike #converse 👌✌
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Hello everyone, let me start off by apologizing for yet another simple tutorial. I was planning on making a special 1K subscriber video but alas, exams started and they start havn't finished yet. So, I have been really busy and I havn't had time to put as much effort as I normally would into my videos. Thankfully exams finish for me next week, so i'll be back into my normal upload routine. I want to thank all of you for staying with me and a big welcome to all our new subscribers! I hope you e
Смотрите все) Ставьте пальчики в верх) Подписывайтесь на мой канал в YouTou)-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi4phZ7lhck
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Моя любимая Юля )
I hope you will find it funny :3
Я надеюсь вам понравится моё видео :3

i met my internet best friend on 7.11.15! love her! #tini
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Ника и Маша,это видео для вас!!!!!!Я очень вас люблю!!!!
I made this for all who knows what the real friendship is. Hope u'll enjoy it ;)
In amv I wanted to use only openings but couldn't so don't be surprised.
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Dedicated to Panta no Xamogelas

Hi guys, today is an important friend of mine Birthday!


May your Day be As beautiful as you are 💓 ❤ ❤ ❤

Follow her channel, her Amv are the best

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Очень очень люблю😜Навеки Каролина😍
Юля ☺
И я Нурай😅
Hey, everyone this is me sharing my bestie with y'all her name is Jessi!

JESSI'S CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1YTDNXV_HKqNDYRo9HplCQ




Love Domo ❤
***Diamonds are ❤️ GIRL*S BEST FRIEND`$***
2 влюблённые пары наконецто встретились
Го в друзья приму всех
Gossip girl — Сплетница
Алесечка,спасибо тебе за все😘